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Down by Contact (The Barons #2) by Santino Hassell **Josie’s Review**



This book can be read as a standalone.

Two rival football players begin a game with higher stakes than the Super Bowl in this steamy romance from the author of Illegal Contact.

Simeon Boudreaux, the New York Barons’ golden-armed quarterback, is blessed with irresistible New Orleans charm and a face to melt your mama’s heart. He’s universally adored by fans and the media. Coming out as gay in solidarity with his teammate hasn’t harmed his reputation in the least—except for some social media taunting from rival linebacker Adrián Bravo.

Though they were once teammates, Adrián views Simeon as a traitor and the number-one name on the New Jersey Predators’ shit list. When animosity between the two NFL players reaches a boiling point on the field, culminating in a dirty fist fight, they’re both benched for six games and sentenced to joint community service teaching sullen, Brooklyn teens how to play ball.

At first, they can barely stand to be in the same room, but running the camp forces them to shape up. With no choice but to work together, Simeon realizes Adrián is more than his alpha-jerk persona, and Adrián begins to question why he’s always had such strong feelings for the gorgeous QB…





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Down by Contact was a great enemies to lovers book.  I didn’t read book 1 in this series and even though it’s not needed I did stop and go back to get more history.  Once I started this book it was impossible to put it down.  It was a gripping and entertaining read not filled with unnecessary angst.


Simeon and Adrian are both charming and captivating characters.  I loved watching these two strong characters figure out life both on and off the field and their relationship.  The banter and the digs showed just how even if you don’t understand just how words and actions can deeply harm others. Also how not accepting and embracing yourself can be frustrating.


Simeon is full of love, loyalty and dedicated to his football career, family, friends and anyone who needs him.  He’s not ashamed of being gay and open about it in his profession.  He’s dealt with all the backlash, ridicule, sneers and negative comments and it doesn’t bother him because he’s not afraid of who he is.  He doesn’t believe in love but he does do the random hook up thing.  Adrian at first glance, I didn’t like him.  Rivalry is one thing but Adrian set out to publicly humiliate Simeon whenever he can.  Those very public and sublime homophobic comments lead to an altercation that causes the pair to spend time together.


Adrian grew on me and as much as I tried to fight my growing love for this character, it was a battle I lost.  There is so much more to him than his comments.  Adrian’s issues come from not understanding his feelings toward Simeon.  I enjoyed watching him come into his own and struggle through his feelings.  Things aren’t easy because both have demanding and judgemental careers but Adrian’s struggle and hesitation goes deeper.   It is because of these deeper issues I fell hard for this character.  Simeon and Adrian are strong, raw and tough so when I got to see them take down the walls I felt a connection and had a clearer  insight.   I felt the relationship aspect was great, it wasn’t instant, it was a gradual development and it fitted both the characters.  They both supported one another through out this new discovery.  I really glad I read this book and will be sure to read the next book in this series.




About The Author


Santino Hassell is a cynical New Yorker by day and a romance author with an affinity for baseball caps by night. He’s been a finalist in both the Bisexual Book Awards and the EPIC Awards, and was nominated for a prestigious RITA award in 2017. His work has been featured in Hypable, Washington Post, Book Riot, Vulture, Jezebel, RT Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

You can find a full list of his novels with series order on the Books page of his website. You can also follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. You can also join his reader group, Get Hasselled, which is where he hangs out the most! Merchendise is available on Zazzle.

Alace Sweets by MariaLisa deMora Release Blitz & Review






From the author of the Rebel Wayfarers MC series, MariaLisa deMora,  comes the dark thriller “Alace Sweets”
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Revenge really IS sweet. ~Alace Sweets.
A dark thriller, this book is not a light read.
Filled with edge-of-your-seat suspense, this intense story commands the reader’s attention as it drives towards the explosive ending. Alace Sweets is a vigilante serial killer, with everything that implies and is sure to trip all your triggers. Be ready.
At seventeen, Alace Sweets turned a corner in her life, taking the wrong shortcut home from school.
Resisting the harsh knowledge her attackers will never be made to pay for their actions, Alace takes a stand. Justice must be served, and if fate’s scales are out of balance, she’s determined to set things
right as best she can.
When the laws of men fail, the rules of Alace prevail.






Alace Sweets is different from anything I read from this author.  I fell in love with this authors writing way back when I first read the very first book in the  Rebel Wayfarers series.  This book is a different feel from her MC series but it did not disappoint.  This book has thrills, chills, suspense, a kick ass heroine out for revenge and a BBF to die for.  


You have to go into this book blind because giving away an ounce of this story will ruin the feels that should along while reading it.  The story flowed perfectly, the writing and character development sucked me in the very first page until the last.  Alace is a strong willed female lead character, she is tough and smart but also vulnerable, caring and loving.  The author delivered a character that will stay with me for years to come.  I connected with this character and her need to vengeance.  I felt her pain, her wants and her needs through every page I read.


This was a dark read but yet it wasn’t gruesome. I loved how the author handled certain topics in this book and brought to light injustices.  The plot was perfectly woven into a magnificent head stopping conclusion.  I couldn’t put this book down and long after I finished I found myself drifting back to this amazing story and thinking about the characters.  I highly recommend this book. 



What Others are Saying
“This book sucked me in and kept me reading straight through to the end.” – Manda Mellett, Goodreads review
“WOW, I loved this book. So much. So buy it, read it. Seriously, go  right now.” – Jesse Roth, Goodreads review


“I loved reading Alace’s story. It’s heartbreaking, brutal but sweet and loving all rolled into one tiny body.” – Raychel, United Indie Book Blog


“A very intense story with lots of twist and turns and shocking details. A must read for all those dark, gritty romance fans out there.” – Paula, Sweet & Spicy Reads







From Chapter Two


Alace Sweets
“Is everything okay?”
She crossed the distance between them and leaned in so Nate could kiss her forehead, something she’d noted he liked doing. She let him wrap an arm around her shoulders, drawing her close to his side before he turned so they faced Ike.
“Nothing to worry about, baby girl.” Nate’s voice dropped into the lower registers, and she shivered at a sudden memory. That was how he’d sounded just before he buried his face between her legs last night, finding that delicate balance of aggressive licking and kissing, and a fragile tenderness that had been missing from her
life for a long time. I’ll miss you, big guy.


“Hey, Ike.” She offered a little wave with the hand not currently tucked into Nate’s back pocket. From the outside, it probably looked like they were a longtime couple, only Nate would know that before last night all he’d gotten access to were her forehead and fingers. She’d gently rebuffed all his overtures while keeping the door open for use when it mattered most. Like last night, she thought, keeping
the smile on her face small. “What’s up?”
“Hey, Pauline. Sorry to bother you and Nate.” Ike gestured towards the front room, and Nate led her towards the couch there. “I got some bad news, honey.” Tipping her head to one side, she settled next to Nate, letting him hold her close. She rested one palm on his thick thigh, allowing her fingers to curve possessively around it. “Alan Trueward, how well did…do you know him?”
Well, hell. They found him already.
She carefully didn’t let any of her thoughts show on her face. Stoicism was something she had long practiced, really since her first breath, if she were honest. All through her youth growing up in that tiny town, she’d had to hide everything inside her. All the pain and anger, the fear and loss. Getting out of bed in the morning meant
sliding that particular mask into place, and she was so good at it now it was first nature, bypassing that second nature bullshit normal people lived with.
“Decent guy, he takes care of the girls.” She purposely let her smile broaden slightly. “He and April—” Alace tipped her head so she was grinning up at Nate. “—are quite the item.” Fraternization between employees at the club was frowned on, but Nate hadn’t told them to stop, which meant he probably didn’t know the reason behind it in the first place. Alace did. Alan was the entire reason she was in town, after all. Regg had sussed him out nearly two years ago, and she’d started laying plans. It’s what she did these days.
“Did you see Alan last night?”
Boy did I ever! I saw him on his knees calling out to a god who didn’t give one shit that the man was about to die.
Just like Alan didn’t give one shit about those little girls he liked to rub off on when he was a teacher. Just like that judge didn’t give a shit about those little girls, giving Alan a commuted sentence because he “had such future contributions to give to society” and ignored his existing contributions to eleven little girls’ nightmares. Eleven future husbands who would have their hands full considering the woman made for them had been so abused. Alace firmly believed that every person had their one true love, and she just as firmly believed that Alan Trueward did not exist in that column for any woman, or man.
God couldn’t be that cruel.
Yeah, I saw him. Saw him kneel. Saw him fall. Kicked dirt over his blood and shoveled it into the well after him. Saw the blade rise and fall, a glittering promise in every stroke seeing that taking Alan’s life was actually giving him peace, too. I promised him he’d never feel those urges again. His voice begging, pleading loudly, “I’m sick. I know. It’s a sickness.” He was sick, all right. Sick to death.


© 2017. MariaLisa deMora. All Rights Reserved.







 Also by MariaLisa deMora

Rebel Wayfarers MC series

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Yourself Band series


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Author Bio
Raised in the south, MariaLisa learned about the magic of books at an
early age. Every summer, she would spend hours in the local library,
devouring books of every genre. Self-described as a book-a-holic, she
says “I’ve always loved to read, but then I discovered writing, and
found I adored that, too. For reading … if nothing else is available,
I’ve been known to read the back of the cereal box.”
A hockey fan, hiker, gamer, and single mom of a special needs son, she
embraces her inner geek and has been working in the tech field for a
publishing company for a couple decades.
Music is a driving passion, and she says, “I love music of nearly any
genre — jazz, country, rock, alt rock, metal, classical, bluegrass, rap,
hip hop … you name it, I listen to it. I can often be seen dancing
through the house in the early mornings. But I really, REALLY love live
music. My favorite thing with music is seeing bands in small, dive bars
[read: small, intimate venues]. If said bar [venue] has a good selection
of premium tequila, then that’s a plus!”



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End Game (Dirty Money #4) by Lisa Renee Jones Release **Beth’s Review**

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How deep can you love?

Passion and danger collide in the explosive finale to Emily and Shane’s story.

After tragedy strikes, Shane hovers on the edge of being consumed by darkness. He will fight for the woman he loves. He will destroy his enemy. He will not back down. As shocking twists, dark secrets, and explosive betrayals within the Brandon family come to the light, Shane must fight harder than ever before.

Every thread weaves a dangerous web. Emily and Derek. Brandon Senior. Maggie and her affair. The leader of the dangerous cartel who’s wedged itself inside the Brandon Empire. It all comes to a head in the shattering conclusion to the Dirty Money series.






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End Game is the final installment in the Dirty money series and I couldn’t be more happy and sad at the very same time.  I fell in love with Shane Brandon the moment I met him.  He is your typical hot Alpha male, the overprotective sexy hunk that will stop at nothing to protect the one he loves.    He fights back hard but loves even harder.


We get the conclusion of Emily and Shane’s story in this final installment but I really don’t think this will be the last we see of them.  The author has created an amazing cast of characters that readers can’t help to not only love but also see each one get their story and HEA told which on the upside would definitely give us some more Shane and Emily.


I loved Shane’s fierceness, from the moment we met him in book one to the end of this one, it never wavered.  He’s loyal to those who are loyal to him.  And even though he can be cold, heartless and definitely ruthless in and out of the courtroom when he needs to be, he is also kind, caring and so loving when it comes to those he loves.  I have to be honest, as much as I wanted and needed this last book and couldn’t wait to read it, I find myself so sad with no more Shane to look forward to.


I really loved Emily’s character.  She was strong and stubborn and she too could be a force to be reckoned with.  I loved that the author didn’t make her out to be some helpless damsel in distress.  I loved that she was willing to stand at Shane’s side and fight back with everything she had. These two were an absolute perfect pair.  The dynamic the author built up and continues to through the story was phenomenal.  Never did their relationship fall flat but never did it also go over the top with unnecessary drama.   I also loved the chemistry and attraction between them.  It was easy to see and feel it right from the start and even at the end, I didn’t tire of that strong attraction and never did it not feel real.


I must say, once again the author did not disappoint with this conclusion and their story as a whole.  This was a series that kept me engaged with the perfect combination of the right amount of hotness and great story that left me on the edge of my seat many times, especially at the end of Bad Deeds.  I know I have said it before about this author, especially in my reviews for the books in this series, but I love it so much I have to say it again.  I love that the author takes the time at the beginning of each of her books in this series to give us a brief recap of what has happened in the story and where we left off in the last book.  Along with that she also includes a quick debrief of the main characters.  This may see like something not that big, but for someone who works full time on top of being a mom with not much time to read, not having to take the time to try to remember what happened in the prior books you read 3-4 months ago and 10-15 books ago, is huge for me. I am immediately brought up to speed and right back into their story, not wasting time trying to figure it all out as their story continues to unfold.


The author overall did an amazing job writing this series but also this conclusion.  I was definitely an emotional roller coaster and jammed packed with so many emotions.   This book had me mad, heartbroken and head over heels in love.  I truly hope we get to see Seth’s story and Jessica and Cody’s story.  These characters were fabulous supporting characters that I have grown to love and now feel the need to get their stories.




About the Author


Lisa Renee JonesNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series. Suzanne Todd (producer of Alice in Wonderland) on the INSIDE OUT series: Lisa has created a beautiful, complicated, and sensual world that is filled with intrigue and suspense. Sara’s character is strong, flawed, complex, and sexy – a modern girl we all can identify with.

In addition to the success of Lisa’s INSIDE OUT series, Lisa has published many successful titles. The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spent several months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa is also the author of the bestselling DIRTY MONEY and WHITE LIES series. Presently, Lisa is working on her Murder Girl/Lilah Love series to be published by Montlake.

Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women’s Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at and she is active on Twitter and Facebook daily.




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Twitter: @LisaReneeJones

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