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Release Date: June 3rd

imageMy name is Slade Merrick and I’m a fucking sex addict . . .

I’ve been told it’s a problem. But I see it as a passion; something that I’m good at. And who the fuck stops something that they’re good at?

They want me to seek help; get my cock in check. Don’t judge my lifestyle. You’re no better than me. Just admit it, you like to fuck too. Sex is what I do best; my own personal high, so I embrace it instead of being ashamed.

When I’m not fucking, I’m slinging drinks at Walk Of Shame or stripping my way into your bed; another thing I’m good at. Every woman’s darkest fantasy brought to life.

So, am I stopping? Fuck no. Sex is beautiful, raw and erotic and I get off knowing I can have it with anyone I want . . . with the exception of her.


She walks into the club swaying those hips, instantly drawing my cock to attention. She’s pure perfection. That is, until she opens that mouth, drawing me in and for the first time in forever I want something more than sex. I want her and she hates it.

Things get dirty. Dirty is what I like; it’s how I live. But . . . she’s playing a game she can never win.





Releasing the doorframe, I take a step closer and slowly run my hands down her sides, tracing every curve through the thin material. Fuck, she feels so good. My hands stop amidst her hips and I squeeze, pulling her body to press against mine. My cock hardens against her stomach and she sucks in a deep breath, but doesn’t pull away. A part of her wants this and the more I look at her, the more I fucking want her; a distraction. Fucked up or not, I can’t deny that I need this fucking distraction, addiction, necessity or whatever else you may want to call it. I’ve gotten used to the harsh judgments of my lifestyle.
“We can take a shower together.” I brush my lips over her neck and whisper, “I can dirty you with my body and then clean you with my tongue.”
She tilts her neck and allows me to run my tongue up it as if that’s the pass code to her arousal. She likes it. I can tell by her soft moans. “Have you thought about what my cock will feel like inside you?” I suck in her earlobe and bring my hands down to cup her ass. It’s the perfect fit. “I want to fuck you. I want you to know what it feels like to have me deep.” I lick my lips and breathe into her ear. “Inside you.”
Her chest pushes out as she takes a deep breath. “I don’t even know you.” She places her hands on my chest and backs away. “Plus, I don’t like you. Now, if you don’t mind. One of us has to take a shower first. You or me? Pick one.”
She presses her legs together and I can tell she’s trying to hide that I have her pussy aching for my touch. She’s wet and ready for me. I don’t have to check; I just know. That’s okay ‘cause my cock wants it just as much.
Enjoying watching her squirm, I smile and lean into the doorframe. “I’m going to take care of that for you.”
Her eyes watch mine as I look down at her black panties that are barely peeking out from under what I assume is one of Cale’s old shirts. For some reason, the thought of stripping her out of another man’s shirt turns me on; gives me a rush knowing I can.
She watches me intently, but doesn’t say a word as I grab the bottom of the T-shirt and slowly lift it over her head and toss it behind me. She’s standing there in just her thong and bra. Her breasts are plump and firm, squeezed into a tiny black bra to match her panties; her cleavage playing peek-a-boo. My cock instantly strains to break free from the material as I imagine dropping to my knees in front of her and devouring her fucking pussy; the perfect breakfast.
Running my hand up her tight little stomach, I press her up against the wall with my hand above her head. “Touch yourself for me.”






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imageVictoria Ashley grew up in Rockford, IL and has had a passion for reading for as long as she can remember. After finding a reading app where it allowed readers to upload their own stories, she gave it a shot and writing became her passion.

She lives for a good romance book with tattooed bad boys that are just highly misunderstood and is not afraid to be caught crying during a good read. When she’s not reading or writing about bad boys, you can find her watching her favorites shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter and True Blood.

She is the author of Wake Up Call and This Regret and is currently working on more releases for 2014.




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COVER REVEAL ** Rock Me by Alla Kar **


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Rock Me - Alla Kar

Cover Design and Photography: Lindee Robinson Photography
Models: Dan Tillery and Mikeala Galli

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*Not intended for children under the age of 17*

From the Amazon Best-Selling Author of The Forever Series.

MISSY KING’S ‘Ice Queen’ reputation is all she can remember. Being in the spotlight because of her famous brother, Nick King, from the band Fringe, she grew up with the weight of being ‘perfect’ on her shoulders. But when she ends up in a nightclub in hopes of losing her virginity on a promise before college, she realizes she hasn’t met perfect until he walks into club Freedom.

PAXTON EVERS is in search of a woman to bring home that doesn’t know he is in a band—or was in a band. When he spots the sweet as sin girl sitting at the bar, he knows he’ll have her in his bed soon. He just didn’t know she’d be a virgin, addicting, or the daughter of his new manager.

After a night of delicious disasters Paxton finds Missy is staying in the bed across from his for the summer tour. The plan was to enjoy the tour and get to know his new band members. But there is something about Missy that pushes Paxton’s heartbeat into overdrive.

It doesn’t take long for their feelings to show. But with Missy’s father around every corner trying to map out a life that Missy doesn’t want, the relationship is harder to hide.

But sometimes love is worth fighting for, no matter the cost.

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author bio

I go by Alla Kar. I live in the deep south. I love to bring Alpha Males, Southern Gentlemen and sometimes Paranormal characters to life.

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** COVER REVEAL ** Whiskey Prince By Toni Aleo

Take a risk.

Do something drastic.

Fall in love.
When Amberlyn Reilly loses her mother, her whole world comes crashing down. Having been caretaker to her for most of her teenage years, Amberlyn is inexperienced in many aspects of life. She hasn’t had time to live, have fun, or enjoy even the little things. It’s only when a letter from her mother, asking her to fulfill three things, sends her off to Ireland to live a life she never thought possible that she begins to heal.

Declan O’Callaghan was born and raised in Ireland and has his family’s legendary whiskey in his veins. He’s shy and not a fan of the pressure and spotlight that comes with his family name, or the title he was given at birth—the Whiskey Prince. Declan knows just what he wants and that is to take over the family dynasty, but when his father gives him an ultimatum, everything he’s worked for could come undone in the blink of an eye.

With six months to get married, the reclusive Declan spots Amberlyn across a lake and instantly feels the need to know her. Soon, the two find themselves traveling down a path neither expected. However, like any road, there are bumps and side streets to derail them. Can Declan help find the pieces that will make Amberlyn whole again? And will Amberlyn stay or run when she learns of Declan’s deadline of marriage?



Toni Aleo is the author of the Nasvhille Assassins series: Taking ShotsTrying to ScoreEmpty Net, Falling for the Backup, and Blue Lines.
When not rooting for her beloved Nashville Predators, she’s probably going to her husband’s and son’s hockey games and her daughter’s dance competitions, taking pictures, scrapbooking, or reading the latest romance novel.


She lives in the Nashville area with her husband, two children, and a bulldog. Read more about Toni here.


Website  Facebook  Twitter  GoodReads  



Intercepting Love by L.P. Dover Blog Tour & Giveaway

Both have what she wants … but only one has what she needs.
Working with professional athletes and helping them recover from their injuries has always been Kate Townsend’s dream, but after an accident left her scarred and heartbroken years ago she refuses to let what happened in her past happen again. Staying focused is the key, as well as not letting her feelings interfere with her job … no matter the circumstances. All of that is easier said than done when not only one, but two men crave her healing touch, igniting every single desire she’s denied herself for so long.
Cooper Davis, NFL’s star quarterback and most eligible bachelor, packs up and leaves his home to move across the states to the East Coast after an injury results in the embarrassing trade to another team. Bitter from the pain, he deals with his problems through drugs and alcohol—almost ruining his football career—until he meets the one woman who makes him want to feel; the same woman who refuses to give up on him no matter how many times he screws up. He has to have her, and he’s not going to stop until he makes her his. Especially, now that someone else threatens to take her away.
Motocross champion and local bad boy Luke Collins never takes no for an answer. For the past four months he’s used his charms to get what he wants, and now he’s so close to getting the girl of his dreams … if she’ll give in just once. One time is all he needs, and he’s never been known to fail, but he’s also never had to fight for a woman’s affections. Only one man will win their way into Kate’s heart, but which one will intercept the other and take what they want? Which one will she choose?
Josie's review
4.5 stars

This series is amazing and really easy to follow and get hooked on.   In this installment in the series Intercepting Love, we get Kate and Cooper’s story. The book is written in dual POV’s which I really love. Kate is the Carolina Cougars team physician. Thanks to her brother Evan who is their wide receiver. She is happy, she loves the team and really loves her job. Cooper transferred to the Carolina Cougars as the Quarterback after suffering a shoulder injury.

The story opens up with a powerful prologue that will grip your heart and make you want to continue this story. I was completely sucked in and invested. Kate and Cooper both have a past and secrets they do not want to out in the open. Their relationships starts off slow. They become friends first and both are very attracted to one another, but are weary because of their past. When Kate first saw Cooper, she noticed how amazingly different he was and her stomach fluttered at the sight of him. Kate saw Cooper as arrogant and could not be bothered, but Cooper is very persistent and would not take no for an answer.


“I have to be careful what I do, because if I let something happen between us it could not only cause a hardship between us me and you, but also with the team. I don’t date the players, Cooper.”

“Things change, Kate. When you want something bad enough, it’s hard to just let it walk away. Over the past year, I gave up because I was too f**ked up to even try. Not anymore, though. When I want something I’m going to go for it, and when I see I see it I’m going to take it.”

“Cooper, we can’t”

“Yes we can, Kate, and I’m going to make sure we do.”

“If you want me to kiss you, I’m not going to do it until you place your soft lips on mine first. If you want me to touch you, I’m not going to unless you beg me for it. It’s all on you love.”

Kate and Cooper have a bond that is so strong, they both need each other to move forward. They are both there for each other, to offer support, love and unconditional understanding without judgment. When things go bad for one of them the other person is there to push and make sure they come out on top. Kate and Cooper are very protective of each other, and will take down anyone or anything that threatens the other. This love went both ways, and it was beautiful to read. There are some very deep topics that are touched on that I got emotional over several times.

The secondary characters in this story are amazing, loyal and funny. Kate’s brother Evan is very protective of his sister and he refuses to let anyone to hurt her ever again.


“You know you are wasting your time, right? She has strict rules about dating the guys on the team; she doesn’t do it. She’s broken many hearts by turning them down, and I know she’s not changing her ways for you. Sorry, dude, but you might want to consider another female if all you want is to score a touchdown under the sheets.”


Lara ( Kate’s best friend) is what I call a ride and die chick. She loves her friend and will push to make sure she gets what she deserves in life, and to her Cooper is the man for Kate.


“I want you to go into my house and wait. When you go inside, turn to the left and there will be a hallway. Go down to the second room on your right and wait in there. I’m going to lock the door from the outside so she can’t walk away.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I like you and all, but for once I don’t want to see Luke get the girl.”


Luke well Luke has known Kate a long time and always wanted more with her. But he also knew what she went through so he was patient.


“I’m so sorry, Luke. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”

“Are you absolutely sure this is what you want? You don’t even know this guy. You’ve known me for years.”

“It’s not always about that, sometimes things just happen.”

“I’ll be around if you ever need me.”



When they finally do get together get some dry panties because it’s smoking hot. Cooper is one dirty mouth Quarterback.


“Where to? If you don’t tell me where, I’m going to f**k you right here against the wall.”

“I want you to take me on my bed.”

“Kate, you feel so good. I can’t believe how wet you are for me. Lean back so I can taste your nipples. Seeing you in my shirt and in my bed makes me so f**king horny I can’t stand it.   I know you’re mine, but all I want to do is f**k you so hard that you won’t want to think about another man. I want to see my marks on that beautiful skin of yours, I want to flip you around and grab a handful of your hair while I f**k you from behind.”(Someone get me a fan!)


Kate’s past makes an appearance and things become dangerous, but with Cooper by her side, Kate no longer hides. Although Cooper is fighting his demons, he will not let any harm come to Kate, he will protect her.


“If they so much as contact you again you need to tell me, you understand? I’m not going to let them hurt you.”

“And you think you can stop them?”

“I don’t think love, I know.”

I got so involved in Cooper and Kate’s story that I felt like I really knew them. I loved the suspense that the author added into the story. I was so nervous. The issues are really detailed, fully explained so you know what is going on throughout the story but that does not make the story less interesting. This book had second chance at love, suspense, football and really hot sex. I am also happy to see that Evan’s book is next. I cannot wait to get my hands on that one.


*received a complimentary copy from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*
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Teaser 1: 
We pulled into the parking lot of the practice field and I shut off my car, the tension in the air crackling like fire. When I turned to look at her, it was like her stormy gray gaze could see right through me. There were a shit ton of things I wanted, but nothing as much as leaning forward to kiss those lips of hers.
With her breaths coming fast and low, she licked her dry lips and shook her head. “Cooper, we can’t.”
Bending over the center console, I glanced down at her lips and murmured low, “Yes we can, Kate, and I’m going to make sure we do.”
Teaser 2: 
Taking my elbow, Cooper guided me to his car and opened the door. “I’m not worried about your brother, Kate. I’m not going to do anything to you unless you ask me to.”
“Like what?” I asked coyly.
Shielded from view by the car door, Cooper leaned in and brought his lips closer to mine, opening them slightly. I couldn’t move, but then again … I didn’t want to. Instead of kissing me, he murmured across my lips, “I’m sure you’ll figure that out when the time comes. If you want me to kiss you, I’m not going to do it until you place your soft lips on mine first. If you want me to touch you, I’m not going to unless you beg me for it. It’s all on you now, love.”
Teaser 3: 
“In your eyes I see exactly what I want. You’re not here with me because of my money or because of what I do. You actually see the people you’re around and the goodness inside of them. That is what gives me hope.”
“Hope for what?” I asked breathlessly, mesmerized.
He brushed my hair away from my face and smoothed his thumb along my jaw. “Hope that one day you will see in my eyes what I see in yours. There’s a craving deep inside of you that I can see each time I touch you. It burns brighter every single time. I’ve never seen that with anyone, and that is how I know I have a chance.”
Teaser 4: 
“You don’t have to worry about him making the moves on me, Luke. He said he wouldn’t touch me unless I asked him to. I think we’re both safe.”
Placing his hands against the wall, Luke trapped me in and murmured in my ear, “Hmm … he’s better than I thought. You know he’s just playing games with you, right?”
“Everyone plays games in their own way, Luke. Even you do, but it’s not going to change anything,” I told him.
“Good,” he murmured huskily. “Although, I’d have to say that’s where me and him differ.” He trailed his finger down my cheek and past my neck to my collarbone. “I’d be afraid you would never ask me. That’s why I have to take what I want until you tell me no.”
Teaser 5: 
Finally, Cooper gazed up at me, his eyes red and pained. “Please tell me you forgive me for this, Kate. You know I never wanted to hurt you.”
“I know, and there’s nothing to forgive,” I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks. “I’m so proud of you for pushing through it. I know it wasn’t easy.”
Nodding quickly, he got to his feet and pulled me over to my bed, holding my hands gently in his. With his weary gaze on my wrists, he thumbed the bruises gently and murmured, “Do you want to know why I don’t ever want to hurt you? Why it kills me that it was my hands that did this to you?”
“Why?” I whispered, holding my breath.
Sighing heavily, he lifted his gaze and placed both hands on my cheeks, wiping away my tears. “It’s because I love you, Kate, and people aren’t supposed to hurt the ones they love. The last thing I want is for you to hate me for what I did.”






Intercepting Love Soundtrack


  1. Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton
  2. Story of My Life by One Direction
  3. Not a Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake
  4. Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum
  5. Chokehold by Adam Lambert
  6. I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding
  7. Pony by Ginuwine
  8. Together by Demi Lovato & Jason Derulo
  9. All of Me by John Legend
  10. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran



USA TODAY Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is the author of the Forever Fae series, as well as the Second Chances standalone series, and her NA romantic suspense standalone called Love, Lies, and Deception. She lives in the beautiful state of North Carolina with her husband, her two wild girls, and her rambunctious kitten Katrina.
Before she began her career in the literary world, L.P. Dover spent her years going to college and then graduated to cleaning teeth, which she loved doing. At least until the characters in her head called her away. She has never been the same since.



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The Wilde One by Savannah Young Virtual Tour & Giveaway





Contemporary Romance

Date Published: April 8, 2014



THE WILDE ONE is the second novel in the spicy contemporary romance series about four sexy brothers, their small-town bar and their local country band. Each novel in the OLD TOWN COUNTRY ROMANCE series can be read as a STAND ALONE NOVEL or as part of the SERIES.


Tucker Wilde joined the United States Army right out of high school and was injured in Iraq. But more than just his leg was shattered in the Middle East. The war also crushed his spirit and damaged his soul. When a strange couple arrives at his family’s bar, Haymakers, Tucker can see signs of mental and emotional abuse and is immediately drawn to the lovely but fragile girl seated at his bar.

Gracie Parker has been a victim of abuse her entire life. When her boyfriend, Dex, beats her in the parking lot of Haymakers and abandons her, it’s almost too much for the nineteen-year-old to bear. That is until Tucker appears like a warrior knight from the darkness to save her.

Tucker and Gracie are two broken people who are immediately drawn together. But their relationship and even their very lives are threatened by Dex who will stop at nothing to get Gracie back.

If you like your trucks loud, your beer cold and your men hot…you’ll love THE WILDE ONE.






“You look different,” Savage says, then downs the last of his pint of ale.

“Different how?” I prod even though I have an idea what he’s going to say. I look more normal. Like I fit into society rather than looking like an outcast.

Savage shrugs. He’s never been a person of many words. We’re like two peas in a pod that way. Even though he rarely says very much, with just one sideways glance Savage can have the biggest and meanest guys on the planet shaking in their cowboy boots.

People say that about me too.

“Do you want another?” I ask, even though I can guess his response. Savage always orders two pints and drinks them at the far corner of the bar. There are worse ways of coping with the past than drinking a few beers every night before he goes home to an empty apartment. I should know. I’m a master of poor coping skills.

“Hit me,” Savage says.

I pour him another pint and take away the empty.

“You look good.”

I’m surprised by the compliment. I’d never use the word good to describe anything about me. But I do look better than I have since I got back from Iraq.

“Drink your beer,” I tell him because I’m not in the mood to explain what’s been going on in my life.

Savage was in Iraq about the same time I was and he’s the closest thing I’ve got to a friend. I’m not one for relationships. Life is too short and relationships are too painful. When you get close to someone, you usually just end up getting hurt.

But like me, Savage isn’t the type of guy who gets too close to people. The most obvious reason is the way he looks: he’s big and scary. Also just like me.

Savage and I lift weights together, and in a fight it would be a close match. Not that either of us would ever start a fight but we would definitely end one if we had to.

It’s a weeknight and the bar is almost deserted except for a few of the regulars. That’s why I’m surprised when I see a couple I don’t recognize walk in and look around. The guy’s wearing all leather and carrying two helmets, so he’s obviously a biker. He looks about my height, six feet two inches and he’s big. The girl looks tiny standing next to him. She’s the definition of the word waif. She looks like a strong wind could pick her up and blow her away. Not a good thing in Old Town where it’s windy most of the time.

The most interesting thing about her, though, is her coloring. I’ve never seen someone so fair in my life. I’m the only blond in my family but I’m not even close to this girl. Her long hair is so light it’s practically white. And her skin is the color of milk. She looks like a princess who just stepped out of a fairytale, as corny as that sounds.

I can’t help but notice that she doesn’t look like she wants to be here. Or maybe she doesn’t want to be with the guy. It’s hard to tell. But she doesn’t look happy. If anything, she looks scared.

As the couple steps closer to the bar, I can see the girl is shaking. I’m not sure whether she’s shaking because she’s scared, or because it’s January and it’s freezing outside and she’s wearing a tiny spring jacket that barely fits. It almost looks like a jacket for a kid it’s so small on her. Not that she’s much bigger than a kid herself.

What kind of an asshole wears a thick leather jacket while he lets his girl freeze? I’m really not liking this guy at all. And when I see him grab her by the elbow, so roughly she almost comes off the floor, I can feel every hair on my body stand at attention.

Is it possible to hate a guy I don’t even know?



Debbie's review

4 stars

This is the second book in the series about the Wilde Brothers. The story takes place in Old Town. The four brothers own and run a local bar called Haymakers and this is Tucker and Gracie’s story.


Tucker was injured in Iraq and his leg is disfigured. He has serious self-esteem issues over his mangled leg and has not been with a woman since. He sees himself as damaged goods and no woman would ever want to be with him because of it. In book one you got some back-story of the emotional nightmare his life has become since coming home from the war.


   “The sight of the mangled limb will probably make her sick. It certainly turns my stomach every morning when I have to look at it. The bomb did a good job on my leg.”


Gracie has enough drama going on in her life for the two of them that is for sure. After arriving in the small town with her abusive boyfriend and being left beaten outside the bar her life takes a turn for the better when Tucker finds her and helps her.


Sometimes you need a good love story where you know that the two will find a way to make things work. They are like two damaged souls that understand each other and both have scarred past but they only see the beauty in each other.


Tucker is everything you would want in a man. Tender, sweet and will go balls to the wall to defend Gracie and keep her safe. The chemistry between them was fantastic and there was some intensely hot sex scenes. Loved that Tucker wanted to always make Gracie feel cherished and cared for.


   “I lean down and kiss her again. This time, I pull her closer and deepen the kiss. People say they see fireworks when they kiss someone special, but I’m seeing an entire universe of glimmering stars. And every part of my body feels alive like being charged by those stars.”


This book gives you a perfect blend of romance, action and sex. I started this book and did not stop reading until I finished it. Looking forward to the next book in the series.


   “I kiss Gracie again but this time it’s more intense and needier. I’m already so hard I could cut ice with my erection. The zipper of my jeans can hardly contain the monster that’s growing inside my pants.”

*received a complimentary copy from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*




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author bio

Romance novelist Savannah Young grew up in rural northwest New Jersey in a place very similar to the fictional Old Town, which is featured in her books. When she’s not at her computer creating spicy stories, Savannah is traveling to exotic locales or spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds.


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** COVER REVEAL ** Finding haven by T.A. Foster

NEW COVER REVEAL for Finding Haven by T.A. Foster!

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Power. Money. Control. Love.
He has all but one.

When movie star, Evan Carlson, discovers his girlfriend’s picture with another man splashed on the cover of gossip magazines, he decides he’s had enough of his fishbowl life and attempts to outrun the media frenzy his relationships have become. Driving until the road stops, he ends up on the remote and quaint Perry Island, where a heartthrob can blend in like the locals and be a beach bum as long as he wants. All that changes when Evan meets Haven Owen, aspiring songwriter and the girl he just can’t get enough of. A summer romance turns into something much deeper and Evan gets tangled in his own web of lies to keep Haven in his life. But when his ex tracks him down, Evan learns there are some things you just can’t outrun.

Is the cost of love, losing all control?


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author bio

T.A. Foster is a Southern girl whose heart and spirit are connected to the beach. She grew up catching rays and chasing waves along the North Carolina Outer Banks and now resides in the state with her adventurous pilot husband, two children and two canine kiddos.
Her long love affair with books started at an early age and as soon as she was able, she transformed imaginative stories into words on paper. T.A. has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a graduate degree in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University. When she’s not chasing her two-legged and four-legged children or trying to escape for date night, you can find her reading, writing or planning her next beach trip.


author links

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Uncommon Romance by Jove Belle Blog Tour & Giveaway

Uncommon Romance Blog Tour Banner




Happily ever after doesn’t look the same for every couple.

In Raw Silk, June and Ashlyn Phillips, happily married, occasionally enjoy adding another dynamic to their sex life. When Katerina “Kat” VanderVort enters June’s office one day, she sets her sights on June. Lucky for her, Ashlyn loves to indulge her wife’s fantasies.

In On Her Knees, Simone Davies is finally happy. That is, until her chief tormentor and biggest crush, Abby Nelson, shows up at her firm’s holiday party. Together they struggle to forget the past and build a future together.

In Hollis, homicide detective Jude Lassiter pushes a little too hard, and her instructor at a FBI anti-terrorism training session, Special Agent Beverly Hollis, knows exactly how to punish her. Jude is all too willing to submit.



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Simone poured herself a glass of wine and sat on the sofa sipping it. Either Abby would show up and be impressed with the wine selection—it was a damn fine bottle—or Simone would move from sipping to gulping and finish off the damn fine wine by herself. Nothing pathetic about that. Not at all.

She’d debated waiting naked, but the possibility that Abby would be a no-show compelled her to dress. She’d rather have Abby take her clothes off than have to get dressed alone later when she was drunk on a bottle of wine she also drank alone. When she’d told Abby to get her ass to her place, Simone had felt brave. The sound of Abby on the verge of release, the heady power of knowing she’d caused the desperate way Abby gulped air, her breathing choppy and uneven, had made her overconfident. The longer she waited, the more foolish her demand seemed. An orgasm with the woman who twisted her insides, even via phone, was better than not having one at all. Wasn’t it?

She was on her second glass of wine when she heard a faint almost-not-there knock at the door. It was so soft she wondered if she’d imagined it out of desperation. A few seconds passed and she heard it again. Definitely not a hallucination.

Simone finished the glass of wine in a final gulp before opening the door. She needed the brief reprieve before she crossed the point of no return. When she opened the door, there’d be no turning back.

Abby looked as uncertain as Simone felt, like she wasn’t in complete control of the actions her body was taking, but she knew it probably wasn’t the smartest thing she could be doing at midnight on Thursday. Simone invited her in before either one of them could change her mind. Again.

“I wasn’t sure you’d come.”

“Neither was I.” Abby clutched her long overcoat tight around her body. Her knuckles were turning white.

“You want me to hang that up?” Simone touched her fingers to the lapel of Abby’s coat, just let them rest there lightly for a moment. She’d demanded Abby’s presence so she could touch her with a lot more than just two fingers skimming along fabric, but the action still felt overly intimate to her.

Abby chewed her bottom lip. “Ummm…” She unknotted the belt slowly. “I think so.”

What the hell was the big deal? It was just a coat, for Christ’s sake. Abby’s hesitance confused and annoyed Simone. What did Abby think would happen when she took it off? She’d be trapped in Simone’s apartment forever?

Then Abby parted the front and let it slide off her shoulders and Simone was staring at breasts. And legs. Perfect breasts and legs that made her want to prostrate herself in worship.



Tara's review

3 stars

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Uncommon Romance is 3 short Erotic Novellas, each with their own theme.


Raw Silk

In the first novella Raw Silk we are introduced to a Lesbian couple named Ashlyn and June who enjoy a healthy sex life. When a prospective client comes to a meeting in June’s office, sparks will fly. Kat has one goal, to get in June’s pants. June finds it hard to get Kat out of her mind. When faced with making a decision that will impact her married, June has to decide how to please everyone.

Of the 3 novellas, this one was my favorite, its a fast paced story that you will devour in one sitting. The sex scenes were really well written, and the storyline was believable.



On Her Knees

When a blast from the past shows up at the holiday party of her “boyfriend” Gavin’s firm, Simone is forced to face the past and follow her desires. Abby and Simone were high school friends, both hiding their sexuality. Can these two let go of the past and find a way to start anew?


This novella was pretty good, I wish there had been a little more detail written about what went on previously between Abby and Simone. The ending of the story, just kind of dropped off and left me wanting just a little bit more.




Detective Jude Lassiter arrives a day late for FBI training, and her trainer Hollis takes notice immediately. Hollis is a female “dom” who seduces Jude and pushes her limits.

This was my least favorite of the 3 novellas, though the subject matter of BDSM always appeals to me, I was not feeling the way this was written. I was looking forward to a good F/F dom/sub short, but this one just did not do it for me.




Overall, these are super fast reads that will keep your attention. Although the third story didn’t quite do it for me, the premise is intriguing. If you are looking for some short stories with lesbian as the main characters, then these novellas are for you.


**A gifted copy was received by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review**



Meet the Author

Jove was born and raised against a backdrop of orchards and potato fields. The youngest of four children, she was raised in a conservative, Christian home and began asking why at a very young age, much to the consternation of her mother and grandmother. At the customary age of eighteen, she fled southern Idaho in pursuit of broader minds and fewer traffic jams involving the local livestock. The road didn’t end in Portland, Oregon, but there were many confusing freeway interchanges that a girl from the sticks was ill-prepared to deal with. As a result, she has lived in the Portland metro area for over fifteen years and still can’t figure out how she manages to spend so much time in traffic when there’s not a stray sheep or cow in sight.

She lives with her partner of seventeen years. Between them they share a collection of six children, one dog, two cats, a mortgage payment, one sedan, and a cushy SUV big enough to hold the Lesbian Brady Bunch on their family outings. One day she hopes to live in a house that doesn’t generate a never ending honey-do list.

Incidentally, she never stopped asking why, but did expand her arsenal of questions to include who, what, when, where and, most important of all, how. In those questions, a story is born.

Her books include The Job (coming October 2014) Uncommon Romance, Love & Devotion, Edge of Darkness, Split the Aces, Chaps, and Indelible. They are available at

After Meet the Author you can add any “extra” things you might have. (e.g. excerpt, book trailer, playlist.

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The Intern, Volume 1 (The Intern #1) (Megan’s Review)






She’s sexy, fierce, and a loud-mouthed know-it-all…and she’s completely off limits.

Cecilia isn’t your typical college student. Hell, she isn’t a college student at all, but that doesn’t stop her from applying for one of the biggest and prestigious enterprises in the Midwest.

She wants it. She takes it.
She doesn’t let anything get in her way when it comes to finding out the truth.

When Bentley Leighton, soon-to-be CEO of Leighton Enterprises, meets “Ceci,” he’s instantly impressed. He doesn’t have time to train a new intern. However, when he sees her that first day, his intentions begin to change.

He’s the boss. She’s the intern.
Nothing can happen. It’s against the company rules.

Then again, rules were made to be broken.

What starts as innocent flirting becomes raveled up into so much more—secrets, lies, deceit.

*The Intern is a three-part romantic suspense serial.*
Not suitable for readers under 18.


Vol. 2 to be released June 18, 2014






Megan's review

4 stars



And the crumbs start dropping…
The Intern is the first in a three part series from Brooke. She’s done a fabulous job of hooking us with the first installment of the Intern series.

Cecilia, an eighteen year old who you already know is hiding behind some serious grief and she is determine to figure it all out.  Having witness a horrific unsolved crime when she was younger she’s never forgot a detail of it.  Now obsessed with ever cop show around she uses her devious ways to try and make head way in her own investigation- Leighton Industries.

Bently Leighton is going to one of those guys we will love.  He’s young hot and made to be a part of his family business and his nasty attitude is not keeping that a secret from anything.  He meets Cecilia when she interviews for an internship at his (not yet but soon to be) company.  As she talks of her wants they share a few similarities. Along with each thinking the other is smokin’ hot. Bently doesn’t want anything to do with the interns or the company but he has to.  So as he decides to give Cecilia a try…
“If I have to deal with an intern every Saturday for four month, she should at least be hot – give me something to look at.”
The quirky little banter they have, all innocent but enough to make me smile. Cecilia sort of can’t help herself which makes it all the more entertaining to a reader-ME!!  I even find Bently’s inner thoughts amusing. He doesn’t exactly deny his want for Cecilia but as he tries to rein it in she just can’t help herself. His professionalism, although a struggle to keep it on check, it is lost and the full flirty Bently begins!


“Well…what can you do, Miss West? What do you want to learn?”

“What can you teach me?”


“Are you ok?”

   “For someone so well-educated, you’re sure a curious thing,”

“Sorry, sir. It’s just… you look very uncomfortable. Like you’re trying to scratch your skin off or something.”

“Excuse me?

“Oh, shit. I’m sorry. That was really inappropriate.”

In a second everything this book was about changed. It went from innocent flirty read to full on this is really happening scorcher. Lines have been crossed, the boundaries bent and the war has begin and he has no clue what truth will be drop.


“I just want you to know, in case your mind is racing a thousand miles per hour like mine is, that I don’t do this. I don’t go around groping my interns or people I work with.”
“Oh, so I get to be your first.”


The ground work for an excellent, suspenseful, exciting, boiling hot series has been laid. I can only hope the next installment is soon to be released because I AM REALLY NEEDING MORE!

*received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*






author bio

Brooke Cumberland is a USA Today Bestselling author who’s a stay-at-home mom and writes full-time. She lives in the frozen tundra of Packer Nation with her husband, 3 year old wild child, and two teenage stepsons. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading love stories, listening to music that inspires her, and laughing with her family. Brooke is addicted to Starbucks’ Caramel Macchiatos, yoga pants, and sweets. She found her passion for telling stories during winter break one year in grad school–and she hasn’t stopped since.



author links

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Hooked Up by Parker James Blog Tour & Giveaway


A body-builder working for a cable company, Shay Masterson, gets sent out on a trouble call to discover who’s pirating the company’s signal. He not-too-gently meets Jagger.
Jagger Holmes, a muscled, bad boy bounty hunter, comes home to manage his elderly father’s recovery after an accident. He discovers someone trespassing in his dad’s back yard and jumps the man. The contact results in sexual heat that’s a game changer.
Two major conflicts brew—how to catch the con man bilking the elderly by selling stolen cable and, more importantly, how two tough guys come to terms with the need to dominate.
Submission will be a deal breaker or a revelation. The men are forced to discover which—or lose their budding love.
Buy Now


Excerpt One
Shay strode into Rex’s office after he’d turned in his truck and clocked out. They’d often shared laughs about who really was the boss, since Shay, a repairman, had a musculature and strength that dwarfed Rex. Rex might have had a more powerful executive
position and higher salary, but Shay topped him in every other way—and on every
occasion. Regarding himself as a bit of a tough guy, Shay looked and showed it.

“You about ready to blow this joint?” He crossed the thick-pile carpet of Rex’s office and flopped into one of the chairs across from his boyfriend. “I’m thirsty, hungry,
and horny, pretty much in that order and I want a cold beer, a corned beef
sandwich, and you, naked under me, as quickly as possible.”
Excerpt Two
I’m tired—and tired of it. Life hadn’t been kind to Jagger lately and it started to take its toll. He’d been happier when he’d been on the road. He loved the feel of freedom when he rode with the wind in his face and whipping his hair. Tight, black leathers were his favorite attire for riding, combined with a white ribbed tank and his well-worn jacket. He looked as dangerous and sexy as he felt every time the black leather hugged his cock and his ass. He
smiled when he recalled the reactions he’d get when men and women alike got a look at the bulge his fist-thick cock created in the skin tight leather. Of course, he didn’t give a damn about the women’s reactions—flattering, sure, but not my thing. Give me a sweet, pliant little bottom who shivers in anticipation over how taking me up his ass is going to split him in half with sheer pleasure. Jagger got semi-hard at the thought.
Excerpt Three
Jagger Holmes stood just over six feet tall, all attitude and pure, rock-hard muscle. Ink covered his body, and his walnut-brown hair hung just below shoulder length. When he rode, he’d pull it back in a tail or a braid, but he enjoyed the freedom of it hanging loose most of the time.
Standing at the kitchen sink wearing well-worn jeans and a T-shirt molded to his muscular frame, Jagger took a long pull off the energy drink he used as his replacement for coffee. His deep brown eyes swept the room while he considered what his life had been like
before the phone call and how it compared to now. Damn! He’d loved his job as a bounty hunter. He got to travel all around the country and kick the crap out of people—and get paid for it. Nothing gave Jagger more pleasure than taking down some thug or pervert who had eluded the cops—well, almost nothing. Sex topped the list, of course. But to have a career where he got to be his own boss, got to mix it up a little physically, and help clean the world of some of the scum that preyed on others—it worked as his damned dream job.
Then the call came about his dad.
Excerpt Four
Taking a deep breath, Shay simultaneously executed a quick reverse arch of his back, scissored his legs, and bent one knee, getting just enough flex so he could raise a hip and
accomplish a roll under his attacker. The element of surprise had been on his side because the man on top of him hadn’t expected a practiced move like that, much less the core strength Shay had carefully built and nurtured during all his long work-outs at the gym. In that one quick motion, Shay had turned himself completely and got a clear view of person who had put him in this position.
Holy shit! He’s a goddamned god! Shay’s brain registered the surprising fact when he looked up into the most beautiful brown eyes he’d ever seen. The man had been taken off guard, but had recovered quickly enough to grab Shay’s hands, pinning each to the ground next to his shoulders. That move brought the attacker’s face into very close proximity to Shay’s and allowed him to see the gold and black flecks in the chocolate brown eyes. The man’s hair hung like a curtain, partially obscuring his face and tickling Shay’s. He gazed down with a look of fierceness that would have struck fear into most people, but the intensity of the man’s glare went straight to Shay’s cock. In a quick minute, his mind registered the  well-defined musculature, the bad-boy ink, the slight sheen of sweat, and the deep, musky odor that emanated from the man above him.
Shay looked directly up into the piercing eyes and reacted in an instinctive and completely natural way. He licked his lips, smiled gently, and offered, “Hey there, I’m Shay. Nice to meet you.”
Excerpt Five
He didn’t know why, but it suddenly mattered a great deal to him the man understood what had happened. They each seemed to be victims of a mix-up, with a dash of bad timing thrown in, and Shay didn’t want his meeting with Jagger to end badly with him being tossed out the front door, especially after his intense reaction to the hunky bad-boy.
Much to Shay’s surprise, Jagger broke the stare and looked down at the sofa cushion next to him, worrying a thread that had come undone. Shay hadn’t noticed the furniture showed a little threadbare and worse for wear. The house certainly didn’t look like a showplace and neither did Jagger’s dad look to be well off. After a minute or so, Jagger
broke the silence. “I’m not lying to you, Shay. I don’t know anything about the damn cable service, but my dad’s just not that kind of guy—at least he never has been. Over the last few weeks since I’ve been here after the call about the accident, I’m noticing he doesn’t seem to be doing so well financially. His pension must barely be making it. But even then, I can’t
imagine…” Jagger’s voice died off. He obviously didn’t know what else to say. A piece of Shay’s heart broke when he heard the pain, the fear, and the uncertainty in the strong man’s voice.
Shay didn’t think—he just reacted. In one motion he slid over next to Jagger and put his arms around him. The big man jolted slightly, as if the contact and the tenderness represented a strange and unfamiliar happening—but he didn’t pull away. Rather, he rested his
head on Shay’s shoulder—being there, just breathing and being there, Shay decided. And that would be enough…

Parker James is a unique, multi-variant personality who loves everything that has to do with love. Parker lives in Florida surrounded by wonderful friends, a home she remodeled herself—well, okay, paid someone to do what she wanted—and a rescued feral cat. While a published author in other areas, this is one of Parker’s first forays into M/M romantic erotica, but there are many, many more to come!
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