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COVER REVEAL: Neighbors by Stylo Fantome

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Are you ready to meet the neighbors?

Neighbors by Stylo Fantome releases on September 27th!



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Things a good neighbor can do for you:


  1. Give you a cup of sugar


  1. Let you borrow his lawnmower


  1. Water your plants while you’re on vacation


  1. Make your eyes roll back in your head with his tongue


Katya Tocci has never paid much attention to who lives next door – her career always kept her too busy. She’s a good girl, working her way to becoming the most sought after cake designer in all of San Francisco.


But even a good girl’s gotta cut loose once in a while, right? So one fake dating profile later, and she’s ready to tarnish her squeaky clean image. Little does she know, her fun time is closer to home than she ever imagined.


Throw in a neighbor who wants to corrupt her, and another who just wants to own her, and her entire world is flipped upside down.


Who knew neighbors could be so helpful?





About the Author



Displaying stylo.jpgCrazy woman from a remote location in Alaska (where the need for a creative mind is a necessity!), I have been writing since … forever? Yeah, that sounds about right. I have been told that I remind people of Lucille Ball – I also see shades of Jennifer Saunders, and Denis Leary. So basically, I laugh a lot, I’m clumsy a lot, and I say the F-word A LOT.


I like dogs more than I like most people, and I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink. No, I do not live in an igloo, and no, the sun does not set for six months out of the year, there’s your Alaska lesson for the day. I have mermaid hair – both a curse and a blessing – and most of the time I talk so fast, even I can’t understand me.


Yeah. I think that about sums me up.



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The Hard Way by Katie Ashley Book Tour & Giveaway

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Sports + Bad Boy + Second Chance

The Hard Way by Katie Ashley NOW AVAILABLE!


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Displaying the hard way cover.jpgBlurb


Cade Hall has always been the golden boy of the gridiron. Because of his talent at football, coupled with his father’s wealth, he’s always gotten his way. But when a night of drunken debauchery lands him in hot water with the college athletic board, neither his influential father nor his charming grin can save him. Cade finds it a total buzz kill when he is sentenced to community service with troubled youth at an inner-city shelter. But his nightmare is only beginning when his greatest high school regret is the very one in charge of the program, and she has him by the balls in more ways than one.


For Avery Prescott, senior year was a nightmare of epic proportions, and Cade Hall played the lead villain. After she fled her small town for college in the bright lights of Atlanta, she thought she had escaped the painful memories of her past. She never could have imagined Cade would waltz through the door of the outreach program she presided over. But Avery has news for Cade—she isn’t the same shy, doormat of a girl she was in high school. Since she holds Cade’s football future in her hands, she’s more than ready to make payback a real bitch.


Will they stay in the defensive zone or discover that sometimes life’s greatest lessons are learned the hard way?




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“Is this one of those old-timey record players?”

“A Victrola,” I answered as I joined him.

Cade snapped his fingers. “That’s right. There was one of these at my grandparents’ house.” He eyed the contraption curiously. “Does it work?”

“Sure.” I set my cup down before winding up the crank. Then I placed the needle on the record, and a slow instrumental tune came out of the Victrola’s horn. At Cade’s groan, I grinned. “Not a fan of classical music?”

“No. It’s more about the fact that it’s one of Strauss’s waltzes.”

Cocking my brows at him, I asked, “You know Strauss?”

With a snort, Cade said, “Don’t look so surprised, and no, I didn’t learn about him in Harlington’s music appreciation class either.”

I held up my hands. “I wasn’t alluding to anything.”

“Yes, you were alluding, as you say, to the stereotype of me being an uncivilized jock,” Cade teased in a snooty-sounding voice.

“I’m sorry. I’ve got to stop doing that. You really are so much more than a jock.”

He swept his hand to his heart. “Why, thank you.”

“So tell me how you know Strauss.”

“I have waltzed at ten cotillions and three debutante balls.”

“Wow. That’s quite impressive.”

“What about you?”

“I’ve never been to a cotillion or deb ball.”

“No, I mean, haven’t you ever waltzed before?”

I laughed. “Oh yeah, I often practice my dance skills out in the corn.”

“Every lady should know how to dance.”

“But I’m not a lady.”

Cade smiled. “Yeah. You are.” When I started to protest, he said, “Money and position aren’t what make a lady. It’s what’s inside you that counts.”

His words and his tone caused the breath to wheeze out of my lungs. Just when I thought he couldn’t surprise me any more with the things he said, he went and said something like that. “Thank you,” I finally mumbled.

“You’re welcome.” The world seemed to slow to a crawl around us as we stood there staring at each other. The sound of Cade clapping his hands together caused me to jump. “Okay. One waltz lesson coming up.”

“I’m going to warn you that you’re probably going to regret this. I’m the worst dancer ever.”

“How can anyone who plays the piano suck at dancing?”

“I’m not sure how it’s possible, but trust me, it is.”

Cade laughed. “We’ll see.”

A tingling jolt of electricity shot through me when Cade took one of my hands in his. After he put his other hand on the small of my back, he drew me closer to him. Even with all the times I had sat next to him while we worked on our project, I hadn’t been this close.

“Now you put your other hand on my shoulder.”


“Step back with your left foot and then bring your right to the side.” After I followed Cade’s lead, he said, “Now bring your left foot to your right, and then step forward with your right.”

My mind spun as I frantically tried processing Cade’s instructions. Somehow it managed to click together, and I followed his lead. “Hey, you’ve got it,” he remarked with a smile.

“It’s not because of me—it must be the teacher.” I glanced up at him and smiled. “Sports, brains, and dancing; you’re really a true triple threat.”

“You forgot devastating good looks and charm.”

I grinned. “Does that make you a quintuple threat?”

“Make it a sextuple threat if you throw in the money.”

“I should have known you’d find a way to have ‘sex’ in your title.”

Cade threw his head back and laughed. “Always busting my balls, Prescott.”

“Yep. Just consider me your Little Ball Buster like Judith in Walking Dead was called Little Ass Kicker.”

Cade’s brows rose in surprise. “You watch Walking Dead?”

“Sure I do.”

“That surprises me.”


“I guess I just figured you only watched pretentious stuff like Downton Abbey.”

Downton Abbey is not pretentious.”

Cade grinned. “I’ll take that as a yes that you watch it.”

“I certainly do.”

“At least I’m 1 and 1 on picking the TV shows you like.”

“While you know me pretty well, you have a lot more to learn, Mr. Hall,” I teased.

“I look forward to you educating me.”

As I stared into his face, Cade’s expression grew serious. The idea of educating him suddenly seemed to take on a deeper meaning—one of both mental and physical knowledge.

Cade dipped his head to where our mouths were just inches apart. His breath fanned across my cheek, causing me to shiver. I stared into his eyes, silently pleading with him to go ahead and kiss me. We’d already been down this road before. Since Thanksgiving night, I’d wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on mine again.

When he finally kissed me, it sent energy humming all over my body. I’d kissed other boys, but it had never felt the way it did with Cade. It was all-consuming of my mind, body, and spirit.

Considering his experience, it shouldn’t have been too surprising that Cade was a good kisser. What surprised me the most was the emotion behind his kiss. It ran so much deeper than just a physical act, as if he was putting his heart and soul into kissing me.

Cade deepened the kiss by plunging his tongue into my mouth. It tangled along with mine in a waltz of its own composing. My hand snaked up his back to capture the hair at the base of his neck, and I ran my fingers through the silky strands, marveling at how much softer it was than I had imagined.

The Victrola ran out of steam, and the only sound filling the room was heavy breathing. At the loss of music, Cade stopped leading me around the floor, and his hands slid underneath my buttocks. He gripped the globes of my ass before hoisting me up to wrap my legs around his, and I molded myself tighter against him. I couldn’t seem to get enough of him—the way his strong arms felt around me, his thick waist against my legs, his broad, muscular back underneath my hands. Even though I knew I shouldn’t, I wanted all of him.

When we crashed into a chest of drawers, Cade momentarily released my lips to breathlessly ask, “Are you okay?”

“Mmhmm.” I gazed into his hooded eyes. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

I rubbed myself against the ridge in Cade’s pants, causing him to groan against my throat. “Jesus, Prescott, if you keep doing that, I won’t be able to stop.” When I did it again, my action was rewarded with a growl.

Cade’s wild eyes glanced around the room before leading us over to the wide red settee in the back corner. We collapsed onto the smooth velvet material. I widened my legs to allow Cade’s hips between them and his mouth sought out mine in a frantic kiss.

As our tongues battled against each other, Cade’s hand came to my breast. He kneaded and cupped it over the fabric of my uniform, my nipples hardening under his touch. When he began undoing the buttons of my dress, he broke the kiss to glance at me as if asking my permission. At my nod, he practically ripped the remaining buttons open.

He gave me a sheepish grin as he pulled me into a sitting position. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay,” I said as I slid my arms out of the sleeves.

My breath hitched when Cade’s arms snaked around my back to undo my bra. Once it was unhooked, I couldn’t help bringing my arms to cover my chest and keep the bra in place. I hated that in this moment I couldn’t seem to get past my modesty, or my fear that my average-sized chest would turn him off.

Cade tilted my chin with his fingers, forcing me to look him in the eye. “You sure you’re okay with this, Prescott?”

“I am, I promise.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“I’m just a little scared,” I whispered.

“That I’ll hurt you?” Cade questioned with a wounded look.

I gave a quick jerk of my head. “That you won’t like what you see.”


“You’ve been with so many other girls. I’m afraid I won’t measure up.”

His expression darkened. “That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.”

I ducked my head. “I’m sorry, but I can’t help the way I feel.”

Cade cupped my face in his hands. “There’s only right here and right now, and there’s no one else but you and me. None of the past, just us and this moment.”

My heartbeat thrummed wildly at his sentiment. “Okay,” I murmured as I stared deeply into his eyes.

“And you could never not be beautiful to me. I like everything about you, both inside and out.” At what must’ve been my incredulous look, Cade grinned. “And I’m not just saying that so you’ll let me in your pants.”

“I know you wouldn’t.” Deep down, I knew it to be the truth. If Cade had really wanted to just screw me, he would have attempted it over the past two months.

“I wouldn’t be here tonight if I didn’t want to be with you for the long haul.”

Once again, my heart began to beat so erratically that I felt a little dizzy. “Really?”

He nodded. “You’re all I need, Avery.”



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Beth's Review


3.5 stars



I first fell in love with Katie Ashley’s writing many years ago when I first read her Proposition Series and then absolutely fell in love with her Run Away Train series.  So when I saw that she had a new one coming out and it was a sports romance, I couldn’t wait to pick this one up.  Add in the fact this one was a bit of a second chance romance, I just knew I had to read it.


Avery Prescott grew up on her family’s farm and didn’t have a lot but she had a very loving family.  Cade Hall on the other hand had it all, he was spoiled, arrogant and always got what he wanted.  But all that changed one day in senior year when he became partners with Avery for an English project.  They became friends and Avery always seemed to bring the good out in him and feelings began to develop.  That all quickly changed and he left Avery devastated and destroyed.  Three years later Cade once again finds himself in trouble and for his punishment he must spend his summer doing community service work at the Ark and finds himself face to face once again with Avery Prescott, his new boss.


I am a lover of both sports romances and second chance romances and really had high hopes for this one knowing how much I loved this author’s writing.  Sadly though, for me, this book was just okay.  This story is told in dual first person POV and switches back and forth between past and present.  I did find it to be a bit slow and I wished we could have seen more interaction happening between them during the present time parts.  I loved the past parts and getting to see the start of their relationship but I found it hard for me to really feel their re-connection in the present by it skipping time and not getting to see what happened during those weeks after they began speaking again.  I really wanted to see them slowing reconnecting and for me that part of the story felt really rushed.  I also would have loved to see some sports action added it.  Yes, it was off season but he still had practice and would have loved to had some sports action thrown in during the past and/ or present parts.  It’s those parts that help make a sports romance for me, those are the parts that you truly see their passion for the sport they love, you get to see another side of that character. 


I must say I really did enjoy both characters.  As much as I wanted to hate Cade for the heartbreak he caused Avery, you truly could see he had a good side to him, it just needed to be brought out and Avery did that for him.  Deep down he was truly a good and very caring person, he just needed to surround himself with people that brought that out of him.  I loved Avery’s character, she was such a good and caring person, but she was also strong and determined.  I loved that she wasn’t shy and star struck around him when they were in high school and busted his balls on a regular basis.  And I loved that when he re-appeared into her life she was determined to not let him see how much he truly affected by what he did three years ago.


Overall, this was a sweet second chance romance that had some heartbreak and devastation to it but in the end, these two found a way to forgive and move on from the past.  I did enjoy their story, I was just left wanting a little more interaction, some sports action and would have loved an epilogue.  For me it ended okay but it felt a bit unfinished for me, I needed that last little bit to end it off.





About the Author


Displaying KATIE ASHLEY.jpgKatie Ashley is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Best-Selling author. She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter, Olivia, and her two very spoiled dogs. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest, The Golden Girls, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Supernatural, Designing Women, and Scooby-Doo.

With a BA in English, a BS in Secondary English Education, and a Masters in Adolescent English Education, she spent 11 1/2 years educating the Youth of America aka teaching MS and HS English until she left to write full time in December 2012.


Twitter  Facebook  Goodreads   Amazon Page | Pinterest




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Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold (Guns n’ Boys #5) by K.A. Merikan **Jen’s Review**





Book 5— The ugliest truths blossom into the prettiest lies. —

A year into the relationship with Domenico, Seth still wants him as desperately as ever. Nothing is better than being intoxicated with lust for his deadly man and feeling his steady hands all over.
No matter the misunderstandings, the fights… The crash. The burn.

Crossing the Mexican border has been a goal for Seth and Domenico for a few months, but the trip couldn’t have ended in more of a disaster. While Domenico is stuck at home, for Seth each passing day becomes more difficult. Desperate to keep his family afloat, he accepts a job offer from Los Sepultureros. The Gravediggers.

When Domenico’s need for control starts eroding their trust, Seth is sure their love can conquer all. But when Domenico rips open the wound left after the violence at the beginning of their relationship, it gushes blood all over their cozy lies and this time, there may be no way to seal it.


Themes: mafia, cartel, assassin, organized crime, trust issues, religion, love

Genre: Dark, twisted romance / crime thriller

Erotic content: Explicit scenes

Length: ~110,000 words

WARNING: Adult content. If you are easily offended, this book is not for you.
‘Guns n’ Boys’ is a gritty story of extreme violence, offensive language, abuse, and morally ambiguous protagonists. Behind the morbid facade, there is a splash of inappropriate dark humor, and a love story that will crawl under your skin.











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Jen's review


5 stars

I can’t even begin to tell you how ecstatic I was when I got this baby in my hands. I’ve been dying, (dramatic much?)  Yes, dying for more of Seth and Dom. These guys are one of my absolute favourite couples of all time.  Their relationship is never dull, they are exciting, raw and very sexy. Trouble always seems to find them or somehow they always seem to find themselves in some seriously terrifying, dangerous situations. And let me tell you this latest installment is just as if not more intense than the previous books.


K. A. Merikan has once again brought us some unbelievably gut wrenching, heartbreaking and nail biting moments. This latest installment has almost brought me to my knees with it’s passionate, honest and devastating words. I can’t even express how much this one really tore me up.  Seth and Dom go through some exceptionally trying times that were just so incredibly moving and gut wrenching.  Secrets, lies, duty and possessiveness threaten to tear these men apart. 


Seth and Dom are still so hot and sexy and I can’t even tell you how badly I was on the edge of seat hoping these guys would just make it through everything that came between them. Egos, pride and miscommunication really take a toll on their relationship. Their beginning comes back to the forefront with a vengeance and their foundation is shaken to its core.  Seeing how much it truly affected both of them really just enforced how much these men belong together.  No matter what gets thrown at them or how much they endure, at the end of the day there is always that one aspect that these authors will never let us down with. The love these guys have for one another even after everything is all consuming. That is one thing I took comfort in while my heart was completely breaking for these guys. The emotions were felt on every page as the words bled off them.  


I’m not telling you much about the storyline because there is enough within the blurb, but does anyone really need to read the blurb?  It’s K.A Merikan and if you are not familiar with these ladies then you’ve been missing out on some pretty spectacular stories.  Just know that you won’t be sorry picking up this series. Seth and Dom are an experience you will fall in love with. These guys will take root deeply in your heart. These characters are truly unforgettable and if they already have a part of your heart then be prepared for another emotional rollercoaster.  I really LOVED everything about this story, the highs, the lows and all the in betweens.  I loved learning more about Mark and watching this boy prove himself to his new found family. He truly was a wonderful addition and a motivating factor in Seth and Dom’s growth.  I loved meeting some new characters and can’t wait to see how Seth and Dom’s new found allies work out.  I really can’t wait for more of this story. It truly is one of my all-time favourite series.







About The Authors


K.A. Merikan is the pen name for Kat and Agnes Merikan, a team of writers, who are mistaken for sisters with surprising regularity. Kat’s the mean sergeant and survival specialist of the duo, never hesitating to kick Agnes’s ass when she’s slacking off. Her memory works like an easy-access catalogue, which allows her to keep up with both book details and social media. Also works as the emergency GPS. Agnes is the Merikan nitpicker, usually found busy with formatting and research. Her attention tends to be scattered, and despite pushing thirty, she needs to apply makeup to buy alcohol. Self-proclaimed queen of the roads.


They love the weird and wonderful, stepping out of the box, and bending stereotypes both in life and books. When you pick up a Merikan book, there’s one thing you can be sure of – it will be full of surprises.



More information about ongoing projects, works in progress and publishing at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest




Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan Book Tour, Review & Giveaway

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Arrogant. Smug. Alpha.

He was also to-die-for gorgeous,

and my stepbrother’s fraternity brother.



Anti-Stepbrother is NOW AVAILABLE!


Get Your Copy TODAY




Amazon Paperback:

 (September 12th delivery)

Add Anti-Stepbrother to your TBR




anti stepbrother coverBlurb

He told me to ‘settle, girl.’
He asked if ‘something was wrong with me?’
He said I was an ‘easy target.’
That was within minutes when I first met Caden Banks.
I labeled him an *sshole, but he was more than that. Arrogant. Smug. Alpha.

He was also to-die-for gorgeous, and my stepbrother’s fraternity brother.

Okay, yes I was a little naive, a tad bit socially awkward, and the smallest amount of stalker-ish, but if Caden Banks thought he could tell me what to do, he had another thing coming.

I came to college with daydreams about being with my stepbrother, but what would happen if I fell for the anti-stepbrother instead?




Displaying anti - stepbrother teaser 1.jpg




He wasn’t looking at me any more. I wasn’t even sure he was really in the room.

I needed to leave this alone. He had given me the clues—looking away, his jaw clenching, pain like I’d never heard from him sounding loud and clear. My instincts were telling me to shut up, but I couldn’t. I had this burning need to know more about Caden. I needed to get in there, past his walls, and I wanted to understand him.

I wanted to help him.

Caden was hurting, and I wanted to take that away.

“What happened?”

Caden turned his gaze to me now, and I felt branded by the pain I saw. His eyes were stricken. “Does it matter?”

“No.” My breath caught and held in my chest. I wanted to go to him, but I also wanted to slink away. I was stirring up his pain, but I had to know. “What happened, Caden?”

“Why do you have to know?”

“Because it’s hurting you.”

I made a decision, though I had no idea what the ramifications were going to be. I stood, my legs going numb and my stomach clenching, and I moved to his side. He leaned back, his head falling to the couch, and he watched me.

The need to ease some of his hurt outweighed the fear of what would happen next. Swallowing tightly, I stepped over to straddle him and sat down.

“What are you doing?”

He asked that softly, still holding his beer. I took it from his hands and put it on the stand next to the couch. Then I just sat there. He had to do the rest. I’d already made the first move.

I glanced down at his hands, feeling like an idiot. “What happened?”

“Why are you pushing this?”

I looked back up to find confusion warring with need in his eyes. He wasn’t pushing me away, so I sank further into his lap.

“You haven’t told anyone else about this.” It wasn’t really a question, but I saw the confirmation in his eyes. My chest tightened, thinking about whatever secret he held. “Please tell me.”

“No.” He shifted forward, and I braced myself, expecting him to push me away. He didn’t. His hands grasped the backs of my legs and lifted me so I was more fully on his lap.

I could feel him between my legs, and my breasts almost pressed against his chest. I waited. I wanted to see what else he’d say

“But not because I don’t want you to know,” he added. “Because it’s not my secret to tell.”

I nodded, my stomach doing somersaults now. “That makes sense. I can respect that.”

And there we were. His hands cupped my ass, and the pain in his gaze became something darker, something I felt too, something that began to turn off all rational thought.

“What are we doing here?” he questioned, his voice like a caress in itself.

I leaned forward, my gaze lingering on his lips. “I didn’t really think it through.”

“And now?”

“Still not thinking it through.”

“You’re okay with that?”

In that moment, the truth exploded in me. I wanted him. I wanted this—but it was more. I needed this.

I didn’t answer.

I closed the distance between us.



Displaying anti stepbrother teaser 3.jpg




Jodie's review

5 stars

This is exactly what you hope for when you hear, “Tijan has a new book out!!”  The first thing that I knew after those words were said was the minute it got in my hands nothing was getting accomplished until I was done devouring it.  And just like all her books, this one brought the angst, the funny and the holy hell is it hot in this room sex appeal.  I really struggle reviewing a Tijan book because it’s all emotion, all Jodie keep your mouth shut and let me make out with my kindle too!!

So here is short and sweet…Summer comes to college with one mission and that is making her step brother fall for her.  She crashes a party and that just screams BAD IDEA!!   Or was it?  Ok maybe it was kinda a bad idea depending because this is where she meets an ass aka Caden Banks…

Holy shit, Asshole Caden was confident with an extra layerof authority too.  It rolled off him in waves, very sexy and alluring waves, and I couldn’t believe I was having these thoughts.

I was having thoughts about everything attached to this man but Summer and Caden don’t get off on the foot I was getting off on.  Still that doesn’t stop a friendship from growing and slowly you start getting the butterflies that there is more there on both sides but Caden is not the boyfriend type and there’s asshole Kevin and …. F just read the book,  maybe I will read it again too with you!

Just remember Caden is kinda my new crush, the boy is real, sexy, he’s all alpha but still has that soft so he makes you melt like butter completely for him.  I loved getting to know the secondary characters and I am so excited to see where all these characters go and what they grow into.  It’s perfection for those that love the college tug and pull drama filled nights and days.  The love, the hate, the hot and cold.  EVERYTHING A COLLEGE YEAR CAN GIVE YOU IN ABOUT A DAY!!



Displaying anti stepbrother teaser 3.jpg




Author Information

tijan bioI didn’t begin writing until after undergraduate college. There’d been storylines and characters in my head all my life, but it came to a boiling point one day and I HAD to get them out of me. So the computer was booted up and I FINALLY felt it click. Writing is what I needed to do. After that, I had to teach myself how to write. I can’t blame my teachers for not teaching me all those years in school. It was my fault. I was one of the students that was wishing I was anywhere but at school! So after that day, it took me lots of work until I was able to put together something that resembled a novel. I’m hoping I got it right since someone must be reading this profile! And I hope you keep enjoying my future stories.


Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads







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Balance (Off Balance #1) by Lucia Franco Release Blitz

Displaying RB Banner.jpg



Title: Balance

Series: Off Balance #1

Author: Lucia Franco

Genre: Contemporary Romance


 Release Date: August 29, 2016




Adrianna Rossi is no stranger to the rigorous demands required of her body. Years of pain and determination make her one of the best. Olympic glory is the ultimate goal, and she’ll do anything to achieve it. Even if that means leaving home to attend World Cup Academy of Gymnastics, a training center that serves one purpose—producing champions.Perfection, precision, and dedication are required of his athletes. When two time Olympian Konstantin Kournakova is persuaded into training the young hopeful, he immediately regrets it. She doesn’t come close to his high standards. As the relentless pursuit of her dream keeps her striving, a passion is ignited within him.Kova’s power and domination, coupled with Adrianna’s fierce tenacity, reveal there is more for her body to learn. Every interaction can be misconstrued, but there’s no mistaking the darkening of his gaze, the lingering of his touch, or the illicit image of his bare skin pressed against hers. Integrity is on the line. One toe off the beam and their forbidden desires could ruin everything they’ve worked for, throwing it all off balance.

WARNING: This novel contains explicit content.










Purchase Links
99c on release day only!!!









Kova turned around to face me, his broad shoulders pulled back, one hand propped on his hip and the other clenched around his water bottle. “Do you think you are the first gymnast to show wear and tear on their hands from bars? You are not in Palm Beach anymore, malysh—”Kova visibly tensed, stopping short from his last word. Since I didn’t speak a lick of Russian, I didn’t have a clue as to what he said. But judging by the alarmed look on his face and the thick air between us, whatever he said couldn’t have been good.

Snapping his head to the side, he cracked his neck. “I am not going to go light on you. Get used to it. Nobody said it was going to be easy, it only gets harder from here on out. You need to learn to toughen up and take it. Remember what I said earlier? Prove it to me. Every time you step foot into that gym—make it count. I do not care if your hands hurt or your back is sore or you are running on two hours of sleep. Prove it. Champions are not made by complaining. They are made by the endless pursuit of their dream despite the obstacles they are faced with. Push through it and do it.”

I took a minute to let the weight of his words sink in. While an outsider would think they were laced with malice, I knew they weren’t. That was the furthest thing from the truth. I knew he was pushing me to be better. Not only to prove it to him, but myself as well. Without a doubt, Konstantin Kournakova was one hundred percent right.

Slowly nodding, I looked into his eyes and said, “You’re completely right, but I never expected you to go light on me. That’s not what I wanted. That’s not why I came here. I want the challenge. I want to be better. It’s why I pour every ounce of blood and sweat into a sport that gives me so little in return. The truth is, I’ve never been challenged by a coach the way I have by you, so I’m learning to adjust to it.” I held up my hands and showed him the bloody blisters threatening to pop under my palms. “You won’t hear a complaint come from me again.”

Kova’s shoulders loosened and he blew out a ragged breath. His gaze openly traveled the length of my body, taking in every inch. The way his eyes pierced mine, like he was pleased with my response, made my heart rush against my chest with satisfaction.




Author Bio

A competitive athlete for over ten years, Lucia Franco currently resides in sunny South Florida with her husband and two boys. Paranormal romance was her first love, but she has a soft spot in her heart for small-town and reunion romance stories.

When Lucia is not hard at work on her next novel, you can find her relaxing with her toes in the sand at a nearby beach.

Find out more about Lucia at Make sure to join her newsletter to receive exclusive updates and more!

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His Dark Canvas by Alexandrea Weis Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway




Title: His Dark Canvas
Series: A Corde Noire Novel
Author: Alexandrea Weis
Genre: Dark Erotica
Release Date: August 29, 2016






Ella Winston is a talented chef with a problem–the slightest touch can reveal anyone’s darkest secrets. 

Hired to cook for the artist, Ren Plancharde, she struggles to keep her ability under wraps. 

After accidently uncovering Ren’s underground activities, the eccentric painter offers Ella a glimpse into his world of pleasure and pain. Intrigued, he decides to make Ella a part of his sinister Corde Noire Society, but his chef isn’t quite ready to commit. 

Absolute submission isn’t all Ren wants from the stubborn woman. He has big plans for her gift, too. The only question is … will Ella be willing to give in to his desires when the time comes?

The darkness within can hide a lifetime of secrets.




“5 paint me stars! Another great book in the series… I’m still fanning myself!” ~5 Star Review by Melissa at Alpha Book Club

“This series is outstanding!! I absolutely love this series and this book in particular.” ~5 Star Review by Kathy on Goodreads

“His Dark Canvas was an EXCELLENT read! … Full of hidden desires, food and paint! Oh and sex!” ~5 Star Review by Ashley on Goodreads



Through the haze of her apple martinis, Ella spotted someone across the wide dining room. He was different from the other patrons there to celebrate the restaurant’s two-year anniversary. With an arrogant walk, he strutted across the stone floor. Lean, muscular, and blessed with one of those bodies women would always notice, he had dark blond hair and disquieting dark green eyes. He was the kind of guy who knew he was good-looking and let everyone else know it, too. She wasn’t usually attracted to that type, but this man—his confidence intrigued her.
“You’re Ella, Ella Winston,” he said in a voice like dark chocolate fondue: deep, and wickedly sexy.
“Yeah.” She almost dropped her drink. “I’m the sous chef.”
“I know. Marcus told me.”
As his smile sank to the depths of her belly, he extended his hand, but Ella ignored it.
Don’t touch him. You know what happens when you touch them.
“So, how do you know Marcus?” Ella quickly asked, hoping to make up for her rudeness.
He laughed, looking her over. Above the din in the room, she could sense something different about his laugh. Unlike the insincere chortle of others, this man’s laugh got to her. She was having an unusual physical reaction, something that never happened to her. When most men laughed, Ella usually ran away.
“Marcus and I share the same friends.”
“What friends are those?” she asked, craving another martini.
“The wealthy kind, who like to support the arts.” He raised a green bottle of sparkling water in his hand. “I’m a painter. Marcus and I know a lot of people who like to pretend they’re patrons and keep us gainfully employed.”
“Painter?” Ella shrugged, finding it hard to believe Marcus knew any painters. “What do you paint?”
“Portraits of women. Usually with very little clothing.”
Oh yeah, I need another drink. “Is that lucrative?”
“For me it is.”
Her eyes wandered around the dining room, desperate to find a rescue. Ella needed to get away from this man before she said or did something really stupid.
“Do you like art?” he pressed.
“Some art. I think it would depend on the passion I see in a painting.”
“The passion in a painting?” That laugh again. Her toes tingled. Not good. “You sound like a painter, Ms. Winston.”
The martini glass in her hand suddenly weighed a ton. “Isn’t painting a passion for an artist, like cooking is a passion for a chef? Having a passion is a healthy thing. It reminds us that we have a soul.”
He nodded, seemingly approving of her drunken ramblings. “That’s very profound and also very true. I think you have a lot of talents yet to be discovered, Ella. May I call you Ella?”
“Ah, sure. Ella is fine.” Her mouth went dry. “What makes you think I have any talents outside of cooking?”
“I have a sense for these things.”
She tensed. Can he tell? The same thought always haunted her when she met new people. Ella fought so hard to keep her secret under control. Time to make a run for it.
“Don’t let Marcus know I have other talents. He’ll probably fire me.”
She was about to depart when he stopped her. He leaned in, and she could just make out the small cleft in his pointy chin. “I promise, if you ever need a job, I’ll hire you.”
His mouth was so close she could have kissed his perfect, thin lips. Frightened by the notion, Ella backed away. “I’ll hold you to that.”
“I hope you do, Ella.”
She should have done a million different things: asked his name, gotten his phone number, or stayed to flirt with him some more. Instead, Ella walked away. She figured it was one of those moments in life she would live to regret. Fortunately, Ella found the bar and drowned her disappointment in another apple martini.
Ella reasoned that was the way of it. You meet people and move on, and one day, if you’re lucky, you meet the interesting ones again.






Josie's review


4.5 stars

His Dark Canvas is book 2 in the American Corde Noire series, where we are still trying to figure out what happened to Nathan Cole, but there are some new players introduced in this book.  Once again this author does an amazing job in taking readers into high society life in New Orleans Louisiana.  I envisioned myself there with her descriptions of the sites, foods, music, language and culture. This series is different than your average Dom/Sub romance novel and I loved the added New Orleans spin with juju and paranormal.  The D/S relationship in this book is heavy but it wasn’t overdone.


Ella, a sous chef down or her luck accepts a job off to become the Ren’s personal chef. A well- known painter of nude women in the New Orleans area.  I loved that her character was different from other submissives, she was inquisitive and opinionated.  Being around Ren and her ability to see things no one else can showed her the ghost and secrets of many in Ren’s mansion.   She doesn’t like to touch people and avoids situations that can lead her to do just that but for some reason she’s drawn to the Ren’s reclusiveness and temperament.  After stumbling upon the Corde Noire affairs her interest is peeked, I mean she is a curious one.


Ren was a hard character to read. He was always in the shadows but affected by Ella.  He is a great painter and a trainer of subs, but when he offered to take Ella on a D/S journey he begins to show a softer side.  I questioned what was really going on with this man and was happy with how the author slowly unraveled his character.  There was so much more than a painter with an attitude.  His role in the society is a major role and finding out what really happened to Nathan is his priority even if he has to use Ella to do it.


The relationship between Ren and Ella was a long journey. I really enjoyed that aspect of the novel.  We see both characters get to know one another and fall deeper for one another.  Ren is confused by his feelings, with the words and descriptions you can see he wants more but his role doesn’t allow him to keep a sub.  The more time he spends with Ella the more he falls, Ella is also taken by Ren and fights it every step of the way.  Her gift leaves her a target to an enemy and Ren is forced to make a decision. To let her go or keep her as his own.  The mystery behind the Society and Nathan Cole plays out so well throughout this book and we get to see a darker side to this high society game of D/S.  I was stuck to the pages of this book and all though it is long I really got a lot of clues and vital information.  The secrets of Nathan’s death and the dangers of the high society club are just starting to unravel. I really loved this story and I can’t wait to see what comes out next.







From New Orleans, Alexandrea Weis was raised in the motion picture industry and began writing stories at the age of eight. In college she studied nursing and went on to teach at a local university. After several years in the medical field, she decided to pick up the pen once again and began her first novel, To My Senses. Since that time she has published many novels. Infusing the rich tapestry of her hometown into her award-winning books, she believes that creating vivid characters makes a story memorable. Her work has been critically acclaimed and has been continually growing in popularity. 

Alexandrea Weis is also a certified/permitted wildlife rehaber with the La. Wildlife and Fisheries. When she is not writing, she rescues orphaned and injured wildlife. She is married; they live in New Orleans.










Perv by Dakota Gray Promo


Title: PERV
Series: Filth Book 1
Author: Dakota Gray
Genre: Erotica Romance (18+)
Release Date: August 23, 2016





I’m honest about what I am. You want to screw until you can’t see straight? I’m your guy. You want to experience the best oral orgasm of your life, don’t pass go and collect two-hundred dollars. Eating you for dessert is my specialty. I live for that. Skinny, average or meat on your bones, I don’t care. Blonde, brunette…white, Asian, black…

Are you pink where it counts? Then you’re my type.

I’m your guy.

For the duration of our affair, I will call you Sugar because I can’t bother to retain your name.

That’s the kind of man I am, and you will know that going in. I make sure of it.

So it’s not my fault her friend loved me, but She is going to make me pay for that.

And I’m too addicted to her taste to walk away.

**Fans of Emma Chase’s hot and humorous romance novels and Skye Warren’s dark, twisted fantasies will love Dakota Gray’s PERV.**





“Dakota Gray’s impressive debut has it all. Obsession, revenge, sizzling chemistry, and a bad boy hero you can’t help but love. But read with caution: some scenes were so hot they damn near burned my e-reader to a crisp.” ~Lily Danes, author of SINS OF HER PAST

“Perv is sultry, seductive, and the kind of bedmate that you love to hate. You know it’s gonna rip your heart out along the way, but you just can’t help following that road anyways. And it does not disappoint. From the steaming-hot prose, to the moments of tenderness beneath the leads’ asshole facades, Perv is an addictive read hot enough to combust your kindle.” ~Katie De Long, New York Times bestselling author




“Since you seem to know everything about me, tell me something.”

“Tell me my name.” She raises a brow.


I pull a hand through my hair and figure shit is going south anyway. I lean down so my mouth is right on her earlobe. “Stealth.”

She puts a hand to my chest and laughs. “What?”

“You put your tits on the counter to get the bartender’s attention. That’s stealthy so…Stealth and Heels.”

“And or in?” There’s amusement in her tone and she hasn’t pushed me away.


“So you’re admitting you have no idea what my name is?”


To my surprise she leans into me, leaving no room between us. My cock perks to attention. Her dress is a second skin. I can pretend for a moment she’s bare against me, and though I’m not a tits man, hers are full and soft—I want to lick, bite and suck them until her eyes roll back.

She tilts her head and we’re cheek to cheek. “I know what you are, Nathan. I know what you need.”

She’s speaking words, but all I can hear in her low, sultry tone is fuck me hard. And I’m an accommodating man. “Are you going to give it to me?”

What? I’m not going to say no. Or talk her out of whatever she’s planning to do.

“You torture women, you know that, right?” The huskiness in her voice is the best friction.

“Torture?” I ask.

“Mind blowing head. And then they have to somehow live the rest of their lives cold turkey or with second best. That makes you an asshole.”

“Not my fault I’m good at what I do.”

She shifts and her skin brushes my cheek again. “It is when you know damn well the woman is looking to settle down.”

“I never lie.”

“You never turn a woman away either.”

“They’re all adults.” I don’t fuck women who need help. Genuine help. Telling her that feels too much like defending my life choices. I don’t make a woman believe I can love her. That’s cruel.

She huffs. “You have every intention of destroying her world.”

Red flashes over my vision at the accusation. “And what are you going to do about it, Sugar?”
She laughs—I’m not sure if it’s at me—and I fucking feel the sound in my every bone. “You want a taste of me, Nathan?”










Dakota Gray is the author of the Filth series. She’s a longtime romance reader and she’s not ashamed to fangirl over heroes with dirty mouths, dirtier minds and a soft heart.

Gray writes the heroes you shouldn’t take home to mom, sassy heroines and sigh-worthy happily ever afters.



Cocky Biker by Faleena Hopkins **Josie’s Review**


Cocky Biker – A Stand Alone MC Romance Novel

My father is Congressman Michael Cocker. He f*cking hates that I live outside the law. I’m Jett. I don’t care that I come from old money. The Ciphers MC – they’re my chosen family. 

We are servants ONLY to our code, our mission. We live it. Breathe it. Search for it. The same force that drives storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, propels us. Like them we arrive without warning and level sh*t, to erect something superior. 

A loner, I never expected on the most dangerous of our missions to meet an irresistible feral cat. I nicknamed the kitty, Sunshine, and she is anything but. 

My name is Luna, not Sunshine. I am darkness. Only one thing matters to me…killing the man who murdered my mother when I was ten. 

I don’t have time for Grey Eyes – a f*cking biker named Jett Cocker. No matter how ridiculously hot he is, or how skilled at playing my emotions like a violin. 

My WHOLE LIFE I’ve been gearing up for this. I’ve finally found the murderer. Now. Is. My. Moment. So why am I wasting time with Grey Eyes in this motel room…why is he making me forget my pain? 













“Neither do I,” I breathe as he leans deeper in. Grey Eyes is so dangerously close to my mouth that I can feel his heat. 


“Neither do you what?” 


“Have a master.” I could use a good fuck, though. “And I don’t want one, either.” 


“Every woman wants a master.”


“Not true,” I whisper, fighting him because I’m stubborn but inwardly knowing he doesn’t mean equality. He means in the sack. And he’s right.


“Deep, deeeeeeep down, she does want a master, Sunshine. She wants him to take charge. Make her pant his name as she quivers underneath him.” 


With his eyes all hooded and his naked chest lightly touching the tips of my breasts through my jacket and shirt, Grey Eyes lowers his hand. I follow it, unable not to look. He hovers thick, calloused fingers from riding, just short of my jeans’ zipper and crooks his middle finger as though it were about to be inside me. He’s almost touching me there. I’ve stopped breathing.


With a low, slow rasp, he continues to tease me as we both stare at those fucking fingers of his. “Every woman wants a real man. One who knows how to touch her…here. And that man, Sunshine, that man she’d call Master.”


His eyes crawl up my body, locking with mine as I press the back of my head into the door, wishing he’d touch me so I could punch him. Or grab the back of his head and eat him alive. Whichever came first.


“Baby,” he murmurs, “…this is a fucked-up situation. I want you. But I’d never take you against your will.” He kisses my nose like he did this morning, but this time real slow. “However…if you gave yourself to me, you’d thank me for it.” 


He leans in to kiss me but drops down without doing so, grabs my backpack and flashes away from me, pulling my gun out. 


I explode, “What the fuck!?” pushing off the door and coming at him. “Give me that!”


He jumps on the bed and holds it up. “Now what’s this for, huh?” 


“You tricked me!” 




I chase him around the bed, totally helpless. I’m not about to tackle him outright. That weapon is fucking loaded.



He grins. “You sound like my brother Jeremy when I found a love letter from his ex-girlfriend! Now, now, Sunshine, stop trying to grab me. You said it was never gonna happen. Can’t change your mind just because I got ya all wet, baby.” 







Buy Links








Josie's review


4.5 stars

Wow I thought this book would have been a light read but what a ride.  This book had my emotions all over the place and it deals with some gritty and horrific subject matter.  I love a good MC read and seriously the darker the better. This author did an amazing job giving readers a different side to the MC world.  The author wrote this story in a way that I felt so drawn and connected to the characters and to their unique love story.  Cocky Biker is told in alternating POV’s and getting to know the real Jett and Luna (Sunshine) gave me more insight into their minds.


Jett is a big bad ass biker, everything about him screams BAD, of course his cockiness and arrogance helps that persona.  He and his boys are on a mission to bring down scum and save as many people as possible.  He has no problem getting women and is confident about his ability to please them, but when he meets Luna his bad ass persona quickly meets its match. 


 I loved Luna’s character. She is hardened by life and doesn’t believe in men.  She looks so innocent which is anything but true.  When Jett and Luna cross paths at the same place, both wielding guns, fate has other plans for the pair.


Luna’s story broke my heart. She appears so put together but she is stuck in the past.  Her past is something so brutal and painful that it seriously brought tears to my eyes.  This author did an amazing job bringing two characters together who are more than they seem. I really enjoyed watching Luna being tough and carefree even though unconsciously she had a need to be with Jett.  I really loved how this big cocky Biker is so soft caring and vulnerable with Luna.  This man is an open book with his feelings and his actions are clear. Watching him trying to prove himself to this woman who has only known pain and disappointment by men was just so touching.  They battle the most dangerous and vile men in the world, but the real battle is between themselves.  Jett and Luna are hot together when they are out fighting evil. They share some priceless moments together. I just couldn’t get enough of them.  If you are looking for a great MC read with a twist than this is your book.  You won’t be sorry.








About The Author



YUP…that’s me.

I had a Yamaha 80 when I was 10. A Kawasaki at 22, and a Suzuki at 31.

This story Is extra close to my heart because I’m a biker at heart. And damn if one day I don’t buy a Triumph. 😉 

“I’ve written books since age five or six when I first sold a crayon-illustrated short story to my parents for a dollar.”
Faleena Hopkins is drawn to telling stories of love or redemption, and often both. Hiding behind the pen name “Sabrina Lacey” when she began writing, Faleena now publishes only under her own name. She’s an actress and director, too, and currently lives in Atlanta, GA, with her crazy-cute dog, Pippin. Learn more about her filmmaking career at





EXCERPT REVEAL: The Bachelor Auction by Rachel Van Dyken

TheBachelorAuction11_RGB300 (1)



We have your first look at THE BACHELOR AUCTION releasing on October 4 and we can guarantee, you do not want to miss the first book in this brand new series from Rachel Van Dyken!




TheBachelorAuction11_RGB300 (1)Cinderella never had to deal with this crap.


Jane isn’t entirely sure that Cinderella got such a raw deal. Sure, she had a rough start but didn’t she eventually land a prince and a happily-ever-after? Meanwhile, Jane is busy waiting on her demanding, entitled sisters, running her cleaning business, and . . . yep, not a prince in sight. That is, until a party and a broken shoe incident leave Jane wondering if princes—or at least, a certain deliciously hunky billionaire—maybe do exist.

Except Brock Wellington isn’t anyone’s dream guy. A prince would never agree to be auctioned off in marriage to the highest bidder. Or act like an arrogant jerk—even if that is just a façade. Now, as Brock is waiting for the auction chopping block, he figures it’s karmic retribution that he’s tempted by a sexy, sassy woman he can’t have. But while he and Jane may not get a fairy tale ending, maybe they can indulge in a little bit of fantasy . . .



Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU |iBooks | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay



Thick wavy auburn hair fell in disarray over his forehead. It was lush, shiny, perfect. Were guys born with hair like that? Or was his somehow chemically engineered? His full lips pressed together in a secret smile as the equally handsome man next to him said something, then erupted in laughter.

The first man stiffened, then shook his head. His broad shoulders seemed to grow tight as a drum. A slight tic in his jaw was the only clue that he was irritated or maybe outright angry.

And then his shoulders slumped as he was handed another drink and then another.

Nervous. He must be nervous. But what could a man like that possibly have to be nervous about?

He easily towered over most of the men in attendance. Suddenly his posture changed, then he smiled.

Jane felt her mouth drop open in shock.


He was…like a duke or a lord or a prince from a storybook. Clearly, she read too many romance novels, but his entire presence demanded attention; screamed authority, importance, and sex. Lots and lots of sex.

Yes, his virility was a tangible thing, as if she could reach out and grasp it with her fingertips.

“What are you doing?” Esmeralda yelled in her right ear, interrupting her blatant sexual fantasy about a complete stranger. Great. That’s what her life had come to. And sadly? It was the most fun she’d had all night.

Jane turned to Esmeralda, prayed for patience, and answered. “Sorry, I was just thinking.”

“You’re so boring.” Esmeralda rolled her eyes. “No wonder you got dumped.”

Another fun fact? Esmeralda was mean when she was drunk.

The reminder of the breakup burned like acid.

It had been a year ago, not that it mattered. It still hurt that the last guy she’d dated had told her that although she was cute, she wasn’t really doing it for him anymore.

Right. Doing it.

Maybe that was because she hadn’t done anything for him or with him, and he found that lacking. But they’d only dated for a few weeks. Did normal girls do that? Put out after a few weeks? Apparently.

She wasn’t normal.

But if that was normal, maybe she was better off being strange.

“Jane, are you even listening to me?” Esmeralda whined. “Essence needs you to dance next to her for a bit. I’m tired and tipsy. I want to sit. Plus your dress blends in enough that it won’t take attention away from her.”

No way. What? What had she just said?

Jane wrapped her arms around her middle. “I’m sorry, what?”

Without warning, Esmeralda grabbed Jane’s hand and jerked her toward the dance floor, causing Jane to lose her footing and crash directly into Esmeralda’s back. Then, like a domino, she slammed back into Essence.

Jane opened her mouth to shout out an apology, but Esmeralda was already too drunk to listen to reason. With determination in her eyes, she reached for the pearls at Jane’s neck but grabbed the fabric of the dress instead.

Her poorly sewn dress ripped instantly, causing the fabric to slink past her strapless bra. A diagonal slit split up her thigh almost all the way to her hip. In an effort to cover herself, she took a step and tripped, thanks to her clunky shoes.

And then she fell to the floor.


Her sisters watched in horror—but neither of them offered a hand. They were probably kicking themselves for forcing her to come. Esmeralda leaned over but missed Jane’s shoulder by a mile, grabbing her hair and giving it a tug, which only made Jane wince harder.

Both sisters were completely tanked.

And she was less than two minutes away from being trampled by the other sweaty bodies around her.

She glanced up.

And into the eyes of the man she’d just been lusting after.

Oh God, the humiliation was complete.

That one glance told her he’d seen it all. She swallowed back the thickness building in her throat. Of course the only time he’d notice her would be when she’d ripped her dress and nearly took out a few guests on her way down to the dance floor.

The crowd gathered around her.

And the sexy man disappeared—probably off in search of a girl with perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect clothes.

She really should have stayed home.

Tears filled her eyes as a heel pressed into her right hand. With a jerk she tugged her hand free, struggling to get up to stand on her wobbly feet, when suddenly she was pulled to a standing position and then swept up in strong arms.

Jane’s eyes were still so blurry from unshed tears she couldn’t make out the man’s face as he carried her out of the crowd.

He smelled like heaven.

She fought the insane urge to press her face against his chest and just…close her eyes.

Because he felt safe.

Pathetic, when a stranger’s arms provided more safety than her own family. And yet he felt…right.

In a world where things for the past ten years had felt so wrong.

He felt right.

Maybe she’d had too much champagne.





rachelborderRachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!

Want to be kept up to date on new releases? Text MAFIA to 66866!

You can connect with her on Facebook or join her fan group Rachel’s New Rockin Readers. Her website is .





Cover & Blurb Reveal Plus Giveaway: Snow In Montana (Montana #4) by RJ Scott

Montana 4 LLB Banner

Author: RJ Scott

Release Date: December 7 2016

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Length: 50,000 words





Crooked Tree Ranch (Montana #1) 

The Rancher’s Son (Montana #2)

A Cowboy’s Home (Montana #3) 



Montana 4 400





An actor in the closet, a sheriff stuck in a rut, and memories that won’t stay hidden. Will Christmas at Crooked Tree be cancelled?

Jordan Darby is known as the King of Christmas. The star of eight made-for-TV Christmas movies; he is the leading man that always gets his girl. Filming at Crooked Tree in an icy, snowy March he is fighting studio execs, and his fears of exposure, over one huge secret. After all, who the hell would hire him if it came out that their romantic lead was gay?

Sheriff Ryan Carter is advising on the new movie being made at Crooked Tree. He had hoped this would be one day of work and nothing else. Until that is, he meets the sexy hero of the movie. Jordan is spiky, resigned, angry, stuck in the closet and everything that Ryan doesn’t need in his life. Until that is, lust becomes part of the equation.

Against the chaos that has overtaken the ranch, Adam regains a memory that threatens his love with Ethan, and it is Justin who has to make sense of it all for everyone. Only through trusting in love and friendship can these two men, learn to look to the future, instead of letting the past destroy everything.

And then maybe, for everyone at Crooked Tree, there can be peace by Christmas.



Author Bio


RJ Scott is the bestselling gay romance author of over ninety MM romance books. She writes emotional stories of complicated characters, cowboys, millionaire, princes, and the men who get mixed up in their lives. RJ is known for writing books that always end with a happy ever after. She lives just outside London and spends every waking minute she isn’t with family either reading or writing. 


RJ also writes MF romance under the name Rozenn Scott.


The last time she had a week’s break from writing she didn’t like it one little bit, and she has yet to meet a bottle of wine she couldn’t defeat.






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