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Title: Everything I Shouldn’t (Nashville Nights #2)

Author: Stacey Mosteller

Genre: Contemporary/NA Romance

Release Date: June 26, 2014




Everything I Shouldn’t

It’s been eight days, sixteen hours and forty-seven minutes since life as I know it ended. I know, it sounds so melodramatic and teen-soap worthy, but it’s the truth. Eight days, sixteen hours and forty-seven minutes since David found out. Since he kicked Jeremy out, ended their friendship and told me I could never see him again.

I didn’t plan on David getting suspicious, and I definitely didn’t plan on getting caught. My selfishness has cost Jeremy everything, my brother won’t even look at me, Lyric must hate me for practically blackmailing her to keep silent and my best friend is barely speaking to me.

Now my life is full of secrets and lies. The people around me have been affected by the choices I’ve made and the lies I’ve told. But what will they do when they discover the biggest secret of them all?

Jeremy is everything I shouldn’t want, and the person I can’t live without.




Josie's review

5 stars


I absolutely love the Nashville Night Series, I loved David and Lyrics story in Saved Me From Myself. When I found out the author was releasing Sarah, Beth and Jeremy’s story I was ecstatic. If you read the first one then you know that big WTF moment we had which is the back story of Sarah Beth (SB) and Jeremy. I really loved that we were taken back in time to the accident of David and Sarah Beth’s parents.

I am just going to say it I loved SB and Jeremy so much more then David and Lyric. In the first book I seriously didn’t like SB at all. After reading this one it really helped me to understand what SB was going through and what her motives were. Needless to say I feel in love with her. Everything I Shouldn’t left me with a mix of emotions. I cried, laughed, swooned, got turned on and then I wanted to throat punch people. Everything I love in a read and so much more.


I loved David but Jeremey took the cake in this book. Jeremy was always so thoughtful and caring where SB was concerned. David was more than his friend, he was the family he never had. Jeremy fought his feelings as best he could, but he did not want anyone to have what was his. I LOVE ME SOME DIRTY TALKING ALPHA MALES, AND JEREMY DELIVERED. There were several moments in the book where I wanted to smack him, but he always made up for it.


“I guess this is my punishment, the fact that she won’t stick around longer that she has to, that I can see the fear in her eyes whenever I open my mouth. I have to figure out a way to get her back because I refuse to let Wyatt have what’s mine. Make no mistake about, she is mine.”

IF you read book 1 in the Nashville series, you know that after losing their parents in a car accident; David and Jeremy took over raising SB in their hometown.   In this book we get see SB go from a teenager into a woman. We also get to see her love for Jeremy grow. There were things that had happened in the first book that I didn’t understand. I didn’t know what provoked her to do what she did or what her intentions were, but now after reading this one I completely understand why she did what she did. SB always wanted and loved Jeremy but for him it was hard because he was older than she was and he had his best friend to worry about.  David is completely protective of his little sister; he does not want anyone messing with her.


“Well f*ck, Am I going to have to kick your ass too? Seriously f**ker, don’t look at my sister like that, don’t think about her, just f*cking don’t. You got me?”


It was really hard watching Jeremy and SB go back and forth with each other. Their feelings for one another were so obvious and so strong but Jeremy knew he had to push SB away because he felt like it was wrong. SB was devastated and hurt so many times by Jeremy’s actions, but it was also interesting to watch her mature into the woman she is now and her determination in taking what she knew was hers all along.

“I’m trying to seduce you.”

“Are you sure little bit? I need the words baby. I need to know that this is what you want.”

“Please Jeremy; I need you to make love to me.”

“What if I don’t do it right, Jeremy?”

“Baby, I’m gong to f*cking love anything you do to me. I’m so god damned glad to be teaching you this. Knowing that you belong to me and no one else? I can feel your pu**y pulsing around my finger. Mmmm, I can’t wait to feel you convulse around my cock Little Bit. You taste so sweet baby and I want to eat that pu**y until you’re screaming my name.”


Jeremy does not want to keep their relationship a secret from David. He has always played second best in his family but for SB it is much more. She does not want David and Jeremy’s relationship to suffer because of her. What I loved about this series is that we get dual POV’s. I love when I get to see inside each of the characters mind and see exactly what they were feeling. SB and Jeremy’s relationship is not a normal relationship. The age difference is an issue, as well their relationship to David. When the truth comes out, relationships are tested. Will Jeremy be able to choose SB over David or will his friendship with David make him walk away from SB? Will SB choose the love of the man she’s loved for years, or will she walk away? Let me say when I got to end of the book I was left speechless. Honest to god my mouth hung openm completely speechless. If you loved the first book then you need to pick this one up. It’s a Must read!

 *received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review*










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About Stacey

S. Mosteller

Stacey is a wife, reader, author and mother to 3 boys, ages 15, 14, and 8 – not necessarily in that order! After spending the first half of her life in a small town outside of Philadelphia, PA, her parents moved to another small town in North Carolina. She married her husband after dating a total of three months and knowing each other for six! People thought they were crazy, but 2014 marks their 10 year anniversary, so it obviously worked out! She loves to read and can usually be found curled up with her iPad when she’s supposed to be writing or creating playlists on Spotify!


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