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Broken Prince (The Royals #2) by Erin Watt **Beth’s Review**




These Royals will ruin you…

From wharf fights and school brawls to crumbling lives inside glittery mansions, one guy tries to save himself.

Reed Royal has it all—looks, status, money. The girls at his elite prep school line up to date him, the guys want to be him, but Reed never gave a damn about anyone but his family until Ella Harper walked into his life.

What started off as burning resentment and the need to make his father’s new ward suffer turned into something else entirely—keep Ella close. Keep Ella safe. But when one foolish mistake drives her out of Reed’s arms and brings chaos to the Royal household, Reed’s entire world begins to fall apart around him.

Ella doesn’t want him anymore. She says they’ll only destroy each other.

She might be right.

Secrets. Betrayal. Enemies. It’s like nothing Reed has ever dealt with before, and if he’s going to win back his princess, he’ll need to prove himself Royally worthy.










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theroyals1_v3-amz“This generation’s Cruel Intentions.” Jennifer L. Armentrout, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

From strip clubs and truck stops to southern coast mansions and prep schools, one girl tries to stay true to herself.

These Royals will ruin you…

Ella Harper is a survivor—a pragmatic optimist. She’s spent her whole life moving from town to town with her flighty mother, struggling to make ends meet and believing that someday she’ll climb out of the gutter. After her mother’s death, Ella is truly alone.

Until Callum Royal appears, plucking Ella out of poverty and tossing her into his posh mansion among his five sons who all hate her. Each Royal boy is more magnetic than the last, but none as captivating as Reed Royal, the boy who is determined to send her back to the slums she came from.

Reed doesn’t want her. He says she doesn’t belong with the Royals.

He might be right.

Wealth. Excess. Deception. It’s like nothing Ella has ever experienced, and if she’s going to survive her time in the Royal palace, she’ll need to learn to issue her own Royal decrees.


Q: Is this really a YA?

We recommend this for young adult readers, age 17 and up. We think it’s a book that will appeal to older teens and those adults who are in touch with their inner teen, like us.

Q: Is there a cliffhanger? I’ve heard there’s an awful cliffhanger! Why’d you write a cliffhanger?

We promise that we didn’t set out to write a cliffhanger, but Paper Princess does end in one. The good news is that the next book will be released July 25, 2016.







Beth's Review


5 stars


WOW, what a hell of a ride this second book was if I must say so myself  and the ride’s not ever over yet!   I was left with my jaw on the floor and a million theories going through my head at the end of Paper Princess, so to say I was anxiously awaiting this one is a huge understatement. Broken Prince picks up right we left off with Reed’s POV of the jaw dropping closing scene of Paper Princess and we see immediately what all took place.  From there the story unfolds and for most of this book we see it from Reed’s POV but at times for pieces of the story it switches and we get Ella’s POV.   I love that we get pieces of the story from both of these characters.  I feel in getting both we get a much more complete story by seeing what is going on in both of their heads.


In Broken Prince a lot of my unanswered questions from Paper Princess have gotten answered but we now learn a whole lot more about these Royal boys and as this one comes to a close, even though I got answers to pretty much all my questions from the first one I now have a whole new long list of questions waiting to be answered.  And along with that list my jaw once again was left on the floor, but this time TWICE!


This second book was an absolute fabulous follow up to the first one, and I must say it was one hell of a ride. This one is definitely filled with some great angst.  There is no worrying about the story falling flat in this one,  the pace of the story is great and there is never a dull moment in the one.  
I do worry sometimes about getting into a trilogy series before it’s done.  One reason is because of the dreaded cliff hangers and second due to the fact that in a lot of trilogy type series the story gets drawn out over the three books when it could have been spread out only two and then the last book ends up being mostly filler.   So after such a great start in book one, starting off this second one I must say I wondered how this series would play out.   By the time I got to the end of this one, my worries have dissipated completely, with that ending I truly feel we have a great third and final book waiting for us, only problem now, after two Cliff Hanger endings, we still need to wait till October for the conclusion and see what will become of these Royal boys and their princess Ella.


I really loved seeing both Ella and Reed’s characters in this second installment, we really got to see different sides of them from what we saw in the first and I loved seeing Ella come out of her shell completely and showing us her true strong self.   I must add that I loved that she got to really show those mean girl bitches she’s not one to be messed with.  And Reed, I really began to fall in love with him at the end of Paper Princess and then that ending, that love was now turned to hate but I must say seeing him in this one, OMG I am truly head over heels in love with him. He may be totally F’kd up and has totally screwed up his life and his family but there is one thing for sure, he loves Ella and will do just about anything to protect her.


I also must add I love how much we got to see of Easton in this one and like Reed, even though he’s as messed up as his brother, I find myself loving his character.  Both these boys care for Ella and will do anything to protect her.  I hope when this trilogy is complete, I hope we will get to see Easton’s story and maybe even possibly Gideon’s and Callums.  These Royal boys truly deserve to get their HEA and turn their lives around.


Overall this was another fabulous book written by both of these ladies under the pen name of Erin Watt.  The story flowed really great and was so well written. I really loved how this one picked up with that last scene but getting it from reed’s POV really added to the story without it making it feel repetitive.  Reading this book I seriously felt like I was on the edge of my seat this whole book, so much so that I couldn’t put it down and ended up inhaling it and now must wait several months to find out the conclusion.  This one, like the first does end in a cliff hanger but nothing that most cannot handle  and must say, all those questions and the jaw dropping cliff hangers in this series is so totally worth it!



Erin Watt, aka Elle Kennedy & Jen Frederick

A USA Today bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.

Elle currently writes for various publishers. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!

Bestselling author Jen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog. She’s been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at

The Proverbial Mr. Universe by Maria La Serra Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway




The Proverbial Mr. Universe
Maria La Serra
Publication date: June 27th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Dear girl with the red scarf,
Love was never meant to be conquered;
you have to surrender to it.
Trust me. After all, I am Mr. Universe.

When the universe conveys a message, you listen.

Olivia Montiano just caught her fiancé cheating. Now she is forced to question what she wants out of life and love. Striving to live up to her father’s unrealistic standards for the past twenty-three years, every decision she has ever made was with her father’s wishes in mind—until she finds mysterious, handwritten letters tucked away in places only meant for her. That’s when she realizes she’s been on the wrong path all along and gives her heart to a guy her father thinks is entirely wrong.

Washed-up abstract artist Nick Montgomery has had quite a few setbacks in life. He’s become accustomed to never needing anyone, thinking he’s just fine—until he meets the girl with the red scarf. She’s not his type. But the universe has other ideas. Nick has a secret he’s keeping from her, afraid it will bring their new relationship to a sudden halt.

Will they figure out what the universe holds for them?

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Megan's review


4.5 stars

Dear girl with the red scarf,
People will come and go in our lives. Most of them we won’t give a second thought to, as soon as the door closes behind them. But I had always imagined that you would leave the deepest, everlasting mark.
Mr. Universe


There were many instantaneous things that made me really want to read this book. The cover, the title, the something I always hope when I choose a book. Let it be great, let it take hold and give good back. The moment I opened my kindle to start reading I was quickly awarded the first glimpse of a happy reading adventure. Quietly saying a prayer that this continue.


This is my favorite type of romance to read. When strangers meet by chance, by glance and there is just attraction and fascination. The need to know a person. No instant love or prompt marriage proposal. Just pure captivation. Nick and Olivia meet by coincidence and Nick seems to always be around the corner. Even when it isn’t planned…he’s there.


While I had hoped the mystery behind Mr. Universe wasn’t crazy I was rewarded every time a note appeared. Mr. Universe was much loved by me and every word he gave the girl with the red scarf. The quotes and pages I highlighted and tagged were just eye opening and real. How could you not love seeing significant sentiments and thoughts day to day. This was no fortune cookie universe here!


Dear girl with the red scarf,
Sometimes love is not what the heart expects. Sometimes it’s even better
Trust me, after all, I am Mr. Universe


The family dynamic worked. Period. It did. It wasn’t too much or too little. It was comforting and sweet and funny. Real. The issues both Nick and Olivia had were worked into the story properly. They were still the stars but in the shadows lurked key components to who Nick and Olivia are.  It was easy to pick up on that Nick had a hidden history and little by little I collected those tiny pieces, steadily falling for him and his want and yearning for in life.  Olivia, while having many attributes Nick missed, I liked how she opened up on paper and with Nick. I liked how her questioning life and what was it that made her happy.


Nick wasn’t the kind of guy who moved faster than she was prepared to.


I love the smooth slowness that Nick and Olivia found amongst themselves. It made me put another notch in the ‘falling for Nick’ tally.  He knew him well enough to know that his strong feelings wouldn’t match hers…yet. So he was there. Simply and happily.  Olivia couldn’t deny anything she felt for him, just at the moment she wasn’t sure about herself enough.  I understood her and her dilemma and even more so I understood Nick not wanting to push even dealing with his…things. It was easy to see their attachment and connection and that want for more. Even with the slowness of their relationship, which for me made it all the more special, you saw the spark. You felt it. That something!


“If you rush into relationships and I take things slow…how do you suppose we will ever find ourselves on the same page?”
“I guess I will have to realize that you are worth the wait, and you will have to realize that “m worth jumping in with your eyes closed. Somewhere in between is where we’ll find ourselves.”


Even though I absolutely completely loved the story I am not fulfilled with the ending.  Greed? YES. Nick and Olivia and the storyteller had me addicted. But I really felt after what they went through, after what the time they gave them and the time they gave up, after finally doing something for them to have that epic conclusion would have just topped their story off.


But no matter what I fell and fell happily!!






Author Bio:

Maria La Serra, a fashion designer, turned writer, lives in Montreal with her husband and two children. She will try everything at least once, except for skiing, hiking or camping-okay anything relating to activities done in the great outdoors. The Proverbial Mr. Universe is her first novel.

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Cover Reveal: J.L. Berg’s READY series

Ready Series Covers


J.L. Berg’s stunning READY series has a sexy new look – and they’re all available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited! Check out the gorgeous covers below and enter to win a $25 Amazon giftcard!



Years after suffering the tragic loss of her husband, Ethan, which left her alone to raise their young daughter, Clare Murray still holds the last letter he wrote with the words “When You’re Ready” written in his familiar messy handwriting, unable to break its weathered seal. Ready for what? He was her entire world, and Clare had accepted a life without him, without love. Until years later, fate brings her to an emergency room, and face to face with a stormy-eyed doctor intent on changing her mind.

Son of a billionaire, Logan Matthews has spent his life trying to make his absentee father proud. Without a family to depend on, all he’s ever wanted is a place to call home. After a failed marriage, Logan believes he’s unworthy of love…until he meets a woman who awakens his spirit and transforms his entire life in an instant.

But how far are Clare and Logan willing to go for love? Can his love mend the pieces of her grieving heart?

When their love is tested, is Clare ready to put her whole heart on the line again? Can Logan learn the true meaning of love, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness? When a second chance at love is given, Clare and Logan learn you are never truly ready until you’re ready to risk it all.

The first novel in the Ready series. Each novel can be read as a standalone.






Leah Morgan was done with men. After barely surviving a horrendous childhood, and a boyfriend who bailed when things got rough, Leah had given up on love. Then she met him, Hollywood’s new golden boy who suddenly had eyes only for her. She tried to convince herself that one night couldn’t hurt, but after six months, the memories of his mesmerizing gaze and searing touch still invaded her every thought.

Declan James had just one rule when it came to women. Keep it simple, and never linger. That all changed the moment he met Leah. Even across a crowded bar, he could tell she was different. Sweet, with just the right amount of sass, she made him break his golden rule and now he couldn’t walk away.

When casual becomes anything but, and emotions run deep, will Leah and Declan fight their fears, or let old insecurities tear them apart? When Declan’s past comes roaring back in a way neither of them could have expected, will they stand united or be torn apart by the challenges that lie ahead?

It was only supposed to be one night, but only forever will do.

The second novel in the Ready series. Each novel can be read as a standalone.






A second chance at first love.

Eight years ago, Garrett Finnegan’s world shattered the day Mia vanished from his life. He’s been struggling to pick up the pieces ever since. Haunted by memories and ghosts of the past, he chooses a solitary existence rather than risk his heart again.

Mia Emerson has made one wrong decision after another but none worse than walking away from the boy who stole her heart so long ago. When her new life is turned upside down, she finds herself returning to her roots and the hometown she left behind. Maybe now she can find a way to heal from the devastating mistakes of her past.

When a chance encounter brings these former lovers together, passion reignites in a way neither is prepared for. Can Garrett move beyond his anger and find a way to forgive? Will Mia’s insecurities and fears cause her to once again flee the life she’s destined to live?

Garrett and Mia will soon discover that they must journey into the past to find their way home.

The third novel in the Ready series. Each novel can be read as a standalone.






When love comes knocking, will they be ready, or not?

Born into wealth and privilege, free-spirited Liv Prescott left it all behind when she realized there was more to life than living off of trust funds and barely skating by. Since then, she’s worked and fought for everything she’s earned and never looked back at the world or the family she left behind.

Jackson Reid is starting over with a new job in a brand new city. A single father to his son Noah, he hopes the change will help strengthen the bond that has seemed to suffer since puberty reared its ugly head. What he hadn’t planned on was Liv–his exotic next-door neighbor who drives him insane with her wild, new age lifestyle, but still manages to leave him aching for more.

As challenges arise and feelings intensify, will these neighbors be able to look past their differences and find a middle ground?

The fourth book in the Ready Series. Each novel can be read as a standalone.







A Ready Series novella, set after WHEN YOU’RE READY.

Move on.

Move forward.

With the wedding on the horizon and their future uncertain, Clare and Logan must keep their eyes on the prize–a lifetime together. That’s the goal. They both know that there are no guarantees in life. But after a long road filled with trials and tears, they’re finally on the other side–a sandy white beach where beginnings are made. As Clare Murray becomes Mrs. Logan Matthews, they both learn what the fight really means: family, future, forever.

Includes bonus short story, Never Been More Ready.






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About J.L. Berg


J.L. Berg is the USA Today bestselling author of the Ready Series, The Walls Duet, and the Lost & Found Duet. She is a California native living in the beautiful state of historic Virginia. Married to her high school sweetheart, they have two beautiful girls that drive them batty on a daily basis. When she’s not writing, you will find her with her nose stuck in a romance novel, in a yoga studio or devouring anything chocolate. J.L. Berg is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC.


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Newsletter

Excerpt Reveal: Reaper’s Fire by Joanna Wylde

reaper's fire excerpt reveal






It was almost seven that evening when I felt the AC kick back on. I’d been lying on my back on the (relatively) cool tile floor behind the counter, staring up at the pressed-tin ceiling and trying to remember why I hadn’t already moved back to Seattle.

In Seattle it rained.

Cool breezes blew off the bay and the lush greenery covered everything with its shaded canopy. People didn’t really need air-conditioning, but if they happened to have it and it broke, there were lots of repair men available.

Of course, Seattle also had Brandon. Not only that, my dad didn’t want to move, and I’d come to realize I couldn’t leave him here alone. It wasn’t safe for him, not since Mom died.


At least the AC was working again, blowing down from the ceiling vent across my sweaty body, reminding me that while the world might not be crawling with perfect men, at least there were still a few useful ones running around. Cooper Romero was a keeper, and it had nothing to do with how sexy he was . . . although the fact that he was sex on a stick—make that sex with a stick—didn’t exactly diminish his appeal.

When I’d dragged him up to the black tar roof to show him the ancient AC, I’d expected him to make a run for it. Any sensible man would. Instead, he’d spent the whole afternoon busting his ass to save my chocolates—Oh God, I wish that were code for something more exciting—officially qualifying him as a superhero in my book.

As for me, there wasn’t much I could do once I got all the sweets safely downstairs into the basement. There weren’t any customers walking in off the street, and seeing as I couldn’t make or ship candy in a 102-degree shop, I’d alternated between attempting to read a book, looking over orders I couldn’t fulfill on my laptop, and bringing Cooper glasses of iced tea. I’d been nervous around him at first, but you can only stay nervous for so long when you’re sweating like a pig—there’s a certain freedom in knowing you look like hell and there’s no saving your hair. I’d thrown my arm across my eyes in a pathetic attempt to block out reality toward the end.

When cold air started flowing into the room, I could’ve cried with relief. He’d never had a chance to fill out the application form, and I’d long since decided it didn’t matter. Unless he was an ax murderer, I’d give him the apartment and the job.

Might give it to him even if he was, to be honest.

“It’s working again,” Cooper announced, and I jerked, startled. Shit, had I fallen asleep? Opening my eyes, I looked up to find him standing over me. Dear God in heaven—that was one hell of a bare chest.

Holy. Shit.

I’d taken note of his build when he first walked in the shop, but everything under his shirt had been theoretical. Now there was six-foot-plus of raw sex appeal right there, all sweaty and sculpted and . . . well, let’s just say I’d be stopping off on the way home to pick up some fresh batteries.

That’s when the situation hit me—Cooper Romero was the hottest man I’d met in forever, and he’d just found me lying on the floor in my own sweat and filth like a dog. Typical luck. I scrambled to my feet, pretending I wasn’t totally embarrassed (I was) and not in the least bit freaked out by how unspeakably attractive this guy was. Okay, “attractive” wasn’t quite the right word, because it implied a certain level of polish and class that just didn’t fit Cooper at all.

Brandon was attractive.


I’d lick him all over and massage his butt if he asked. He stared down at me, his eyes carefully blank, making it very clear he wasn’t asking. Story of my fucking life. Sitting up, I pushed myself to my feet without bothering to dust off. Lost cause at this point.

“Not sure how much life the AC has left,” he said slowly. “I managed to get it going, but fixing it right would cost more than it’s worth and then some.”

Of course it would.

“I just need to get through the summer,” I told him, wiping a finger under my eye. My perfectly applied, vintage-style makeup had melted, leaving me with a clown face. Fortunately I’d (mostly) given up on caring three hours ago, right around the time I’d discovered the floor tiles were cooler than the rest of the room. “After that, I’ll worry about the furnace and by next summer I might not even be here anymore.”

“Really?” he asked, cocking a brow. “You selling out?”

“Not sure,” I told him. “I’m not thinking that far ahead right now. Things are very iffy with my dad . . . I think he’s got some—”

No. I couldn’t say it. Saying it out loud made it too real, plus the last thing I needed were a bunch of rumors flying around town. So far we’d kept dad’s situation mostly to family and friends.


Shaking myself, I smiled at him. “Thank you so much for fixing that. I’m not even sure what I would’ve done—I can’t afford to miss a week’s worth of orders. Not only would it put me behind, it would burn my customers.”

He nodded, studying me thoughtfully. God, he really was beautiful . . . Nothing like Brandon’s polished sophistication. No, Cooper gave off more of a warrior-tossing-you-over-his-fearless-steed kind of vibe. Yeah, like that would end well, because my track record with men was so fucking perfect, right?

Pull your head out of the gutter. He probably has a girlfriend.

At least I could finally lock up this hellhole of a shop and get a shower.

“Thank you so much—you have no idea how much I appreciate it.”

“No, but the whole throwing yourself at my feet thing was a subtle hint,” he said, and I realized he was teasing me. Was he flirting? I couldn’t decide if that kicked ass or scared the shit out of me.

“Anyway, it’s getting late,” I told him, feeling suddenly awkward. “I’m going to grab some dinner down the street, and then I could take you over and show you the apartment.”

A small, knowing smile crossed his face, and I realized he thought I was hitting on him.

“No,” I said quickly, mortified. “I wasn’t asking you out. Omigod, this is weird.”

“What, you aren’t turned on by a man who smells like old socks?” he asked lightly, raising his arm and giving a sniff. He was joking, but the sweat wasn’t a turnoff. Nope. Not even a little bit. “If that’s not enough for you, the roof tar on my ass should be a big attraction.”

Closing my eyes, I bit back a groan. He started laughing. Not in a cruel way, but companionably, which I guess made sense because both of us were disgusting as hell. Of course, now I wanted to check out his ass, but I managed to keep my eyes on target (mostly) when I answered him.

“Well, it’s sexy but I’ll manage to control myself somehow. I do want to grab dinner, though, and we need to figure out the apartment details.”

“I’ll take the place, doesn’t matter what it is,” he replied. “I’m in a hotel and it’s getting old. I’d love to move in on Sunday, but I can’t go look at it right now—gotta get my ass cleaned up. Meeting up with someone later.”

Of course he was, because men who looked like Cooper didn’t spend Friday nights alone.

“Sounds great,” I told him, refusing to show any disappointment. “Just text me when you’re ready, and I’ll get you the key.”

He opened his mouth to say something, but a sudden pounding against the locked shop door caught us both off guard. I spun around to find Talia Jackson glaring at me through the glass. Talia and three of her skankier friends, including Sadie Baxter, a girl I used to babysit when I was in college.

A girl who was now twenty.


“Cooper!” Talia shouted. “What the fuck are you doing?”

I glanced at my new handyman, startled. Talia Jackson and her brother, Marsh, were two of the nastiest people I’d ever met. Marsh was president of the local motorcycle gang, a group called the Nighthawk Raiders motorcycle club. The club had been around most of my life, but it was only in recent years that they’d turned really bad. I mean, they were never the kinder, gentler sort of bikers, but I’d never been actively afraid when I’d heard a motorcycle, either.

Now? Let’s just say we’d all gotten a little edgy.

“That’s my girl,” Cooper said, and something deep down inside of me died a little. Of course he’d go for someone like Talia. She might have the heart of a deranged circus clown—you know, the kind that survives by eating the souls of innocent children—but she was hot.

Really hot.

Not only that, she was slutty, and while I wasn’t into the whole slut-shaming thing (like I had room to judge after the bachelorette party debacle . . . ugh), I wasn’t naive enough to think he was attracted to her personality. Cooper Romero might have a sweet smile, and he’d fixed my AC, but now I had proof positive that he’d never be into a girl like me.

Specifically, a grown-up with curves.

All righty, then. Probably for the best anyway.

“Just a sec!” I called to her, determined to take the high road, then I grabbed my keys so I could open the door. She pushed inside with her posse, and I do mean pushed. Little bitch shoved me so hard I nearly knocked over the display of antique Russian teacups my mother had lovingly collected. (So far as I knew, she’d never sold a single one of them, but it’d made her happy.)

“Careful,” I warned, and Talia turned on me.

“What did you just say to me?”

“Babe, let’s talk,” Cooper said, catching her arm and pulling her into his body. She squealed, going from aggressive to flirty in an instant.

“You’re all sweaty. It’s sooo disgusting.”

I noted she wasn’t trying to get away. Cooper smiled down at her, a hint of something feral in his eyes. Yeah, okay—whatever smile he’d been giving me, it hadn’t held any of that kind of intensity.

Yours truly was officially chopped liver.

“I was just about to head out and grab a shower,” he told her. “Wanna come with me?”

She pouted. “I can’t. The girls and I need to get fixed up. I’ll see you at the bar, though, right?”

He looked down at her, offering a sexy, indulgent smile. “Can’t wait.”

“Perfect,” she said, reaching around to grab his ass for a quick squeeze. Then she turned and strutted back out without a word to me, her gaggle of girls following like well-trained geese. Sadie gave a little finger wave on the way. The door closed behind them with a cheerful little jingle, and I wondered why the hell I even bothered with Hallies Falls.

I missed Seattle.

So what if it had Brandon? I could drown him in Lake Washington. Problem solved.

“Sorry about that—Talia is a little high-strung,” Cooper said.

“Oh, I know all about her,” I replied, hoping I didn’t sound as catty as I felt. Cooper didn’t seem to notice.

“I’m new to town, but she’s been showing me around,” Cooper continued, stepping over to stand in front of me, hands shoved deep in his front pockets. “I should get going.”

“Of course—don’t let me keep you. What time do you think you’ll be in touch tomorrow?”

“Afternoon work?”

“No problem. Looking forward to hearing from you.”

He nodded and pushed through the door, walking down the street without a second look back. I locked up behind him, wondering why all the hottest guys were douchebags. Not that Cooper had acted like a douche, but he had to be my age or older—late thirties—and Talia was the same age as Sadie. She was also a raging bitch. There was only one reason a man like him would date a girl like that, and it had nothing to do with personality or character.

Cooper Romero might be beautiful, but obviously he was shallow. Suppose it was too much to hope for a man who could fix an air conditioner and have a soul at the same time.





reaper's fire coming soon



Are you ready for Gage and Tinker’s story?

Reaper’s Fire releases on August 9th!


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reaper's fireBlurb

New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the “wild and raw”* world of the Reapers MC with the story of Gage and Tinker…


The club comes first.


I’ve lived by those words my whole life—assumed I’d die by them, too, and I never had a problem with that. My Reaper brothers took my back and I took theirs and it was enough. Then I met her. Tinker Garrett. She’s beautiful, she’s loyal, and she works so damned hard it scares me sometimes . . . She deserves a good man—one better than me. I can’t take her yet because the club still needs me. There’s another woman, another job, another fight just ahead.


Now she’ll learn I’ve been lying to her all along. None of it’s real. Not my name, not my job, not even the clothes I wear. She thinks I’m nice. She pretends we’re just friends, that I’ve still got a soul . . . Mine’s been dead for years. Now I’m on fire for this woman, and a man can only burn for so long before he destroys everything around him.


I’m coming for you, Tinker.





reaper's fire teaser




Have you heard?

Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde has a NEW COVER!


reaper's property new cover


Meet Horse & Marie for ONLY $3.99 (normally $7.99)

Author’s Note: This book was originally released through a small publisher in 2013. This independent edition has been lightly edited, and contains a bonus short, “Sticky Sweet” (originally published on the author’s website) and a Q&A with the author.


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:






About the Author

joanna wyldeJoanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.


 Website | Facebook | TwitterGoodreads






The Night He Saved Me by Sarah Stevens Release Blitz & Review



Title: The Night He Saved Me
Author: Sarah Stevens
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2016
Cover Models: JJ Butts and Meagan Pacholski







One night. One party. One girl forever changed.
I was supposed to stay on the path I had chosen. Go to college and make something of myself. But doing it all alone wasn’t easy, and it seemed everyone was against me.

Except James. He was there to catch me when my world crumbled—cradling my emotions and wrapping me in his secure embrace. James was there when the entire world disappeared.


One glance. One undeniable connection. One life forever changed.
Keeping myself hidden from a legacy I wanted no part of, I lived a content life. Until her. She swept in, making me forget all the bad that haunted me. Now, the past I tried to run from has caught up, and I have more to lose than ever. She’s the target, and I’m the shield.
She thinks I saved her, but she’s the one who rescued me.
Two worlds. Two hearts. And a lifetime of trials. 




“You don’t even know me. How can you love me?”
“I know what you do to me, and I want to get to know you. I want to know all about you, but most of all, right now I want to know what is going on with you because I feel the need to protect you but I don’t know what from.”
“You can’t protect me, everything that has happened is done, and I have to live with it. There is no saving me from myself.”







Josie's review


4 stars

The Night He Saved Me is a debut novel by this author and all and all it was a pretty good story.  The author did an amazing job writing this story. It was strong and the character development and relationship and very well developed.  The blurb to this novel was so inviting and I have to say Kat and James’s were so full of surprises, secrets and suspense.  The alternate POV’s truly helped me to get a better reading on the characters.  I want to warn potential readers, although the author does not make note of possible triggers in reading this novel, there are events that take place that some might find disturbing.



The Night He Saved Me was a bit dark and gritty.  Kat’s character at first comes off as naive, but she is young and she makes rash decisions that was upsetting.  She is somewhat sheltered by her mom and one night her rash decision become life alternating.   Throughout the novel this author shows us Kat’s growth.  Knowing that she alone can change her future she begins to make changes in her life. The girl was confusing as heck, let me tell you!  When fate leads James into her life, she realizes that she is no longer alone.



James, I have no complaint about his character.  He was mature, dependent and selfless when it came to Kat’s wellbeing and her love.   When he first sees Kat he knows instantly that she belongs to him.  There is an intense feeling that while reading from him that leapt from the pages. Whether it was how the author describes a certain scene or when his eyes constantly land on Kat it was just so swoon worthy.  James knows that Kat is younger than he is and instead of rushing things he is cautious around Kat.  When fate leads him to Kat on the night she needs him the most, he is no longer willing to stay on the sidelines.



I really enjoyed how the author slowly built up the relationship between them. It made it easier to believe in these characters.  Kat goes through a lot in this book and her age plays a role on her lack of judgment but James is there to help guide her.  I loved that James never gave up on Kat..  The story did not go in the direction I thought it was and I think the added secrets and suspense added to luster and appeal.  The Night He Saved Me was a fairly quick read and enjoyable, it was a bit different. 








Sarah Stevens is a New Adult Romance author.

Sarah started writing her first novel The Night He Saved Me two years ago in her free time while being a stay-at-home mom. Then one day, it started to flow, and she was writing “The End” in a matter of two months. 

When she isn’t writing, she is enjoying the southern life with her husband, three kids, a Saint Bernard—who is still adjusting to the southern summers—and Carrots, the bunny. She can’t go a day without her coffee in the morning—and a few more cups during the day and her late nights writing.

She enjoys reading Contemporary or New Adult Romance and going to the pool or beach as much as she can. She loves all things Disney and collects Disney mugs to drink her beloved coffee in.




Bring Your Own Baker (Death by Cupcake #2) by D.E. Haggerty Book Tour & Review

Cozy Mystery / Comedy

Date Published: June 20, 2016

Anna just wants to earn enough money on the side to buy into the bakery, Callie’s Cakes, where she works together with her best nerd pal Callie. The last thing she expects to see when she walks into Arthur’s apartment to do some moonlighting is a blood bath. Callie’s ready to jump into the investigation into Arthur’s murder, and she’s bringing another bakery worker, Kristie, into their hijinks whether Kristie wants to or not. But things aren’t as they seem. There are gang affiliations, illegal gambling dens, and ladies of the night to wade through. Will Anna and Callie discover who murdered Arthur or will Callie’s detective boyfriend Ben and Anna’s self-appointed protector put a stop to such aspirations? 
Come join us at Callie’s Cakes, where murder investigations are on the menu, but make sure to bring your own baker because Anna’s a bit preoccupied at the moment. 
Warning: This is NOT your mom’s cozy mystery. Bring Your Own Baker may be a ‘clean’ read, but if gangs, illegal gambling, and pimps make you turn your nose up at your e-reader, you might want to skip this one. Although you’ll be missing some sizzling chemistry between Anna and her protector. Not to mention a whole bunch of witty dialogue. 





I grasp the weapon in my hand and throw it with all my might at him. The weapon makes a ‘tee hee’ sound as it hits his stomach.

“Did you just throw a Pillsbury dough boy at me?” His voice carries a hint of humor. The Pillsbury dough boy was probably not the best item to grab from the kitchen to use as a weapon. Obviously, I’m totally losing it.

I inch backwards into the kitchen searching for a more appropriate weapon. Dag nab it! The knives are way over on the other side. I have no choice. Without taking my eyes of the man, I grab a perfectly formed and probably fricking delicious muffin from the tin and throw it at the intruder. Apparently, my fast ball needs some work as he just catches the muffin as if I merely lobbed it in his direction. He smiles and, not bothering with the paper liner, takes a huge bite.

“Mmmm…,” he groans around a mouthful. “This is really good.”

“Seriously?” I throw my arms in the air before planting my hands on my hips. “If you want my muffins, just come to the bakery. You don’t have to break in.” Uh oh, I nearly forgot that he broke in. I start backing up again, getting ever closer to those knives.

The man’s eyes narrow as he notices me shuffling my way towards the knives. He stalks me and, when he’s only an arm’s length away, reaches around me and grabs the knife block. He keeps his eyes steady on me as he places the block on top of the refrigerator. Somewhere I can only reach if I get out my step ladder.

“Who are you? And what are you doing here?” I may be terrified and my voice my stutter a bit, but I’m not backing down. Not. One. Bit.

“You’re a feisty little thing, aren’t you?”

“Who you calling little?” Apparently, I have no regard for my safety at all as I’m now goading an intruder.

The man chuckles. His smile shows a perfect set of teeth. Huh, not exactly what I expected from Mr. Piercings and Tattoos. “For a pink-haired pixie, you sure aren’t afraid, are you?”



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Debbie's review


3 stars


This is the second book In the Death by Cupcake Series. I really loved the first book and enjoyed Anna’s in it so could not wait to read her book.


It starts off good and I love her character. The problem I had with this book is I didn’t’ feel the connection between her and Logan. I loved the banter back and forth between the two; it is just the relationship felt a little two rushed. Anna’s character for the most part was a character you could relate to. She has issues regarding her body and didn’t’ feel she was beautiful and certainly didn’t buy it when it came out of Logan’s mouth. The banter and chemistry between Anna and Callie was great. The humor was just as good if not better in this book than the first book. The ending felt a little two rushed. I would of liked to have seen how it turned out to have a little more detail.


  “Sweet sugar cookies! She thinks I’m a murderer! Yeah, we weren’t close but to just assume I’m a killer? What a fudging traitor! I crumple the piece of paper in my hand and throw it on her floor.”


  “Did you just throw a Pillsbury dough boy at me? His voice carries a hint of humor. The Pillsbury dough boy was probably not the best item to grab from the kitchen to use as a weapon.”


The book was full of some great banter and one-liners and kept me hooked and as much as I liked it, I didn’t’ love it. I wanted a little bit more. The flow of the story was good and I like the authors writing style I would of liked the ending to have been a little longer. I have some questions I need answers to so I am hoping the author has another book in the works for Anna.






I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on from my mom’s Harlequin romances to Nancy Drew to Little Women. When I wasn’t flipping pages in a library book, I was penning horrendous poems, writing songs no one should ever sing, or drafting stories which have thankfully been destroyed. College and a stint in the U.S. Army came along, robbing me of free time to write and read, although I did manage every once in a while to sneak a book into my rucksack between rolled up socks, MRIs, t-shirts, and cold weather gear. A few years into my legal career, I was exhausted, fed up, and just plain done. I quit my job and sat down to write a manuscript, which I promptly hid in the attic after returning to the law. Another job change, this time from lawyer to B&B owner and I was again fed up and ready to scream I quit, which is incredibly difficult when you own the business. Thus, I shut the B&B during the week and in the off-season and started writing. Several books later I find myself in Istanbul writing full-time.


Contact Information









Up in the Treehouse by K.K. Allen **Megan’s Review**

Up in the Treehouse

I wanted to tell him all my secrets, but he became one of them instead.

Chloe Rivers never thought she would keep secrets from her best friend. Then again, she never imagined she would fall in love with him either. When she finally reveals her feelings, rejection shatters her, rendering her vulnerable and sending her straight into the destructive arms of the wrong guy.

Gavin Rhodes never saw the betrayal coming. It crushes him. Chloe has always been his forbidden fantasy–sweet, tempting, and beautiful. But when the opportunity finally presents itself, he makes the biggest mistake of all and denies her.

Now it’s too late . . .

Four years after a devastating tragedy, Chloe and Gavin find themselves crashing back into each other’s lives. Haunted by the past, they’re forced to come to terms with all that has transpired to find the peace they deserve. Except they can’t seem to get near each other without combatting an intense emotional connection that brings them right back to where it all started . . . their childhood treehouse.

Chloe still holds her secrets close, but this time she isn’t the only one with something to hide. Can their deep-rooted connection survive the destruction of innocence?

* * Sexual situations and light swearing * *









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Megan's review


4 stars

Man! This truly went totally opposite of my original thoughts when I fell for the blurb. I had an array of emotions along with confusion and the need for answers. But I liked that. I liked being in the dark. I liked disliking Chloe’s thought process, her choices. This is one of those books that the minute you start or the moment things reveal themselves along comes question after question trying to figure it all out in a spare second.


Gavin has always been it for me; the calm one, the smart one, the respectful one. My best friend. My protector. He was stronger than Devon in ways that are more important than physical. I could always see him for all that he was- for all that he is. Perfect. But once I started dating Devon, I broke something in Gavin. I broke something in me. And it’s slowly killing me.


To say I fell for Gavin immediately would be absolutely correct! Even in Chloe’s initial opinion of the twin brothers she could see their qualities. This left me with the questions building.  A few of the answers I believe made it easier to tell the story of three teenage kids. I wanted to know how and why and radically shake Chloe. She spoke such truth but I still didn’t get why. Why Devon?? Why did she latch with Devon????? Knowing what she knew, feeling what she felt, loving his brother, EVEN having both boys on her side, I still ask WHY DEVON???? I racked it up to just being a girl and loving it all as a reader. Because seeing Gavin be the rock solidified why I fell for him so quickly! I was immediately pulling for Gavin and Chloe as they bond. As the few years moved on and so did their threesome friendship I had my answer. I saw both sides. Clear as day. But when your 17/18??? What the hell do you know? I knew I was in for a bumpy ride and I was highly loving it because I knew it too!!!


“You need to trust me. Unless you’d rather accept your own misguided perception of what Devon and I were. Forgive me for reaching in to your brain and thinking for you, but you’re never going to get the closure you’re seeking by avoiding the truth.”


Now, I’m skipping over a tremendous plot to this story.  I am happily shocked at the big secret. It wasn’t big during the read because the events surrounding Devon/Chloe/Gavin was in fact the storyline but that side branch just blew it up.  The one thing it did was add another thing that made Gavin a standup guy…brother. For this, I understood the hot and cold natures that was the new Chloe and Gavin. I enjoyed it actually. It made the weight of her decision that more important instead of squashing it and giving in to the old familiar feelings. What I constantly had an issue with is the how and why?? How could she? How could her parents not make her? How. How could she not be there in support in the hardest day of his life?


“I don’t want you to think I’m blowing pas our issues. Four years is a long time. I want this to work. Losing our friendship was the second most devastating loss of my life, and if we can have that back for one last summer, I want to embrace it.”


At first, we seem to be on the same page. And then he pulls away and acts as if nothing happened, as if I made up all this chemistry in my head. I’ve always hated science. The back and forth is wearing me out. Why is holding back? Why is he keeping us in this awful limbo? Why do I even care anymore?


I felt in the beginning the flashbacks told a very parallel story and I rather liked the way it gave a little and kept me gripping for that last detail. When the years caught up and we were in the now the flashbacks didn’t serve enough of a purpose for me. I get they were telling me something but at this point the back and forth had it limits and I was ready for these two to hash it out and put them pent up tension to the test.


I wouldn’t classify this as a full angst story but it was angst enough to keep me tuned in, to keep me asking and mentally clueing Chloe in. It had a great mix of young teenage drama, girls and boys combined with the transition into adulthood and dealing with choices you had control over and those you had none.



About The Author


K.K. Allen is the Contemporary Romance & Fantasy Author of the Summer Solstice series (Enchanted, The Equinox and The Descendants), Soaring (short story in the Echoes of Winter Anthology), and Up in the Tree House, which will be available late Spring / early Summer.

Ms. Allen was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, raised in Seattle, Washington, and currently resides near Orlando, Florida. She has always had a passion for reading and writing and has done so every day since the young age of 12. K.K. enjoys writing stories inspired by nature, magic and love. She loves manatees, learned to swim for the mere purpose of pretending she was a mermaid, and adores the beach so much she promises to one day live on one (in a tent if she has to) in Hawaii and serve snow cones on the side of the road.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads




New Release: Match Point by Leigh Carman



Match Point by Leigh Carman




Two stubborn men.


One is a rude jerk. The other, the life of the party.


It was hate at first sight.


Pro beach volleyball players Finn Callahan and Dexter Savage have been rivals since college. While Finn always comes out on top on the court, Dexter’s carefree and fun-loving personality earns him scores of adoring men and women. And as much as Finn fights to deny it, there’s another reason for the tension he feels when Dex is around. Hate wasn’t the only thing he felt when he first laid eyes on his opponent.


When they’re forced to team up, the two men must bury their differences—on and off the court—if either of them is going to succeed professionally.








“Get it. Get it. Hurry, hurry!”

I scramble for the ball while Coach yells out encouragements—or possibly reprimands. I can never be sure which. Either way I’m on top of my game today. I hustle to the net, get under the ball, and bump it with my wrists, arcing it high for Dex.

Dex waits for it to come down and lifts it using his fingertips. As the ball goes in the air, I take a running jump, curve my body so it doesn’t touch any part of the net, and smack the ball over our opponent’s head. It hits the sand.

“Yes,” Dex shouts and holds up a hand for me to high-five. Grinning, I reach out and slap my hand into his. Dex holds on to it for a brief moment. The contact is quick—less than a second—but the heat that sears through my palm leaves a lasting impression. It’s time to switch sides and it’s my turn to serve. Dex puts his hands behind his back and gives me the signal to hit it left with no spin. I toss the ball up and hit it over the net.

Beautiful. Our opponent drops to his knees and makes the save, but he can’t get to his position quickly enough to reach the ball his partner perfectly sets for him. Dex cheers and pumps his fist in the air. I grin at his enthusiasm. Watching Dexter Savage have the time of his life is mesmerizing. It infuses me with an energy I’ve never felt before. I no longer see Dex as just another charming guy. He has me spellbound and hanging on his every word.

“Nice whiff, dickhead,” I call out when he misses a dig and comes up with a mouthful of sand.

I can’t have him thinking I like him or something.

Dex laughs and spits out the sand. “Shut up, Callahan.”

By the end of the day, we should be exhausted, but we’re riding high on winning the New Orleans Open, and on the thirty-minute ride back to the hotel on the river, we both get our second wind. Dex is literally bouncing around. He’s so full of energy, he’s making me dizzy.

“Come on, Finn. Let’s go out to celebrate. This is New Orleans, The Big Easy. There’s sin on every corner and a ton of awesome clubs here.”

I roll my eyes. “I doubt your idea of an awesome club is the same as mine, Savage.”

“What?” Dex squints at me. Then his eyes widen almost comically. “Oooooohhh. You don’t think I can handle a gay club?” A slow, snarky grin spreads across his handsome face, and my breath hitches.

Hello dimple.

I shake off my dirty thoughts to get back to the subject at hand. “No. I don’t. God. I can’t even think about you going into a gay club without laughing.”

Or getting hard and groaning.

“Hmph.” Dex levels his intense hazel eyes at me and quirks one eyebrow in challenge.

“No, Dex.”

“Yes, Finn,” he sings gleefully.

“No way.”

Dex chuckles and nods his head. “Oh yes. Pull out your sparkly top, baby, because we’re hitting the gay clubs tonight.”

“Fuck you, Savage. I don’t own a sparkly top.”



Dex gives me a disgusted look. “What kind of gay man are you?”

“Not a very good one, I guess.”

One who crushes on his straight teammate, that’s what kind of gay man I am. A stupid one.

After five minutes of back and forth, I finally get Dex to let go of the idea of cruising gay clubs tonight, but only on the promise that I’ll take him to one when we get back to LA. I’m hoping he’ll forget by then, because seeing his gorgeous ass shaking on a dance floor while hot, sweaty guys grind on him? I’d implode before the night was over.

We change and grab a cab, and Dex directs the driver to head toward Bourbon Street. “Really, Dex? Bourbon Street? Can’t we go somewhere a little less—”

“Less fun? No, Callahan, we can’t. You’re having fun if it kills me. Tonight I’m officially removing the stick from your ass….” Dex twists his head and shoots me a scorching look that has my dick throbbing painfully in my shorts. “Even if I have to pin you down to yank it out.”

Holy fuck.

I swallow, and my mouth suddenly disconnects from my brain as every drop of blood in my body turns to lava and collects in my groin.

“Whatever, Savage,” I mumble, turn to the window, and shift my hips so Dex can’t see my now fully hard cock.

Dex laughs and shoves my shoulder. Does he not know what he’s doing to me? I sneak a glance at my teammate. He’s looking out his own window, eyes glittering, smile as wide as a kid on Christmas morning.

No. He has no clue. He’s truly excited to go out and have fun. In fact he’s practically bursting out of his skin, he’s so wound up. But then, Dexter Savage always was the life of the party. He’s comfortable in his own skin. It’s what makes him so attractive. Well, besides the tousled, just out of bed hair, the perfectly straight nose and full mouth, and the body to die for. But his outgoing personality was what had me crushing on him in college—and the reason I hated his guts. I watched him every day at practice as he charmed everyone around us, and knew he would never be available to me.

“Here it is.” Dex throws some money at the cab driver and leaps out of the car. I take a look at my surroundings and thump my head on the glass. We’re on a street thick with pedestrians clutching hurricane glasses and sipping through long straws as they mingle in the crowd. Neon signs line the business fronts on both sides of the cab, each promising a different kind of debauchery inside.

Dex leans down and sticks his head in the backseat. “What are you waiting for, Callahan? Let’s get this party started.”

Ugh. Tonight is going to be pure torture.





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About The Author


Leigh Carman is the pen name for the M/M romances written by bestselling Contemporary romance writer, Heather C. Leigh.

She lives outside Atlanta with her husband, 2 kids, and French bulldog.

She is leaving explicit directions in her will for her friends to discreetly scatter her ashes around Fenway Park. Then they are to sit back, watch a game with a beer and a Fenway frank and have a wicked good time.





Anything But Love by Daisy Prescott Blog Tour & Review

ABL 6x9

ANYTHING BUT LOVE by Daisy Prescott
Releasing July 19, 2016 (Wingmen, #3)






Another wingman bites the dust in this enemies to lovers story…

For the past year, I’ve been working my butt off to start my own coffee company on Whidbey.

A weekend in Cabo with sun, tiny bikinis, and vacation hook-ups is exactly the kind of tension relief I need.

What I don’t need is a bruised jaw, having to bribe my way out of jail, a hellion set on ruining my life, and my mother seeing a picture of my assets on “The Twitter.”

Caribou Caldwell is my worst nightmare.

Unfortunately, she’s also the star of my sexiest dreams.

What happens when a small town guy becomes the focus of a million fantasies? As Erik Kelso navigates his sudden notoriety, will his feelings for Cari turn out to be anything but love?

Anything but Love is the third book in the Wingmen series, a spin off of Modern Love Stories. Like all Wingmen books, it can be read as a standalone romantic comedy.







Available Now!!

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Get READY TO FALL (Wingmen #1) for FREE!

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Megan's review


3 stars

This was a hard one for me to rate.  I think my excitement of having the third book in this series finally in my hands, knowing I loved the first two greatly my feelings of indifferent started to downgrade my interest. But, with hope, I knew I had it in me to trudge on and hope for a bond like the others.


I can easily say I did like parts of this book, as a whole it was an okay read. My like/love sensor was a constant up and down.  I just felt very iffy generally, for it felt like forever, but in truth about the first third of the book. There was a lot of set up in the beginning and even more in-between Cari and Erik chapters.  Further setting up the personal back story (Erik) and how we get the two together (Cabo) before they really were together.


The major high of this story was when Cari and Erik were fighting and when they started to shed that layer and get comfortable with each other. Even when they weren’t on a first name basis and he only knew her by the douche boyfriend and her purple hair their bickering was great. When they pushed the wanna be hate for each other out of the picture and gave into the small spark you saw they were charming. Entertaining. There just wasn’t enough of it for me. I could’ve loved this so much more if they truly were the focus but I didn’t think they had enough of the attention to fall in the right and real way. They were adorable with each other but not enough true emotion for me.


“We’re chatting.”
“We’re having a normal, getting to know you conversation. I think this might be our first.”
“We’ve spoken before.”
“We end up arguing after about three minutes.”
“That’s because you are always flipping me off and glaring at me.”
“Right. I do that for no reason at all.”


While Erik’s personal story deals with familial ties and how to cope with an alcoholic father, add in how and why he meets Cari it’s a struggle to make the points meet on an even playing field.  Where Cari comes into play is quite hilarious from a mans POV but it wasn’t enough to not bore me to a point where I was counting down when Cari would be back on the page or their story would move along in some way. That seemed to be my overall thought here.  When would I have them back in a scene?


I don’t hate her anymore. And I’m pretty certain she doesn’t loathe me. We’re no longer enemies, but I’m not sure if we’re friends. Or more.




USA Today Bestselling Author Daisy Prescott writes romantic comedies with heart.

Her Modern Love Stories feature characters in their thirties and forties finding and rediscovering love in unexpected and humorous ways. Her Wingmen books star regular guys who often have beards, drive trucks, and love deeply once they fall.

Born and raised in San Diego, Daisy currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with her husband and an imaginary house goat. When not writing about herself in the third person, Daisy can be found traveling, gardening, baking, or lost in a good book.





Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Newsletter

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His Royal Secret (His Royal Secret #1) by Lilah Pace **Jen’s Review**

lilah-pace-duetThe first in an enchanting new male/male romantic duology from Lilah Pace, author of Asking for More and Begging for It ….

James, the handsome, cosmopolitan Prince of Wales, is used to being in the public eye. But he’s keeping a king-sized secret…James, next in line for the throne, is gay.

He’s been able to hide his sexual orientation with the help of his best friend and beard, Lady Cassandra. Sometimes he feels like a coward for not coming out, but he daren’t risk losing the crown. If he did, the succession would fall on his deeply troubled younger sister, Princess Amelia. To protect her, James is willing to live a lie.

While on holiday, he meets Benjamin Dahan—a rugged international reporter with a globe-trotting, unattached life—who catches far more than James’s eye. And when Ben is transferred to London, it seems fate may finally be smiling on James.

But what began as a torrid fling grows into something far more intimate and powerful. Soon James will have decide who he is, what he wants from life and love, and what he’s willing to sacrifice for the truth…




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Jen's review



4.5 stars

His Royal Secret wasn’t anything like I expected. Lilah Pace is a new to me author and there is no question that I’ll be looking into this authors other books. This story was beautifully written with so much grace and forethought. The scenes created within the story were so clear and vividly depicted that I really could place myself inside each room and right alongside each of the characters. The background of the characters were well developed and their present interactions were just so brilliantly done.  The realness and the behavior coming from the characters really made this story feel so genuine. So much so that I could really picture the way this story was told as being something I could see in real life. Something I could see happening had we or if we did ever have a future king struggle with being gay and coming out to the public.  


I’m taking this. One stolen hour in my entire bloody life-it’s mine, he’s mine, and no one else ever has to know.


Lilah really has done such a phenomenal job depicting what life could be like living as a royal. How secrets are held very closely to their vests not only from the public but also from the family.  This author really brought out some heavy emotions when head and heart, duty and privacy collided.  The emotional journey that these characters lead really stood out and there wasn’t a moment where I could not feel this ride alongside with them through their actions, thoughts and words.  The selflessness and sacrifice that James had for family and duty was no small feat.  The Prince regent was nothing short of selfless even while living a lie.  There is no doubt that Lilah has done her research as this story really opened my eyes to a world I never truly understood or gave a great deal of thought to before.


They were lovers in the darkness of Clarence House and strangers everywhere else


This author literally dangled that carrot over my head with the promise of something real and passionate and she delivered a truly touching, beautiful story in spades.  She slowly built me up then almost gutted me at the point where my emotions were running really high and I never wanted this story to end.  James and Ben’s journey is not without some bumps and not just with having to hide their relationship. Ben’s past has a strong hand on his outlook when it comes to relationships. What starts off as a game of chess where secrets are told, attraction builds and an arrangement gets muddied when duty, feelings and truth come into play.  I really can’t wait to read the next installment.


“You belong to me. Maybe the public and the press own the part of you that’s the prince, but not the man. You’re mine, and I won’t let anything take you away.”





About Lilah Pace


Lilah Pace is a pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling author, so she can’t give away too much about herself here, but she has lived everywhere from Italy to the United Kingdom before putting down roots in the American South.

She’s addicted to Diet Coke, loves her dog, and daydreams about several British movie stars (though usually no more than two at a time).

And while it took her a long while to get up the courage to write books, now she hopes she’ll never stop.