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Battler (Battler #1) by C.L. Masonite Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway



Battler (Battler #1)

Author: C.L. Masonite

Genre: NA/Contemp Romance
Cover Design: Kari Ayasha – Cover to Cover Designs


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For years I have been cast away—afar, out of reach, out of sight, out of mind. But now I’m back. I’ve been brought back into the fold, and I don’t know why. But I’ll find out, no matter the cost.

I’ll also break free from the shark infested waters littered with those that seek to restrain me, to keep me in line—my ex, my father, my mother, my sister.

And as for the Wolfe twin brothers, I’ll take them on. And I’ll take them out too.

Drasko Wolfe thinks that he’ll make me his—but I am all mine. If he thinks I am going to be just another conquest, and do things at his behest then he may do so at his own coroner’s inquest.

I am not just fighting for my survival, I am fighting for my little brother’s protection, and that makes me doubly motivated and doubly dangerous.

I—Riletta Kasonite will best them all and come out on top. I will bow those who seek to hurt me to my will until they renounce their lies—until they come clean and their secrets are exposed. Until I get what I want.

WARNING: Contains countless confrontations, not to mention mature, young adult/ adult situations too.






Josie's review


4.5 stars

Battler was  unique and a bit of a gritty read.   This book surrounds itself on rich, privileged and unsupervised young adults with clearly too much time on their hands.  For a first time author the writing style was very well developed and it flowed fluently throughout the story. The characters albeit different were very well defined.  I’m still not sure how I would describe what the game these kids played was, but it will leave you entertained and fully immersed into this story.


Riletta Kasonite is more than the crazed and bratty teen we are introduced to in the beginning of this book.  My heart broken for her character and the treatment she received at the hands of her parents and sister.  Riletta was different in the sense that unlike having to maintain the perfect image to appease her parents she was the opposite.  She didn’t want to live in that lifestyle. She came to realize that regardless of all she accomplished her parents would always have a problem with her.  I normally don’t hate parents but these two took the cake. I cringed at the verbal abuse and the constant put downs.  Riletta never belonged to anyone and never felt wanted but when she meets the Wolfe brothers, especially Drasko things start to change for her.


Drasko hides behind his entitled life. He and his brother have everything and can have anything.  But the truth behind their eyes is a life of pain and torment.   It took so much for me to understand and get to like this character because he was cold, distant and aloof, but his POV gave his character a much needed reprise.  He never cared about his actions but as he got to know Riletta he noticed the same pain in her eyes that he hides. 


Riletta is a stubborn person. She’s had to be strong and uncaring for years, opening herself up to Drasko took so much of her.  Drasko is a total alpha male. Never showing weakness is something that was drilled to him since he was young.  I loved having Riletta POV but what really made me love this book was Drasko. His raw and emotional feelings, thoughts and his turmoil had me never wanting this book to end.  In this game of life these characters never imagined they would find each other but they also weren’t prepared for society’s cruelty.  There is a moment in the story that left me with my mouth hanging open. This society doesn’t play fair these characters are the unwillingly pawns in their game of secrets and manipulation.  I would highly recommend this book filled with secrets, games,  self journey, acceptance and love.



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