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Indiscretion: Volume 4 by Elisabeth Grace (Tara’s Review)







The image was seared into my mind. Imprinted. Emblazoned. Etched.

Did I blame him for what I saw? Or myself, for allowing him the ability to cause the pain coursing through me?

Betrayal was a weapon that cut to the core—the ‘what ifs’ the infection that festered in the wound.

I’d thought we’d had roadblocks thrown in front of us before. Damn. Those would have seemed like mere speed bumps if I’d seen what was coming…

Little did I know that what was headed our way would prove to be the biggest test of all—putting impossible choices in front of us. None of which seemed to lead to a happy ending in which the two of us were together.

****This is the FINAL volume in Max & Chloe’s story!****






Tara's review

4.5 stars

“If you never passed through a storm, than you’d have no appreciation for the rainbow”

In the final installment of the Indiscretion series Chloe and Max’s story plays out.  I started out hating Max, after how Volume 3 ended, but midway through he redeemed himself.

This is the longest volume in the series, and was so jam pack full of every aspect of the storyline.  I loved how it all played out, the angst I felt was out of control.  I found myself holding my breath willing the story to find a positive ending for everyone.

“There’s nowhere I’d rather be right now than right here.  No one I’d rather be with.”

There was lots of hot amazing sexiness, and I just love the passion these two characters have.  I actually found myself wanting more.  Thank goodness for the Epilogue, because I would have been extremely sad to not know how Chloe and Max’s lives turned out.

Overall, I would highly recommend this entire series.  It is such an awesome story, and I loved how it was written.  

Looking forward to her next book, Moment of Impact (coming Late Fall 2014)



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author bio



I have a soft spot for romance novels with happily ever afters and a hot spot for alpha males! I currently live outside Toronto, Canada with my hubby and two small children. Life is busy, but never to busy for a good story and to share my love of reading and writing with others.


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Everything I Need (Nashville Nights, #3) by Stacey Mosteller (Josie’s Review)



Title: Everything I Need (Nashville Nights, #3)

Author: Stacey Mosteller





SarahBeth Pearson has made mistakes, and I might just be the biggest one of them all. After spending months keeping secrets and lying to everyone close to us, it’s all fallen apart and we are each left alone to pick up the pieces.

I’ve loved SarahBeth in one form or another her entire life. The steps that brought us closer together weren’t easy for me to take. After letting her dictate our relationship, I’ve found myself practically homeless and estranged from my closest friends.

Now I’m left trying to move on, finding a new place to live and getting everything I need in order, while she’s trying to mend her broken heart. There’s just one problem…SarahBeth’s still keeping secrets – and her secret just might change everything.








Josie's review

5 stars



*Warning Please Make Sure you have read the first two books in this series, this review will and does have spoilers.*


Stacey Mosteller has done it again, she written another 5 star book in her Nashville Nights Series. Everything I Need picks up right where book 2, Everything I Shouldn’t ended. SaraBeth/SB/Little Bit and Lyric are about to reveal her pregnancy to her brother David. At the end of the last book, we saw how upset David was that his best friend Jeremy and his little sister had kept their relationship from him. SaraBeth’s lies and manipulation almost cost her brother’s relationship with Lyric. Everyone was tense and emotions were running high. Jeremy and SB’s relationship was barely hanging on.



SB is dealing with a lot on her own with the pregnancy and the fallout with her brother David. The author lets readers see the turmoil and the aftermath of Jeremy and SB’s secret relationship. David is struggling with his love, loyalty and protectiveness of his sister while trying to deal with the disappointment he feels as well. SB knows she made a mistake by keeping the truth from him and by hurting Lyric but she wants to make things right and to show them she can be trusted again.



During the weeks that follow, Jeremy is MIA. He is keeping his distance from SaraBeth and David. I really loved Jeremy in book 1, so this behavior was shocking for me. SaraBeth’s approach was refreshing to read. We get to see her mature in this book. SaraBeth does not let Jeremy hid from her. She confronts him and wants to know what is going on. Can I just tell you I was crushed, crushed, crushed (ARE YOU READING THIS STACEY!!! J).



“I just I can’t go back SaraBeth. We can’t go back. Our relationship caused so much hurt, for us and for other people. I can’t risk getting hurt like that again. I’m sorry SaraBeth. This isn’t how I wanted things to happen.”

“Yet here we are. You didn’t want things to happen this way, but you’re the one who’s doing this. I will always, always love you, but I will never forgive you for this. Goodbye Jeremy.”



As I mentioned the author gives us a more mature SaraBeth, which I absolutely enjoyed. In the last book her behavior was careless and I found her selfish, but not in this book. We get an entirely different side to her character, and I really loved her. Jeremy made some mistakes in this book and when we find out his reasons were warranted however, his actions have negative results. The author shows readers Jeremy’s inner battle with his love for his Little Bit, his longing to be with her, his desire for her and the need to keep her away.



I swear to God Stacey Mollester ripped my heart out, stomped on it then slowly put it back together again. I was an emotional mess (LOVED IT). We get to see Wyatt, Tyler and Livvie; their friendship to Jeremy and SaraBeth is solid and true. They offer the pair advice and shoulders to cry on, and when they need to be put in their place they give them hell too.



I loved David even though he is upset with his sister. He is still her protector and the way he confronts Jeremy was total alpha protector. I loved the way the author developed his character. She shows readers his softer side, yes he is angry and hurt but that is still his sister and he will always be there for her. I do not want to leave Lyric out because she played such a major role in this book with SaraBeth. Even though SaraBeth almost ended her relationship with David, Lyric didn’t hold that against her; she was very supportive of SaraBeth.




SaraBeth doesn’t let Jeremy know that she is pregnant. She doesn’t want him to be with her just because of the baby, she wants him to come back on his own. This decision is hard on everyone involved. Jeremy never thought he would push SaraBeth so far that she would not want to give him a second chance and forgive him. When he finally gets his head out of his ass he is no prepared for the new, strong, mature and independent SaraBeth.



Jeremy and SaraBeth are both keeping secrets, but when they finally come clean will this be the end finally? Will Jeremy be able for overcome SaraBeth keeping her pregnancy from him? Will SaraBeth be able to fully trust Jeremy when certain truths come out? Will David and Jeremy get their friendship back to what it once was? I will say this again, the author does a really great job in bringing out all my raw emotions in this series and considering this a follow up to Book #2, she did not fall short. She has a way of getting me involved with these characters where I feel I am right there in the story. Her writing flows beautifully, there is just enough grit and angst to keep the blood pumping and the right amount of swoon-worthy moments that make you fall in love. This series, this book is a MUST READ! You will not be disappointed you picked this up.






1536637_354365684724865_4162996100079993304_n5 stars


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author bio



Stacey is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Second Chances (co-authored with H.M. Ward) and the Nashville Nights series.

She is also a wife, mother, writer and self-professed bookwhore – not necessarily in that order! As the mother of three growing boys, her Kindle has become her temporary escape from the insanity of boys, dogs and her husband. Stacey can usually be found curled up with her iPad when she’s supposed to be writing or creating endless playlists on Spotify.



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Stone, At Your Service by Rie Warren Blog Tour & Giveaway

Stone At Your Service_ReleaseBanner
Hell on wheels meets hell in high heels.
Bad boy mechanic Josh Stone likes to get his hands dirty any way he can—the filthier, the better. Ever since his wife walked out on him and their young son, he’s only had room in his heart for two loves: the kid and cars.
Roped into playing his best buddy’s gay boyfriend during a romance writers convention, the player meets the girl who’s gonna rock his world. Leelee Songchild. Shy, bashful, beautiful Leelee who blushes at the drop of a hat yet writes hardcore smut to rival Josh’s backlist of Penthouse Forum.
The only problem is his hands are tied. Josh can’t stab his old friend/fake lover in the back even though all he wants to do is take luscious Leelee to bed, and maybe, love her. When the truth comes out, all hell breaks loose.
Too bad romance is just for books.


Josie's review
4 stars

Stone at Your Service by Rie Warren was a funny and delightful read. The author gives readers, drama, a really hot sexy as hell Southern bad Boy, LOL moments and my favorite – romance authors UNCENSORED. This story was different in that this is told in a man’s POV. Josh is a single divorced father, he owns a garage that details foreign cars and he loves the ladies but only for a night. His best friend is a romance writer who poses as a gay author that writes about sex. He enlist Stone’s help for a convention. He wants them to pretend to be gay lovers. Sounds easy right – Wrong. Stone is about to have is life changed forever.
Stone is bought along to help Nicky preserve the appearance he’s established. He needs his help to keep the throng of female fans and a group of groping author ladies at bay. These women are so funny, they have ZERO filter. Let me just say the author nailed those characters to the tee. These women reminded me of my friends and how we are when we are chatting on PM – we have ZERO FILTER. I felt like I was at this convention with them.


Stone, foreign car dealer.”


“More like sex on legs.”

“I’d love to suspend him in a hogtie and try out my new Evil Stick on those thighs.”

“Ice girls, I need ice!”

“Was it something Nicky did to you last night? Did he pounce on you as soon as you walked through the door? I always figure him for a freak in the bed.”

Stone is really playing up the gay lover part really well until Leelee enters, he wants her. Leelee is a new comer into the NA hot reads world and is welcomed into the fold, as such Stone and Leelee end of spending time together.   Stone is in a bad place. He promised his best friend he would help him but Leelee brings out a primal need in Stone, one that he cannot ignore. She is blunt, caring, sexy and overall interesting to him and the more he gets to know her the more he wants to have her. It should be easy, if only he wasn’t playing the role of a Nicky’s boyfriend.   I really enjoyed that the author showed readers the inner monologue with Stone. We are able to see the immediate turmoil he was in when dealing with Leelee.


“Danger zone, danger zone. My legs twitched, my cock throbbed, and I fought down the animal inside. Bad move, bad move. The side of me that wanted to protect her from pain warred with the part that wanted to prowl all over her body.” 

The convention itself was funny, these side characters were odd, totally hysterical and they really added a bit more excitement to this read. I could wait to see what they were going to come out with next. The story has betrayal, a scheming perverted book publisher and plenty of dirty raunchy sex and foreplay. Leelee was the perfect woman for Stone; she knew what she wanted and did not hold back.
Stone is hot, there is no other way to describe him. He is an awesome father, son, boss and friend. Life handed him a difficult hand, instead of letting it destroy him he became the best dad to his son JJ. He loves his son fiercely and give him anything and all of himself, just like he does to all that are close to him. He also has this amazing, loving and close relationship with his mother. I loved that the author gave us parents who were not the cause of MC’s past pains, but who are the force for him to be a better person and father.


“I downloaded it to my Nookie thingy, and mah Lord, that girl can write! Her books hotter than my kitchen on ninety-degree day.”

“It’s called a Nook. And you can follow Leelee on Facebook, Twitter, everywhere.”

“I already googled her, so don’t treat me like I don’t know anything about the Machine, sonny.”

“Baby boy, its late.”

“I had a wightmare, Daddy. You didn’t come back from L’Ana.”

“I’m always coming home to you, kid. Always.”

“Yeah but I still can’t fwy to Momma.”

“I don’t want you to fwy to her, kid, okay? You stay with me. I’ll always take care of you.”


I really loved Leelee’s character. She had a little bit of everything to her. She was shy, insecure but at the same time she was aggressive, tough and when it came to sex she was 100% in. The story showed us the positive effect Stone had on Leelee. He bought out the passion and force out of her. Let me say when these two finally get in on, GEESH – HAWT HAWT HAWT.


“Take it off, take the top off, Leelee. Fuckin gorgeous, babe. Let’s see that pretty pu**y, babe.”

“I want to suck your cock right. Stand up so I can get on my knees.”

“Want this, babe?”

“I want your cock in the back of my throat.”

“Open up, Lick it. Yeah, lick it hard.”

“I can go as hard as you want, You just have to ask me for it.”

“Please, Josh, please. Fu*k me.”

“If any man touches you again, I’m gonna kill him.”

The writing style of this book is different. It was funny, not a typical love story and the author left nothing to the imagination with these characters. You know things are going to go from bad to worse sooner or later, but the author wrote it in a way where I just felt sad. Leelee has been hurt in the past and she doesn’t trust men easily. When Stone and Nick’s truth comes out, will Leelee be able to forgive the betrayal? Will Stone be able to keep the one woman who makes him feel complete? Will Nick loose his credibility as a writer?   This is definitely one worth picking up.


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In the hotel gym half an hour later, I was
in full work-it-out mode the old-fashioned way. I grunted, groaned, and cursed
my way through a circuit on the weight machines complemented with CrossFit
training designed to make me keel over. At least then I could stop thinking.
Having to pretend I was into Nicky while
ignoring the fact I was one hundred percent attracted to Leelee was gonna make
me mentally unstable. Not to mention her last relationship broke off because
Patrick was bi and lied to her about it. I didn’t stand a chance with Leelee
even if I was on the up and up with her, not with her history and my Rom-Con
con. Shit, her bad break-up story more than rivaled my own.
So my plan of the moment was sweating it—her—out of my system PD-fuckin’-Q. If
that failed, I was going to masturbate over every single sex scene in her book
until my dick was raw, even if I had to bust my nut in the shower with Nicky in
the next room. Maybe then my bastard cock would learn to stand down in her
Right then, as luck would have it in some
form of twisted fate or some other writerly term—like foreboding or
foreshadowing or whatever—the door swung open . . . and Leelee swished inside.
Wearing exercise gear: hip-huggin’, boob cuppin’, ass-lovin’ Lycra.
Her life might be worse than a bad romance
novel, but mine was beginning to resemble a har
har fucking har
romantic comedy, minus the romance part.
Trying to ignore her so I could get my
workout done and get the hell out of Dodge, I continued to torture my body.
Sweat dripped like bullets down my bare chest and into the low waistband of my
nylon shorts. My muscles huge and heaving, I rolled up to a squat from another
set of sit-ups and came face-to-tit with Leelee.
When I rose to my full height, topping her
by a good nine inches now that she wore sneakers instead of fuck-me heels, my
gaze fell to her face. Her pouty bottom lip was tucked half between her teeth,
and I wanted to use my mouth to tease it out. Her eyes were brighter than ever,
her hair pulled into a high braid, all the better to wrap around my fist and
draw her up for a long, deep kiss.
the room just got a whole lot hotter.
I rolled my neck, bouncing on my feet while
I reached for my discarded tank top to mop up my face. Pushing the neck of my
tank top into the waistband of my shorts, I was well aware the extra weight
dragged my shorts even lower over the cut muscles of my pelvis, almost to the
point where my pubes peeked out.
I grinned when Leelee peeked too. “So, what
brings you here?”
She took a seat on one of the blue mats,
averting her eyes. “The gym’s a great place to hide. I only started workin’ out
when I began coming to these things. You know, me and crowds.”
“Yeah, I’m hiding from those vicious
writers too.”
She laughed, and then her gaze flickered
over me, not with a quick glance but with the attention of a woman who liked what
she saw. I held still, held my breath and felt like she electrocuted every one
of my nerve endings until my muscles jerked in excitement rather than exertion.
And that was all before she even stretched
her legs to either side of her in a near split and began limbering up.
What had I thought this morning about
wearing a hard cup jockstrap? Yeah, that. I needed one now. My cock rose and
the thin material of my shorts was not gonna hide a single goddamn inch of
thick erection for very long.
I covertly slipped the tank top over so it
fell on top of my crotch. Resuming my workout on the pull-up bar, I watched
Leelee as she watched me. I pumped up and down at a strong, measured pace. She
performed some yoga-type moves that immediately put me in mind of inventive
sexual positions. I hopped down and moved on to weighted squats, and she bent
over from the waist, walking forward on her fingertips, round ass in the air.
The tank top wasn’t gonna last very long
concealing my raging erection at this rate either. And it was pretty damn hard
to do squats with my dick as iron-hard as the barbell in my hands. I was so
revved up, my only hope was to outlast her. My very, very best dreams come true
. . . and my worst nightmare of the moment right in front of me:
voluptuous Leelee
writes fuck-hot, steamy sex
works out
tight ass Lycra and boob-hugging spandex
wavy red hair
southern drawl
as nails and sharp as a tack underneath it all
The kind of girl I could take home to Ma .
. . and the kid. Fuck fuck fuck.
“Spot me?”
I almost fell on my ass when I heard her
request. I brought the barbell slowly to my shoulders and then lowered it to
the floor. “What?”
“Could you spot me?” Her face was flushed
from all the yoga cum Kama Sutra
I groaned and pretended to massage a
hamstring to cover the quick jerk in my shorts. Jesus. I’d spot her all right, all the way down to the mats.
She lay back on the bench after calibrating
the weights. I stood behind her, thighs opened on either side of her head. This
was a very bad position for me to be in. If things went south, my cock was
gonna end up in her mouth.
Through deep and determined inhales and
exhales while she pumped iron, she asked, “Did you get a chance to check out Ride?”
I tried real hard not to think about where
I’d left off reading: Jase and Avery desperate to fuck, yet deliriously as
cockblocked as me. Every hot word written by Leelee. I definitely couldn’t
admit I’d been about to tug my tackle over it either.
“Yeah, a little. Not bad.”
Leelee nodded her chin, signaling me to put
the weight back on the rack. As soon as she was clear, she swiveled up and
around. “Not bad?” She playfully punched me in the ribs.
I couldn’t tell her what I really thought,
so I shrugged. “The guy-girl thing doesn’t cut it for me, ya know?”
Leelee reserved her opinion on my opinion.
After that, we went around the machines
together. Sexual tension hovered on the sidelines, but it was broken down with
talking, teasing . . . and sweating goddamn buckets.
An hour later, we sat
against the wall, arms hanging over our knees.
“You remind me of my ’69 Camaro.”
I had an oilgasm every time I thought about the muscle car I kept babied in the
garage beside my house. Sleek, bright red, and just gritty enough, the car was
an American classic, like Leelee. Not like the fancy foreign made motors I was
making a fake career over.
I braced myself for the backlash.
The last time I’d said something similar was to Claire about her resemblance to
my full-sized Bronco. I meant she could handle anything, not her post-baby
weight. Shit got ugly after that.
“That was supposed to be a
compliment,” I added when Leelee made no comment.
Her smile was slow in coming but it lit me
up like the rays of the sun when it hit me. “I know. My daddy’s a gear-head. He
always wanted to get his hands on one of those. I grew up with my head under
the hood.”
Lovely Leelee, a tomboy in grease-stained
coveralls? Va va vroom and va va voom.
Damn if she wasn’t the woman of my dreams.
“You’re not the tough guy I first
took you for, Stone.” She patted my leg.
Begging to differ, I scowled in
She poked a finger at my biceps
that didn’t dent a centimeter. “Frown all you want, I’m still not convinced.”
“It wasn’t a frown, babe, it was
a glower.” I jumped to my feet and hauled her up with me, catching her when she
Leelee’s lips brushed my
shoulder, her breasts skimming against my midsection. Her thighs hit mine as I
clasped her waist. “Steady now.”


Rie is the badass, sassafras author of Sugar Daddy and the Don’t Tell series–a breakthrough trilogy that crosses traditional publishing boundaries beginning with In His Command. Her latest endeavor, the Carolina Bad Boys series, is fun, hot, and southern-sexy.
A Yankee transplant who has traveled the world, Rie started out a writer—causing her college professor to blush over her erotic poetry without one ounce of shame. Not much has changed. She swapped pen for paintbrushes and followed her other love during her twenties. From art school to marriage to children and many a wild and wonderful journey in between, Rie has come home to her calling. Her work has been called edgy, daring, and some of the sexiest smut around.
You can connect with Rie via the social media hangouts listed on her website She is represented by Saritza Hernandez, Corvisiero Literary Agency.



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My Heart To Fear by Lulu Astor Blog Tour & Giveaway

Devious. Dangerous. Demonic. Damien.
People were either slavishly devoted to Eric Damien or they jealously hated him. Sometimes even both.
Eric Damien hunted and fed off shyness and innocence. Ali Spencer was a sitting duck.
He would learn all of her secrets while he had her locked in his rooms and at his mercy. Appeasement of all of his desires was his own personal manifest destiny—he honestly believed that was true.
Portland, Oregon
June 2001
The small room
was illuminated only by moonlight that trespassed between the wide slats of the
white plantation shutters. By day the bedroom was cheerful, awash in feminine
shades of the palest pink and green with scalloped white wood furniture and a
small white iron chandelier dangling daintily from the ceiling. Now, after
midnight, it was dark with silvery light pooling just below the large window.
The room’s inhabitant was long asleep, her dark hair fanned out across the
shell-pink pillow, framing her China doll face and roseate lips. She’d been
tired, having endured a long day of anticipation. Right now her peaceful
slumber was interrupted by an abrupt inability to breathe. The resulting
gasping caused her to waken suddenly, panicked.
 “Shhh. It’s just me. Stay still.”
The gravelly
voice came out of the darkness. Ali knew it belonged to her aunt’s boyfriend.
He’d told her to call him Uncle Joel but Ali had just met him four days before.
Aunt Lauren and Joel were staying the week with Ali and her mother, visiting
for Ali’s birthday—a surprise to make up for the fact that her father was away.
But why did Joel keep coming into her room? Last night she’d awakened to find
him looming over her with scary eyes. The night before that she bolted up from
a deep sleep, afraid that someone was hiding in the shadowy corner near the
drapes. And now this, tonight.
 “Stop! Get off me! I can’t breathe… Maaaaa!”
she screamed, feeling his hands all over her body. He clapped his huge hand
over her mouth mid-scream, roughly grinding her lips into her teeth, abrading
her gums. The taste of salty blood and her inability to draw any breath caused
her to kick her legs wildly in boundless terror. Undeterred, his other hand
yanked down her white cotton underpants covered in tiny blue rosebuds, as she
desperately tried to squirm away, but he had her pinned down. A few inches were
all she managed to travel before he swiftly halted her progress, grabbing her
with both of his meaty hands and dragging her toward him. “Come back here, you
little bitch. I’m not done with you. If you scream again, I’m going to spank
your heinie bloody. Now shut up and be nice to me!”
He tore off her
pajama gown and touched her naked body everywhere, putting fingers into her
private places, licking her with his gross tongue, grunting and breathing
noisily. He got spit all over her skin and it smelled sour. The nauseating odor
rushed saliva into her mouth where it roiled with blood, and she began to choke
as it trickled down her throat. Ali heard him unzip his pants and she didn’t
know why but she was too frantic to wonder. He was in the process of flipping
her over onto her stomach when she again screamed, this time at the top of her
lungs, and then the door flung open so hard it slammed into the wall with a
thunderous bang, leaving a crater in the wall the size of the doorknob.
She’d never heard
her mother sound like she did, the blackest fury barely contained as she
attacked the man with her voice. “Get off my daughter, you disgusting, vile
piece of nothing,” her mother screeched at a bloodcurdling pitch. “I’ll rip
your balls right off and make you eat them.”
Joel stood up.
That’s when Ali saw he was in his boxer shorts, his pants around his knees. He
scurried out of the room like a panicked rat, without a backward glance, as her
mother came forward to embrace her daughter in her arms. The girl was trembling
from head to toe and her nostrils were still filled with the man’s rank odor of
stale beer and old sweat. She didn’t think she’d ever forget it.
 “Shh, come sleep in my bed tonight. Everything
will be fine, I promise,” her mother’s voice crooned but Ali had never heard it
so shaky. As she hugged her mother, it was hard for her to tell which one of
them trembled more. “Tomorrow is your birthday and we’re going to have so much
fun. I’m so sorry, Ali. It will all be okay.” She tightly grasped her daughter,
rocking her back and forth, over and over. They sat like that for nearly an
hour. Ali sensed her mother’s uncertainty.
Finally, she
released her grip and Ali scampered into her mother’s room, climbing up into
the big bed. Nothing was as comforting as a mother’s bed and so she managed a
small smile and curled up into a ball. If she made the ball really, really
tight, the shivering stopped. From that night on, it was how she always slept,
in a tight fetal position, impregnable and protected by her hard outer shell.
Tonight, sleep was long in coming and she so wanted to get there so she could
wake up and it would be morning—and not just any morning, but the morning of
her tenth birthday.
Lulu Astor is a New York City girl, born and bred. She met her husband at a doggie play group in Tribeca in the ‘90s and together they embarked on adventures, moving first to Chicago, where their first son was born, then on to Santa Fe, New Mexico, followed by Los Angeles, Cali. Eventually they headed back to NYC where their second son made his debut shortly thereafter.
Beginning her writing career with nonfiction, she began writing short fiction (her first love) in grad school, moving on to longer works shortly thereafter. She wrote the Complements series in 2010, and it was published on KDP in 2013. Three and a Half Weeks was initially conceived as a short story but evolved into a full-length (very full) novel as time went on.
Immersing herself in fiction (whether reading or writing) every minute possible, she also teaches writing and literature as an adjunct professor in the New York-Connecticut area where she currently resides. Her books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Goodreads. You can follow her on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter (reluctantly).


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Worth The Fall by Claudia Connor Book Tour & Giveaway





Worth The Fall
The McKinney Brothers # 1

By: Claudia Connor

Releasing September 9th, 2014




Prepare to be swept away by a talented debut author with a passionate, powerful story to tell.

They meet on a beach. . . . Abby Davis isn’t wearing a skimpy bikini or sipping umbrella drinks, not when she’s busy chasing around four little ones. And Matt McKinney isn’t looking for fun—he’s a Navy SEAL, a grown man with a long list of missions . . . and fallen brothers.

They only have a week. . . . Abby has brought her children to this beach to start over, to give them the enjoyable memories they deserve. Matt’s been sidelined by a combat injury, and haunted by the best friend he lost and the promise he made: to remain a SEAL—focused and dedicated. This leaves no time for what he’s always wanted: a family.

But a week is all it takes. . . . Matt opens her heart while Abby soothes his soul. And though they plan to say good-bye when the week is over, something magical happens on that beach, something neither can forget. Something utterly, completely worth falling for.





Josie's review

4.5 stars



Ladies, be warned this is a SWOON WORTHY BOOK, you are warned MATT McKinney is MINE!!!


Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor was such a beautiful story. The author’s writing is truly amazing. She writes in a way that had me completely invested in this story and the characters. When reading the synopsis I knew Matt was a Navy Seal but damn if this Navy Seal didn’t have me gushing like a teenager girl starting high school. Abby the leading lady was inspiring she was strong, independent and a vixen – a female character that I connected with. The author gives us a sweet and emotional feel good story of love that held my attention and made me fall in love again.


Matt McKinnely gets injured out on the field while trying to keep a promise to his friend that died. He is on vacation trying to make some sense of what happened. While he is there he spots this beautiful single pregnant mother with her four kids.   He is immediately taken by Abby’s beauty and her children. There is something in Abby that makes him feel whole, complete and even though they only have a week together they become his EVERYTHING!!! When it is time to go separate ways, he makes a promise to Abby, a promise to come back to her.


Matt has this connection with her kids that will completely melt your heart. The way that their connections are written I really felt like I was right there watching it all play out. I felt the love and special bond he had with each of them. I was swooning every time her interacted with them. I mean what woman would not swoon over a man that loves, cares and protects children that are not even his. It’s done in a way that makes you feel like – DAMN ARE YOU SURE THEY ARE NOT HIS.   Every time Matt and the kids are together it’s just so beautiful, touching, and natural. It truly touched me to my core.


“I want to build a castle with Matt.”

“Are you really going to help us build a giant castle”

“Hey, little man. Why are you wearing the beach?”

“Hey, lady buy having fun?”

“I’m dancing. Did you see me? I spinned awound eighteen twenty times.”

“Well, well I always knew you were a princess.”

“It’s Cinderella.”



Matt and Abby’s relationship was written to perfection. The buildup, the flirting, the touches, everything just developed at the perfect paced. Nothing was rushed or forced. Matt knew Abby was his everything, he knew he needed to be patient and understand with her to win her win her over. He really took his time to show her that she deserved more than she thought she did. OMG the way he was with Abby was just so darn sweet.


“I’m scared too. That you’ll tell me not to come back. That is too hard for you, for the kids.”

“You have a job, an important one. I understand.”

“You’re important. I don’t want to hurt you, baby, I swear, but please don’t ask me to let you go. Give us a chance. Give me a chance.”

Why are you here?”

“I’m here because I couldn’t stay away.”

Abby is a complicated character. She doesn’t trust anyone to keep their promises. The author took her time to describe in detail why Abby was the way she was which made it easier to relate and understand her. The way the author wrote Matt’s character you see deep into his heart. You see the struggles he has but also the love that just pours out of him. Their relationship wasn’t always easy. Abby is used to people breaking their promises to her. Matt has to learn how to keep the promise he made to his best friend without breaking the one he makes to Abby. The question is will they be able to survive the one promise Matt has to break? Will Matt loss everything? Will Abby be able forgive Matt for breaking his promise?


“Stop thinking about what could happen and hear me. I love you, and nothing and no one could keep me from you. I love those kids like they are my own. I want to be the man who protects them, who keeps the boys away from Annie and kisses Gracie’s skinned knees. I want to teach Jack and Charlie to throw and catch and build forts. I want to teach them to be strong and honest. And I love this baby that I haven’t even met, because she’s a part of you.”


There were moments when I laughed, cried (happy cry) and fell in love. I feel in love with all the characters in this book. There was not one character that I didn’t feel like I did not know on a personal level. If you want to fall in love while feeling such a strong family bond a family then this is a book you are going to want to read. I really loved this book. It was so refreshing to read. Everything I wanted and needed. Definitely one you do not want to miss out on.


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Claudia Connor attended Auburn University, where she received her undergraduate and masters degrees in early childhood education, and completed her studies in Sawbridgeworth, England. Always a lover of happy endings, she enjoys movies, reading, and spending her days putting on paper the stories in her head. She lives near Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and three daughters.
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Saving Abel by Gina Whitney Blog Tour & Giveaway

Abel Gunner, the lead singer of the band Lethal Abel, is what beautiful nightmares are made of. His gritty, melodic rasp threatens to rip your heart out of your chest and leave you gasping for the very breath he robbed you of. His kisses, detonating on impact, leave you ruined. Abel is also a Dom, and his appetite for seduction is legendary and intense. After a chance encounter with Gia, his need to dominate this woman increases tenfold. He wants to consume her, merge with her, and never leave her body.
Abel’s emerald eyes touch the deepest part of Gia’s soul in a way that terrifies her. She fears he can see her secret. Lies, guilt, and betrayal lay beneath her skin, and she’s terrified of being exposed. How will Gia ever begin to explain? She doesn’t believe she’s worthy of him, and her greatest fear is that her carefully guarded heart will be shattered. However, she finds herself unable to deny this rogue tattooed rocker whose kisses just might ruin her.
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Jodie's review4.5 stars

“I knew everybody had their own ideas about what constituted an Alpha.  To me, a man doesn’t have Alpha “tendencies”; he either is an all-out Alpha or he isn’t.  It’s that simple.  If you’re Alpha, you’re balls to the wall, with no pussy mush mixed in.  And Abel Gunner was Alpha for sure.”

HOLY S*** so this is what an Alpha really can do to you.  Abel is unlike any rock star boy I have invited into my kindle.  I truly have to start talking about him right off the bat because this man consumed me.  All I can tell you is get a fan because this man touches all the right buttons and leaves you begging your kindle to give you just one more chapter, one more word.

“I was fantasizing about taming the bad boy.  I wanted to be the one he was singing to – singing about.”

I am not lying I dreamt of this man, I was convinced he was real and I was absolutely in love.  He has everything we say we love tattoos, piercings, a filthy mouth and a heart that melts your soul.   Just his name has me closing my eyes.  From the first moment you meet this man you feel more for him.  He is all Alpha, caveman, control you with a look but he also knows what he wants, what he likes.  What his body desires.  Seriously the way Gina puts you in his head you can’t help but completely understand and want.

“You are one cocky mother******.  I’ll give you that Abel.  Put up or shut up is what I always say.”

So let me tell you if there is one thing this book did it was this.  This book definitely PUTS UP!  This is my first book by Gina Whitney and from here on out she is one that I will not be passing on.  She definitely knows how to write realness in her characters.    In fact, Gia has become one of my new favorite female characters, she doesn’t take shit, she doesn’t care if you don’t like her, she has a rough exterior but I found myself envious of it.  And when you find out her past you completely understand why she is the way she is, it’s survival.   She has an agenda and nothing will stop her!  There is definitely drama in this book and the Cliffhanger this book leaves you with almost made me puke.  This is a bad one I am not going to lie, it’s a reason I can’t give the book 5 stars, I was left with a HOLD THE …. WHAT THE H****….  OH NO, NO THAT’S JUST NOT RIGHT MOMENT!!  I’ve been left desperately wanting book 2 now.   But believe me when I say you absolutely want what I am feeling, you want to feel Abel Gunner!

“Well you got it, babe. Let’s focus on tonight.  Tonight you will be mine.  I don’t like sharing.  Are we clear?”


Chapter One
On ecru initialed paper,
the understanding was brutally clear … You’re to be blindfolded and
waiting on your knees for your master. I reread it a couple of times, my
hands shaking with both fear of the unknown and the excitement of being
delivered to the brink of aching pleasure. Man, I was fucked!
I folded the note in half,
perfectly seaming the edges while I wondered if I had bitten off more than I
could chew. The thoughts swirled cyclonically in my head, causing a fluttering
in my stomach to mount to vomit worthy levels, as I picked up the Hermes scarf.
I gently ran it along my cheek before breathing in his alpha scent. Him.
My eyes closed on their own accord, heart beating in concert with my
pussy.  My clit charged and already
primed with wetness. My inner demon-ess was scratching the surface of my
psyche, relentlessly thrashing against its confinement.
Twirling around in a sexual
dreamlike state, my eyes took in floor-to-ceiling windows, the lush, red velvet
drapes pulled back. Gasping heavily, I held my hand over my heart to keep the
fucker in there. Was he planning to take me in the open—voyeur delight?  I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Then
again, this was about surrendering. A place my control had no say. On the left
was a free-standing bar, his guitar leaning against it.  Chrystal decanters lined the top. Amber colored
courage called out to my parched throat, begging, needing something to quell
the tremors that plagued my body. I couldn’t. Could I?  Or was that breaking the rules? I couldn’t
afford to piss him off, nor did I want to. I wanted please him, to hand over the
keys to my soul for him to take up occupancy. I needed to take purchase of the
prime piece of real-estate—his heart. Old demons plagued my thoughts with their
clever mind tricks, fighting their way to the surface—sneering that I would
lose the man I’d come to love because of my deceitful heart. The mother of all
motherfucking Karma was going to bite my ass—hard. I needed to lock these
incessant, nauseating thoughts where they belonged—behind a door that had no
moral key and slam it shut.
Looking to the left, I saw
that a fire raged stunningly in a pastoral styled fireplace. Above, an erotic
portrait of Abel. It was done in simple black and white. In one hand, he held a
set of handcuffs. In the other, a red scarf—the exact red scarf I now held in
my hand. Crackling embers radiated warmth to nurture my chilled body. Perfect
spot! Unbuttoning my pants and blouse, I let them both pool at my feet. I then
took off my bra and panties. Flames licked my skin, helping gentle the goose
bumps that stepped forward across my body. Double-knotting the scarf around my
head, I lowered to my knees, thankful for the plush carpet. I sent a silent
thanks upward. God had no place here today. Today, I would be rejoicing,
reveling, and partaking in rituals practiced by heathens. Tempering my
breathing … Namaste. A shiver redirected my attention to the door as I
searched my mind to identify its source. The squeak of the door knob stopped
all thought process—all thinking.  His
innate maleness seeped into my pores, cocooning my skin in his alpha
scent—marking my heart as his. Instantly, my body recognized him. An
unwilling groan escaped, making my nether region clench in anticipation. He
“Very good. I see you
followed my directions flawlessly. I see that beautiful pussy is shaved bare
for me. This pleases me, Gia. And you will see how much very shortly. But, are
you ready for your master?  If I part
your folds will you be slick and hot for me?” His warm breath tickled my
My mouth opened and closed
a few times like a fish out of water, until I finally croaked out, “Um,
yes. I, um. I believe so, Abel.”  Christ,
why am I reduced to a stuttering adolescent? He’s fucking dangerous and hot,
that’s why! Steeling myself, I needed to woman the fuck up and show him who I
Palming my chin, he spoke
gruffly, “Love, when we’re in this setting, I am your God, bringer of pleasure
and pain.” He released me, clearly awaiting a response of praise.
“Yes, Sir. I understand
perfectly,” I affirmed. My body chilled, knowing the moment he stepped away.
The ring of the crystal decanter signaled loudly in the air. Rolling shudders
had me clenching—hard. Moments ticked by at a snail’s pace and I wanted to rip
my hair out. My frustration grew as he took his time, leaving me in a
vulnerable position. He swallowed his drink. Padding back over in my direction,
he brought that delicious signature scent of his my way.  It smelled of musk and something wild I
couldn’t put my finger on.
“I’m going to taste you
now,” he quantified. What? Christ on a motherfuckin’ cross! Two thick
fingers teased my clit, round and round, spreading my silky juices along my
seam, preparing me for his invasion. I held my breath. What else could I do?
“You smell like you want to
be fucked.” He smiled appreciatively. “Breathe, Gia. Your God would like to sample
you. I want to commit your taste to memory. Savor you on my tongue. Swallow
your goodness,” he rasped, leaning into my ear. I wanted to scream just do
it already
. His scruffy beard ran along my face, leaving his mouth against
my ear. Every breath, every heartbeat, every swallow was mine. I had a front
row seat to an erotic movie that I starred in.
Holding my shoulders firmly
with his left hand, he roughly entered my opening. One breath in, one long
breath out. 
With precision, he
inserted two fingers inside me, keeping his thumb on my trigger. I ground
against his palm.
“You will not come. Yet.
Stay still or I’ll stop,” he affirmed.
Well, that did it! I needed release and I needed it now. Fuck.
Squeezing my eyes tightly, I was thankful for the blindfold. He had to see how
challenging this was for me. With a final, stretching thrust, he vacated my
pussy. The scent of my juices permeated the air, releasing another gush of
wetness. His sucking sound ended with a loud pop, followed by a growl of
“Taste.” He fisted my hair,
driving his fingers into my open mouth.
“Taste how sweet your pussy
is?” he queried. I had the perfect opportunity to bring him to his knees. My
tongue languidly snaked its way around his fingers, sucking greedily any
remaining ambrosia—with my own kickass resounding pop. Umm… I purred my
A seismic roar rumbled its
way free from his alpha chest. Oh, he was affected. Breaking dominate control
momentarily, he lunged forward and fisted my hair, his tongue forcing my mouth
open. Damn this Dom! My lungs fought for air. My hands braced against
his muscled chest, alive with the vibrations from the beast tethered
within—Abel. Dizziness threatened to take me under. Pulling air into my nose, I
took a breath. Consuming me from the inside out, he didn’t let up. Apparently,
my survival was to be damned. My brain had only registered oxygen. Now I needed
to return his kiss. My hands found their way up his neck into his thick
hair.  Grabbing a fistful of it, I
pulled. He answered my call with his masterful tongue and gnashing teeth.
Needing his cock in my pussy now, I reached for it, feeling its thick
steeliness through his jeans. He gently removed my hands.  Disappointed, I lowered my head, taking the
opportunity to nourish my blood with oxygen. He forced my hands behind my back.
I adjusted my position on the floor with the balls of my feet to steady myself.
“You have to earn that,
babe. You haven’t earned my cock yet. And he has a bigger ego than I do.” He
chuckled as he stood up, leaving me again. Was he serious? His dick had an
The sound of drawers
opening and closing to my left had me turning my head in that direction. My
legs tingled with anticipation and lack of activity. I hoped I wasn’t going to
be on my knees too much longer. The snap of something caught my immediate
attention. Licking my dry lips, swallowing the golf ball sized knot, I readied
myself. Sweet-smelling leather assailed my senses.
“Do you know what the cat
o’nine tails is, Gia?” he asked. I did some Googling before this night,
so I wouldn’t be ignorant to basic BDSM—knots, whips, and positions 101. I
schooled myself quickly.
“Yes, Sir. A traditionally
favored whip with nine separate tails,” I qualified. Quirking a smile, I
awaited his answer. He answered by running the tails along my breasts … down to
my pussy … snapping my clit to attention. Over and over again, my body became
acquainted with this new form of torture. Legs shaking, I thrust myself
to an upright position, hoping this little exercise would stop this
embarrassing bodily display of minor earthquakes. No such luck. My body wanted
to surrender to its master. My breathing ratcheted to panic-attack levels. An
explosion of epic proportions was near. Whack!—across my behind. Ow!  “Fuck me!”
“Not nearly yet,
sweetheart. That nice shade of red on your ass is making me hard as fuck,
though,” he countered. Well, that’s not how I really meant it, but that’s
exactly what I wanted—right the fuck now. He was turned on. And that turned me
on. If his lash marks on my skin do it for him, I think, then so be it.
“I want to taste you,
master. It’s only fair.” I was practically whining: throw me a fucking bone.
This BDSM shit was killing me. I’m not a patient person by nature. So I
deserved a reward for the restraint I had shown. The sound of his zipper
lowering caught my attention. The lava started to trickle down my legs again.
“Is this what you want,
pretty girl?” He stepped up, smearing his pre-cum on my lips. I moaned
embarrassingly loud.
“Yes! More!” I demanded. He
presented his cock to my tongue.  It
stroked something unfamiliar. Was it a piercing? Bracing myself on his thick
thighs, I fished for the object. Yep, he was pierced. Fuck me.
I expertly lavished it with
my tongue, paying homage to this rock god. Maybe his cock deserved its own zip
code? This was a locale I wanted to move to—like, now. Pushing forward,
I sought his engorged bell. Licking, flickering, and tonguing at break-neck
speed to the best of my ability, I made him roar. He ripped the scarf off,
freeing my eyes from their prison. Sight was returned—though I couldn’t see a
fucking thing. Squinting, I looked up toward his beautiful face; it was twisted
in agony. He needed release. His eyes sparking with warning, he looked as if
his thread-like hold on reality was virtually nonexistent. A sardonic smile
pulled on his lips as he continued stroking his cock. Up. Down. Up. Twist.
Down. Release. Up. Twist. Down. Release. His left hand squeezed his tightened
sack roughly, his eyes glistening. His tongue snaked out to wet his plump lips.
His sooty-lashed eyes closed for a moment as he blew out a long breath,
battling for control. I gulped—hard. Something sparkly caught my upturned eyes,
bringing my gaze back to his sack.
“Like what you see, babe?”
He smiled proudly. It was then I noticed his tatted dick. Whoa. His cock was a
kaleidoscope of vivid colors. The body of the dragon was done in green with the
underside in orange scales, running the entire length of his cock, ending with
the dragon’s head on his dick-head. His Apadravya shined brightly against the
dragon’s head, looking like it was coming out of its mouth. His Mons
provided the backdrop for the wings. I didn’t have enough time at the moment to
quell my fascination. He was a work of art that I intended to worship
fully.  I was over-stimulated visually,
tilting my head awkwardly left, then right. What was that? I wasn’t
naïve. I knew there were guys who pierced the head of their dick. Shit. One was
right in front of me. But all along the dragon’s scaled underside were generous
loops. Can’t say I ever saw that or even heard of that before.
“It’s called frenum loops,
or Jacob’s ladder, babe. The one through my head is an Apadravya. You’ll be
thanking me soon for it.” His toothy smile made me blush at my naïveté. He took
my lip-licking as a signal for further instruction in How to Suck Abel’s Cock
“Relax. Open real wide. Get
it nice and wet,” he instructed. Relaxing my gag reflex, I readied my throat
for his invasion. Not only did I have to worry about his girth, but his
hardware as well. My mouth was desert-dry, so I pursed my lips to conjure up
enough saliva to get the job done. The wide tip of his cock made its way past
my lips, netting a groan from me of appreciation for this male. I lavished the
small beads of pre-come on my tongue, relishing his heady taste. God damn. His
hooded eyes caught mine as I acquiesced. I closed my eyes and sucked his head
hard with a quick swirl around his Apadravya. I spit into my palm, pumping his
cock once. Twice. A throaty groan made my clit swell. I loved his male sounds.
I knew I was doing this right. I wanted more. More of him. More of that
noise. Widening my mouth even further, I took his cock deeply. Paying close
attention to his Jacob’s ladder with my tongue. The jingling within my mouth
had me shuddering. Up. Down. Twist. Suck. Tongue. Up. Down. Twist. Suck. Gag.
Up. Down. Twist. Suck. Gag. His fingers found their home deeply embedded in my
scalp, the pain making my eyes mist. Licking from base to tip, I was on repeat.
His eyes bore into me, watching me intently, appreciatively.
Though I didn’t see him
watching me, I knew he was. One final, swirling suck. I let my lips pop loudly.
Making jerking sounds of wetness, I tried the impossible:  to swallow him. Breathing through my
nose, I watched. He watched. I swallowed. The thickness of his cock swelling
was all the indication I needed. He was ready to blow—hard. My throat relaxed
and opened to accommodate his girth further. Abel hissed his thankfulness by thrusting
deeply. Once. Twice. Three times. He growled loudly, face-fucking me into
oblivion. Surprising even myself, I swallowed his gift of spicy goodness,
humming my appreciation to this deity. Swallowing it down and suck-tonguing his
Apadravya, I inwardly smiled as I milked every last drop of elixir.
With a final groan I fell
back and let the fibers of the rug absorb my fatigue. Mentally and physically,
I was wiped out. I rubbed my fingers through the filaments, trying
desperately to soothe my restless soul. At the moment, I didn’t care where his
was or what he was doing. His gentle fingers caressed my cheek. I closed my
eyes, savoring his touch.
“Oh, babe, we’re not done.
Come, I’ll carry you to my bedroom.” He bent and scooped me up. Swaddled in his
arms, I caught the look in his hooded eyes. A few long strides, and we were in
his bedroom. He gently laid me on his king size bed, then stepped back.
“I’m gonna take a quick
shower. Care to join?” He motioned his hand to the bathroom in invitation.
“Nah, I’m good here for
now. You go. If I change my mind, I’ll find you.” I smiled sleepily.
He nodded and left through
the en-suite. Raising myself up to my forearms, I took in his room. So this
is his room here.
Monochromatic black and white made up a majority of his
palate choice, aside from his poppy-red, silk shantung comforter. Everything
was simple, yet elegant. It was clear to me that Abel sought home comforts and
swathed the hotel room with his possessions. I guess a life on the road was a
lonely one. Cocooning myself in the lush bedding, I concluded there was no
better place. And no better thing than his scent. Lord above, if I could
bottle his essence, I’d be a wealthy chick.
Grabbing his pillow, I brought it to my nose, inhaling his heady alpha
scent. A groan escaped me, and my clit was beyond engorged, it needed release. I
needed to steal this pillow
“Enjoying yourself?” he
asked, his smile reaching his eyes. I cursed inwardly. Busted. He
abruptly reached for my legs and pulled me across the bed. Holy shit.
His eyes were alit with mischief. He pulled until my bottom was at the end of
the bed. I laid there naked and started to feel self-conscious. I turned to
grab the edge of the comforter.
“Don’t hide your body from
me, Gia. Spread your legs for me. I want to see what’s mine. I want to taste
your nectar,” he commands and I obey, spreading my legs. When he doesn’t
respond, I get anxious. There’s a mirror on the wall next to the bed and I can
see my reflection. What a turn on. Me watching him—us–as his eyes devoured my
pussy. He removed his towel from his waist and turned to see me watching
tentatively through the mirror. He grabbed hold of his thick cock, stroking and
smiling as he watched me for a good long-ass minute. It was one big mind
fuck—and I could barely hold my own. My blood boiled while I watched his erotic
exhibition. Boy, was he a showman. He knelt down and seized both my thighs,
pulling them back into a V across my chest. The image of us in the mirror is
suggestive. He pressed his nose along my pussy, inhaling deeply.
“You’ve got such a pretty
pussy, Gia. I’m a man starved for this pussy. When I’m done, I’m going to fuck
you like the devil. My cock will be everything you’ve wished for, babe!” He
winked. Cocky motherfucker. Holding my legs in place, he dove face-first
into my pussy, pushing his tongue deep inside me—growling, devouring. The
sounds of him sucking, licking, and nipping my pussy had my muscles locking up.
I reached for his hair. I needed to touch him. I wanted to hold his head to my
pussy until I was good and ready to let go.
“Gia, put your damn hands
above your head or I will tie you to the bed,” he growled. I acquiesced. I
would fucking die or kill someone if he stopped. Oh God, don’t stop.
“God has no place here,
babe.” His voice was demonic. Did I just say that aloud? Never lifting his face
from his meal, he pushed my knees almost flush against my chest, lathering his
face in my juice. Oh, God. His growling, biting, and sucking were sounds
I would never forget. He was feral. Possessed. Using two fingers, he started
finger fucked me as he sucked my clit. My legs were shaking with deep
vibrations and I started to rock my hips. Twisting the comforter in my hands, I
started to scream my release. He didn’t stop. I barely registered the rumbling
from his chest as I floated back down to earth. My eyes opened to a savage
beast, leaning over to bite my inner thing. I yelped in surprise. He stood tall
and proud, stoking his long, thick, massive cock; his face still glistening
with my cum. Nothing registered to this alpha. He had one thing on his mind and
that was sinking his gorgeous cock into my soaked pussy.
“You want this cock now,
babe?” he asked through gritted teeth.
Still stroking his cock, he spit in his hand. Fucking hell.
“Please, Abel. I want you
now,” I begged. I needed him now.
“Need to hear you say it,
babe. Tell me you want me to sink my cock deep into you.” His voice was barely
The grit in his tone had me
wanting to grab his dick and fuck myself with it. He was watching me closely,
his control threadbare.
“Abel, fuck me with that
big gorgeous cock of yours. Grind that piercing over my clit,” I hissed. That
did it! He couldn’t wait another minute—neither could I. He teased the entrance
with the head of his cock. Going agonizingly slow, he paid special attention to
my clit with his Apadravya; back and forth, round and round. The pressure
mounted. I couldn’t handle another second of the exquisite torture. I leaned
forward and grabbed his cock—hard.
“Stop fucking with me,
fucker, and fuck me already,” I pleaded. He answered by feeding me his cock—one
motherfucking inch at a time.
“I have to loosen you up a
bit. I can’t go balls deep yet. Let me work myself in there. Love my girls
greedy for my cock. Gets me harder than fucking stone,” he growled
breathlessly. Leaning over me, his eyes hooded, he fed me his delicious,
scorching cock. He leaned down over my face, arms positioned on either side of
my head. His warm breath hummed in my ear as his hand reached down to stroke my
“Come on, babe. Open for
me,” he rumbled. His thrusting became a bit harder and quicker, and I felt my
body opening up for this mythical creature. My eyes closed tightly and I tried
to wrap my legs around his waist to lock him in place.
“Not yet, babe. I haven’t
worked in my rings yet. I’ll tell you when you need to hang on.” He nipped my
ear. I sighed. Fuck, I thought he was all the way in. Christ, I’m not built for
this kind of torment. I reached down to his butt cheeks and clamped down with
my hands, pulling him deeper into me. He corkscrewed his ass over and over. I
screamed my pleasure.
“That’s it, mama. Scream
for me. You’ll be doing a lot more of that,” he exclaimed. Biting my lip to
stay present and not float away, I took a mental screenshot of this moment. I
felt so full. My walls stretched to accommodate his girth. With each thrust, he
sank deeper. And I fell a little harder. Yeah, I was fucked. Literally. The
sound of my blood pumping through my veins roared in my ears. I couldn’t tell
if it was my breathing or his that echoed around me. It was a hodgepodge of
ecstasy. He placed his hands over mine, pinning them above my head.
“Arch your back for me,
babe, and spread those pretty legs nice and wide. I’m going to own this pussy
right the fuck now,” he hissed. I did as he asked, completely submitting. After
all, this was what he asked for: complete and utter submission.
“That’s it, babe. Offer me
that sweet cunt,” he whispered. How did he make my least favorite word sound like
a fucking sonnet? I felt so incredible—so alive, our bodies in tune with one
another, rutting rhythmically in a crescendo of lust. His frenum rings hitting
spots I’ve never sensed before, he manipulated my body with expert precision. I
regarded his handsome face, relishing this beautiful man on top of me. His eyes
bore into me with stealth precision. Looking directly into my soul, he smiled
wickedly, then kissed me deeply. Arrogant prick. Yeah, he knew he was
the best ride in town. Fuck me.
Grinding my heels into the
mattress to get better leverage, I met him thrust for thrust. He moved his
fingers from my clit. With his other hand still pinning my arms above my head,
he pushed my right thigh up from under my knee. Just then, he hit a whole new
angle and I lost it. Screaming his name, I clenched my pussy, squeezing his
cock. As he jack-hammered me, I felt his head swell further. He released my
hands, rushing to his knees. After a few long strokes of his dick, his hot,
thick ropes of cum painted my tits and stomach. Yeah, he was an artist, all
right. His eyes were closed, his mouth parted. His breathing was hurried, his
body still. He looked like a fucking god—absolutely stunning. I will never get
this image out of my head.
He finally opened his
eyes—to see his handiwork, watching me closely. I smiled in post-coital bliss.
I was blissed the fuck out. He leaned over and on top of me, kissing me with
his full lips, coaxing my mouth open with his talented, wicked tongue, and not
caring that his cum was smeared all over his body. Most men would mind. But he wasn’t
most men.  I accepted with a moan.
He kissed me for a long
while until sleep drew me under. I slept without dreams, with just the
sensation floating behind my eyes of colorful, pastel swirls. I barely had a
conscious thought; it felt much akin to Alice and the rabbit hole. My body was
enveloped in his scent, marking me right down to the bone. I would forever be
his—whether he knew it or not. His to control. His to do with as he wished. His
to consume, to eat away at my very soul. I was in that deep. My veins ran with
his essence, the fuel, the nourishment that my body craved. His melodic gritty
voice carried me to the surface of consciousness. It was faint, but spoke to my
heart—awakening me. I opened my eyes, seeking him out. He was singing an
acappella version of …? What song was that? I knew it wasn’t one of Lethal
Abel’s. I listened keenly, searching for any frame of reference. Oh, I knew
what it was!  It was his cover of “Dark
Horse.” His had an edge to it. Nonetheless, it was beautiful.  And more importantly, it was quintessential
Abel. He mastered everything he did. It was always on his terms.
“Make me your cupid—
Make me your one and only
But don’t make me your
enemy, your enemy, your enemy
So you wanna play with
Girl, you should know what
you’re falling for
Baby, do you dare to do
‘Cause I’m coming at you
like a dark horse
Are you ready for a perfect
storm, a perfect storm?
‘Cause once you’re mine,
there’s no going back …”
(Listen to OLN’s version of
Dark Horse here:
Oh, God. His version of reality was quickly becoming mine. I
laid back down and let his voice pull me back under again, swathing me in his
gravelly tones—carrying me to him.
Brody Haight – Follow on Facebook
**COMING: October 20, 2014**

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I grew up reading Judy Blume, and Nancy Drew books. I was raised in the town of North Valley Stream, New York(Long Island), and attended community college for fashion design. At 19 years old I opened a boutique. Recently, I published my second novel Beautiful Lies(erotica). Saving Abel(Erotic-Rock-Romance) will be my third and will be published June 30th. When I’m not writing, you can find me with friends and family. I live in Massapequa, NY with my two beautiful boys PJ and Drew, and our Mastiff Hercules. Reading has always been a passion and obsession. You can usually find me typing furiously while shouting obscenities over my latest WIP. My guilty pleasures are: a good laugh, being snarky, espresso, Pistachio ice-cream, alternative music, sunflower seeds, I.P.A’s, Twizzlers, and above all steamy swooning angst filled novels. I’m pathologically obsessed with True Blood(Eric ;), Games of Thrones, White Queen, Vampire Diaries, Resurrection, and The Originals. If you’d like to chat. Hit me up on Facebook or twitter.


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** BOOK HIGHLIGHT ** First Match by Lynn Silver

Title: First Match

Author: Lynne Silver

Series: Coded for Love Prequel

Genre: Adult, Fantasy Romance

Publication: September 22nd, 2014

Allison Macclesfield wants—no needs—to be a rock star, and what better decade to do it in than the ‘80s? Music is her passion. She’s got her future mapped out. Move to New York, find a job, audition to be lead singer in a band.

Plans don’t include giving it all up for Peter Shepard, the sexiest guy she’s ever met. He’s nothing like the guys she’s known. Peter’s life is full of mystery, and though they believe they’re a perfect match, she can have him or her rock star dreams. But not both.

Purchase on Amazon for just 99¢!
Peter leaned in until their faces were inches apart. “I am nothing like the other guys you know.  If my life were my own, I’d buy you a house in the suburbs and marry you and make babies. But I don’t have that to offer you, and, trust me, you don’t want what I have to offer.”
“Marriage? Babies? We’ve known each other two days. And I’m going to—”
“New York. I know,” he said almost bitterly. “You’re going to be the next Blondie, and I will not stand in your way.”
“Then what do we have?”
“This,” he said, and leaned in to find her mouth and take her in a deep kiss. As soon as his lips touched hers, all her fear and anger morphed quickly into passion, and she tugged him down to deepen the kiss. Just like at the concert, their passion exploded into an inferno. His large body pushed her willingly back into her mattress, and the comforter crushed up between them as an unwanted barrier.
She couldn’t get enough of his mouth and ached for more. “Get under here,” she ordered and tugged the blanket out from between their bodies. She heard him kicking off his boots and she sat up to yank her extra-large T-shirt over her head. Her panties were next. Peter stood next to the bed, ripping off his clothes silently and quickly.



Romance author, Lynne Silver, writes the popular Coded for Love series and other hot contemporary romance novels, such as Love, Technically. Before writing romance, she wrote fiction of a different sort, drafting press releases for technology corporations. Washington DC is her home (non) state, where she resides with her husband and two sons. She is represented by literary agent, Jessica Alvarez of Bookends LLC.

** NEW RELEASE ** Tell me you LOVE ME by Julie Prestsater


Tell Me You Love Me

 by Julie Prestsater


Stay. Stay with me. Stay here. Stay close. Stay like this forever. Stay as happy as I am right here in your arms, always.

*        *        *

All I’ve ever wanted was to be loved, but if this is what true love is…I’m not so sure I want it anymore. It also makes me wonder if any of my memories of our once happy marriage are even real. Maybe I just conjured up the fairy tale in my head because I wanted…no…needed it so much. Who the hell knows?

“Molly just called to remind you about your book club meeting this afternoon.” He turns away. “I told her you’ve never missed a meeting and I doubt today would be any different.”

The door shuts behind him before I let a smile creep across my lips. Instantly, the hurt from this morning flees my mind and I feel nothing but giddiness. I have a book club meeting today, and let’s just say it’s not your everyday book club.

Sure, my husband may never truly love me again…but who needs love when you’re about to get an eyeful of hot firemen?

*        *        *

Tell Me You Love Me is the first in a four-book series called Fire Me Up—a sweet romantic comedy series about a group of sassy neighborhood women who have a serious love for steamy romance novels and sexy firemen. Lucky for them the local firehouse is just a few steps away and is in no shortage of hot firefighters to fill their wild imaginations.

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“Nice to meet you, Lizzy.” I know the other guys called her Liz, but with her sweet face, smile, and that sassy mouth Liz doesn’t do her justice. Yeah, that mouth has me thinking all sorts of other things about her. I take her soft hand in mine and hold onto it a little bit longer than I should.

“Hey, Ryan. Welcome to the club.” Her eyes linger on mine for a few seconds. She’s the first to look away and I’m happy for it because I don’t know that I could have. I sure didn’t want to let go of her hand. I haven’t felt the stare of a woman in a long time, but I know when one is checking me out, and she definitely was. Not only that, but she likes that I’m looking at her too. I can tell. I can sense it with her uneven breaths and the flush of her cheeks. That sort of thing does a lot for a man’s ego and I welcome it.

She’s had me on edge since we first reached the midway point to the top of the hill. I observed each of the women as soon as we walked up and she’s the one who completely held my attention. Her long deep auburn hair, pulled high in a loose ponytail. Her green eyes bright and playful. The other women looked too made up and appeared to have spent time at the salon before coming out today. But not Lizzy, she’s so relaxed like she’s ready to head out for a day at the ball field.

I like that about her.

And I also liked her talking about my cock, if we’re being honest. Fuck if that doesn’t have me thinking about her mouth again.

Most women would prefer to use a different word, but cock slides off her tongue like a pro. I glance at her pink lips and instantly my pants tighten, wondering if she can handle more than just the word.

I grasp the cold water in my hand hoping it will act like a iced cold shower for my overactive hormones. It’s been longer than I can remember since a woman has had this effect on me.

“Okay, enough dick talk.” Austin tosses a few strawberries into his mouth. “Drink up, fellas. We gotta hump it.”

“I thought we were done with the dick talk,” the older one says. I think her name is Molly. “Men, I tell you. It always comes back to your peckers.”

I shake my head at that one as the rest of the group chuckles. Ain’t that the truth. For most men, it’s been about our junk since the first time we jacked off. Shit, maybe longer. My mom says she’d always catch me sleeping with my hand in my pants from the moment I graduated to big boy pajamas. Her choice of words, not mine. She still loves to tease me about it.

We toss our bottles into the recycling bin and pull our Air Packs onto our backs before heading out.

“Bye bye, boys,” Lizzy says. I turn back to steal a look at her again. The other women are chatting with each other, but not her. She’s looking at me too.


author bio


Julie is a high school teacher by day, and a writer by night. She writes both young adult and adult romances. When she’s not writing, she can be found out and about with her family, reading, and watching football. As a reading intervention teacher, she prides herself on matching her students with great books to encourage them to become life-long readers.

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My Most Precious One by Evangelene Blog Tour & Giveaway

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Alexia, Lexi to all her friends, lived her life her way. Even if it meant putting aside her dreams and dealing with her overbearing mother. She loved the world she had created for herself as a waitress in a chic Montréal bistro. Until one day a businessman comes into the bistro and challenges the life she’s come to love.

She’s caught between her desire for him and the desire to protect what she herself has created. He is domineering and strong with all his wealth and power, as he unapologetically pursues her.

Should she give in? Should she set aside who she is and be with him in his world?

Lukas Blakk is exactly what Lexi has always wanted but the man has a past that Lexi might not be ready for.



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He stood in front of my little Mini, watching me. I backed up to try to move around him, but he kept thwarting my efforts. Fuck this. I moved the gear into neutral and got out of the car, slamming my door.

What the fuck are you doing?” I snapped at him. He took two steps and towered over me. He was so damn close I could feel the heat that came off him. There was nowhere for me to go as he inched closer. I moved back and had to lean up against my car door.

“Careful how you speak to me,” he said, his voice low and controlled. I’m sorry, did I miss something? My mind did a double take.

“You have to be kidding me, right?” I asked, astounded by his behaviour. I didn’t dare look away. I wanted him to see how angry I was. He loomed over me, glaring. I could see his chest rising up and down. He was angry. I couldn’t believe it.

“Back off, sir, I’m not in the fuckin’ mood,” I hissed. He placed both his hands on the roof of my car, cradling my body between them.

He leaned in that much closer and whispered, “You feel it…I know you do.” I swallowed hard as his eyes fused me to him. I had a hard time breathing. I was losing myself to this man I hardly knew. I wanted what my body craved, but my mind fought like fuckin’ hell to protect me.

“N—no,” I stammered. “You’re mistaken. I don’t understand, nor do I care about what you’re feeling.” He leaned in closer, his presence taking over my space. His divine smell overpowered my senses. Neither one of us moved or made a sound, only the music from my Mini surrounded us, Portishead’s “Glory Box.” It was as though that song sang to me, damn it.

Both us of stood, waiting for the other. I didn’t want this. It was already too complicated, and I didn’t think the little confidence I had could take on a man like him. I raised my hand to his chest and began pushing him away.

“Move, Lukas,” I murmured. His perfectly shaped lips disappeared into a thin line. He moved enough so I could finally get into my car. I put it into first gear, changing the song so I wouldn’t hear it anymore, and drove away. The Smith’s “Charming Man” started and I was all for it.

I looked back through my rearview mirror and saw Lukas still standing in the middle of the road watching me drive away.




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Meet the Author


Evangelene was born and raised in Montreal Canada. She currently lives with her husband who at times drives her nuts. She has been studying Classical Civilization and Linguistics at Concordia University for over ten years. The pull of the ancient world was too great for her to let go, so she continues her education to feel closer to the world she identifies with.

She reads nonstop, devouring books like its food, loving the feeling of being lost in a world that another author has created.

Evangelene started writing her stories ten years ago to express and bring to life all the wonderful characters that inhabit her imagination. She writes for herself and invites readers to join her journey.




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Love, Always by Yessi Smith Blog Tour & Givaway

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Title: Love, Always
Author: Yessi Smith
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 14

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**This book is intended for a mature reading audience and isn’t suitable for readers under the age of 17.**

In love with a man on the brink of greatness, Dee has her life figured out. The love they share is comparable only to the love they feel when they find out Dee is pregnant. Josh and Dee welcome their future together with eagerness as they plan a wedding, baby, and the upcoming tour for Josh’s band Wasted Circle. Big things are finally happening.

During Wasted Circle’s first big show, tragedy strikes leaving Dee alone. The life her and Josh planned for ends up being nothing but desolate promises. Unable to watch his best friend’s girlfriend drown under her own despair any longer, Adam steps in to help Dee cope with her loss and the upcoming birth of her baby. Adam is patient, kind and unrelenting. He stands by her side, never faltering despite his growing desire to be more than Dee’s supportive shoulder and the idea that he is betraying Josh. He refuses to give up on Dee and remains loyally by her side even when she admits herself into a psychiatric ward and he is left to father Josh and Dee’s baby.

But even sweet and sturdy Adam has his limits.




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I reach my trembling fingers down and feel the sticky wax between my legs. I rub the strip back over the wax, hoping it’ll stick this time, to no avail.

This isn’t happening. Please, this can’t possibly be happening.

I reach for the package the wax came in and with it in my hand. I sit on the toilet lid, reading to see if there’s any emergency instructions. Nope. Nada.

Maybe warm water. I go to stand up to run a warm bath, but am barely able to inch upward.

I’m stuck to the toilet lid! With my hands on my face, I start to laugh until tears pour out of my eyes. I’ve glued myself to the damn toilet!

“Hayley!” I yell through my hands and tremble in laughter when she peeks in.

“What is it, babe?” She rushes to my side with worry seeping through her pores, which causes me to laugh harder. She rubs her hand over my back trying to console me until I can contain myself.

“I’m not crying.” I wipe the tears from my face and she arches her eyebrows at me. “Okay, I am crying, but I’m fine. Or I will be. I just need your help.”

I explain my dilemma to her, and within seconds she is lying by my side on the floor in hysterics. At least I keep my life amusing.

“Okay,” she breathes. “Okay. Maybe the package.” She picks it up, but I tell her I’ve already read through it. “Did you follow the instructions?”

“I let it cool down a bit too much I think,” I admit. “Maybe if I run a warm bath it’ll come off.”

“So we just need to get you off the toilet.”

I nod. “First run the bath.”

“We need a first aid kit. Just in case.”


A first aid kit. For my inner butt. I should probably blog about this.

Hayley leaves me as she searches for my stash of antiseptic and band aids. Maybe she’ll find my pride along with it.

She returns quickly with a handful of crap and a big grin on her face. “You’re tweeting about this, aren’t you?”

I shrug. “No such thing as TMI on social media.”

Hayley puts her hand under my arm and we nod at each other. “Count of three,” she whispers. “One, two, three.”

With her help, I stand up hard, taking the toilet lid with me. Well at least I’m no longer stuck to the whole toilet.

Hayley looks at me, and I’m afraid I’m going to burst into real tears. I have a toilet lid stuck to my ass.

“Well, there’s a fashion statement.” Hayley grins, and I gently sit back down with my new appendage.

“Think Adam will notice?” I smile back.

“He’ll probably think you’ve been swiping fast food when he’s not looking.”

“What am I gonna do, Hayley?” I half-laugh, half-cry into my hands.

“I have an idea.”

I follow her into my bedroom and hold onto the bed frame as instructed while I wait for her to pull the lid off.

“Count of three?” she asks and I shake my head.

“Surprise me.” I close my eyes and grip my bed tightly.

Surprise me she does when she yanks the lid clean off, breaking it into two pieces, and lands on her butt. I’m too tired to yell from the pain, but manage a few giggles when I see my friend holding the broken lid triumphantly over her head like some warped version of the Incredible Hulk.

I reach between my legs again and whimper when I feel the glue still there.

“That’s what the warm water’s for,” she reminds me.

“But what if I get stuck to the bottom of the tub?”

“Don’t let your ass touch the bottom, stupid.”

“I’m not the one holding two broken pieces of a dirty toilet, asshole.”

Hayley drops the lid with a hard thud and glares at me. “Who glued themselves to that same toilet, dipshit?”

“You girls okay?” Max calls through the door.

“Yes,” we sing in unison and start to laugh once again.

“Warm bath.” I nod, hoping I remember not to let my ass touch the bottom.

“You want a wash cloth?” she asks, but then laughs, probably picturing it stuck to me as well.

I step into the tub on weak knees and exhale slowly as I get ready to not quite sit in the tub.

“Oil!” Hayley exclaims, pulling me out of my tub. She reaches for the box and dumps the rest of the contents on my bathroom countertop, squealing when the small tube of oil falls out.

“I’m an idiot.”

“World class jackass,” she agrees.

“Out.” I push her towards the door but she plops herself on the floor adamant to see the grand finale of this performance.

I glare at her without much vehemence. I’m far too excited to see if the oil will work. I rub my fingers together with the oil and run them over the glue, which miraculously begins to dissolve.

I shriek in delight, pouring more oil all over my hand and enthusiastically rid myself of the wax while Hayley snorts behind me.

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Josie's review


4.5 stars


Love Always by Yessie Smith was an amazing book. The author did such an amazing job with this read. The author touches on so many topics in this book that took me an emotional journey. I cried, I laughed and I even got angry but most of all I wanted to jump in the book and hug Adam and Dee. The prologue grabbed me, tugged at my heart and I knew that the author was going to take me on a really deep and emotional journey. You know when you read a prologue and you just know that this book is going to be a GREAT BOOK – that is what I got from reading the prologue.


Dee has her life figured out, she is pregnant by the love her of life Josh, drummer for Waster Circle. Josh and Dee truly love each other and the news of Dee’s pregnancy does not upset him. He wants to take care of Dee and raise their child. You will fall in love with Josh and Dee’s relationship. The author lets readers see that what they have is special and unique.


“I want to take care of you. I want to take care of our baby. I swear on everything holy, I’ll take care of both of you.”

“You don’t have to swear by anything, babe. I already know.”


Adam and Josh are best friends. Adam has had a troubled and traumatizing past, but with Josh and Dee he has found the family he’s always wanted. Things are going good for the friends and the band, that is until tragedy strikes and everything changes. Josh and Adam have a really good friendship, knowing that things are not going to go according to plan, Josh turns to his best friend and has Adam promise him that he will take care of Dee and their baby. It was heart breaking to watch Dee struggle and battle with the loss, her troubled past and parents who do not care for their child.


Dee is really in a bad way (and that understandable) but this is where Adam steps up to the plate. Adam has such a traumatizing past and he is still affected by it but he steps in to take care of Dee. God I love Adam, he was patient, caring and supportive to Dee and for the child. So much so that Dee agrees to let Adam raise the baby as his own.


“Dee, sweetie you can’t keep on like this. This isn’t a life.”

“You’re right. My life ended with Josh.”

“You’ll let me be a part of the baby’s life? Can I be the dad? Josh loved you Dee. He wanted you and that baby to have a family.”

“To not be broken. Of course Adam. I can’t believe you’d even think otherwise. ”


I really enjoyed how the author gives Adam’s POV in his dialogue; his thoughts are intense, powerful and over whelming. Considering what he went through as a child, the author gave readers a character that is lovable, strong and loyal despite his true feelings.


“I promised Josh I’d watch over them and I’m trying, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t hard. The more time spend with Dee, the more desperation for her grows.”


Dee’s character is complicated, the author shows readers what she is going through and to be honest, I felt sorry for her and understood her emotional state. Dee is dealing with depression and postpartum depression. You feel for the woman, honest to god you are going to want to wrap her up and hug her. After Dee gives birth she knows something is truly wrong with her and she does something that only a really strong woman will do, she checks herself into the Psychiatric ward to get help.


“I think I need to check myself in. I just had a baby. But I’ve been battling depression for months. I want to die. I don’t want my baby. I can’t even look at her. I don’t feel anything but this sadness. It takes over everything till I can’t see past it. I can’t do this anymore.”



Adam once again steps up the plate and takes care of the baby while Dee is getting the help she needs. Adam is on tour and enlists the help of a Nanny to help him with the care of the baby. Hold on ladies because this nanny is a slurry troll mole. Dee is trying to be normal and be there for her child and decides its best not to bring Adam and the band down and goes off on her own to raise the baby. Adam, knowing that he can’t have what his heart truly loves, turns to this Amber. Dee is having a hard time dealing with her feelings for Adam and the loss of Josh. She pushes Adam away hoping he can find the happiness she can’t give him. With the help of news found friends, Dee is able to work on herself and her emotional state of mind. She decides she going to take back what is truly hers, Amber be damned.


I’m so sorry, but that ass is mine.”

“Is this ass really yours?”

“Yeah, at least I want it to be.”

“You can have more than the ass you know.”


Can Adam and Dee find love and have the life they have always loved? Will Dee be able to claim her life back? Will Adam ever have the one and only thing his heart wants? Things are going to get even rougher for Adam and Dee. People are not going to make their lives easy, and they are going to have to fight like they never have fought before. I loved that the author created two characters who didn’t lie down when they were dealt with bad hands that really affected their lives. Read Love always, this books will take you on an emotional journey with so many ups and downs, high and lows and Kleenex moments. Best of all you are going to want to go all kitty-kat on Amber and take out the claws (Be prepared). This is a must read. One you will not be disappointed in.




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the cursed

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Author Bio


Yessi Smith

I’m a Hispanic living in South Florida with my redneck husband from Texas and our “half breed” son, who is actually the reason I started writing again after years of celibacy. My son loves stories, but not the kind you can read in an existing book. No, he’d rather make up a story, complete with our own illustrations. So, thank you, Son, for igniting a flame I had let go out.
I also live with two dogs: a neurotic Border Collie we call Nitro and a midget Rottweiler named Nisa.
I have always found my sanctuary at the beach and in music and writing. I wish I could write rhymes so I could become a famous rapper, but rhyming is completely lost on me. My son surpassed me in the rhyming game by the time he was four. This is something I am very proud of.
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. I have held several jobs, from picking up dog poop to upper management positions. And now I am hoping to leave the business world behind so I can live full time in a world that does not exist until I place my fingers on a keyboard and bring them to fruition.
I published my first book Life’s A Cappella last year.

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a cappella series




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Amazon US Amazon UK B&N Kobo

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