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Debbie’s Review of Underworld Champions by Ella Stone


Underworld Champions (The MC Outlaw Series #1) by Ella Stone

***CONTENT WARNING*** This book is NOT suitable for under 18s. It contains graphic sex, violence and, drug use. Please do not read if you are easily offended.


Maddie never asked for the life she was given. She simply played the hand she was dealt. So when her sorry excuse for a father suddenly dies, she wants nothing more than to leave her old life behind.

But, with no money to back her, her options are very limited. Her only option is to go to the one person who should have been taking care of her all along – her mother. She’s married to the president of the MC Outlaws. That’s a motorcycle club. Maddie’s never really been into that shit, but she doesn’t have a choice. And surprisingly, she’s going to come to rely on the Outlaws more than she ever expected.

Cole isn’t the type of guy a girl should fall for. He’s rough. He’s demanding, and controlling, and he doesn’t take no for an answer. But, Maddie finds she can’t help herself. He’s the club’s VP, and so goddamned hot, he’d melt the panties off a nun.

She knows she should get some money under her belt and run. The past has an uncanny ability to always catch up with you. But something keeps her running to that sexy biker, Cole.

But Cole has a past as well, and when both of their pasts collide, nothing short of a catastrophe ensues.
Can these two tortured souls find a way to heal each other. Will Cole be her Champion?


Debbie's review

3.5 stars

I received an ARC copy for my honest review


This book focuses around Maddie, who at a very young age had her life pretty much stripped away from her because of her junkie mother. After her mother’s death she meets her father that she does not remember.


   “Well fuck me. You must be my sperm donor.”


 She finally realizes this is her chance to escape from the hell that she has been living.  The problem is that she has no money and nowhere to go.  The only thing she has is a piece of paper with her father’s contact information.


This is when things start to pick up. Maddie turns to her father’s MC Club to escape the crazy life her mother dragged her into. The problem is sometimes, no matter how hard you try to hide your past catches up with you.


Maddie ends up meeting the VP of her Father’s club Cole. Cole is total alpha and a real hottie . The connection they feel towards each other is unavoidable. Let me say the sex between these two was off the charts HOT!!!!!!! I thought my kindle was going to catch on fire!!!!!!


   “He’s the most perfect specimen of a man, I’ve ever laid my eyes on. If an angel, fell to earth and decided to go all rugged and shit, then join a biker gang- You’d have this guy.”


Maddie has a tough skin and does not take crap from anyone. She is one bad ass chick!


   “Balls are soft. I’ve got a vagina. Much tougher.”


   “Dude. You don’t scare me. I’ve known men far scarier than you. Hell, I’ve fucked men scarier than you, and I’ve got the fucking scars to prove it.”

The book was filled with action and suspense and there were many surprises that I honestly did not see coming. It does not end in a cliffhanger it just has you wanting more.





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Ella is a twenty-something Australian author who has spent most of her life, living on the wrong side of the tracks, hanging around with the wrong kind of people. At the time, it was fun and dangerous. But now that she’s cleaned herself up, and started a family, she’s decided to write, using her past as the inspiration for the many tales she wants to share.


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