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The Past Comes Home (Ames Bridge #2) by Silvia Violet Book Blitz & Giveaway








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Ames Bridge Series
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Twenty years ago, Paxton Marshall realized he liked boys, in particular his brother’s best friend, Brad. Pax now runs a successful art gallery, but he’s never found anyone who stirs his heart the way Brad did.

Brad Watson is back in town for his twentieth high school reunion. However, the celebration of long-ago days is the last thing on his mind. He’s there for one reason: to finally tell Pax how he feels.

Pax is shocked to learn Brad is not only gay but also interested in him. Dating a man in Ames Bridge isn’t as simple as it sound, though. In order to make a relationship work, both men will have to bolster their courage and alter their expectations.

*This book is an expansion of a previously published short story titled Open to the Past. Over 35,000 words have been added.*






A knock on the shop door drew Pax’s his attention; probably his assistant, Cindy. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d forgotten her key, and no one else would be dropping by this early. Microfiber duster in hand, he twirled his way past the worktables and unpainted pottery pieces.

He sang along with Madonna as he reached for the doorknob, and froze—Brad was grinning at him through the front window.

Heat rushed to Pax’s face. For a moment he contemplated racing over to turn the music off, then walking calmly back to the door as if the last few seconds had never happened. Could he convince Brad his earlier appearance was a hallucination?

Brad placed his hand against the window and peered in. “Is this a bad time? I know I’m really early.”

“Um…no. Just a sec.”

He would open the damn door, talk to Brad, and generally behave like a respectable adult. That’s what would happen.

With a deep breath, he turned the knob and stared, openmouthed, unable to form a single word. Was Brad even more gorgeous than he’d been two years ago? At eighteen he’d been the hottest boy in school, but now with his dirty-blond hair showing hints of gray, he was even better. His T-shirt stretched taut over his biceps, and his jeans fit like they were tailor-made for his muscular thighs. But the thing that made Brad even more desirable now was how relaxed and happy he seemed. In high school he’d always been restless, as though he were uncomfortable in his gorgeous body, despite having it made as far as anyone else could tell. Pax wondered what had changed.

Pax looked up at Brad and realized he’d been caught giving him a blatant once-over while he stood in the doorway. “Um… Where are my manners?” Fled in the face of his insanity? “Come in. That is, if you’d like to.”

“I would.” He smiled, showing off the dimple in his left cheek.

Pax wanted to run his tongue across it. Instead, he made a dramatic show of bowing and sweeping his hand toward the interior. “Enter, sir.”

Brad laughed and stepped inside. Pax shut the door behind him and locked it, hoping Cindy would be late so he’d have time to show Brad the gallery without anyone else there.

“Is it ’80s day?” Brad asked.

Pax needed to accept that he would be blushing the whole time Brad was there. “No, I was just cleaning, and this music motivates me.”

“Let me know if I’m keeping you from something. I woke up early, and I was anxious to see you.”

Anxious to see him? Him? Pax’s knees threatened to give. Was it possible…? No. Just because Pax had spent far too many hours fantasizing about Brad saying he was gay or bi, that didn’t mean it was going to happen.

Author Bio

Silvia Violet writes fun, sexy stories that will leave you smiling and satisfied. She has a thing for characters who are in need of comfort and enjoys helping them surrender to love even when they doubt it exists. Silvia’s stories include sizzling contemporaries, paranormals, and historicals. When she needs a break from listening to the voices in her head, she spends time baking, taking long walks, curling up with her favorite books, and spending time with her family.





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69 Million Things I Hate About You by Kira Archer Release Blitz & Review




After personal assistant Kiersten Abbott wins sixty-nine million dollars in the lotto, she suddenly has more than enough money to quit her impossibly demanding job. But where’s the fun in that? She decides to stay and exact a little revenge on her insufferable ass of a boss.

Billionaire Cole Harrington quickly figures out something’s afoot with his usually agreeable personal assistant. When he finds out about the office pool betting on how long it’ll take him to fire her, he decides to spice things up and see how far he can push her until she quits.

The game is on, with everyone waiting to see who will crack first. But the bet sparks a new dynamic between them, and soon they realize they just might have crossed that fine line between hate and love.






Image may contain: 1 person, text and outdoor



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This was a cute story with a unique story line. This book started off great and I enjoyed the story from start to finish. This book is about Kiersten. She is Cole’s assistant and her job is basically to run his life. He demands her to be available 24/7 and is basically a jerk for a boss. Well Kiersten wins the lottery and decides before she quits she will have a little fun and drive her mean boss crazy and get fired. This is when the story gets really good.


  “She really wanted to ask him what the hell she had to do to get fired now, but it’s not like he’d tell her. This was a war. You didn’t give your enemy the blueprints to your strategy.”


This book was told in 3rd person and usually I am not a big fan of third person. I find it hard to connect with the characters but this story I didn’t mind. It felt like a majority of it was being told in first person and I had no problem connecting with both the main characters.


Loved the banter and chemistry between both Cole and Kiersten. They knew how to get on each other’s nerves and you could feel the explosive energy between the two. You just knew once they got together it was going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!!


The story was well written and flowed perfectly. I loved that there was not a bunch of page fillers and the story was told at the perfect pace where you were able to connect but it didn’t drag on with useless details.


Overall, I really enjoyed this story and this is the first book I have read by this author but it certainly will not be the last. I enjoyed her writing and look forward to reading more from her.



About The Author live in Pennsylvania with my hubs and two kids. And 3 ridiculous cats. I’m one of those people who laughs at inappropriate moments (especially overly emotional occasions like weddings or funerals); I have an insanely overactive imagination which is great when I’m writing but not so great when I’m shutting all the lights off at night and then have to go up the stairs. I have a PhD in Procrastination (or would if there was such a thing and there soooo should be because I’m seriously at expert level here). And if I’m not writing, I’m reading, or thinking about reading or writing. And running my kids around because they are busy and I’m the taxi driver. I also write historical romances as Michelle McLean.


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The Choices I’ve Made by J.L. Berg Blog Tour & Review





The Choices I’ve Made by J.L. Berg is available NOW!




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The Choices I’ve Made by J.L. Berg

Release Date: October 1st
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Death is easy.

Surviving it? That’s the hard part.

Dr. Jake Jameson knows this all too well. Losing his mother at the age of eighteen, he walks away from his small hometown and the painful memories it holds, vowing to never return again.

Twelve years later, he finds himself driving back down the coast of North Carolina. When his father leaves him a small medical practice, he has no choice but to heed the call until he can find someone else to take it off his hands.

But coming back home means facing everything he left behind, including the one woman who might make it impossible to leave again.

Molly McIntyre has spent her entire life in one town. Taking over her parents’ small inn, she’s settled into a quiet, happy life. But all of that comes to an abrupt halt when Jake shows up at her door in need of a place to stay.

Molly loathes everything about this man, but she can’t find it in her heart to refuse his request.

After over a decade, these former lovers quickly discover what once burned brightly between them has only grown in their time apart. Soon they must decide if the choices they’ve made have led them back to each other for a second chance or one final goodbye.





After two glasses of wine and an hour of feeling sorry for myself, I decided I’d had enough self-pity for one day. Rising from my cozy chair, I took one last look at the sparkling water as the moon rose high in the sky. How one could ever get used to a view like that, I’d never know. I’d been raised in this house, and still, it never ceased to take my breath away.

After a quick stop by the kitchen sink to rinse out my glass, I headed to the large pantry, deciding I needed a little baking therapy to pass the time. Although the Lovells had offered to take care of their own meals since I comped the room, I decided to treat them for their help over the last week.

As much as I hated to admit it, I couldn’t have done it all without them.

Grabbing flour, sugar, and a few more items, I settled on a family favorite recipe—zucchini bread. I’d added my own little flair to it over the years, but the basic recipe was still the same.

There was something almost restorative about the process of mixing ingredients. With no need for a recipe anymore, I found myself humming a song I’d heard on the radio earlier in the day, and my mood began to lift.

That was, until the doorbell rang.

Wiping my hands on a dish towel, I checked my appearance in the hallway mirror, rolling my eyes at the flour that coated my cheeks.

My mom always said I was a messy baker. I guessed some things never changed.

Putting on my best face possible, I prepared myself, morphing into the hostess with the mostest. It didn’t always happen, but every now and again, I’d have unexpected visitors. People who’d missed the last ferry and were in desperate need for a place to stay or others who had just fallen in love and didn’t want to leave.

In every case, I always found a place for them, sometimes even giving up my own rooms to accommodate them. Pulling open the door, I greeted the late-night visitor with a bright smile. But, the moment I saw his face, that familiar rugged jaw and piercing blue eyes, my smile faded into something less than pleasing.

“What are you doing here, Jake?” I nearly snarled.

“Is that any way to greet a guest?” he replied sluggishly. He was clearly drunk.

“Did you drive here in that state?” I asked, looking over his shoulder to make sure a car wasn’t wrapped around the neighbor’s tree.

“No,” he answered. “Waited until I was parked outside before I popped open the bourbon. Did you know, if you park right there”—he pointed behind him, making his sloppy posture even worse—“you can see the backyard? You still like to sit out on the deck, huh?”

My cheeks heated with anger as I realized my private moment of sulking had been witnessed by none other than hotshot Jake Jameson. I sighed, noticing the way his eyes followed mine.

“What do you want?” I finally asked, averting his gaze.

“I’m a wayward tourist in need of a place to stay.”

My arms folded across my chest as he made himself at home, breezing past me to stumble into the sitting room. His large body seemed to melt into the couch as I tried not to think about all the things we’d done in this room while my parents were out of the house.

“You have a place to stay, Jake,” I reminded him. “And, no matter how much you try to convince yourself, you’re no tourist. Not even a fancy degree could change that twang in your voice.”

He laughed, a sound that made my spine tingle. “You’re right. I can’t seem to shake it. But it does do me some favors every now and then.” He gave me a quick grin and a wink, causing me to nearly spit fire.

The idea of him using his stupid accent to get women into bed—it shouldn’t have affected me so, but it did.

It really did.

“Look,” I said, feeling my never-ending river of patience suddenly drying up, “it’s late, and I know you’ve had a rough day, but—”

“I tried, Molly. God, how I tried.”

“Tried what?” I asked, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“I tried to forget you. But I never could. I tried to forget this place and all it represented, but the memories never faded. You never faded.”

My heart galloped a little faster, but luckily my anger won the race. “You’ve got to go, Jake. You can’t stay here.”

“But I can’t go back there, Mols. I can’t go back to that house. There are too many ghosts. Too many memories. It hurts.”

The way he’d said it reminded me of the scared boy I’d once held in my arms as he wept for his mother. It tugged at the few remaining heartstrings I had for this man, and suddenly, I found myself caving.


He instantly perked up, turning his head, as his bright blue eyes found mine again.

“But you will pay double, and don’t expect any special treatment.”

He nodded as he tried to stand, swaying back and forth. I ran forward, keeping him from crashing into my antique coffee table. The generosity I’d felt just moments before was already starting to bite me in the ass.

“Got it,” he said as my hands wrapped around his muscled biceps. That intense stare of his was back as his fingers found mine. “You won’t even know I’m here,” he whispered, the smell of bourbon on his breath.

“Highly unlikely,” I grumbled, pulling my hand from his. The heat of it remained, like a brand against my skin. “Now, you can take the—”

“Yellow room,” he said, finishing my sentence.

It had always been a favorite of his. Mine, too.

“Fine,” I replied, trying to seem unaffected by his demand. “I assume you still remember the way?”

He held up his palm in front of his face. “Like the back of my hand.”

“That’s the front, Doctor.”

He laughed, sounding drunker than I’d ever seen him. “Right.” Taking a few steps forward, his body brushed against mine. “I like it when you call me doctor.”

I took a deep breath, putting some much-needed space between us.

“You would. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have bread to bake.”

“Bread!” he nearly shouted before chuckling under his breath. He said in a hushed tone, “I love bread.”

“Go to bed, Jake.”

“You first.”

Those two words were like a cold bucket of water. His gaze suddenly sharpened as a tingle went down my spine. Both of us knew he wasn’t talking about sleeping, and for a moment, I let him know it.

No eye roll or quick-witted comeback. I just stood there, letting myself indulge in a single moment that signified a lifetime of memories.

And then the jerk threw up on my shoes.







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I am a lover of JL Berg’s work and a lover of second chance love stories so I couldn’t wait to check this one out.  There is just something about a second chance love story that always sucks me in, I love when a couple who is meant to be together gets their Happily Ever after.


With the death of his father, Jake Jameson is forced to return home after staying away for 12 years.  He is a surgeon now living in Chicago and after leaving Ocracoke Island all those years ago, he has never looked back and planned to never return.  No matter how hard he tried, he never forgot his one true love that he left behind, Molly McIntyre.  Although these two are very different from the teenagers they once were, the feelings between these two have not changed one bit.  But one thing that hasn’t changed in 12 years was Molly still never wanted to leave the Island and Jake couldn’t get off it and back to the city fast enough.


I enjoyed both Molly and Jakes characters but I struggled to feel a deep connection between them.  For me I felt a connection and an attraction but it just didn’t have the soulmate feel to it.  I also found the storyline to be a bit slow moving and drawn out. I love a good slow burn and must say there were times I that this book totally sucked me in but at times struggled to stay engaged in the storyline. 


Overall this was a sweet read and I am sure I will be in the minority on my thoughts and feelings about this book.  The book was written well, the storyline just didn’t work for me.  For me it started off great and began to suck me in but then took a turn I wasn’t expecting and I think that unexpected storyline just set the tone of the book for me.  Without giving too much away the dynamic of the storyline at this point just felt completely off and for the remainder of the story, there were things with their relationship that just didn’t feel right for me, feelings and actions happened too quickly to feel genuine.  And the last part of the book just didn’t sit well either and felt a bit unnecessary.  I wish I could have loved this one as I have loved everything written by this author, sadly this one just wasn’t for me. 




About the Author


JLBERGI’m a California native, who lives in the South – Virginia to be exact. I still prefer sushi to fried chicken, avocados to okra, and I absolutely loathe humidity. I do love watching the seasons change though. My husband and I have been here for over a decade, and I still get giddy like a school girl every time it snows. It’s magical!

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and we’ve been blessed with two beautiful daughters and two rescue pups I like to call my “coworkers”. I’m obsessed with chocolate, minions, anything Harry Potter and I love to watch re-runs of Friends and Gilmore Girls!




Connect with the Author





From the Ruins by Janine Infante Bosco Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway



From the Ruins

by Janine Infante Bosco
A Satan’s Knights MC Novel
Publication Date: September 26, 2017
Cover Designer: JB’s Cover Obsession Design
Model: Michael Joseph
Photographer: Reggie Deanching, R+M Photography
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, MC, Bikers, Romantic Suspense











In every man’s life there comes a day of reckoning. It’s the day darkness is exposed and sinners are punished for their trespasses.
A day when loyalty is destroyed and a man is left in ruins.
When he walks away from his club and loses his religion.
Whoever said from the ruins they will rise again never walked a mile in my shoes or the pair of red ones I was left holding.

He’s bitter, cold and angry.
He’s seen his share of heartache.
Lived through tragedy and despair.
He’s my neighbor.
The man I know should stay away from.
The man who will destroy what’s left of me if I get too close.
He’s Lee Jameson, and I’m Layla Milano.
This is our story.
The story of two people left in ruins forced to rise again.







I’ve read every book in this series and let me just tell you that From the Ruins is the best one yet.  You can tell this author puts so much effort into this book because you can just feel every single raw, gritty, painful and heart wrenching moments.  I’ve wait, not so patiently for Pipes story and I just knew this one would tear me up inside but I just didn’t realize how much it would have affected me.  Grab some tissues and a bottle of wine because you will need it.


You need to read the previous books in this series to follow along with the events that unfold in this story.  Pipe is devastated, angry and guilty after loosing his wife Oksana in a very violent way.   God I felt this characters pain and anger.  He blamed everyone including his brothers in the MC.  He walks away from that life and tries to move on but moving on is hard when you keep your dead wife’s shoes as a shrine at your front door.  Anyway in walks Layla and her 3 children next door and Pipe doesn’t like what he immediately feels.


Layla and her kids were the perfect fit for Pipe.  I wasn’t sure how the author would come up with a character befitting of Pipe but she hit it spot on with this little family.  After being divorced and losing everything she’s determined to prove her worth in life and become independent.  She’s feisty and strong even with the sexy Pipe who’s always rude, nasty, drunk and screwing anything with a va-jay-jay.


I loved the slow build into their relationship, it was torture but necessary since both had healing to do.  Pipe finds something he never thought he’d find again but that also leads him with guilt.  I loved how the author incorporated the relationship between Pipe and Layla’s children.   Layla, Pipe and her children find a second chance at love and a family but enemies of the club aren’t ready to let Pipe walk away.   Layla is so understanding of the place Oksana will always hold in Pipes heart and she’s also understanding of his life in the MC.  When danger comes Pipe will do anything to keep his new family safe even if it means showing Layla why they call him Pipe.


This was an amazing read full of everything I love in a story. I highly recommend this book.







From the Ruins
© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved by Janine Infante Bosco.

Excerpt: Layla

Running after Lee, I forget my kitchen resembles a small pond or that I’m soaking wet myself. Hell, I don’t even have a chance to process his actual name before he’s folding his large frame into my car. Shuffling down the steps, I hurry toward him making sure I don’t wind up taking another flop in the mud.

Finally reaching the car, I splay both hands over the hood and lean forward.

“Get out of the car,” I demand.

About to switch gears, he turns his attention toward me and narrows his eyes. The thought of him possibly judging me sets me off into a frenzy.

“You’ve done enough damage,” I tell him, smacking the palm of my hand against the hood. “I wouldn’t be in this mess if you could just keep your dick in your pants, but no, you had to go and pick possibly the two dumbest people on the planet to sleep with and now I’m the one paying with a broken car.”

“I didn’t actually sleep with them,” he mutters.

My anger doesn’t seem to quell and the more he sits behind the wheel staring at me, the more my hands tremble. Lifting them from the hood of the car, I applaud him sarcastically.

“Congratulations, you’ve spared yourself the risk of getting gangrene. Me, on the other hand, has to still suffer the consequences of your poor choices,” I spit.

“Jesus Christ, woman, I’m trying to make it right,” he shouts angrily, slamming his fist against the steering wheel. Seeing the frustration radiate from his features, I drop my arms to my side and narrow my eyes in disbelief.

Since the moment I met this man he has been nothing but nasty to me. Even when I apologized to him he acted like a dick. Now he wants to be helpful and I’m supposed to believe he grew a conscience over night?

“Why?” I blurt. “Why all of a sudden do you care?’

Clearly annoyed, he rubs his hands vigorously across his face before putting the car in park and stepping out of it. With one arm braced on the door, he pins me with those incredible eyes of his and I temporarily forget what we’re doing.

“Would you rather I didn’t? That change could be arranged,” he hisses. “Your car is fucked, Layla, and fuck me if I know why, but I feel responsible. Now, the man upstairs didn’t give me a whole lot of blessings but he gave me hands, and I’m damn fucking good with them.”

Unsure how to respond to his confession, I remain silent. I quickly learn giving him the floor is a mistake because what he says next breaks the little resolve I have.

“For crying out loud, haven’t you ever had a man help you before?”

His words slam into me with force and the weight of every burden I’ve been carrying drags me down. Willing myself not to let my emotions get the best of me, I swallow down the lump lodged in my throat and shake my head.

“Not without wanting something in return,” I confess. It’s a truth I didn’t realize until I was already on my own. I can’t say for certain that my ex-husband was the exception. He dangled that fucking house of his in my face for years. It didn’t matter that I was the one who made it a home, in his eyes I should’ve been grateful he put a roof over my head. I never felt as though it was ours. It was his and I was the woman who lived there.

Suddenly, it’s not about the car but about everything that has ever gone wrong in my life. Every single hole I’ve had to dig myself out of.

“Let me fix your car,” Lee says, dragging me away from my head.

Staring at him blankly, I shake my head as I give into the tears.

“I have insurance…shit,” I cry, wiping at my eyes. “I mean, I think I have insurance,” I amend, unsure if I paid the bill. I suppose it’s a good sign I don’t remember getting a cancelation notice in the mail.

“Oh God,” I moan, lifting my hands to my face. “I’m sorry,” I sob. The tears fall freely and I can’t keep up. Realizing it’s a wasted effort, I drop my hands and unload all my grief. “I’m overwhelmed,” I admit. “You’re right, this is the last thing I need right now. I have three kids who basically hate me since I left their father, a son whose favorite pastime is getting into trouble and a shit job that doesn’t pay the bills. Let’s not forget a house that’s falling apart at the seams. I’ve never felt more out of control than I do now, and every time I think I’m getting ahead, something else happens that sets me back. And now I’m standing in front of a man who is basically a stranger and I’m crying. I’m fucking crying and I don’t cry.”

“Shit,” he hisses, stepping awkwardly toward me. Lifting a hand, he seems to debate on what to do with it until he pats my shoulder uncomfortably. “There, now,” he mutters. “Pull yourself together, killer.”

If I wasn’t falling apart I think this would be funny. I mean we make quite the pair. He’s fighting a hangover and I’m having a nervous breakdown. While I’m dressed in pajamas, he’s wearing the same clothes as the night before and we’re both drenched from the waterfall inside my house. I have diarrhea of the mouth and he has no idea what to do with me as we play tug of war with my car. Not to mention my kids are on the front porch watching the whole exchange. Yeah, we look like a bunch of clowns.

A laugh flies past my lips and I cover my mouth with my hands to stop the fit of giggles that insanely erupts.

“Oh good, we’ve moved onto laughing,” he says, dropping his hand from my shoulder. Taking a step back, he shoves his hands into his pockets and stares at me like I have three heads.

“Oh my God,” I say, chuckling. “You should see your face right now,” I comment, grabbing my stomach. His eyes narrow at me.

“You playing me, girl?”

“No,” I hiccup, shaking my head. “I swear.”

Having had enough of me, he blows out an exasperated sigh.

“So, do we have a deal?”

“Wait,” I say, sobering up. “There was a deal?”

“Yeah, the deal is I fix the fucking car.”

“And what do I do?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, stop. Let me do this. It’ll make me feel better and like your son, my favorite pastime these days seems to be getting myself in a shit ton of trouble. If I’m busy fixing your car then I’ll be too busy to make the next bad decision and it’ll keep the whores off the front lawn, both yours and mine.”

“I don’t have any whores.”

“Feeling better?” he questions, lifting an eyebrow.

My situation was hopeless, and no, I wasn’t feeling better about any of it but for some reason I wasn’t feeling weighted down by my life.

“I’m not sure,” I admit as I cock my head to the side and study the faint lines in the corner of his eyes. After a beat, I shake my head and break away from the hypnotic spell they seem to have me under. “I’ll pay you back. I’ll call the insurance company and put a claim in.”

“Whatever makes you sleep better, killer,” he replies. “Or you can make me a pot of coffee and we’ll be even. Either way, get out of my way and let me get started.”

“There he is,” I start. “I was starting to mourn the asshole I’ve come to expect.”

“Have no fear, I’m an asshole first and foremost,” he says.

We both grow silent for a moment and I swear I see his lips quirk ever so slightly.

“Thank you,” I murmur softly.

“Get on, girl,” he says with a nod.

Hesitantly, I step around him and glance up at my house. Three sets of eyes stare back at me and I’m reminded of the busted pipe and the list of things I was supposed to do today. Things I’m not sure how they’ll get done now that I don’t have a car.

“Jesus Christ, what is it now?” I hear Lee say behind me.

Turning around, I watch as he lights a cigarette. Taking the first long pull, he leans against the side of the car and waits for me to deliver my next blow.

“I don’t have a car.”

“Is this a delayed reaction type thing?”

“It’s just, well, I mean we’re not in the city. I can’t hop on a bus. I’ve got a busted pipe I need to fix and I was supposed to go into town today. And then there is school. How am I supposed to get my kids to school every day?”

“Lay it on me, killer, what do you need to do,” he says, pushing off the car. He ashes his cigarette before taking another long pull and leveling me with those eyes of his. “Aside from the pipe thing because I doubt you can fix that thing on your own.”

“How would you know? I happen to be very handy,” I defend.

“I bet you are,” he says with a smirk.

I’m not blind and as brief as it is, I watch his eyes scan the length of me.

“How handy are we talking?” he adds.

“I have a pink tool belt,” I blurt, feeling the slightest blush creep across my cheeks. In that instant, I remind myself that he’s the same man from last night, the guy who spent the night with two women. The man who yelled at my son. The man I threatened with a pair of brass knuckles.

The thing is, right now, he doesn’t seem so angry. In this moment, he’s not the rancid devil menacing his way through life. He’s just another guy, someone who may just have a heart buried somewhere deep inside.

“I can take you into town,” he says with a grunt.

“That’s nice of you to offer but after last night, I’m not letting my son out of my sight and I didn’t see a side car attached to your bike.”

“I’ve got a truck, killer,” he retorts, jutting his chin toward his garage. “You and your posse can fit in the back. I reckon there ain’t any school on a Sunday, aye?”

“Aye?” I repeat.

“You need to go into town, I’ll take you and your tribe into town. We’ll figure out the rest—”


“Jesus Christ, please just shut up,” he interrupts as he clutches the sides of his head. “Go get your kids ready or whatever it is you need to do and let’s get a move on,” he growls. “But first, go change out of that wet t-shirt,” he adds, turning toward his house.

Embarrassment floods me and I glance down at the sheer shirt molded to my breasts. Crossing my arms in a feeble attempt to hide my nipples from him, I look back at him.

“Where are you going?” I call out as he reaches his steps.

“To down a bottle of Advil,” he says over his shoulder. “You got five minutes to get your ass out here.”

Five minutes?

Does he have any idea how long it takes to get everyone ready? It takes us five minutes to find our shoes.

“Thanks,” I shout.

He replies by slamming his front door shut.

And there he is.

The asshole.












Dear Reader,

Here we are again, off the heels of one epic ride and ready to embark on the next one.

Pipe’s story first came to me as I was writing Eternal Temptations and it’s taken some time to figure out who the woman that heals him should be. As it turns out, I didn’t have to look very far. All I had to do was look in the mirror.

Seems easy enough but when you’re telling a story that focuses on your own truth, you need to dig deep and find the courage to say what you’ve kept under wraps.

This story isn’t just about Pipe.

It’s about me.

It’s about Janine Infante Bosco telling you her truth.

It’s about finding a way to tell my story and move on when I’m still not certain I’m ready to.

Truth, I have been separated from my husband for two years.

Truth, divorce or in my case, separation—is ugly.

Truth, the children hurt just as much as the parents if not more.

Truth, it changes the way you interpret love.

Truth, it changes you.

It brings you down but you rise up and become better than you were before.

Stronger than you thought possible.

You learn to appreciate the little things and accept change.

My story isn’t over because one chapter has ended and you’ll find neither is Layla’s.

As always, I promise to give you a beautiful love story full of healing and unexpected surprises.

I will restore your faith in brotherhood and teach you family isn’t always about blood.

We’ll all be Property of Parrish in the end but first I’m going to torture you all a little.

Saddle up, the boys in leather are back!

The motherfucks will fly, people will die, you will cry and curse the day you ever heard of me.

The men are crass. They’re vulgar and they’re not scholars.

The Satan’s Knights are street guys who use slang and the grammar won’t be on point.

Some of your old favorites are back but if you’ve never read any of my books you will totally be fine. However, if the word fuck offends you—well, then this book isn’t for you.

If you’re cool with it then, let’s fucking do this!

Become part of this unconventional family.





See you on the other side,





Janine Infante Bosco lives in New York City, she has always loved reading and writing. When she was thirteen, she began to write her own stories and her passion for writing took off as the years went on. At eighteen, she even wrote a full screenplay with dreams of one day becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Janine writes emotionally charged novels with an emphasis on family bonds, strong willed female characters, and alpha male men who will do anything for the women they love. She loves to interact with fans and fellow avid romance readers like herself.

She is proud of her success as an author and the friendships she’s made in the book community but her greatest accomplishment to date would be her two sons Joseph and Paul.


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Bad Reputation (Bad Boys of Sports #1) by Nicole Edwards **Beth’s Review**

Meet the most wanted players in sports . . . one ridiculously hot alpha male at a time.

Chase: With a nickname like “Sin,” it’s no wonder they call me the bad boy of hockey. Opponents curse me. Fans scream my name—in the arena and in other, much more private places. Penalties or not, I’m not afraid to dish out a little pain. But pleasure? That’s my weakness. And no one knows it better than my best friend, Cassie Desrosiers. I’d have to be blind not to notice her rocking body and teasing grin. So when she invites me along on a trip to Vegas, my curiosity isn’t the only thing that’s aroused.

Cassie: Chase Barrett is a world-class A-hole. As his best friend, I’m allowed to call him on his BS. Who else is going to do it? Certainly not the puck bunnies swooning at every flex of his biceps. Everyone knows that Chase is the love-’em-and-leave-’em type. There’s no such thing as commitment for the king of casual hookups. So why should I care? Maybe because all work and no play makes me a sexually frustrated girl. It’s time to put the hockey stud at my beck and call to good use . . . but after a week in Vegas with Chase, I might never want to go back to the real world.

This sexy standalone novel includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.






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I am a lover of hockey and an even bigger lover of hockey romances so when I saw Nicole Edwards was releasing a new book and it was a hockey romance I knew I had to check it out.  I have read most of her alluring Indulgence series and thoroughly enjoyed them so was excited to check out something new from her.


Cassie and Chase have been best friends for a long time, but only just friends.  Their friends and family would love to see them together, they see something there that these two don’t.  Although Chase has thought about it, neither want to cross that line and ruin and ruin their friendship.  All that changes when Chase joins Cassie in Vegas on a work trip and the line gets crossed after a night of drinking. 


I absolutely loved Chase.  The rest of the world may have seen him as the bad boy of hockey but that was never the real him He does spent lots of time in the penalty box for his bad boy behaviour on the ice but off the ice he was nothing but a gentleman.  I loved how he treated Cassie.  He was always so thoughtful and caring, always putting her happiness first. 


I really lived the dynamic the author built between Cassie and Chase.  I fell in love with them both the moment Chase walked into her house and ran off Jaguar douchebag.  These two had me laughing and smiling so many times with their ways and the relationship they shared.  And front the moment we meet these two, I knew when these two finally crossed the line it was goi g to be hot and I must say this author, like always, truly did not disappoint when it came to the level of hotness when it came to that first scene as well as the many that followed.  There is just something about her writing that sucks me in every time and this one was no different .


Overall this was such a fabulous read.  If you are a lover of sports especially hockey you will love this one as there is done great sports action at the beginning of the story.  I would have loved to seen more as it was well written but most of the story takes place in the off season so that wasn’t able to happen.  This one was fun and flirty and off the charts in hotness without it being overdone.  This one sucked me in right away and from start to finish I couldn’t put this one down reading it in less than 24 hours I can’t wait to see more out of this series but I must say that this author has her work cut out for her as Chase is going to be pretty hard to top, definitely one of my favourite hit hockey Hunks and let me tell you, I have read tons on hockey junk romances, so that’s not easily done.





About The Author


New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards launched her professional writing career in July of 2012. Having been an avid reader all of her life and a huge fan of creative writing, it seemed the likely path for her to take. Since then, she has released fifteen books and has no plans to stop. As her full-time career/hobby, Nicole writes steamy contemporary and erotic romances.

Nicole is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who was born and raised in Texas. Married with three kids and four dogs, she has plenty of interaction to keep her imagination brewing. Her books have been featured in USA Today’s Happy Ever After segment as well as Indie Reader’s best seller list. She has forged her way as an independent author.

Although she has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, she prefers to be hiding out in her writing cave, talking to the fictional characters that have built up in her head over the years.

When she isn’t writing or plotting her next book (sometimes translated to “playing on Facebook”), Nicole loves to read and spend time with her family and her dogs.


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Cover Up (Skin Deep Inc. #3) by L.A. Witt **Josie’s Review**





After ten years of blissful marriage, Navy Pilot Nate Chandler is divorcing his cheating husband. Single for the first time in years, Nate is numb to all emotion and kisses any chance of another relationship goodbye.

Not only is Nate struggling to get through this divorce, but his body is branded with a permanent reminder of his failed marriage: a matching tattoo with his ex. Searching for a place to cover up his old tattoo, Nate finds himself at the Skin Deep, Inc., where he meets the young and charming cover-up tattoo apprentice, Lucas Brandt.

From just flirty glances to steamy hot encounters, Nate and Lucas dive headfirst into a fling of hookups. But worried that he’ll forever be Nate’s “cover up” rebound relationship, Lucas fears that their love won’t be anything more than just skin deep. What was once just a casual attraction, Lucas now hopes to turn into a real relationship. But will he be able to convince the still tender-hearted Nate to fall in love again?

Third installment of L.A. Witt’s Skin Deep romance series, COVER UP is a story of passion, pleasure, and happily ever after.










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I read the first 2 books in this series and book 2 by far has been the best.  Cover up is Nate and Lucas’ book and while it was interesting it had no real angst to it.  The relationship between Nate and Lucas was not a quick one and developed over time which I enjoyed.


Nate is in the process of ending is 10 year marriage and Lucas has been divorced 2 times and has had a slew of bad relationships.  I adored Lucas in this book because he knew what he wanted and wouldn’t settle.  He is a hard worker and despite his failed relationships won’t be second best.  Nate is more complex.  He let’s his friends get into his head to much and never truly mourned the end of his marriage.


As I mentioned there wasn’t much angst or drama and their relationship was a slow build.  What started out as sex slowly morphed into more.  I loved their conversations and how they both supported their passion for each others work.  What they didn’t do a lot of was communicate their feelings for one another openly which leads to misunderstandings and hurt.  Nate and Lucas have to let go of their pasts if they want a future together.   All in all this was a good read and I was able to finish in one sitting it just didn’t blow me away like the last book did.




About The Author


L.A. Witt is a M/M romance writer who has finally been released from the purgatorial corn maze of Omaha, Nebraska, and now spends her time on the southwestern coast of Spain. In between wondering how she didn’t lose her mind in Omaha, she explores the country with her husband, several clairvoyant hamsters, and an ever-growing herd of rabid plot bunnies.



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Creed’s Expectations by J.D. Hollyfield Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway




Title: Creed’s Expectations
Series: #Hotcom Series
Author: J.D. Hollyfield
Genre: RomCom 
Release Date: September 18, 2017 





Lies, lust, and wickedly intriguing expectations.

A fresh new start for Kasey Bishop leads her to a night she most definitely won’t forget. An inviting, yet indecent proposal that shows her she might not be as innocent as she once seemed. 

Deceit, desire, and the hunger for forbidden expectations.

She was off limits. That’s what made her the perfect pawn in Creed Monroe’s plan for revenge. Until he got his first taste. 

Explosive chemistry, heat, and an instant connection…these two might exceed each other’s expectations.

When the roguish bad boy is forced to come clean as his vengeful secrets begin to unravel, will Kasey continue to accept Creed’s forbidden expectations? Or will she have a few expectations of her own?










Creeds Expectations was a fast paced read which shocked me considering the blurb.   The authors packs in a world of drama, hotness and a wonderful romance in this book. I wasn’t left feeling like something was missing or the end was rushed, I was left very satisfied.


The characters in this story bring a lot to the table. Kasey is having to start all over after she find her husband cheating on her and there is no question that finding yourself in that situation is anything but easy.  Seeing her hurt, angry and having to put the pieces back together really made her easy to relate too. I loved that we got to see her character heal and develop a serious back bone. Creed was a hard one to figure out because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to jump on  his bones or junk punch him.  Seriously this man tested me too many times but I’m so glad we got his POV because it helped me to understand him a lot better.


I love that these two characters are nothing alike yet they are so made for one another.  I loved how we see Creed get Kasey to open up and become the woman she always was.  There were a lot of secrets, betrayals and twists in this book and between all of Creeds hot and steamy expectations I felt like a yo-yo.  I really enjoyed reading and seeing how Kasey changed this cold man that Creed was.  This was a good read and although I got frustrated sometimes I was pleased with the end result.  I recommend this read.





Books Laid Bare – “Loved every single word!”

FMR Book Grind – “5 Panty Melting Stars!”

2 Amy’s Love Reading – “J.D. Hollyfield really knows how to steam up the pages.”








Creative designer, mother, wife, writer, part time superhero…
J.D. Hollyfield is a creative designer by day and superhero by night. When she’s not trying to save the world one happy ending at a time, she enjoys the snuggles of her family and three doxies. With her love for romance, and head full of book boyfriends, she was inspired to test her creative abilities and bring her own story to life.
J.D. Hollyfield lives in the Midwest, and is currently at work on blowing the minds of readers, with the additions of her new books and series, along with her charm, humor and HEA’s.






The Choices I’ve Made by J.L. Berg Release Blitz




The Choices I’ve Made by J.L. Berg is LIVE!



tCiM BN Kobo.jpg



The Choices I’ve Made by J.L. Berg

Release Date: October 1st
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Death is easy.

Surviving it? That’s the hard part.

Dr. Jake Jameson knows this all too well. Losing his mother at the age of eighteen, he walks away from his small hometown and the painful memories it holds, vowing to never return again.

Twelve years later, he finds himself driving back down the coast of North Carolina. When his father leaves him a small medical practice, he has no choice but to heed the call until he can find someone else to take it off his hands.

But coming back home means facing everything he left behind, including the one woman who might make it impossible to leave again.

Molly McIntyre has spent her entire life in one town. Taking over her parents’ small inn, she’s settled into a quiet, happy life. But all of that comes to an abrupt halt when Jake shows up at her door in need of a place to stay.

Molly loathes everything about this man, but she can’t find it in her heart to refuse his request.

After over a decade, these former lovers quickly discover what once burned brightly between them has only grown in their time apart. Soon they must decide if the choices they’ve made have led them back to each other for a second chance or one final goodbye.






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About the Author


JLBERG.jpgI’m a California native, who lives in the South – Virginia to be exact. I still prefer sushi to fried chicken, avocados to okra, and I absolutely loathe humidity. I do love watching the seasons change though. My husband and I have been here for over a decade, and I still get giddy like a school girl every time it snows. It’s magical!

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and we’ve been blessed with two beautiful daughters and two rescue pups I like to call my “coworkers”. I’m obsessed with chocolate, minions, anything Harry Potter and I love to watch re-runs of Friends and Gilmore Girls!




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Selfless by Shantel Tessier Release Blitz & Review




Title: Selfless
Series: Selfish #3
Author: Shantel Tessier
Genre: Romance
Release Date: September 30, 2017






I went against all I believed in and fell in love with what should have been a one-night stand! I fought it, tried to make up rules to prevent the inevitable, but somehow, he knew all along. He understood what I wanted and was willing to comply. I was the one who took him for granted. I was the one who made him walk away. And now, he’s gone and I’m left with nothing but my thoughts and regrets.
He was never supposed to be my happily ever after. But my favorite love story ends in tragedy, so why wouldn’t mine?
I played the white knight, doing what every woman dreams of to win her over, yet it still got me nowhere! But what did I expect? I wasn’t the man she wanted! Nothing I could have done would have landed me the girl. I guess love is funny that way.
One minute, you think you have the girl, and the next, you realize you were blinded. Walking away was hard, but watching her with another man was harder.
Sometimes you have to pick your battles, and I know when I’ve lost. Love shouldn’t be a game, but I learned someone always loses. For once, I wasn’t the one being selfish, but I was the one who paid the price.






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This is the conclusion to Ryder and Ashlyn’s story, it is important that you read Selfish before you read this book.  After the jaw dropping conclusion in book 1 I was so happy I had this book waiting for me.  I really enjoyed it. There was so many emotional moments between these characters and there was also plenty of laugh out loud moments as well it.


Ryder didn’t have a stellar reputation when we first were introduced to him but Ashlyn did bring changes in him.  So naturally thinking the worst happens he’s left a mess.  Ryder is literally lost without Ashlyn and the author developed his journey well in detailing his emotions and the turmoil he faced.  Ashlyn is a great character. She made a mistake but Ryder believed the worst of her.  She also took it hard but she also picks herself up and brings her A game.


Communication is key in a relationship without it their is chaos and this book was the perfect example of this.  When these two finally get things together we see how much they’ve growth they have since being apart.  They both fight for their relationship not only between themselves but also against those who will do anything to tear them apart.  I loved the added twists this author added to this story and I loved how everything was tied up nicely.  This was a great ending to Ryder and Ashlyn story. Highly recommend.




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Author Bio

Shantel is a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her high school sweetheart, who is a wonderful, supportive husband and their seven year old little princess. She loves to spend time cuddled up on the couch with a good book.
She considers herself extremely lucky to get to be a stay at home wife and mother. Going to concerts and the movies are just a few of her favorite things to do. She hates coffee, but loves wine. She and her husband are both huge football fans, college and NFL. And she has to feed her high heel addiction by shopping for shoes weekly.
Although she has a passion to write, her family is most important to her. She loves spending evenings at home with her husband and daughter, along with their cat and dog.




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Hail No by Lani Lynn Vale Release Blitz & Review



Title: Hail No

Series: Hail Raisers #1
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release: September 27, 2017






Evander Lennox doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do. At least, that is, until he’s sent to prison. The four years he’s incarcerated, he’s had no choice but to do the things that he’s asked to do, when he’s asked to do them. And now, if he doesn’t, it will mean a one-way ticket straight back to hell.

Once he’s free, it takes him twenty-four hours to get his old job back, his dog at home where he belongs, and an understanding that people aren’t as forgiving as he once thought them to be. He’s just about given up hope of ever integrating back into society when a woman slams into his heart, literally and figuratively. 


Kennedy Swallow just wants to belong somewhere.

When she was younger, her parents divorced, and chose to separate her from her twin. Fast forward fifteen years, and she’s finally getting to meet the family she’s always wanted to be a part of. To make that happen, she uproots her life and moves to the tiny town of Hostel, Texas—giving her almost everything she’s ever wanted.

Just when she thinks she’s making progress in winning her family over, she finds out that her twin is ill, and the only reason her family tolerates her is due to the convenience of having a free caretaker whenever they might be in need of one.

After a few eye-opening experiences, she quickly realizes that she’s being used. Vowing to herself that she’ll make the best of the situation, she begins to steel her heart. What she doesn’t prepare for is a man named Evander who sees that barrier as a challenge.


It takes Evander all of ten seconds while watching the woman on the floor, bleeding from her jaw, to realize that maybe life isn’t as bad as it could be.

This woman with her thrill for life, a crazy obsession with chickens, and a desire to be wanted, changes everything he thinks he knows.

But it doesn’t take long for him to realize that just by being around her, the people of the town have judged her guilty by association.

Her business suffers, and soon after, she realizes what it will mean to have him by her side—the loss of everything she’s worked so hard for.

Kennedy knows that Evander is worth it. Evander, however, decides that he’s not letting another person get hurt because he was stupid enough to care.






This is book one in a new series by Lani Lynn Vale and even though I’m used to her writing MC books I’m so glad we got something different from her. Clearly anything this author writes will be amazing that leaves me speechless.  This was an amazing start to a new series. It’s filled with betrayals, injustices, suspense, quirkiness and holy batman alpha hotness.


This book is Evander and Kennedys story and right from the first page I was hooked. Small Texas isn’t very welcoming when it comes to Evander’s return and after serving 4 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit had made him hard and brash.  No one except his dog is happy with his presence and they all steer clear of him, all except Kennedy.  Kennedy hasn’t had an easy life and finally getting to spend time with her sister and her nephews has her feeling hopeful.  That is until her sister and her family only want her around to help them with their needs.  An accidental bump in a supermarket puts these very different yet very similar people on the same journey.


I loved Kennedy’s quirkiness and how much her determination got Evander to bring down his walls.  He doesn’t smile or laugh but Kennedy has this side to her that he can’t seem to walk away from.  Slowly we see these characters start to rely on one another and give each other the strength to face the injustice in their lives.  I loved how we got to see this rough and tough man become a sweet and tender man but holy moly in the bed the gloves were off.


The danger was just an added bonus to this story and I found myself really getting caught up in it.  I hated how the very people who should have supported and loved them unconditionally turned their backs and constantly let them down.  I personally felt Evander’s frustration and insistence to clear his name.  I really loved how this relationship slowly built up and how it was perfect for the story line.  All in all this was a great start to a great new series and I highly recommend it.


iScream Book Blog – “Hail No = Hell Yes!”


Britt Red Hatter Book Blog – “As always, Hail No is an addictive book that will instantly suck you in and leave you unable to step away for even a second.”


MJ’s Book Blog and Reviews – “The first book of this new series was amazing, and had me going through all the feels.”











I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.