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Divine Redemption by Rose Hudson Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway




Cover Design: Jessica Hildreth / Love N Covers

Release Date: September 28, 2016



I showed Erin the darkest parts of me, and she stayed. We were supposed to start our new life—my Beauty and me. But in one breath, faster than a hairpin trigger… she’s gone.

With unquenchable vengeance, my stepmother brought back a past I thought I’d escaped. She has Erin in her grasp, and the police can’t save her. The FBI can’t save her. Only I can. I’ve never had to fight against the grip of the past because I’ve never had a reason—I’ve never loved. But my love for Erin has given me purpose. The fear of losing her is my reason for redemption.

In this story of a life for a life, how many lives can be saved? How many lives will be lost?






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Megan's review


Review for Divine Redemption

3 stars

Book two in this series * It’s a must to read Divine Conspiracy first…No spoilers given but it’s a continuing duet that needs to be read together.


When I read Divine Conspiracy I knew going in there would be two books. I knew nothing else and I liked it that way. I liked the effect this duet had but I don’t think it needed more than one to tell the story. There was a lot of getting to know Erin and Patrick separately in the first.  The big conclusion with the 2nd.  And, YES, their chemistry (thankfully NOT instant anything, but mere attraction) was spot on, the true story took a while to get there. Take away some of the detailed….details 🙂 one single book would have been my cup of tea! Combine that with the events in DR. I think it truly could have been one hell of a book! Together I would rate it a good 4.  The suspense, the romantic involvement and just the story overall, truly was well done.


I will say the high from Divine Conspiracy carried through the start of Divine Redemption and possibly made me love book 2 so much more than the first because of my body’s reaction and my brain needs to know….EVERY FREAKING THING!!!  If I would have waited any amount of time between the two books I guarantee my rush wouldn’t be the same, therefore my feelings for this WOULD NOT be the same.


I’ve had enough. I want to know that tomorrow we will all wake up in the same house and continue moving forward with this dream life.


“Sometimes we have to find something that separates us- redeems us. I hope you find your redemption.”
“I am. I know who it is who changed me.”




Review for Divine Conspiracy

3 stars


This was like a good TV show that just happens to be on when you enter the room. At one glance you stop moving, eventually sitting down and curling up.  While I couldn’t read this in one sitting, I surely wanted to continue even when I had to stop. This was my feeling for most of the book. I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for. I read the blurb a while ago and when it loaded I went in blind.  I could have refreshed my mindset and checked the blurb but I kept on.  As Erin and Patrick unfolded so did my engrossment.


I can feel his eyes on me, casting a shadow of heavy want.

Why does it all of a sudden feel like we’re playing a cruel game with one another? Forcing boundaries and tethering ourselves to leashes that keep us just out of reach.


I liked the suspense that Patrick led and I think when he wasn’t being all white knight… well no…I liked his first appearance but what I loved was his internal battle. Once he decided he’d friend it, I really wanted that to grow before the high horsed flirty and smooth talking went down.  It seemed once their lips touched, even in the friend line it wasn’t really friends at all.  Just boundaries.  It changed the feel of them for me.


I didn’t care for the Patrick give and pull mental game. While it was my mentality he toyed with and not Erin’s, I wish he would have been stable enough to stick to one way and then develop the strong tie with Erin. I get that he wanted that distance but he didn’t follow it.


“Erin, I know I said I’d try to be your friend, but I can’t. Come home with me tonight. Just once. Just tonight.”


I got to say everything leading up to the end of the book was all straight line but at the very pitfall of the insight I was on the edge of my seat. Finally this story has my full attention and luckily I can dive into book two!


She didn’t know who I was, but she knows who I am.










About the Author


Born and raised southern girl. Mother, Wife, and lover of all things music, books and good people. Lives on the family farm with her cows, barn cats, a horse named Starbaby and a donkey named Honky Tonk. If she isn’t tending to all of the above, you can find her reading, writing, or recording audiobooks.



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