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OUT OF TIME is the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED sequel to NINE MINUTES where Grizz, Kit & Grunt’s gritty tale continues! You aren’t going to want to miss this!



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out of time






Out of Time is book two in a series. It is not a standalone novel. I highly recommend that you read my first novel, Nine Minutes, to be able to understand the background stories of the main characters. There are many twists and turns in both stories that can best be connected if read consecutively.

Although I do answer all of the outstanding questions from Nine Minutes, there is more to this story, and some readers may consider it a cliffhanger. If you do not like cliffhangers, you may want to wait until the third novel is released in 2016.

They thought with his execution it would all be over.

They were wrong.

The leader of one of South Florida’s most notorious and brutal motorcycle gangs has been put to death by lethal injection. Days later, his family and friends should have been picking up the pieces, moving on. Instead, they’ve been catapulted into a world so twisted and dangerous even the most ruthless among them would be stunned to discover the tangled web of deception, not only on the dangerous streets of South Florida but all the way to the top.

In this gripping follow-up novel to Nine Minutes, Out of Time takes readers from the sun-drenched flatlands of 1950s Central Florida to the vivid tropical heat of Fort Lauderdale to the halls of Florida’s Death Row as we finally learn the gritty backstory of Jason “Grizz” Talbot and the secret he spent his life trying to conceal.

Not even Grizz’s inner circle knows his full story—the tragedy that enveloped his early life, the surprise discovery that made him the government’s most wanted and most feared, and the depths of his love for Ginny, the tenderhearted innocent he’d once abducted and later made his wife.

Once Grizz’s obsession and now the mother of his child, Ginny has spent years grieving the man she’d first resisted and then came to love. Now remarried to Tommy, a former member of the gang, the pair have spent more than a decade trying desperately to live a normal existence far from the violent, crime-ridden world they’d once carved out on the edge of the Florida Everglades. For Tommy, especially, the stakes are high. Desperately in love with Ginny for years, he’s finally living his dream: married to the woman he never thought he could have. But even with the façade of normalcy—thriving careers, two beautiful children, and a genuinely happy and loving marriage—they can’t seem to put the past behind them. Every time they turn around, another secret is revealed, unraveling the very bonds that hold them together.

And with Grizz finally put to death, now Ginny has learned secrets so dark, so evil she’s not even sure she can go on.

Will these secrets tear their love to pieces? And how far will Grizz go to protect what he still considers his, even from beyond the grave?



Young couple makes love to the wall






“Yes! There is something I want for my birthday. Something I really want! I’ve been thinking about our prom date last year.”

“You want another romantic night at Martin’s beach house?” He grinned, relieved. A night making love with Kit at the beach house. Ohhhhh yeahhhh.

“No. Not the beach house.” She was bouncing in her seat now. “I want you to take me out! Dancing. I want to go to a club and go dancing.”

His smile faded and he looked a little deflated. He wasn’t going to tell her his name. He wasn’t going to go to church with her. How could he tell her no to the third thing she’d asked for?

“Shit, baby. You have to know I’m not a dancer. I barely got by with the slow dancing in Martin’s gazebo.”

“I want to go dancing, Grizz. Please! The only time I ever get to dance is when I convince Axel to dance with me in number four. And you know that’s barely ever. He won’t do it if there are a lot of people at the motel. He doesn’t want to risk being seen.”

Grizz had to smile at this. He’d walked in more than once on Axel and Kit dancing to one of those groups that Kit loved. If you asked him, those guys’ voices sounded like someone had their balls in a vice. A high-pitched squeal is all he ever heard and he never stayed around long enough to listen to an entire song.

“Why do you dance to a song about a bald-headed woman?” He’d asked her once.

Axel and Kit had stopped and peered at him strangely. “What do you mean by bald headed woman?” Kit had asked as Grizz turned the stereo down.

“These guys, who sound like women, are singing about a bald-headed woman,” Grizz replied.

She’d started laughing. “The Bee Gees are saying ‘more than a woman,’ Grizz. Not bald-headed woman! The song is called More Than a Woman and I happen to love it.”

“Whatever it’s called, it still sucks. I’m outta here.”

Grizz appreciated that Axel danced with his wife. And yes, he knew Axel’s other secret, too. He honestly didn’t care. He didn’t care what any guy decided to do with his dick as long as it was never near his wife. But he also knew he had to keep Axel’s secret. As leader, he had final say as to who could be in the gang. Still, he knew not everyone would be tolerant of Axel’s lifestyle. It was just easier to let it stay a secret. And besides, he was certain nobody suspected a thing.

“I don’t dance, Kit.” Grizz said now, shaking his head.

“But I want to go dancing for my birthday.” She folded her arms and gave him an accusing look. “You asked!”

He shook his head slightly and looked at her. “Can’t I just buy you another car?”



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Jodie's review

 4 stars

I absolutely loved book 1 in this series, loved to the sense I was screaming and talking about it for weeks after I finished. So the minute I got my hands on this one I was more than ready to jump in. I had questions, I had theories and I needed answers ASAP!! But even with all this excitement, I still went in with a lot of fear.


“I love you with an intensity that scares me.”


I am not going to lie I knew this book was going to be told in past/present but I wasn’t ready for how it was really going to jump around and from the very beginning it had me confused and jumping back to book 1 to check characters.  ** I WILL SAY IT’S ALMOST NECESSARY TO DO A REREAD OF BOOK 1.**  This is definitely a book that you can’t speed thru there is just too much information you need to gather.  I almost felt like I was doing my own investigating. And I might have had to reread several chapters because when I started discussing I was all wait, what the hell, let me check that again.   This book gave me the same feelings I had when reading Consequences. I was on HIGH ALERT trying to take in all the details and taking notes to make sure I knew who my key players were.


I can’t really get into the book without spoiling but I will say this book is very easy to read into where it’s going. It’s also a book that makes you say ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I can’t and then I would shake my head and laugh. This book honestly makes you think what is going to happen next pigs are flying and unicorns must exist. NOT LYING THERE ARE PARTS.   With all this said I still have an intense love for these characters.   And the end of this book HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!


Overall, I LOVED parts of this book, I love certain situations in this book and I cannot say a single bad thing about Beth’s ability to put you directly in the story and make parts of it so real.  Had I known the way this was going to end I absolutely would have waited but with that being said I can’t wait for the ride in book 3.


“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…When first we practice to deceive.” – Walter Scott, Marmion



Haven’t read this series yet, check out Nine Minutes for

ONLY $2.99!


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 About the Author


beth flynn bio


Beth Flynn is a fiction writer who lives and works in Sapphire, North Carolina, deep within the southern Blue Ridge Mountains. Raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Beth and her husband, Jim, have spent the last 17 years in Sapphire, where they own a construction company. They have been married 31 years and have two daughters and two dogs. In her spare time, Beth enjoys writing, reading, gardening, church and motorcycles, especially taking rides on the back of her husband’s Harley. She is a five-year breast cancer survivor.



 Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads





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Take The Fall by Marquita Valentine Virtual Tour & Giveaway




Take the Fall
Take the Fall # 1

By: Marquita Valentine

Releasing July 21, 2015




Take the Fall



Fans of Abbi Glines and Katy Evans will adore Take the Fall, the first spinoff novel from Marquita Valentine’s New York Times bestselling Boys of the South series. In this emotional new romance, passions run hot as a rugged, brooding Marine rekindles an old flame.


As a teenager, Seth O’Connor went to jail for a crime he had nothing to do with. He took the fall to protect the girl he loved, but the cruel realities of prison hardened him. After doing his time, Seth shuts her out and enlists in the Marines—until his grandmother’s funeral forces him to come home and face Rowan Simmons once again. The woman she’s become puts all his high-school memories to shame, and Seth wants her more than ever. Can he be honest about why he denied her for so long?


After Seth pushed her away, Rowan swore that no man would ever hurt her again. But the boy who broke her heart has become a sexy Marine, capable of fulfilling her every desire—and now that he’s back in town, old feelings are simmering to a boil. Rowan wants to stay strong, even as her body surrenders to his expert touch. She only hopes that by taking him back, she can finally help heal the wounds that drove them apart




Goodreads Series





Nothing but death could make Seth O’Connor come home and face the girl he left behind. He had made that completely clear with seven months of ignored letters and care packages I sent him. But that wasn’t what hurt the most—oh, no.

The deepest cut came a year and a half later, when he’d returned to the States from a deployment and arranged for his grandmother to visit him in Jacksonville, North Carolina, at Camp Lejeune instead of coming home to Forrestville. Naively, I had thought that time in the Marines would make him see what he missed; that even though he’d hurt me, I couldn’t completely cut him out of my life. I don’t think my heart ever stopped racing at news reports of fallen Marines.

But in the end, and once again, none of that mattered. When he got home from yet another mission, he finally came to town, visited his grandmother . . . and left before I knew it, like some kind of asshole ninja.

So, I let him go. Again.

Instead of pining over Seth, I forced myself to go out with a couple of guys, and although I had fun, it wasn’t special. But I’m living my life. I’ve been making a life without him.

Over the years, I convinced myself that I was over him. That I didn’t need him. That this hole in my heart could be filled with other things. It worked.

Liar, liar, a voice whispers in my head, but I ignore it.

A part of me wants to thank Seth for what he did. He reminded me of something I had forgotten, that no matter how much a man said he loved you, in the end, he would abandon you. Just like my dad. Just like my brother.

Although it’s not exactly fair to put Jase in the same category. Prison makes it impossible for my brother to have a normal relationship with anyone.

The only person I’ve ever been able to count on is Miss Myrtle, and now she’s gone, too. But now that Seth’s back, I feel as though time has stopped and rewound. I’m sixteen all over again, and in love with Seth O’Connor while hoping like hell he feels the same way about me.

I sniff, but I refuse to cry—I’m not sixteen anymore or hoping for anything from him. My heart aches like hell and it feels as though someone’s rammed me in the stomach a million times, but I refuse to let the hurt show. I can’t let him see me weak, but missing a woman like Miss Myrtle isn’t easy to hide. She was fun, caring, smart, and made her house a home for me.

I lift my eyes, and my gaze collides with Seth’s. The sight of raw pain residing in those dark depths makes me suck in a breath. He’s hurting, just like me. Maybe worse, since he wasn’t here when his grandmother passed.

He’d missed seeing her alive by seven hours. I hadn’t been at the hospital at the time, but from the gossip, Seth had nearly gone insane when he finally arrived. Then he’d left before I returned—just like always.

I allow myself a longer look. This is the first time in years I’ve seen him in person. He’s wearing black head to toe. His hair is cut short and his shoulders are broader than ever. When he left Forrestville, he hadn’t been so tall and wide shouldered. He hadn’t been so . . . manly looking.

His full lips flatten into a thin line, like he’s displeased at me staring at him.

Ha! Fat chance I’ll stop now.

Boldly, I let my gaze travel over his sexy face. At this moment, my pride and anger are overshadowing my grief, so I could give a damn what anyone would think about me checking him out at his grandmother’s funeral.

He looks older and harder than in the pictures he’d mailed Miss Myrtle. The man in the picture smiled and sometimes posed with a dog in his lap, all the while wearing a uniform and a gun strapped to his thigh. Other times, he would be playfully serious, with his battle buddy and brothers as he called them in his letters to her. But the man standing across from me looks ready to destroy anyone in his path.

Including me.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” the preacher murmurs as he closes the Bible. He glances up at the mourners, his expression serene. Calm. Just like you’d expect a pastor to be. But I don’t feel serene or calm. I’m a jittery mess inside. “The Gardner family would like to thank you for coming today.” The crowd begins to thin out, whispering condolences to Seth and me as they go.

“Do you want me to stay here with you?” my best friend asks, her hand slipping into mine. Piper Ross, the epitome of proper southern manners and my lifesaver since the day the two men who had mattered most to me were sentenced to jail. Her hand feels like it’s on fire, or, rather, mine feels like ice. Either way, I need the support right now.

“Or I can go to your house and handle visitors so you can have some time for yourself,” she adds.

The thought of dealing with anyone right now makes my stomach roil. “Thanks,” I whisper gratefully as another lump forms in my throat. I’ve known of only one other person as sweet and kind as Piper, and that’s my other best friend, Brooklyn Reeves. Morgan. She’s Brooklyn Morgan now.

As if she’s reading my mind, Piper continues talking. “Brooklyn would probably do a better job, but you’re stuck with me,” she says seriously. If we weren’t at a funeral, I’d punch her in the arm right now. We’ve been working on her self-esteem issues for years, but her mother has a way of undoing any progress Piper makes with a single withering glare.

Like she’s doing now. Mrs. Ross’s dark eyes narrow and her mouth pinches. Heck, she probably thinks we’re being rude for talking, even though the ceremony is over. Okay, so she probably thinks I’m rude for talking, and I’m corrupting Piper in the process.

Much to Mrs. Ross’s obvious displeasure, Piper and I have been best friends for years, but it’s a weird friendship. She’s quiet. I’m loud. She’s proper while I have no clue if the fork I’m using is the right one.

But I love her to death because she’s never backed down from being friends with me, even after Jase went to jail and everyone else at school looked at me like I was contagious.

I fight the urge to stick my tongue out at the woman, if only because I don’t want to embarrass Piper. And . . . I want to make Miss Myrtle proud. She attempted to teach me to be a lady. It’s the least I can do to act like one at her funeral.

“I’m never stuck with you.” Turning to Piper, I see the tears running down her cheeks. Taking a deep breath, I force myself to be strong. “Besides, pregnant women are moody as all get out. And so are their overprotective husbands who won’t let them fly clear across the country because of their stupid due date.”

Actually, I had been relieved Brooklyn’s doctor had put her on travel restrictions. As much as I love the girl, she isn’t a part of my past. She didn’t know me before everything went down. She only knows the tough woman I’ve become. The same one who’d hired her to help me manage Gardner’s.

Swallowing around that lump in my throat, I manage to say, “Could you go deal with everyone?”

Piper smiles and squeezes my hand. “Take your time.”

I don’t want to take my time. I want everything to fast-forward and be over with already. I want it to be next week. A year from now. Any length of time that would put distance between me and death . . . and Seth.

“Thanks,” I whisper before she walks away. Turning my attention back to the grave, I struggle to maintain my composure. The workers are already at graveside and pulling away the blanket of Astroturf covering the mound of dirt beside it.

The world seems to shrink. The thought of all that dirt falling in on her . . . I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and then open them again, only to find Seth’s gaze on me.

My feet start moving before I can stop them. His eyes widen slightly, and my chin goes up. I can be the bigger person. I can talk to him like it’s no big deal he’s here after being gone for so long. That it’s no big deal he cut me out of his life without a real explanation.

My hands clench into fists, and I stuff them into the pockets of my winter coat before he sees them. “I’m sorry for your loss,” I say, inwardly relieved at how controlled my voice sounds.

“Thanks,” he replies in a gruff voice I’ve never heard before. I want to cry at the sound of it. I want to slap him, too. I want to know why and what the hell’s his problem. Most of all I want his stupid, muscular arms around me while he whispers, It’s okay.

He starts to leave, but I stop him by stepping slightly in front of him. “How long are you staying?” The question comes out more sharply than I intend.

Seth gives me a look and runs the side of his thumb right under his bottom lip, just like he did when we were together. “I’m not sure.”

I cross my arms over my chest, trying to hold myself together. If I don’t, my heart is liable to fall out and onto his feet, where he can grind it into the ground once more. “What do you mean you’re not sure?”



Debbie's review


4 stars



This is a story about forgiveness and second chances!!


This is the story of Seth and Rowen. They were together in high school until one night a tragic accident tore them apart. Seth spent seven years in the marines and when he comes back to his hometown he has one thing on his mind. He wants to get Rowen back and will stop at nothing to do it.


I really liked both main characters. I just felt that Rowen gave a lot of mixed signals that had me wanting to crawl into my kindle and smack the crap out of her. Rowen had a rough time after she lost two of the most important people in your life. I got that, and I understood why she didn’t believe Seth was going to stick around and not run again, but seriously he was seventeen at the time. How many times did he need to say he was sorry? I really connected with Seth. He was young and made some stupid mistakes but honestly most teenagers’ do. He grew up and realized he had no one to blame but himself and wanted to prove how sorry he was. Seth had one dirty little mouth and I loved how he was able to turn Rowen into a puddle of goo.


“Holy crap. When did he become such a dirty talker? My eyes open and I gaze up at him. My body’s on fire from his words, my nipples are hard, and I probably need to go change my panties.”


“I’ll give you a couple of minutes to go in first and take care of whatever you need to, then I expect you to be in my bed.”


The story flowed and I had a hard time putting the book down a few times. The story was fast paced and wasn’t filled with useless information that would have me wanting to skim. I connected with all the characters and my heart broke several times for them. The secondary characters were fantastic and I want Jase and Piper’s story. I have a feeling their book will be filled with tons of angst. This is the first book I have read by this author but looking forward to reading more.



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Author Info




Marquita Valentine is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Holland Springs and Boys of the South series, having sold more than a quarter of a million books around the world. She’s been called “one of the best new voices in romance” (Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews) and her books have been praised as “sexy, fun, and slightly addicting” (The Book Queen). When she’s not writing sexy heroes who adore their sassy heroines, she enjoys shopping, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. Married to her high-school sweetheart, Marquita Valentine lives in a seriously small town in the south with her husband, two kids, and a dog.

 Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads





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Ebook copies of:

  • CLAIMED by Stacey Kennedy
  • MY OBSESSION by Cassie Ryan
  • DEEP AUTUMN HEAT by Elisabeth Barrett
  • TAKE THE FALL by Marquita Valentine
  • YOUR TO KEEP by Serena Bell
  • SWEET THE SIN by Claire Kent



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**Letting Go by Holly Renee Cover Reveal & Giveaway**




Title: Letting Go

Series: The Garage Series #1

Author: Holly Renee

Genre: Contemporary Romance




 Release Date: August 31, 2015


When Kat was forced to leave the only home she had ever known due to her brother’s secrets, she wasn’t prepared for what was waiting for her in Tennessee or the choices it would force her to make.Kat instantly knew she didn’t like Blake Reagan. He was cocky, stubborn, and infuriating. What Kat didn’t understand was why she couldn’t stop thinking about him or the way he made her feel.The last thing Blake expected was for Kat Archer to storm into his world and turn it upside down. He thought he had her pegged from the beginning, but she destroyed everything he thought he knew. Blake was willing to fight to push his way into Kat’s heart, but she put up a wall at every turn as she clung to her past.If she stayed, she’d risk the only family she had left. If she left, she’d lose Blake and every piece of her heart that he’d managed to steal.





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Author Bio

Bookaholic, firm believer in grand gestures, and obsessed with happily ever afters.

Holly Renee is from the small town of Maryville, TN where she was born and raised. She currently lives with her husband and fur baby, Luna. (Yes. She was named after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.)

Holly Renee is the author of her debut novel Letting Go.

During the day, Holly spends her time as a nurse, but once her shift ends, she falls deep into her passion of reading and writing.

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**Torn Hearts by Claire Contreras Cover/Release Blitz**

torn hearts free



Free, free, FREE! Torn Hearts follows Mia and Jensen’s story in the beginning. Like many of our own stories, theirs is not complete. Their story will continue in Paper Hearts releasing September 10th!


Start Mia & Jensen’s Story for FREE at the following retailers:


torn hearts live



Amazon US

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torn hearts




I met a boy once.

He made my heart go into a frenzy every time he looked at me, and my knees go weak whenever he touched me. Our love was so beautiful that even its demise was bittersweet.

I met a girl once.

Her world, full of possibilities, made me feel like even I had a chance at being someone. She believed in me. She loved me. We were so secure, that even our breaking point seemed hazy.

Until we reached it.



torn hearts full



Author Information


claire bio


Claire Contreras graduated with her BA in Psychology from Florida International University. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, two little boys, and three dogs.


Her favorite past times are: daydreaming, writing, and reading.


She has been described as a random, sarcastic, crazy girl with no filter.


Life is short, and it’s more bitter than sweet, so she tries to smile as often as her face allows. She enjoys stories with happy endings, because life is full of way too many unhappy ones.


 Website | Facebook | Twitter




**For A Reason by T.N. Cole Cover Reveal**



Title: For A Reason

Author: T.N. Cole

Release Date: Sept 3, 2015




She loved me.
I failed her.
She loves me.
I’ll break her.
Tristan Westdyke seems to have it all: he’s handsome, athletic, smart, and admired. What people don’t see beyond the façade, though, is the pain and guilt eating away at his soul. Blaming himself for the loss of another person, Tristan trudges through life not allowing himself to feel.
But when the beautiful and energetic Katelyn Sharp barrels into his life, Tristan is helpless to resist emotions long buried. A connection slowly grows between the two, yet secrets and deceit threaten to shatter the fragile trust and love they’ve found.

Can two people who have been hurt and betrayed open their hearts up once more? Can both accept that all may have happened For a Reason?





I reached up and pushed Kate’s hair out of her face. It was pulled to one side, but it had long fallen out of the updo it was in when the sight of her first took my breath away tonight. I lightly traced my fingers over the bandage covering the right side of her forehead and I hovered over the outline of some of the bruises and scratches. I watched my fingers, and I felt her watching me—waiting for me to tell her something. I wanted so badly to trace her lips on my exploration of her face—to feel her breath on my fingertips. But, I forced myself to pull back. “Don’t look at me like that,” I finally whispered. 
“Like what?” she frowned. 
“Don’t look at me like I saved you. I’m the reason this happened to you. You’re looking at me like you’re so happy that I’m here. Those guys shouldn’t have slipped something in your drink, or whatever they did. If I were paying attention, they wouldn’t have almost made off with you. I did this to you, and don’t you fucking forget it.” I stopped to take a deep, shuddering breath and buried my face in my hands.
“Funny,” Kate said coldly as she leaned forward. “I didn’t peg you as the victim type.”
I reared back. “What?”
“You heard me,” she snapped. “I was the one who had something slipped in my drink. And apparently, I was the one who was almost kidnapped. But I wasn’t. Because you stopped them from taking me. You brought me here. I’m safe. So, quit the pity party on yourself.”
My hands had fallen from my face during her tirade to meet her now angry glare. I didn’t know if I was supposed to be madat what she was saying or not, but I didn’t have the time to figure it out because she wasn’t done yet. “Do you know how Aimee knew to go get you from the waiting room? I begged her to go get you because, somehow, I knew you would be there. I knew you were the one who saved me from whatever caused me to end up in the freaking hospital. So, none of this is your fault. Yes, we shouldn’t have separated, but that’s on both of us. But, it’s not my fault or your fault that some asshole roofied me, capisce?” 
She was breathing heavily by the end of her rant. She slowly fell back against the pillows, closing her eyes. I watched her as she got her breathing under control, knowing I had to choose my next words carefully. I didn’t want to upset her more, and I knew that everything she said was true. “Hey. Kate.” I threaded my fingers through hers and waited until she slowly opened her eyes to peek at me. “You’re right. You’re absolutely right. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you more; it’s just… You were so gorgeous tonight. I wanted you to stay by me, but I couldn’t ask you for that. And all of a sudden, I couldn’t find you, and then you were almost kidnapped, and I couldn’t get you to open your eyes. I couldn’t see your beautiful brown eyes,” I was so quiet; I knew she had to be straining to hear me. I didn’t want her to know how helpless I had felt. How I felt like I had failed and lost all over again. And how my feelings for her were getting too intense and they were scaring me. 
She tightened her grip on my hand. “I heard you, you know. Through the haze, you said ‘Katelyn, please’. And that’s how I knew something was wrong. So, I fought to wake up. You brought me back.”

I closed my eyes, fighting off the onslaught of emotion threatening to take over me. If only I had been able to save Mel like I was able to save Kate. I didn’t know what else to say. I was exhausted and I knew she had to be in even worse shape than I was. “You should get some rest, Kate. We can talk in the morning. I’ll be here. I’m not going to leave you.”


T.N. Cole spends her time seeking new adventures, determined to make her life a memorable story. A recent graduate with a bachelor in biology, T.N. is headed to graduate school at Texas Tech to pursue her long time dream of becoming a pharmacist. When she’s not reading, writing, or studying, you’ll find her trying to stay out of trouble or planning her ultimate dream of traveling the world.


**The Affiliate (Ascension, 1) by K. A. Linde Cover Reveal & Giveaway**


TA Amazon



Title: The Affiliate (Ascension, 1)

Author: K. A. Linde

Release Day: September 15th

Genre: YA Fantasy


About The Affiliate:

On the day of her Presenting, in front of the entire Byern Court, seventeen-year-old Cyrene Strohm’s lifelong plans come to fruition when she’s chosen as an Affiliate to the Queen.

Or so she thinks. When Cyrene receives a mysterious letter and an unreadable book, she finds nothing is as it seems. Thrust into a world of dangerous political intrigue and deadly magic, Cyrene’s position only grows more treacherous when she finds herself drawn to the one man she can never have…

King Edric himself.

Cyrene must decide if love is truly worth the price of freedom. Find out in this first book in USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde’s new Ascension series.


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Exclusive Excerpt


“Do you enjoy the view?” King Edric asked.

“The rains have made the gardens bloom, and it warms my heart to see it so.”

“It is good to know that the gardener approves of the work.”

Cyrene laughed lightly. “I have not gardened in a month’s time. I fear I can no longer call myself a gardener.”

She remembered when she had told the king of her interest in gardening at the last feast day almost a week ago. After that dance, Queen Kaliana added a list of plants to her assignment, forcing her to reread every page she had already dredged through for information. It had wasted two entire days.

“Perhaps I could change that,” he offered.

He directed her down the staircase and into the courtyard below lit solely by the setting sun in the distance.

Her stomach churned at the thought of him offering assistance to any of her needs. It was like what she had read in her children’s books of the tales of Leifs, and how one request would be necessitated by a much larger sacrifice. Her biggest sacrifice at the present moment was time. She wanted nothing more than to finish her work on agriculture and prove that she could get moved somewhere that involved traveling…and adventure.

“On the contrary, My King, I am fully enthralled in my Affiliate duties, and believe that gardening would only distract me from my work.”

“You cannot spare one afternoon to spend in my gardens?” His blue-gray eyes searched her face. “If you have half the green thumb you suggest, then it would be delightful to have you on the grounds.”

She swallowed. “I really have much work to accomplish before we go on Processional.”

“I could speak to the Queen and request it be lessened,” he whispered into the evening air.

“No!” It was the first time he had ever admitted to discussing her with the Queen. Hearing him admit it aloud made her voice come out strangled.

Cyrene missed her footing on the pebble path and stumbled forward a pace. Edric steadied her. He turned his body to face her in the middle of the garden, and her breath caught at the sight of him in the setting sun.

“You do not wish me to speak to the Queen?”

“I spoke out of turn. Please forgive me.”

“I cannot forgive that which I do not understand. Did the Queen somehow offend you?”

Cyrene shook her head. “I fear that the Queen does not…like me.”

Edric laughed softly, taking one of her hands in his own. “Oh Cyrene, I believe that the Queen likes no one but herself.”

Cyrene found that she, too, could laugh at his comment.

“Now, tell me what the Queen has done to make you believe that she dislikes you.”

“It’s nothing, my King.” She turned her face away from his. She couldn’t possibly tell him the real reason.

“Enough to infuriate you, which is enough for me.”

When she looked back up into his blue-gray eyes she felt that same magnetic pull between them. Somehow she had not realized how close they were standing. His hand felt warm against her bare skin. His body only a few inches away from her. His breath hot on her face. Her heart contracted in her chest, and she forced herself to respond.

“She speaks of…of your interference, as if…as if you…”

Time stretched between them, and she thought for a split second he might move even closer to her. She was rooted in place, captivated by his gaze.

“Yes?” His other hand drifted to her waist, and she was suddenly on fire.

Their breath mingled together as she murmured, “As if you favor me.”

“And do you think that?”


“Yes?” he asked, stepping closer.

“I think you have your queen,” she breathed.


About K. A. Linde


kalinde copyUSA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde is the author of The Affiliate, the first book in the Ascension Series. As a military brat, she traveled the world with her family, imaginary friends, and ever-increasing supply of books. She has spent much of her life dreaming up new worlds and characters and forcing them into uncomfortable, usually life-threatening scenarios. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a masters degree in political science, she began spending every waking hour putting those characters onto paper.

When not writing, she spends her time dancing, collecting paperbacks in the hopes of filling a Beauty and the Beast style library one day, traveling to visit her friends who live all over the country, and still reading anything she can get her hands on. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and two puppies, Lucy and Riker, where she is hard at work on her next novel.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest



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HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy **Jen’s Review**


Profile portrait of businessman working on laptop  in black suit at studio


Him by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Releasing July 28th, 2015





They don’t play for the same team. Or do they?

Jamie Canning has never been able to figure out how he lost his closest friend. Four years ago, his tattooed, wise-cracking, rule-breaking roommate cut him off without an explanation. So what if things got a little weird on the last night of hockey camp the summer they were eighteen? It was just a little drunken foolishness. Nobody died.

Ryan Wesley’s biggest regret is coaxing his very straight friend into a bet that pushed the boundaries of their relationship. Now, with their college teams set to face off at the national championship, he’ll finally get a chance to apologize. But all it takes is one look at his longtime crush, and the ache is stronger than ever.

Jamie has waited a long time for answers, but walks away with only more questions—can one night of sex ruin a friendship? If not, how about six more weeks of it? When Wesley turns up to coach alongside Jamie for one more hot summer at camp, Jamie has a few things to discover about his old friend…and a big one to learn about himself.

Warning: contains sexual situations, skinnydipping, shenanigans in an SUV and proof that coming out to your family on social media is a dicey proposition.








Jen's review


4.5 stars



From the second I picked this book up my heart couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t stop smiling. Sarina and Elle have created these two beautiful men that you just can’t help but fall for the second you meet them. This friends to lovers story just truly took my breath away. There is no unnecessary drama, filler or angst that leaves a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. Don’t get me wrong there are some times when you’ll be wanting to hold your breath but not to the point where you’ll feel like throwing your kindle. This story is about two friends who after years apart find their way back to each other. Their questions and concerns are real.


I loved Jamie and Ryan. I loved their connection, their passion and how much they really wanted each other. These authors didn’t spare anything when they wrote this story. The buildup to that first sexual encounter was just unbelievably sexy. I was completely consumed with them that I couldn’t wait to get to the next page. I felt like I was a voyeur into their world because I felt every word and every touch. These two college graduates were sexy as hell. A perfect feel good story.





Keep your husbands or significant other close because dear god this book has some steamy scenes that will have you all hot and bothered.





My heart ached for Ryan because throughout the story you could feel how much he was in love with Jamie but also how scared he was that he’d be rejected. He really does some stupid things but what really got me mostly was how much I wanted to scream at them to communicate. Their communication skills really sucked but I love how even though these men had a hard time voicing their fears or what they wanted to each other, there wasn’t any back and forth games. Sarina and Elle really did a fabulous job by giving us internal conflict without having the characters being on a constant run from each other.

This is definitely one book every fan of these authors and every m/m fan will want to pick up. This seriously sexy story with a brilliant story line is one that will be well received. The writing was fantastic. I’ve read some of Elle’s books before and have loved every one of them but Sarina Bowen is a first time read for me. I’m so happy these talented ladies collaborated on this wonderful story. I hope we see more collaboration in the future. I’ll definitely be looking into reading more books from Sarina as I am very excited to learn that this was not her first m/m.



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author bio


Sarina Bowen

7737308Sarina Bowen writes steamy, angsty Contemporary Romance and New Adult fiction from the wilds of Vermont.

She is the author of The Ivy Years, an award-winning series set amid the hockey team at an elite Connecticut college.

Waiting for more Ivy Years? You can read more about upcoming volumes in the four book series at

Also, the Gravity series.

Sarina enjoys skiing, espresso drinks and the occasional margarita. She lives with her family, eight chickens and more ski gear and hockey equipment than seems necessary.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads



Elle Kennedy


1935000A USA Today bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.

Elle currently writes for various publishers. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Red Hot (Sex&Mayhem #5) by K.A. Merikan **Jen’s Review**



Available Now!







— Live fast. Die young. Fuck hard.—

Red Jack. Rude. Crude. Horny ginger mess. In love with… himself.

Loki. Deadbeat. Volatile. Stalker. Terminally ill. Fatally in love.

When it comes to men, Red Jack has three rules. The guy has to be hot, out of town, and not up for repeats. It’s a good way to keep the gay flings far away from the eyes of his brothers in the Coffin Nails Motorcycle Club, and he will make damn sure it stays that way. When a hookup takes an ominous turn, and the sexy stranger turns up at his house, the heat is on. Loki invades his life and just won’t leave, wreaking havoc wherever he follows Jack, but getting rid of him becomes harder with every kiss.

The world crumbles around Loki when he finds out he has cancer. As if his life wasn’t shit enough already. With only a few months left, he decides to live to the fullest and get every last wish on his bucket list fulfilled. One of those is fucking the hot bearded biker he meets the same night he got the bad news. Big, confident, and dangerous, Red Jack is all Loki ever wanted in a man. After all, he deserves one last shot at love. Who cares if Red Jack is a stubborn, closeted asshole? Loki knows what he wants, and he won’t settle for anything less. Even if it kills him.


Themes: Outlaw motorcycle club, criminal activity, hurt/comfort, abuse, sexual orientation issues, stalking, revenge, bucket list, coping with illness, first love

Genre: M/M dark erotic romance, suspense, drama

Length: ~105,000 words standalone novel (contains HEA)

WARNING: Adult content. Explicit gay sex, strong language, graphic violence, abuse scenes, drug use. Reader discretion advised.




Jen's review


4 stars


If this is your first time reading a K.A Merikan book than heed the warnings. If you are looking for a fluffy, hearts and flowers, rainbows and sunshine kind of story then this book will not be for you. It’s gritty, it’s raw, it’s violent and it’s crude.


I’d love to be able to just sit around a table with these authors just to listen to them brainstorming their next novel. They have this unbelievable way of creating characters and story lines that take you so out of your comfort zone where you become so engrossed you can’t look away. This book was another page turner for me as I couldn’t put it down.


Red Jack is exactly like the synopsis claims. He’s rude and crude. He believes he’s god’s gift to woman. He proclaims he’s straight but a mouth is a mouth so he has no problem finding random guys that will drop to their knees for him. This however is done in secrecy because his club can never find out. Quite frankly I wasn’t sure I liked him all that much in the beginning. There was a side of him that intrigued me, but the let’s face it the guy is an asshole.


Loki is a guy who’s living with a terminal illness and only has so much more time left. He has a bucket list of things he wants to accomplish before he dies. One of them on his list is sleeping with a ginger.


Somewhere out there was a masterplan for Loki’s life, and this guy was about to fulfill it.


When he hooks up with Red Jack he doesn’t exactly get to cross off that from his list. Loki is determined to have Red Jack and becomes a stalker of sorts. He is completely obsessed and determined to make Red Jack fall in love him so can live out his remaining days with him. I really hated the way Red Jack treated him but I quickly realized that Loki was just as screwed up. He really isn’t this innocent guy that I felt sorry for.


Their relationship is very volatile and violent, but I really loved watching how these two men through all the ugly, emotionally come together. It was a really slow burn emotionally as Red Jack comes to terms with who he really is but seeing that grow over time really kept me glued to the pages. Where I didn’t really like him at first, he really started to grow on me and I actually started to understand his tough exterior a lot more. My heart broke for the things Loki had endured and I really loved how there was this big turning point for both the men. This book is filled with so many lies, deceit and manipulations but the trust, love and understanding between these men was really beautiful to see developed.


There could be a dozen beautiful girls making out around them, and Red Jack’s attention would still be on Loki. On the flushed chest, on the stiff dick, on his handsome face and seductive smile. There was no turning back after this.


“You’ve made me feel things that I thought were dead in me,”


I’m such a huge fan of these authors writing. I really love that when you pick up a K.A Merikan book you know there will never be a dull moment. I love how I just get sucked into a world where there is so much thought put into the characters and the plot. This is definitely another hit from these very talented authors. I can’t wait to see what else they come out with.





Boots crunching over dirt and tiles pulled him out of his grim thoughts. The steps were confident, and Loki couldn’t wait to see what man belonged with the gorgeous dick from the picture.

He stared at the empty doorway, into the blue-tinted evening outside. Standing up straight, he waited. The higher powers toying with his life did not disappoint. Just seeing the masculine figure emerging from the darkness had Loki’s heart skipping a beat. His hookup was broad in the shoulders and tall, like a modern day barbarian with his thick, carefully trimmed red beard. Every step the man made had Loki taking in more detail. He had a stylish long undercut, a black T-shirt with ‘Route 666’ written across the chest, and a pair of nicely fitting dark jeans.

He stretched his arm, which was covered with a full-sleeve black and white tattoo, and grabbed Loki’s jaw. “Hey. You ready to make use of that pretty mouth?” He winked with a cocky smirk. Even his voice was sexy; deep and low like the hum of an engine.

Loki gasped, sliding his hands over Red’s sides, eager to get a taste of his mouth first. The guy had a presence to fill the whole room, his movements steady, confident. He wasn’t looking for a thrill from the comfort of his safe life, like Richard had by getting himself an edgy boyfriend. This guy was thrill. He was all man, and Loki wanted to kiss the feet of the angel who brought them together.

But when Loki leaned closer to kiss his ginger destiny, he got pushed back abruptly.

“I don’t kiss,” said Red, zeroing in his bright blue gaze on Loki’s eyes.



author bio




K. A. Merikan is the pen name for Kat and Agnes Merikan, a team of writers, who are taken for sisters with surprising regularity. Kat’s the mean sergeant and survival specialist of the duo, never hesitating to kick Agnes’s ass when she’s slacking off. Her memory works like an easy-access catalogue, which allows her to keep up with both book details and social media. Also works as the emergency GPS. Agnes is the Merikan nitpicker, usually found busy with formatting and research. Her attention tends to be scattered, and despite pushing thirty, she needs to apply makeup to buy alcohol. Self-proclaimed queen of the roads.

They love the weird and wonderful, stepping out of the box, and bending stereotypes both in life and books. When you pick up a Merikan book, there’s one thing you can be sure of – it will be full of surprises.

Inspiration never failed them so far, but they are ready to hunt down the exotic and unique. Kat and Agnes are pursuing their dream of becoming full fledged virtual nomads. Having gotten rid of their apartment and with most of their belongings put in storage, they are choosing their own path in life, ready to experience all the world has to offer while working on their books.



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Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest



Chasing Each Other (Chasing, #2) by J.D. Rivera Blog Tour & Giveaway




Title: Chasing Each Other (Chasing, #2)

Author: J.D. Rivera

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: July 7, 2014






(Mature Content)





I was always the life of the party, the happy one.
Until Preston killed my soul.
When he came into my life, he destroyed me. I was a shell of my former self, pretending to be fine while wishing I wouldn’t wake up the next day. I never dreamed my best friend would come back into my life…and bring Brad Nicholson with her.
I never dreamed the homicide detective with the cocky attitude could show me my worth again. He could show me that my life could be amazing every day.
Until the day he found out about my past with Preston. Then, I was sure he’d see the real Miranda and ditch me for good.


From a young age, I made a decision.
I knew what I wanted to do with my life and from that point on, my work molded me. Everything became routine. Casual. Until Mackenzie walked into my life, bringing her best friend, Miranda, with her.
From the first moment I saw Miranda, I knew she could be someone special. I didn’t have time for relationships, but she was different. She was a piece of the puzzle that could be missing. But she was broken, I could see that. And all I wanted to do was turn her into the girl I knew she really was beneath her perfectly placed mask.




Debbie's review


4.5 stars




This is the second book in this series, and even though it could be read as a stand alone, I would suggest you read the first book Chasing The Stars before this one. You will get background about the two main characters of this book and Chasing The Stars was also a fantastic read.


This is the story of Brad and Miranda. Brad is sort of Mackenzie’s adopted brother and also Mackenzie is Miranda’s best friend. Brad and Miranda have been around each other several times and the attraction is undeniable. The problem is that Brad is 9 years older than Miranda and he has an issue with that. Miranda’s problem with getting involved with Brad is that she was in a very abusive relationship in the past and doesn’t feel worthy of him. Can they let their insecurities go and try out a relationship? You are going to have to read the book to find out.


“I didn’t want to admit that I needed someone. I wanted everyone to think of me as the bubbly happy girl I used to be.”


I loved this book and devoured it in less than a day. I seriously could not put it down. The story was written very well and was told in both Brad and Miranda’s point of view. The secondary characters added a fantastic layer to this story and you really felt the love between all of them. The book had some pretty funny parts and just the right amount of angst to make my stomach ache several times. The book moved at a great pace and not once did I feel like skimming parts. Every part of this story worked perfectly.


I would say I had a love/hate relationship with Brad. One minute he would be so sweet and the next he was a big ole’ jerk. My heart went out to Miranda several times and I totally understood why she felt the way she did about herself. The book had no over-the-top drama that had me rolling my eyes. The story was realistic and totally believable.


If you are looking for a book that has a little bit of everything and will have you glued to your reading device from beginning to end then you might want to give this book a try.




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CEO Cover

Amazon | I Books | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble



About The Author



J.D. Rivera lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two boys. Her life consists of school projects, homework, cartoon shows, and little league sports. She loves Diet Mountain Dew, the OKC Thunder, costume jewelry, the beach, and reading.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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CEO Full

love p

You Loved Me At My Ugliest by Evie Harper Release Day & Giveaway

Title: You Loved Me At My Ugliest

Series: You Loved Me Series #3

Author: Evie Harper

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: July 28, 2015


She’s no stranger to love and loss…

By age eighteen, Alexa Kingsley had lost everyone. Only Joey, the lonely boy next door, remained. He’d clung to Alexa like a lifeline through years of abuse at the hands of his father, and she vowed to protect him as best she could. Alexa thought Joey was the one person who’d always be there—until the day he left her as well. Finally forced to go it alone, Alexa finds this latest loss may hurt worst of all. 

He’s no stranger to lack of love…

Joseph O’Connor was every bit the villain his father trained him to be, his young heart twisted into something ugly, corrupted. But his father underestimated the girl next door, miscalculated the impact Lexi would have on Joey’s life, the spark she ignited that eventually, despite all odds, grew to an inferno of hope. To reclaim her, Joey must first become a man Lexi can be proud of…the kind of man she deserves.

Amidst a shadowy world of guns and drugs, will Joey’s ultimate sacrifice—a declaration of love from a man who was never shown any at all—be enough to finally set him free?



Josie's review


4.5 stars



Let me start off by saying I absolutely love this series and the author. Ever since I read book 1 in this series I was a goner. The writing, plot and characters have sucked me in each and every time and this one was no different. Throughout this series we got bits and pieces of Joey and Lexa, their incredible and powerful friendship, their loss and finally their love. I could not wait to get their story.


 You Loved Me at My Ugliest is a mesmerizing, touching, deeply moving trip into redemption and recovery. Just like in her other books, Ms. Harper won my heart delivering a message that true love can accomplish anything. Joey and Lexa’s love will be tested in their saddest, most fragile and unpleasant moments.

You Loved Me at My Ugliest is about a broken love. One the deals with heartbreak, family loyalty, friendship and a solid love between two people.   This love story is not perfect and if you followed this series you know that Joey’s family, The O’Connor’s, deal with human and drug trafficking but this fascinating story deals with true unconditional love. One that will stand the test of time, distance and pain regardless of all the ugly it leaves behind.

Joey’s life as a child was a very ugly and violate one. He and his mother were constantly beaten at the hands of the very man who was supposed to protect them, his father.


He and his mother lived in hell every day of their lives for years. They both experienced emotional and extreme physical abuse, but Joey would suffer the most to make sure his mother was not hurt. Through his years of torture, the brightest moments of his life came from his 10 year old neighbor, Alexa. Their time together gave him hope and was a form of escape. What followed over years turned into love between the two. Lexa loved him even during his worse times.

Alexa did not live the same life as Joey, but she lost both her parents at a young age and had to go live with her aunt. But with her Aunt she had love, a home and found a friendship with the boy, Joey next door. At a young age, we’re able to see the bond and connection they had. When she would hear Joey and his mother screaming in agony she would always try to be there for her friend. There was nothing Lexa wouldn’t do for Joey. I loved that their love and solid connection between them could not be broken. When Joey was forced to work in the family business she followed him to Columbia to be there for him, even after she was hurt. When Joey decides he needs to go Mexico to put an end to the family business, Lexa has had enough coming in last, and Joey leaves a broken Alexa behind.

This couple really played on my emotions. They both love each other, but Joey’s ugly past refuses to let them be happy. Lexa will go the ends of the earth for Joey even when he keeps putting her last and all Joey wants to do is keep her safe from his demons. Lexa is hurt, annoyed and feels betrayed and wants to move on. Even when her heart only sees Joey. Joey is a man dead set on revenge, hate and anger but when he sees proof that Alexa might have really moved on, jealously, rage and regret become his focus.

You Loved Me at My Ugliest is about a love that is not perfect, it is ugly but with real love, determination and commitment LOVE WILL COME OUT ON TOP. A rivalry is brewing and Lexa might be the next casualty? How much is Joey willing to risk for revenge? Will Lexa be too late to save Joey? Lives will be lost, secrets will be revealed and a new danger is in the horizon.




“Oh gods I have stalked this author and this book right from the get go, freaking love this author and her writing style, the dark, the emotions, the grit, all things that make this one of my favourite authors..” ~ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books

“This is so beautifully written it brought tears to my eyes. Brilliant plot with beautiful characters.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer


Evie is an Australian author whose passion for reading lead her into writing. Evie spends her days writing heartbreaking, suspense filled love stories with happily ever afters. Evie’s characters are strong alphas with even stronger heroines who bring sexy sass to the relationship.