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**Beth’s Review of Deceptive Innocence: Part One (Pure Sin #1) by Kyra Davis**




Ever since her mother died while serving time for a murder she didn’t commit, Bell’s been focused on one thing: revenge. She knows her mother was set up by the powerful Gable family, international bankers who will crush anyone for profit, or amusement. Now she’s determined to take the Gables down.

Seducing her way into the life–and bed–of the family’s rebellious youngest son, Lander, she figures it should be easy to uncover the secrets she needs to destroy his family. But Lander turns out to be more complicated than Bell expected. He’s intelligent, mysterious–and their sexual chemistry is off the charts. Lander is still the target, but once Bell gives in to her desire to touch him, he starts seeming much less like an enemy–which is why her anger is more necessary than ever.




*5 Stars*

Vengeance: punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong.

Deceptive Innocence is the story of Bellona “Bell” seeking vengeance for her mother, who was set up by the ever powerful Gable family for murder and was then convicted, leaving Bell a young girl going from foster home to foster home.  Eventually Bell’s mother dies while in prison. 

Bell has set her sites on Lander Gable, one of Edmund Gable’s two sons.  She has followed him and studied him for years, reading all his favorite Shakespeare novels, learning to play chess and tennis, studying finance and art, all to understand and manipulate her opponents, the Gables.  She is now ready to play her game and taker her revenge and slowly she weaves her way into Lander’s and the Gables’ lives, she plays the part so well at times she wonders truly who is the real Bell.

Revenge: To seek or take vengeance for (oneself or another person); avenge.

I really loved Bell, she is seeking vengeance for her mother’s being wronged which then led to her taking her own life. Bell is not a mean person, her anger over what has happened is driving her.   When she is carrying out her plan, you see that she is not being hateful, she has a conscious that at times she has to push away so she will follow it through.  She is just a poor young girl who has lost the one person to ever love her, the one person has made her to want to be that Disney princess and get her HEA with prince charming.  Her revenge has been the only one thing to make her get up every day, to give her a reason to carry on and live her life, it’s the only thing that has ever given her purpose to go without her mother.

I fell in love with Lander right from the start, there is mystery to him and you just know not all of it is good but he’s complex, he’s very deep and he’s not like the rest of his family.  There is just so much more to him, he seems like a cold, spoiled rich kid, but there are moments that shows so much more to him, you are left wondering what is his story, and truly how much was he involved or know about her mother being framed, you just want him to be the good guy, nothing like his brother or father.

I love these two together, there is instant and very hot chemistry happening between these two.  I love their banter, they are trying to figure this all out, they each have their own agenda but we don’t know yet what his is, there is just something that he keeps hidden and those drawings, there is more than meets the eye with Lander.  I love that they both have agendas but you can see their feelings for each other, yet they won’t truly admit to them, is so much more powerful than any plan they have set in motion.

This book is a quick read, it’s sexy hot, it’s a bit dark with lots of mystery and intrigue going on and is one  that will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat and then going OMG right at the very end.  I am now counting down the days till Kyra Davis releases Part Two.  Yes this book is shorter than most books I normally read but I was so glad to see that it wasn’t instant love and that it sucked me in right away, the book wasn’t over just moments after I got into it.  I also really like the fact that both Part two and Three release within a month of the previous book, not leaving a long period of time waiting for the next one, especially when you have a bit of a Cliffhanger ending.

I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review and have to say that I absolutely love it.  It is my first Kyra Davis book and she truly has a new fan and I will definitely checking out her other books.




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I’m the internationally published author of the Sophie Katz mystery series, and So Much For My Happy Ending. My first Erotic Fiction Trilogy will be released in January 2013. Aside from that, I’m a single mom; I’m addicted to coffee and True Blood (the show, not the drink). I’m happy with who I am yet I’m always striving to be better; I have more bad hair days than good ones, I love a challenge but I am not fearless, I’m….well…just me.






**Tara’s Review of Have I Told You by F.L. Jacob**



Caston Black has it all, according to the outside world. The owner of the best-selling gentlemen’s magazine, Black Hollywood, has good looks, fame, fortune, and a reputation that precedes him. He can have any woman he wants, as long as he doesn’t keep them. Caston sets his sights on Sabrina for his next Hollywood Sweetheart. Little does he know he will find the woman to share his life, the one he is meant to keep forever.

Sabrina Bennett has been in a mentally and physically abusive relationship that has destroyed the beautiful, confident dancer who arrived at college three years ago. She thinks the only good thing left in her life is her abusive boyfriend. Keeping her boyfriend happy is her number one priority, no matter how impossible. She’s been broken and molded into a frightened, unsure girl desperate to be worthy of love.

Meeting by chance one evening, sparks fly between Caston and Sabrina. Neither expected the feelings they bring out in each other. Trying to have a normal relationship in their abnormal world is almost impossible, happiness is a new way of life for the lovers. They want to move forward, but the past won’t let go.

Can Caston help Sabrina heal from her past abuse? Can Sabrina show Caston he is as strong as he appears to be? When is the price of love too much? What do you do when the biggest threat to the person you love is you?

Warning: This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable. Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.




*4 On Pointe Stars*

Ballerina Sabrina Bennett is struggling to deal with the emotions that come from her very turbulent relationship.  She is belittled, mocked, abused and mentally tormented.  At a party, while her boyfriend is demeaning her in front of the frat house party goers, Caston comes to her aid and sweeps her off her feet.  Thus starts a whirlwind romance with amazingly panty dropping sex scenes.

“I was suddenly very thirsty and wondered if he would let me lick him to get refreshed.”

Caston Black the owner of a highly popular Mens adult magazine among other sexually related businesses.  Although Caston comes from a very wealthy background, his past and current are very dark.  He has secrets that have always come in the way of his past relationships. He lost his first love because of his crazy “Mother”, will he lose Sabrina too?

“How can I explain to her that I did not happen to just run into her.”

When Caston sees Sabrina during a performance, he sets his sights on claiming her and making her one of his Black Hollywood Sweethearts.  His heart takes over and he wants much more from her.  Caston wants Sabrina to share in his deep underground world, but is unsure if this sweet innocent ballerina can be broke.

“I could feel myself building to my climax, and I struggled against the restraint of his hands, try to get him to let me go.”

This was a great book.  The story was both heartbreaking and loving all at the same time.  It will tug at all of your emotions and leave your panties soaked.  F.L Jacob did a great job with the storyline and the character development. There is a cliffhanger. I Won’t Give Up on You is the follow up to Have I Told You, but at the time of this review there is no release day information.  I can’t wait to find out how Sabrina and Caston’s love story turns out.

Warning: This book contains abuse and forced sexual situations.

*An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.*




I am a mommy of two, wife to an amazing man, and full time employee. Life is crazy and my love for reading had fizzled over the years but thanks to a wonderful group of ladies that I met last year I started reading again. Their love for books turned me on to many great writers who I would have never discovered if I hadn’t started reading again!

I started writing for them. They brought out my love for writing that I haven’t seen in years. Starting this process was tedious and nerve wrecking, but my lovely ladies and my fabulous husband have inspired me to take my love for writing to the next step.   




Theirs To Play by Kenya Wright Review Tour & Giveaway!


theirs to play


Two billionaire brothers enjoy twisted games where women are the sport. They find a female, date her, and compete to see who can bed her first.

Too bad they picked the wrong one this time. Dawn’s too smart for their verbal play and too quick to get trapped by clever ploys.

The more the brothers work to capture her heart, the more they discover she might not be theirs to play.

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Dawn’s POV

When dealing with these two sexist pigs, I’d hoped to channel some great feminist in the history of women. Someone like Joan of Arc or Virginia Woolf. Sure it seemed a bit much, but this game that I volunteered for was more than us three. This was about lashing back at the theorized alpha male who thought he could do or say anything he wanted just because he had good looks, money, and the stupidity of a swollen ego.

When I walked up the boat’s ramp, I was supposed to appear regal and powerful, courageous and deadly like a lioness. Instead, with all the pretty butterflies swarming around me and stirring up my hair, I looked like a goddamn Disney princess.

And just to add insult to injury, Frederick appeared behind me. “You’re more captivating than Cinderella, right now.”

Fury boiled in my veins. I was hot and ready to bubble over. “Well I’m not Cinderella and you’re no Prince Charming.”

On the center of the ramp, he stepped closer to me. I refused to inch back like a scared little damsel in distress.

But, I probably should have moved away.

Frederick’s masculinity encircled me. It was such a silly thing to think, but it did. His woodsy cologne trapped me to him. The profile of muscles under his thin white shirt kept my focus. The wind picked up as if under his command, raising my dress just a little and brushing soft wisps against my flesh. I shivered.

“Oh no,” he whispered to me like a lover to his devoted. “I’m not Prince Charming. I’m the bad guy that sneaks into the castle when Prince Charming is off singing songs in the woods. I’m the one with the big cock that bends needy Cinderella over. And I’m the one that makes her scream until her throat’s raw and she can’t sing a note.”

“I had no idea Cinderella got so much action.” I slipped away and hurried up the ramp, doing my best to outrun the butterflies and Frederick, who I was now going to call the Big Bad Wolf.




*4.5 Stars*

Wow where do I start with this one?!! This was a short read, but it will grab you right from the start.  Here it is a nut shell…two brothers, one woman and a game (sounds cruel).  We have two handsome rich billionaire brothers, Max and Frederick (you know the kind), they travel the world with a lot of cash to burn and beautiful women every night.  They invented a game to make their lives more interesting. They both seduce the same woman; whoever gets the girl to fall in love with them first wins.  Enter their new victim, Dawn, and she is far from any other target they’ve encountered in their game.

The setting is Miami Beach. Dawn is a tough girl. She knows what she wants and that is to prepare and excel in her first year of law school. She has no time for games.  Max and Frederick are walking on the beach looking for their next target, when they see Dawn. Game ON!!! 

Dawn was an immediate challenge for the brothers. She did not fall for their pitiful pick-up.  Dawn has been played before, when her ex-millionaire boyfriend broke her heart, not mention his constant stalking abilities.  Dawn over hears their conversation about said “Game” and this is when I started to ask myself, who is playing the GAME HERE.

“What do you mean let the Games Begin?  What are we playing tonight?   Does your game involve me?  Am I the prize or the means to get it? There are teams right?”

Damn it, I loved this no sh*t kind of girl! She was very strong and not a push over.

“Well, just us three are involved, but yeah.  It’s sort of team Freddy and team max.”  We don’t share women.  We just compete for their attention.  You’re the Game for this summer, Dawn.”

Dawn agrees to play their game, but switched it up, instead of the summer, she gives them one week.

I am not sure which brother I liked more, Max or Freddy. They both had a way with words. Max is blunt and has a dirty mouth, that makes you literally stop and think “WELL DAYUM”.  But Dawn, is not their naïve play thing, OH NO, she gives it to them right back.

“When I spread your legs, I’m going to make you scream buddy three times before I enter you.”

“If you spread my legs, you better be hungry and lowering yourself to your knees because I don’t give my moans out easily.  You’ll have to earn my pleasure, just like you’ll have to earn an invitation to my bed.”

Frederick was the playful brother, but damn his mouth was just as bad as Max’, he just added his own touch.

“I’m not prince Charming.  I’m the bad guy that sneaks into the castle when Prince Charming is off singing songs in the woods.  I’m the one with the big co*k that bends needy Cinderella over until her throat’s raw and she can’t sing a note.” (HMMMM dry panties any one because I think Cinderella is going to need a new pair!)

“I had no idea Cinderella got so much action.  So you really had sex with Cinderella?  I should get your autograph.”

The wicked game starts but flirtation and no strings becomes complicated.One of the brothers start to develop real feelings for Dawn and more lies are revealed.  I won’t say which one falls for Dawn, because I honestly did not know myself until the very end. They played this game so well, that I was confused.  Dawn won’t stay and play their game anymore. There is just too many lies and depravity with the brothers. Even though one brother has won her heart, she will not be left to put it back together.  I got all the way to the end, and you know what I got a cliffhanger! Oh yeah MOTHER OF HELL CLIFFHANGER! So if Kenya could just finish Book 2, I think I might get some peace back in my life.  One-click this book!! It is really good and fast paced. You will not be sorry! Ok well maybe you will be when you get to the end like me! But if we stalk Kendra and beg maybe we can get Book 2 sooner.

“You’re going to give me your heart to me and you’re scared.”

“No.  I’m just giving you my body for tonight.  Nothing else.

“Nope I can see it.  You’re scared and you’re mine.”

 “Oh good.  Then you are ready to say goodbye.”

“Hell no.  This won’t just be tonight.”

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.






Kenya Wright always knew she would be famous since the ripe old age of six when she sang the Michael Jackson thriller song in her bathroom mirror. She has tried her hand at many things from enlisting in the Navy for six years as a Persian-Farsi linguist to being a nude model at an art university. However, writing has been the only constant love in her life. Will she succeed? Of course. For she has been coined The Urban Fantasy Queen, the Super Iconic Writer of this Age, The Lyrical Genius of Our Generation. Granted, these are all terms coined by her, within the private walls of her bathroom as she still sings the Michael Jackson thriller song. Kenya Wright currently resides in Miami with her three amazing, overactive children, a supportive, gorgeous husband, and three cool black cats that refuse to stop sleeping on Kenya’s head at night.


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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The Latecomers Fan Club by Diane V. Mulligan Promo



Cover_latecomers fan club

The Latecomers Fan Club

by Diane V. Mulligan





What is it about guys with guitars in their hands that makes them so irresistible, even when they are obviously self-centered jerks? If Abby and Maggie could answer that question, maybe they could finally get over Nathaniel. There’s just something about him when he picks up his guitar and gets behind the microphone, something that makes sensible women act like teeny-boppers instead of rational, self-respecting adults.

Abby was first sucked in by Nathaniel’s rock ’n roll swagger four years ago when a drunken fling turned into a series of drunken hook-ups that became something like a relationship. Now, as New Year’s Eve promises a fresh start, she wants to believe he’s finally going to grow up and take their relationship seriously.

 What does Nathaniel hope the new year will bring? An escape from the disappointing realities of his life. He’s thirty-four years old and he’s barely making ends meet as an adjunct philosophy professor, which was always only a back up plan anyway. Nathaniel’s real goal was always to make his living as a musician, but his band, The Latecomers, broke up a couple of years ago, and he hasn’t picked up his guitar in months. When he decides to spend the holiday with some high school friends instead of hanging out at the bar where Abby works, he gets the happy surprise of reuniting with his long-lost friend Maggie. Newly divorced, Maggie has just moved back to her mother’s house to regroup.

Nathaniel and Maggie were supposed to be the ones who left Worcester forever to conquer the world. He was going to be a rock star. She was going to take the world of art by storm. He’s never gotten farther than Boston, and her best effots only left her broke and heartbroken. As they ring in the New Year together, Nathaniel decides it’s time to take control of his life and to start making his dreams come true. He thinks the first step will be easy. All he needs to do is break up with Abby and finally admit his feelings for Maggie. But the new year has more surprises in store, and nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

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Of all the possibilities Nathaniel had imagined for New Year’s Eve, he never could have predicted that he’d be kissing Maggie Monahan next to a fire pit in his friend’s backyard at midnight. When he had told Abby that no one interesting would be at the party, he believed it. He thought he would go, hang out with kids he’d known since infancy, get shit faced, and pray the New Year would be better than the old one. He knew Abby was pissed that he had chosen his friends over her, and he had to admit, the scene at Zack’s was likely to be pathetic, hardly a step up from the Watering Hole. But his friends were there, his real friends who looked up to him, who were impressed by his stories about teaching college in Boston, who still believed he was someone special even though his big, starry-eyed dreams had not come true. 


At least Abby had to work so he didn’t have to fight with her about his plans. She always wanted to come with him to these things, but he never let her. His friends joked that he must be embarrassed by them. Either that or she was imaginary. The truth: He was embarrassed by her. If they met her, they’d know that however great his stories about his awesome metropolitan life, he was just like them—stuck. Sure, he got out of Worcester, but he wasn’t living his dream, and Abby was proof. It wasn’t that she was awful—she was cute enough, nice enough—but she was so ordinary, so boring. She had no ambition. She was perfectly happy buying clothes at J.C. Penney, and her dream vacation was a week at Disney World. She wasn’t the love of his life. She was the one he settled for. And thank God she wasn’t with him tonight, because he couldn’t take his eyes off of Maggie.


The author  is giving away a $25 Gift Card to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes, to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. So comment here today AND follow her tour — the more places you stop and comment, the better your odds of winning.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Diane Vanaskie Mulligan began writing her first novel, Watch Me Disappear, during an after-school writing club she moderates for high school students. She published it in August 2012. It was a 2013 Kindle Book Review Best Indie Book Award Finalist in the YA category. Her second novel, The Latecomers Fan Club, will be released in November 2013.

Diane holds a BA in American Studies from Mount Holyoke College and a Master’s degree in teaching from Simmons College. When she isn’t teaching or writing, she’s the managing editor at The Worcester Review and the director of The Betty Curtis Worcester County Young Writers’ Conference You can also find her occasionally strumming her guitar and singing at various bars in central Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband.



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Wanting Reed by Antoinette Candella Release Blitz & Giveaway!



Title: Wanting Reed (Break Me #2)

Author: Antoinette Candela

Release Date: January 31, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Hosted by: Love Between the Sheets Promotions



“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.”

How do you live with yourself when you are the reason you lost the one thing that meant the most to you.

Timing is everything and for Reed, he can never seem to catch a break. When Reed returns to Boston to redeem himself he finds that Elle has already moved on, building a new life, a new beginning. He needs her to know that he meant every word before he left, that he never meant to leave her. Will he ever get that chance to tell her?

How do you love again when the one person who made you feel like you were his whole world left you with a broken heart? Hoping that life and new friends could keep her memories and feelings for Reed at bay, Elle chases life and all that it has to offer until she is confronted with heartbreak again.

Is time and space enough to get past losing your once in a lifetime or will Elle be always Wanting Reed?

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“Ugh,” Tommy moans. “I can’t wait to get the credit card bill.”

“Relax, baby. It wasn’t all for me. I picked you up some goodies, too.”

“Don’t scare me. Last time you bought me khakis.”

“No clothes this time. Just toys.” She winks, brandishing a bag from Condom World.

“All right, TMI.” I cringe. The last thing I want to hear about is what Tommy and Juju do in the bedroom. Elle laughs.

“I may have picked up a little something from there. For us,” Elle murmurs, running her hands over the muscles of my arms. “I can always take everything back.”

“God, doll.” I smile and shake my head as she runs her hands down the front of my shirt and pulls on the belt loop of my jeans until our hips touch. I can feel her breath quicken. “This teasing has got to stop, or I’m gonna have to take you right here.” I eye her up and down, summoning every ounce of willpower not to throw her over my shoulder and take her to the bathroom. “Can you at least tell me what you bought?” She shakes her head, exhales and runs her tongue along my bottom lip.

“And where’s the fun in that?” she replies in a shaky breath.

“Looks like you two need to be alone.” Juju wiggles her eyebrows and throws herself on Tommy.

“No more shopping trips. This is it. The rest of the time we’ll be hanging out together until you guys leave next week,” I say, inhaling the sweet smell of her hair.

“How about we play some pool?” Juju chirps.

“All the tables are taken,” I groan, mentally wincing that my chance to get Elle home early is slipping out of my fingers. I frown when Tommy snatches a table from a couple of guys finishing up. I’m starting to think that Tommy hates me.

“Why are you frowning, baby?” Elle asks. You don’t wanna play pool with me?” Her intense gaze causes my dick to twitch.

“I think I’d rather play with you in bed,” I growl into her ear as I tug playfully on her hair.

“I’ve got a better idea.” I see her brow crinkle, and I know she’s thinking about me as she chews on her bottom lip.

“I’m listening,” I reply, hopeful as I run my teeth over my bottom lip.

“If you win, you choose whatever it is you want from me.”

“Anything?” My mind goes wild thinking about her in nothing but red lace. I may need to pick up those cuffs she’s made reference to before we go home. I don’t doubt her skills at pool. Shit. I have never seen her play, and I’m pretty good. Either way, win or lose, I’m going to come out on top.

“And if I lose?” I say, quirking an eyebrow in amusement.

“I make you my sexual slave,” she whispers with a distractively sexy half-smile on her lips.

I think my dick just ripped a hole in my boxers and is ready to burst my zipper. Fuck winning. I’m losing.

“Let’s go.”


We’ve been playing pool for about thirty minutes, and Elle is horrible. I have to top her shitty pool skills by being equally horrible. I want to lose. I’m curious about her whole slave idea. We haven’t been together that long, and it makes me wonder if she’s got this super kinky side. She grins at me and then leans over the table, eyeing me seductively.

“What’s your next move?” I chuckle, observing her trying to handle the stick. I want her to handle mine instead. She walks around the table, twirling her hair and trying to get the best angle for the shot, sometimes purposely putting her sweet ass within my reach. I’m no dummy. I smack it every time she offers it. “You really aren’t good at pool, are you?” I grin, admiring her ass in her tight jeans.

“Stop it, Reed.” She pouts, struggling with the stick.

“You want me to help you, baby?” Rising from my stool before she can answer, I stand behind her as she’s bent over the table. Her scent envelops me as I nuzzle my nose in her hair. “I like you in this position,” I growl, nibbling her ear as I tug her hair.

“Are you guys playing pool or making a porno?” Tommy laughs from the table with Juju looking on with a smirk on her face.

“Sounds like fun, don’t ‘cha think?” Elle peeks over her shoulder. Her eyes twinkle devilishly. “You’re losing on purpose.” She laughs.

“The way I see it, I win either way.”

God, the fact that I am back here with her now makes me the luckiest fucking man alive.

“I can’t get a good angle to get a shot in.” She frowns, turning her attention to the table.

“I know a lot of good angles.” I cock an eyebrow at her and grab her waist. This constant touching is torturing me. I need a release really soon. This game is dragging.

“How about we make this the last shot? If you make it, I lose. I’m your slave. If you don’t make it, I’m still your slave.”

“You’re really curious about this whole slave thing I have planned, aren’t you?” she teases, cocking her head to one side as she winds her hair around her finger.

I nod my head adamantly. “Hell yeah, between you mentioning the cuffs and this, I think there’s plenty I still don’t know about you that I’m eager to discover.”

“Be careful what you wish for,” she says, flirting shamelessly with me.

“Fuck, doll, I’m gonna love whatever it is you have planned. Just take the shot so we can get outta here.”


Book One – Breaking Elle




About the Author

Antoinette Candela is a little shy with a larger than life personality. Suffering from Peter Pan syndrome, she refuses to grow up. She finds inspiration for her writings from everyday life, through her fun and quirky interactions with friends and family and the drama that never ceases to disappoint.

One thing is for certain, Antoinette lives by her own rules. As a Bostonian she loves the Yankees and is proud to wear her “I Love Derek Jeter “T-shirt. You can catch Antoinette on the beach soaking in the rays, but when the rumble of the thunderstorm rolls in, she’s curled up with a book or tapping away on her keyboard.

Mother, Writer, Reader, Lover of Music and all things learning, Antoinette is the charismatic author of Breaking Elle.




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All The Pretty Poses by M. Leighton Blog Tour & Giveaway!





He never wanted to be a hero…until she needed him to be.


It took Kennedy Moore years to put her life back together after Reese Spencer shattered it. But she did. Now, years later, strong and independent, she is in pursuit of a single dream—to dance with the Altman American Dance Theater. Unfortunately, Kennedy is learning that a girl from nowhere with no money and no contacts might never be able to reach her goal.

That is, until Reese reappears, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that Kennedy just can’t refuse. In exchange for working on his yacht for a few short weeks, he’ll get her an audition with the famous dance troupe. All Kennedy has to do is keep her head down, work hard and resist Reese. That sounds easy enough, right?


Reese doesn’t want to make it easy for Kennedy. Seeing her again has started a fire in his blood—an unwelcome one. It took him years to forget about her before, so this time he has a plan. It’s simple: Get Kennedy on his yacht, seduce her, get her out of his system, move on with his life. That sounds easy enough, right?

But the one thing Reese didn’t plan for was Kennedy herself—a girl so strong yet so broken, she makes him want to rescue her, to take care of her. To save her. Even if he has to save her from himself.

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Christina’s Review
**5 Stars**

This book blew me away.

Reese Spencer owns several high end dance clubs. He is rich, powerful and sexy as sin. A playboy who thinks he is king of the mountain and living the life. Until Kennedy Moore walks back into his life.

“I’ve spent the last dozen or so years perfecting the art of never being wrong and never feeling guilty.”

Kennedy Moore found the love of her life when she was a child. But that was ripped away from her. She has demons that haunt her daily. But she is bound and determined to  make a new life for herself. Doing the one thing she loves most, Dancing.  That is until she finds out her new boss is none other than Reese Spencer the one person who she thought she would never see again.

I turn away from my reflection and walk towards the door. There’s no place to go but forward. I learned a long time ago that I can never go back.“.

I think if I had to come up with one word that describes this book it would be Beautiful. The love shared between Reese and Kennedy is breathtaking. I love how the two characters come from different backgrounds yet find their way to each other no matter what. The secrets and lies haunt them both in this book. It is a tragic tale of love ripped apart, stomped on and then built back up.

“I’ve never forgotten you, Kennedy. I’ve never stopped thinking about you, about us.   I want you. And you know that.   I promise you,” he says, dipping his head to kiss my chin, “that I’ll make you want to come to me.”   He flexes his hips as though thrusting into me even though there are clothes between us. “Just don’t fight it too long.”

The journey these two go on only makes you want for them so much more. At first I despised Reese, but when he spots Kennedy dancing at his club you see him melt. As memories flood him and her both you see the past connection, the love, the want, and the need. You want for them to be together Reese becomes a whole different person around Kennedy. He becomes Himself, the man he should have always been.

“I’ve loved you from the moment I met you.   For fourteen years, I’ve loved you.   And I’ll love you for a million more.”

“The only forever I want is with you. Nothing in my life means more to me than you.   No money, no power, no possessions.   I don’t need any of that.   I only need you.   I. Only. Need. You.”

But things are not always easy in life. There are mountains to climb and as with any good story this one has its mountains.

“She trusted me when she couldn’t trust anyone else, gave me the only thing she had to give, and I shit all over it.”

Kennedy- “Then I hope you’re okay with disappointment, because there’s no way in hell I’d go down that road again.”

Can Reese and Kennedy overcome their demons? Can they come together and make this epic love  work? Life is full of great questions. I hope you will read and find out what happens to Reese and Kennedy.  M. Leighton really did an awesome job with this book. I was engaged, intrigued, in awe,and in love. I was all over the place with emotion. I hope to see more on the Spencer Family in the future. 5 stars.

**Received an Arc in exchange for an honest review **


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The giveaway begins at 12:00 am EST on January 14, 2014 and ends at 12:00 am EST on February 3, 2014.  Winners will be randomly selected by 5:00 pm EST on February 5, 2014.  For a complete list of rules, please see the “Rules” section of the Rafflecopter.

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M. Leighton at desk

About M. Leighton:

M. Leighton is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Wild Ones and The Bad Boys romance trilogies. She is a native of Ohio, relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she lets her mind wander to romantic settings with sexy Southern guys much like the one she married and the ones you’ll find in her latest books. When her thoughts aren’t roaming in that direction, she’ll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.

For more about M. Leighton, visit her website at www.MLeightonBooks.blogspot.comor follow her on Twitter@mleightonbooks.


Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Author Goodreads |
ALL THE PRETTY POSES Goodreads | Amazon author page


Natural Harmony by Kate Roth Blog Tour & Giveaway

Natural Harmony Banner

Title: Natural Harmony (Confession Records #1)

Author: Kate Roth

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 30, 2013

Hosted by: Love Between the Sheets Promotions




Suddenly named the acting president of her uncle’s record label, former pop princess Sabrina Walker is finally ready to grow up. While her professional life moves forward, she still clings to the last fragment of her past life in the form of an uncertain relationship with her manager, Beau.

When Sabrina hires handsome, young assistant, Wade Lawson, he awakens in her the hidden confidence she’s always desired. What starts as a casual affair quickly intensifies to something much more.

Sabrina must decide—return to the familiar life of an insecure one-hit-wonder, or embrace Wade and the woman his passion has helped reveal.

Natural Harmony is a stand-alone, adult contemporary romance and the first in the Confession Records collection.




His ears perked at the sound of clicking high heels coming down the hall and it wasn’t too long before she was in view. Wade wanted to breathe normally, he really did, but it was impossible looking at her. Her strut was enough to give him a stroke. She had a perfect hourglass shape and she wore the right clothes for it. Her curves were like the deliberate paint strokes of an artist. Beautiful. Her gentle brunette waves of hair gleamed auburn under lights and seemed to bounce with her steps just as her ample chest did. When she saw him at the desk a smile overtook her heart-shaped face. Her lips could’ve been drawn by Disney they were so damn perfect. And the sweetest smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks was enough to do him in. She’s your boss, he told himself.

He’d been telling himself that since the minute he walked into the interview on Friday. He spent the weekend psyching himself up for seeing her again. She’s just pretty, he’d said to the bathroom mirror, you’ve known plenty of pretty women. But she wasn’t just pretty. She wasn’t just anything. She was stunning. And not to mention … she was Sabra.

“Good morning!” Sabrina said cheerily as she came up to the front of his desk. She had two paper cups in her hands and she sat one in front of him. “I didn’t know your drink order so I just got you what I like—Americano.”

He opened his mouth but no words came out. He touched the warm cup and smiled. “Shouldn’t I be the one getting you coffee?” he asked.

“Eh, someday.” She smiled before popping into her office.

Someday, he thought.


Buy the Book

Amazon US:

Barnes & Noble:



About the Author


Inspired by music, film, art and the wealth of stories she has heard through her career as a professional hair stylist, Kate Roth has been dreaming up love stories since junior high.

Kate’s first two novels, new adult romance The Low Notes and new adult paranormal romance Reckless Radiance were released by Rebel Ink Press in May of 2012 and September of 2013. Natural Harmony is her third novel and her first venture into independent publishing. She is hard at work on the next two novels in the Confession Records collection, as well as her first erotic romance, Last Resort. She is a small business owner and lives in Indiana with her husband, Adam and their dog, Sampson.

You can find more about Kate and her work on her website and stay up to date with all her news by following her on Facebook



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Reapers Legacy by Joanna Wylde Spotlight & Giveaway!


Reaper’s Legacy


 Eight years ago, Sophie gave her heart—and her virginity—to Zach Barrett on a night that couldn’t have been less romantic or more embarrassing. Zach’s step-brother, a steely-muscled, tattooed biker named Ruger, caught them in the act, getting a peep show of Sophie he’s never forgotten.

 She may have lost her dignity that fateful night, but Sophie also gained something precious—her son Noah. Unfortunately, Zach’s a deadbeat dad, leaving Ruger to be Noah’s only male role model. When he discovers Sophie and his nephew living in near poverty, Ruger takes matters into his own hands—with the help of the Reapers Motorcycle Club—to give them a better life.

 Living with outlaw bikers wasn’t Sophie’s plan for her son, but Ruger isn’t giving her a choice. He’ll be there for Noah, whether she wants him or not. But Sophie does want him, has always wanted him. Now she’ll learn that taking a biker to bed can get a girl dirty in every way…


Purchase links:

AMAZON | KOBO | Barnes and Noble

Reapers Property Cover

Reaper’s Property


Marie doesn’t need a complication like Horse. The massive, tattooed, badass biker who shows up at her brother’s house one afternoon doesn’t agree. He wants Marie on his bike and in his bed. Now.

But Marie just left her abusive jerk of an ex-husband and she’s not looking for a new man. Especially one like Horse—she doesn’t know his real name or where he lives, she’s ninety percent certain he’s a criminal and that the “business” he talks with her brother isn’t website design. She needs him out of her life, which would be a snap if he’d just stop giving her mind-blowing orgasms.

Horse is part of the Reapers Motorcycle Club, and when he wants something, he takes it. What he wants is Marie, but she’s not interested in becoming “property of”.

Then her brother steals from the club. Marie can save him by giving Horse what he wants—at home, in public, on his bike… If she’s a very, very good girl, she’ll get lots more of those orgasms only he can offer, and he’ll let her brother live.


 A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s CaveSynopsis



“Because I swear to you, sometimes the nastiest shit happens behind the prettiest doors, while everyone  laughs and smiles and pretends everything’s okay. Here’s the thing about my world.   We’re f***ed up.  We own it.  We take care of business and move on.”

I have been waiting for this book since I finished Reaper’s Property and to say Horse left some big … shoes is understatement.  I really had no idea how Joanna was going to follow that up.  And what she gave me was completely different but worked so perfectly.

“What do you think?”

“I think you’re a raging asshole.”  Ruger laughed

“Yeah, well I think you’re a bitch, but my cock likes you, so we’ll figure something out.”

This book starts with Sophie meeting Ruger the night she gives her virginity to his douche step brother, Zach.  And with that everything bad that could happen, happens.  Meaning Sofie ends up with more than just a memory.  Yep she gets a baby eight months later.  The only person there once again, Ruger.  He is there like a knight on a motorcycle and they share an experience that bonds them forever.

“F***’in’ knight in shining armor.  Might wanna trade your bike in for a pretty pink unicorn to ride, seein’ as you’re such a special snowflake and all.”

Fast forward to years later, Sophie is struggling to make ends meet and that’s when this story really starts.  Sophie has no choice but to let Ruger save her and her son again.  But that’s also where we really start to see the sexual tension that jumps off the pages.  These two don’t know if they want to kill each other or jump each other, either way something is there.

“You’re a very frustrating person, Ruger,” I said, torn between bitching at him for being such a giant whore or jumping over the counter, ripping off his pants, and riding his cock.

The attraction between the two is off the charts HOT.  Knowing that they both have hid this attraction for one another I think makes it even HOTTER.  But even though there is all this chemistry Sofie struggles with the fact Ruger is a Man-whore.  He is an asshole but one that you can’t help but be attracted too.

“Assholes this big shouldn’t be so hot.”

What I really loved about this book is how we got to know the women of the MC and we grew a bond with each them, as equal to the bond we grew with Sofie and Ruger.  I have to say I loved how Joanna made this book so real, and she was able to write these stories with passion, emotion and she puts you directly in the MC world with no apologies or rose colored glasses.

“The man was like herion-seductive, addictive, and a damned good way to wake up dead.

Actually the whole series is beginning to feel like herion and I absolutely cannot wait for my next dose, Em and Hunter’s story. It could be because Joanna has set us up perfectly, leaving questions in my head that has me saying I am ready NOW!!!!!

Purchase links:
Amazon | KOBO | Barnes and Noble


About the author

Joanna Wylde is a freelance writer and voracious reader. You can visit her website at

 Connect with Joanna

Goodreads | Facebook | Website | Twitter



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Scarred by Love by C.A. Harms Blog Tour & Giveaway!



by Love by C.A. Harms Book Tour


Jan. 27th Through
February 3rd




Book Title: Scarred by Love

Author: C.A. Harms


Release Date: January 10, 2014

Hosted by:Book Junky Girls


Riley thought she was in love. She thought she found the perfect guy until his aggressive behavior became too much to handle and she ran.

Becoming withdrew from the world and hiding from the chance of loving again. Having four older brothers and a determined best friend she had no choice but to stand strong.

Over time Riley was able to open up once again. She had no idea that the one person she needed was right under her nose.

She was guarded and hesitant when it came to bad boys…after all it was a bad boy that shattered her once before.

Zander wanted the girl from the party. He wanted to be near her even though she continued to push him away. He couldn’t let go of the gorgeous girl with those stormy eyes.

They both had secrets they kept hidden from one another. They found it easier to talk to others than to confide in each other. Riley begins to realize Zander isn’t who she thought he was and falling for the sexy voiced Lead Singer/Guitar player may be just what she needs.

They struggle through hard times and learn to trust again. But will the love that grows be enough to hold them together or will the heartache they suffer drive a wedge between them forever.

They could be toxic to one another or they could heal the wounds that run deep within their souls.




 “I wouldn’t eat any of that if I were you.”
She turned so quickly we almost bumped heads. I pulled back slightly and her lips we so close to mine as she looked up into my eyes.
“And why’s that?”
Fuck Zander…pull it together. “Well look around the room. Do you see all these guys here?
“Yes.” Her voice was just above a whisper as she scanned the room before focusing back on me.
I took just a few seconds to look at her curious eyes, when I felt my heartbeat slow just enough, I continued.
“Well imagine that at least half of them have had their hands inside that bowl of
chips.” I paused for just a second allowing her to think about it. “And then
imagine that at least seventy five percent of those have used the bathroom
without washing their hands after.” Her nose wrinkled up in the cutest way. I
struggled with the chuckle I felt in my chest. “You see where I’m going with
Her nostrils flared and she took a deep breath. “Oh…that’s really gross.”
I couldn’t help it; this time I laughed. “Yep, it’s honestly pretty nasty.”
When she laughed and her eyes fluttered I almost lost it. Damn she was sexy. She wasn’t sleazy sexy…not at all. She was what my mom would have referred to as Beautiful sexy. She wasn’t throwing herself at me to gain my full attention. She was dressed pretty hot but yet covered up.
“You’re staring.”
Shit…I shook my head just a little. She had caught me. “Sorry, I couldn’t help it.
It’s your lips and your eyes.”
“What? You want me to lie?”
She bit her lower lip and I could see the smile pulling at the side of her mouth.
“You’re kind of distracting.”
Her eyebrows shot up as she stared at me.
“Oh, really? Would you mind explaining how I’m distracting you?”
I was mentally counting to ten. I so needed to breathe. My mind was racing. I was usually pretty relaxed around girls. I needed to climb out of my head…I was working myself up entirely too much.
Okay, Zander time to man up. I reached out and traced my fingertip across her
cheekbone just below her left eye. “You’re eyes remind me of the sky just
before it storms. That hazy blue color…it’s really unique.”
She watched me with no reaction, nothing. I let my hand fall back down and was
about to say something to break the silence when she broke out in laughter. Not
just a little giggle…I mean a hunched over heavy as hell laugh. Her eyes seemed
to gloss over and I watched in confusion. I stood in front of this gorgeous
girl watching as she continued to laugh at me.
“What?” I had to ask because I was lost.
Once she calmed herself enough to answer she spoke. “So does that shit really work for you? I mean that was a pretty lame ass pick up line.” She placed her hand on my cheek and took a step toward me. “Your eyes look like the sky right before the perfect storm.” Then she laughed again.
Fuck I was really bombing…big time.
I smiled, “I’m being serious. Have you ever fucking looked closely at your eyes? I’m not trying to spout lame pickup lines. I mean it.”
She pulled her hand back and I missed it instantly.
“What’s your name?”
Maybe I didn’t bomb as bad as I had thought.
“Zander…What’s yours?”
She brushed her hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Son of a
bitch I was acting like such a pussy. She was so fuckin’ beautiful. She had me
forgetting how to breathe.
“I’m Riley and Zander it was really nice to meet you. Thanks for the laugh.”
She handed me a full bottle of beer and walked away. That’s right, she fucking walked away. I watched her disappear into the crowd of people. I watched until I could no longer see her before I hung my head and turned back toward to Beth.
When I
looked up she was laughing so hard she literally fell sideways into Mark’s lap.
I walked in their direction and flopped down next to her, “Fuck off Beth.
Seriously just fuck off.”
She patted my back, “What’s wrong Z…wasn’t she impressed?”
I shook her off, “I panicked.” I hung my head in defeat.
Her laughter broke out once more and I couldn’t help it, I laughed too. What the
hell was wrong with me? I know how to charm a girl. I had done it a million
times. For some reason Riley had me stumbling at every turn. She wasn’t a girl that fell for the everyday charm…she was tougher.
*4 Stars*
This was a very quick read for me. The story pulled me in right after reading the second paragraph.  In the prologue, we get a glimpse of Riley’s abusive relationship with Parker.  Parker is a heavy drinker and is very violent. Parker believes Riley is his and he can have her anytime he wants.  Than one night changes everything for Riley, Parker’s violence took on a whole new level but she survived. 
“Stop being a bitch, Riley.  You act like we n ever have sec before.  Stop denying me what’s mine and relax already.” 
Riley and her best friend Katie decide to share an apartment close to her brother Carson and close to campus.  Riley is a tough cookie and bares the emotional scars from her relationship with Parker. She knows the type of guy she wants to be with and it sure as heck is not Zander. Riley is not looking for the bay boy, player type. But when Zander sees her a party, he decides to take a chance and approaches her. Riley sees him talking and hanging around with his best friend Beth and does not want this type of problem. She wants safe, secure and reliable. To bad she did not feel that way with Grant.  Zander is to die for, but when he sees Riley at the last place he expects, he completely loses it. 
“What does he have that I don’t Riley?  I mean you ran away from me so fast that night at the party because you thought I was spouting off cheesy pickup lines.  We had a moment at that party.   I know you thought so too….I could tell.” 
Zander’s best friend Beth was a tough one to swallow in this book. She gets Riley to give Zander a chance.  The only thing is Beth did not know Zander wanted more from Riley.  Riley and Zander fall for each other quick and hard, but Beth is his family and here is where the trouble starts.

“I like you Riley.  You’re different, you’re sweet and I really wanna spend more time with you.  You have no idea how much I want to kiss you, Riley. Damn.  Just one more kiss who the hell was I kidding?   One kiss will never be enough.”

I had an instant HATE for Beth. Can we all say MOLE TROLL BEOTCH? Yep because I wanted to jump in my kindle a bitch slap a TROLL.  My thoughts for Zander started to change also his mistakes were far too many for me. 

“Um…Z, no offense but Riley seems a little too prissy for today’s activities.  Are you sure she won’t cry the first time she’s hit?  Or break a nail or something?”

“Beth is my best friend, Riley.  That’s all we are, I promise.  I just need you to know that.  She’s like a sister to me.  Nothing more, you have nothing to worry about.  I want this.  You and me…I want it Riley.”

Zander to me was very blind to certain things, and he did not put his relationship with his girlfriend first. He was always justifying his mistakes.  Riley on the other hand she knew something was not right, but I loved that she did not always let Zander get away with things. Beth was only making these comments about Riley to Zander and more than half the time, I wanted to smack him.

“Don’t be such a pu**y, Zander.  What did you do?  Hand your balls over for her to hold on to?”

“F**k you, I deserve to me happy Beth…f**k I’ve been miserable for too f**kin long.”

“I miss you Zander.  We used to hang out together for hours and now I barely see you.  I miss our time together.”

 “I love you Beth…that will never change babe.”

 Does anybody find this entire conversation between best friends, A LITTLE TOO INTIMATE?? YEAH GOOD ME TOO!!

 Riley was my hero, she was not playing second fiddle to Zander and his BFF. I was stuck with how I felt about Zander and Riley’s relationship. I felt he needed more back bone when it came to his relationship with Riley and Beth, for me those are 2 different things.

“I came over earlier.  After I saw how relaxed you two were I realized that I could use some sleep too.  Talk to you tomorrow…I’m too tired tonight.”

“Damn it Riley.  You think what you saw was more than what it truly was.  You need to know it wasn’t, there is nothing but friendship.  Riley I need you to believe me when I say you are the only girl that I want.”

Ok you see, I fell for that too but how many times can you keep making the same mistake? When Zander’s biggest mistake cost him the girl he loves, will Riley stay and forgive him again? I mean would you? 

“Riley please I’m sorry.  I f**ked up.”

“Yeah it seems to be a reoccurring habit lately.”

“I know I screwed up more than once with you.  I know that at times I should’ve have listened to you instead of assuming the worst.  I also know that I keep apologizing but then I just screw up again.  I will tell you that I love you and you mean the world to me.  I’m gonna give you some time to hate me.  But I hope that doesn’t last…because I really need you to love me, Riley.”

Like I said in the beginning of my review, this was a quick read. It had a bit of angst, jealousy and some really good hot sex. I found myself frustrated at times reading this book. Overall I was happy with the way it ended because as a reader you could see there really was no choice.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



Face Down  — The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus
I Hate Myself for Loving You  —  Joan Jett
Don’t Speak  –No Doubt
Jar of Hearts  —  Christina Perry
Black Eyes Blue Tears  —  Shania Twain
Control  — Puddle of Mudd
Fighter  — Christina Aguilera
Call Me When Your Sober  —  Evanescence
She Fuckin’ Hates Me  —  Puddle of Mudd
S&M Remix  — Rhianna/Brittnay Spears
Addicted  — Saving Abel
Whataya Want from Me  —  Adam Lambert
I Believe in this Thing Called Love (The Darkness)
I gotta Through This  —  Daniel Bedingfield
Stormy  — Hedley
This  — Darius Rucker
When You Kiss Me  —  Shania Twain
Fall for You  — Secondhand Serenade
Sad  — Maroon 5




C.A. Harms is like any other addicted
reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn’t always been a
lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently
she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

 She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.



Scarred by Love Raffle Giveaway

Beauty From Love (Beauty, #3) by Georgia Cates Release Day & Giveaway!

Beauty From Love (Beauty, #3)

By Bestselling Author Georgia Cates

Beauty From Love - Front Cover

Released January 30, 2014

An Adult Contemporary Romance

The epic romance between an all-American beauty and her Aussie continues in this final installment of The Beauty Series.

Jack McLachlan is fulfilled by more than he dared to dream possible. He finds everything he never knew he wanted—or needed—in Laurelyn Prescott, his last and final companion. Life is beautiful with his beloved by his side but their post-wedded bliss is cut short when his dark past springs into their present happiness. He wants to shelter Laurelyn but keeping her untainted by his previous life proves impossible when yesterday’s sins insist on returning to haunt him. Will it be possible for them to find happiness in their forever with a past like his?

Beauty From Love is an adult contemporary novel and is not intended for younger readers due to mature content.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble


Chapter Five

Laurelyn McLachlan

My eyes are closed and I’m listening to the sound of the waves. I’ve only been awake for a few minutes but the resonance is hypnotic so I’m drifting back into slumber when the bed shifts. My eyes pop open when the bed sheet slides down my body and I feel Jack Henry’s kisses against the bare skin of my lower back. “Are you awake?”

“I am now.”

He runs his hand over the valley where my spine curves inward. “Have I ever told you how much I love this dip?”

Is he kidding? Only like a bazillion times. “I believe you may have a time or two.”

His wet tongue glides upward and I bow reflexively, sending my bottom up from the bed, hitting him against his chest. My hair prickles as goosebumps spread from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. No matter how many times he does this, my body reacts the same. “Good grief. You’d think I’d become immune to that at some point.”

His palm slides up my thigh to my cheek and he rubs it in a circular motion. “Please don’t because I’ll never tire of seeing your body arch like that.”

I relax beneath his touch and his talented hands knead the muscles of my back as they make their way to my shoulders. I haven’t said anything but my body is rebelling after our frolic against the pole yesterday. A massage is very welcomed. “Mmm … you can stop doing that sometime next week.”

His fingers knead in circles and, again, my body erupts into chills. “So you like that, huh?”

“Mmm-hmm … just a little bit.”

“A massage is the least I can do since it’s my fault you’re sore.”

I lift my head from the pillow and peer over my shoulder at him. “I didn’t say I was sore.”

“You didn’t but your body speaks to me in other ways.”

Funny, I didn’t hear it say a thing. “How so?”

“It wasn’t your usual fuck-me-harder moan I heard when I pushed your legs back.” He leans down to kiss the side of my neck. “Your legs were guarded so I knew you were probably feeling the aftermath of our pole excursion.” He kisses the side of my face. “I’m sure it’s worse today so we’re taking a break from sex so you can recuperate.”

I recall how gentle and loving Jack Henry was last night while we christened our honeymoon bed. His whole demeanor was different, but he was that way before, possibly discerning how sore I was. “Is that why you were so gentle with me?”


“What’s the other reason?”

“I wanted to make love to you.” He presses his nose against my hair and inhales deeply. “I’m boorish with you too often. I should be gentler.”

I roll, forcing him to move from my back. “Listen up, McLachlan.” He moves to his side and we’re face to face. “I love your gentle side but I’m not a porcelain doll. I love it when you fuck me hard.” I grab his chin and give it a squeeze. “Sometimes I need you to be a caveman. I crave it. Understand?”

He nods in agreement. “Yes, ma’am.”


Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author and hasn’t looked back yet.

When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. When she’s being domestic, she’s listening to her iPod and visualizing scenes for her current work in progress. Every story coming from her always has a song to inspire it.

Website | Facebook | Twitter


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