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Biggie by Derek E. Sullivan 
Published by: Albert Whitman & Company
Publication date: March 1st 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult





Henry “Biggie” Abbott is the son of one of Finch, Iowa ‘s most famous athletes. His father was a baseball legend and his step-dad is a close second. At an obese 300+ pounds though, Biggie himself prefers classroom success to sports. As a perfectionist, he doesn’t understand why someone would be happy getting two hits in five trips to the plate. “Forty percent, that’s an F in any class,” he would say. As Biggie’s junior year begins, the girl of his dreams, Annabelle Rivers, starts to flirt with him. Hundreds of people have told him to follow in his dad’s footsteps and play ball, but Annabelle might be the one to actually convince him to try. What happens when a boy who has spent his life since fourth grade trying to remain invisible is suddenly thrust into the harsh glare of the high school spotlight?







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5 stars


 5 Knocked this one out of the ballpark stars!!!!!!




I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this book. The synopsis sounded good so I said to myself what the heck it sounds unique. Let me just say that I loved this book. I seriously had a book hangover for days and kept thinking about Henry a.k.a Biggie. I wanted to shout from the rooftops that everyone must read this book!!!!


The author sucks you in right away and this book took me on one hell of a ride. I could read about Biggie for days. The author did such a great job with allowing you to connect to the main character. I just wanted to crawl inside my reading device and give him a big ole hug. His self-esteem was just so low and he just didn’t care about himself. He learned the bigger he was the less people picked on him so decided to fade into a world where he was all alone.


“I can’t even run ten feet without almost having a heart attack. I’m way past a personal trainer. I’m a lost cause.”


“I haven’t eaten in ten hours, but I’m not hungry. I want to have diabetes. I want to die.”


I think I highlighted almost the whole book. There was so many fantastic things that Biggie said. This story is not about rainbows and unicorns. No, this story is real and raw. Sometimes it had me laughing and other times I felt like my heart was being ripped out.


At 30% my heart was breaking for Biggie. He is so sweet but clearly his weight has him trapped in an online social life. He has no self-esteem and I kept wishing he would realize he had so much to offer if he would just give himself a chance. At 51% my heart was hurting so much. He has been in love with Annabelle forever and all she sees is that asshole Killer who cares nothing for her. At 71% I felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath me when I read exactly how little Killer actually cared about Annabelle and what he did even after learning that Henry wanted her.


“So even though I’ve known her since I was five and have been in love with her since I was twelve, this is the first time we’ve officially been friends.”


The secondary characters where great. The author did a fantastic job in showing you just how cruel teenagers could be.


“High school kids are cruel, mean sons-of-bitches, and not just toward fat people. Nobody is immune to the constant ripping.”


This book was so unique and the story was just something you don’t normally read about. The writing style was amazing and I was not a happy camper when I realized the book was over. I wanted more!!!!! I hope the author plans on writing another book about Henry. I would love to see what happens next.


So if you are looking for a book that is real, raw and will take you on a ride that you will not be able to get out of your head for a long time than you certainly want to read this one. Even days later I still can’t get this book out of my head.




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Derek E. Sullivan is an award-winning reporter and columnist at the Rochester Post-Bulletin in Minnesota. As a reporter, he has written more than 1,000 stories about the lives of teenagers, which he attributes to helping him find his YA voice. He has an MFA from Hamline University and lives in Minnesota with his wife and three sons.


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