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69 Million Things I Hate About You by Kira Archer Release Blitz & Review




After personal assistant Kiersten Abbott wins sixty-nine million dollars in the lotto, she suddenly has more than enough money to quit her impossibly demanding job. But where’s the fun in that? She decides to stay and exact a little revenge on her insufferable ass of a boss.

Billionaire Cole Harrington quickly figures out something’s afoot with his usually agreeable personal assistant. When he finds out about the office pool betting on how long it’ll take him to fire her, he decides to spice things up and see how far he can push her until she quits.

The game is on, with everyone waiting to see who will crack first. But the bet sparks a new dynamic between them, and soon they realize they just might have crossed that fine line between hate and love.






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This was a cute story with a unique story line. This book started off great and I enjoyed the story from start to finish. This book is about Kiersten. She is Cole’s assistant and her job is basically to run his life. He demands her to be available 24/7 and is basically a jerk for a boss. Well Kiersten wins the lottery and decides before she quits she will have a little fun and drive her mean boss crazy and get fired. This is when the story gets really good.


  “She really wanted to ask him what the hell she had to do to get fired now, but it’s not like he’d tell her. This was a war. You didn’t give your enemy the blueprints to your strategy.”


This book was told in 3rd person and usually I am not a big fan of third person. I find it hard to connect with the characters but this story I didn’t mind. It felt like a majority of it was being told in first person and I had no problem connecting with both the main characters.


Loved the banter and chemistry between both Cole and Kiersten. They knew how to get on each other’s nerves and you could feel the explosive energy between the two. You just knew once they got together it was going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!!


The story was well written and flowed perfectly. I loved that there was not a bunch of page fillers and the story was told at the perfect pace where you were able to connect but it didn’t drag on with useless details.


Overall, I really enjoyed this story and this is the first book I have read by this author but it certainly will not be the last. I enjoyed her writing and look forward to reading more from her.



About The Author live in Pennsylvania with my hubs and two kids. And 3 ridiculous cats. I’m one of those people who laughs at inappropriate moments (especially overly emotional occasions like weddings or funerals); I have an insanely overactive imagination which is great when I’m writing but not so great when I’m shutting all the lights off at night and then have to go up the stairs. I have a PhD in Procrastination (or would if there was such a thing and there soooo should be because I’m seriously at expert level here). And if I’m not writing, I’m reading, or thinking about reading or writing. And running my kids around because they are busy and I’m the taxi driver. I also write historical romances as Michelle McLean.


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