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All I Ever Wanted by LuAnn McLane ** Jodie’s Review **




From USA TODAY bestselling author LuAnn McLane comes the first in a brand new series featuring the sexy Heart brothers: formerly the members of the cult-phenomenon boy band Heartbeat, they’re all grown up and back together for one last reunion tour….

When Grady Heart, former lead singer of the cult-phenomenon boy band Heartbeat and eldest of the brothers, decides to bring the group back together for a highly anticipated reunion concert, he doesn’t expect to be met with so much resistance from his brothers. He also doesn’t expect them to hire his ex-girlfriend and ex-Heartbeat choreographer Arabella York to help the band rock some new dance moves.

Back in Heartbeat’s glory days the brooding bad boy fell hard for Arabella; the studious, stable dance teacher tamed Grady’s wild side but her lack of trust in him eventually drove them apart. Although their chemistry burns hotter than ever, Grady tries to keep his relationship with Arabella strictly professional this time around but in his heart, he might just still long to find out what could have been.

Filled withs “McLane’s trademark devilish dialogue” (Publishers Weekly), All I Ever Wanted is a sexy rock ‘n’ roll romance, perfect for anyone who’s ever loved a boy band!






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Second Chance Romance with a Rockstar twist!  The minute I started reading this I was thinking NKOTB Reunion and maybe it’s because Luann timed it perfectly with their reunion tour taking place but even the titles of chapters screamed YES I AM A TEENAGER AGAIN SINGING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!  That however, is sadly where my screaming ended for this story.

This is a light, fun, easy to see where the story is going romance.  For me the brothers all, however cute they are,  come off immature and frustrating to believe they were going to pull off this reunion that meant so much to them.  I am not going to lie and say they didn’t have me laughing and loving them because they did.  It’s just I loved them as if they were 18 – 21 yr boys not grown men who are suppose to have their shit together.  Then there is Arabella “Bella” who runs a successful Hip Hop Health business and was the bands choreographer back in the day.   She also was the love of Grady’s life but a misunderstanding left her running without anything.  JUST GONE and this infuriated me as a reader.  If this was the love of their life where was the explosion, where were the emotions!  Bella comes off as an insecure heroine, for being this successful business owner she comes off as weak and unable to stand up for what she wants in business and in her love life.  Literally she was so bland as a character I found myself just saying WTF GIVE ME SOMETHING!!!!    I loved the closeness of the brothers and Bella but I couldn’t understand how they could love her so much and not fight for her and Grady sooner.  For me the premises of this story was so solid but the romance and the relationship fell flat and left me questioning when I should have been swooning.  I am left saying I liked it but there is so much I am hoping gets better with the brothers stories!!






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LuAnn McLane writes southern bent romantic comedy for NAL/Signet Eclipse and is currently penning her eighth novel in her popular Cricket Creek series. Her books have appeared on best selling lists including USA Today, Nielsen BookScan, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Her books have been featured selections for Rhapsody and Doubleday Book clubs. Her love of country music led her to collaboration with superstar Wynonna Judd with the novel Restless Heart. She lives in Naples, Florida and when she isn’t writing… she enjoys entertaining family and friends, cooking, reading, music, travel and University of Kentucky basketball.


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