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A Mended Man (The Men of Halfway House #4) by Jaime Reese Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway


Title: A Mended Man
Series: The Men of Halfway House #4
Author: Jaime Reese
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 28, 2016
Photographer: wagnerLA Photography
Cover Artist: Reese Dante


Detective Aidan Calloway is rock-solid strong. He’s a man of justice—loyal to his friends, family, and job—even if it requires bending a law…or two. He shields himself behind an abrasive, fearless facade, until a phone call one night chips his armor and throws his perfectly planned, hollow life into a tailspin.

Jessie Vega is the epitome of optimism. His carefully crafted attitude of hope and positivity protects him from a past filled with too much pain. When a ghost from a dark time resurfaces and nearly breaks him, he must tap into his inner strength or risk losing everything he’s worked so hard to build.

But Jessie can’t do it alone. He must fight to break through Aidan’s ironclad defenses to reveal the heart of the man hiding beneath the tough surface and mend his damaged spirit. Only then can they truly heal and become strong enough to battle the demons that haunt them and threaten their chance to finally be together.


***This book contains scenes and subject matter some readers may find distressing.***


Although part of a series, this book can be read as a stand-alone.






“A beautiful story of love making you whole again!” – Bike Book Reviews

“Heartbreakingly beautiful” – Amazon Customer Review

“As always the wait was worth it and Jaime delivers yet another stunning but very different book.” – Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews



“So…where are we going?” Jessie asked, returning the items to the pantry and the refrigerator. He hadn’t expected Aidan to arrive home early, and he definitely hadn’t expected him to announce a dinner excursion, especially not after spending so much time on the couch lately, having far too much fun to want to escape the house.
“Wherever you want to go is fine. You’re always cooking and you stay in the house unless you’ve got an appointment, so I figured a break would be nice. To get out, do something…different. As long as I can pick a steak, I’m fine with any place you want to go.”
“You choose the spot. Surprise me,” Jessie said.
“So where are we going?”
“Uh, I thought you said to surprise you?”
Jessie bit his lip, trying to disguise the humor at seeing Aidan squirm. He figured Aidan was probably getting a little edgy lately, always giving in and letting Jessie get his way each time. “I need to know what to wear.”
“A suit. Definitely a suit. A dark one. Either the blue one or the charcoal.”
“So it’s a date?” Jessie asked, trying to contain the flutter in his chest. He cherished their time hanging out on the couch or back porch but going out in public together? Definitely one heck of a milestone.
“Uh, okay,” Aidan said with a pinched expression.
“It’s not a date?”
Aidan rubbed the back of his neck. “If you want to do something else too, we can.”
“We don’t have to do anything else. Dinner’s fine.”
“Okay. So it’s not a date?” Aidan said, scratching his stubble. 
Jessie hid a grin at Aidan’s confusion. “How about you tell me. Do you want it to be a date?”
“I want to take you out to dinner. I want you to wear a suit, because you look hot as hell in them. If that makes it a date, then cool. It’s a date. But if I have to do something else to make it a date, like a movie or…fuck if I know…a walk on the beach or something. Let me know and we’ll do that too.”
Jessie wrapped his arms around Aidan’s neck. “Where did you get that from?”
“I think you better leave the research to me.” Jessie chuckled.
“As long as you wear your suit.” Aidan snaked his arms around Jessie’s waist and leaned in for a quick kiss.
Jessie nuzzled Aidan’s neck. “And you need to keep your stubble. It’s hot.”
“You like soft balls and hard stubble. I think you’re confused regarding what you want.”
“I know exactly what I want. I want all of you, soft and hard and everything in between.”





Jen's review


4.5 stars

I feel like we’ve been waiting forever for another installment in The Men of Halfway House series and all I can say is the wait was well worth it. HOLY HELL… That prologue!?! Such a powerful start to the book, already a few lines in I was completely hooked. It’s been a while since a book has left me with my heart in my throat and my stomach aching especially at the very begging of a story. But damn, that was super heart breaking and hard to read.


This book starts off with a pretty tough scene and really sets the stage for the premise of the story. I totally thought A Mended Man was going to be Jessie mending after that horrific night. I’m thinking this is totally going to focus on Jessie coming back from being assaulted, broken and battered. And it is in a way but this story wasn’t just about the horrible things that Jessie has been though.  Aiden is dealing with PTSD and some seriously deep rooted demons. The nightmares and what he’s been through keeps him closed off like Fort Knox.  We slowly get to learn what keeps him from really opening up and giving himself over to Jessie. My heart absolutely broke for this man. 


I loved the fact that this book totally centers on two guys who have their own sets of issues but through their love, patience and devotion to each other they build something so strong and so beautiful. Longing, lust, hope, desire and love are just a few things we experience throughout the pages.  There is such a slow burn within the story. There is no doubt in my mind that this author wanted to torture us with it because it takes a long time for then to really come together. I was dying for it long before it happened. I wanted them together and every page the anticipation grew even more. When it finally happened I was signing their praises. This story really brought us a beautiful story about love conquering all.


“Life isn’t a fairy tale. And Sometimes, it’s mean and ugly and filled with horrible things. What matters is how you push through those times so you can enjoy the happy moments.”


I really enjoyed watching them come to terms with their pasts and the awful things they’ve been through while they were moving forward in their present together. Their connection is undeniable but most importantly their attraction for one another goes much deeper than the physical. There is no question that they belong together. The trust these men held for another was just incredible. Each of these men held such strength that they were exactly what the other needed when they faltered.


These characters were so well developed and the writing flowed beautifully. This story is a long one but there is no doubt in my mind that every page was necessary. Jaime definitely did a wonderful job with keeping the storyline engaging where I felt completely invested. I believed in these characters, felt their pain, joy, sorrow and their love. I loved that we get treated to some cameos from some of the other men we met and fell in love with from previous books. I really loved being able to get glimpses into their lives. I especially loved that Cole and Ty really played a big role in this story lending their support to Aiden and Jessie. Fans of this series need to pick this story up. It’s an emotional ride you’ll be happy you jumped on.   I cannot wait to see what comes next.


With every breath and heartbeat



Jaime Reese is the alter ego of an artist who loves the creative process of writing, just not about herself. Fiction is far more interesting. She has a weakness for broken, misunderstood heroes and feels everyone deserves a chance at love and life. An avid fan of a happy ending, she believes those endings acquired with a little difficulty are more cherished.



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