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Fatal (Portland Street Kings #2) by Evie Harper Release, Review & Giveaway




Title: Fatal
Series: Portland Street Kings #2
Author: Evie Harper
Genre: Contemp Romance w/ Suspense
Release: March 30, 2016








Mackson King’s past is a dark, horror-filled chasm that could swallow the toughest, most dangerous men. A member of the notorious Portland Street Kings, he’s impossible to intimidate—but he can be hurt. He learned that the hard way, thanks to her. Lana. The one woman capable of easing his nightmares, of soothing his demons, was the very woman who shredded his heart. She took away his torments, only to become one of them.



Born into a family who lost their way long before she arrived, Lana Scavello has carefully enforced a steely interior that shields her heart from harm. But that doesn’t mean she can’t cry, and she’s spared Mackson King more tears than he ever deserved. Finding Lana at her most vulnerable, saving her when she felt the most invisible, he burrowed beneath her defenses to carve his own personal door to her soul. Only to decimate it, along with everything she’d ever known.


Now, years later, fate has thrown the couple together once more. Pain, heartbreak and betrayal will explode to the surface, leaving both of them raw, aching, exposed. And that’s when their true love story begins…
















Josie's review


5 stars


I absolutely loved Collision and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this next installment.  Fatal picks up right where Collision left readers off, but this time we focus on Mack and Lana.  As with the first book, Fatal’s prologue starts off with a heart stopping suspenseful scene and from there on it never ends.  I absolutely love how this author continues this series with two different characters yet manages to keep up with the very chaotic and violate rivalry between Scavello’s and the Kings.


The Portland Street Kings are bound together not only by blood but also by their loyalty and trust.  Mack and Lana’s relationship starts off years ago before the rivalry even existed between the two families. And let me tell you it was nothing but pure, innocent and beautiful.  I loved how the author is able to take readers back to a time to a place where things were not hectic in their lives, back to a time when these kids were just kids.  Mack and Lana’s relationship was one that developed through friendship where the two shared a very unique bond.  However, due to a horrific and violent incident the once lovers are now sworn enemies.


Lana’s life with her father was difficult and seriously, that is really putting it lightly.  When we are taken back to the past, we see firsthand just how cruel and vicious her father truly was.  My heart broke for this young version of Lana. She was constantly being demeaned and mistreated by her father, but despite those vicious times in her life, she was able to find comfort and love with Mack, even if it was for a short time.  It was hard to watch what happens to this young girl after things changed for her and Mack.  The years have given Lana a much needed push to become a stronger person, but she is still helpless, full of pain and huge loss.  Fate once again will put Mack and Lana together again and Lana will now have to face some hard truths that she has chosen to ignore.


Mack as we all know is a King.  And for a King family comes first.  He never once thought he would lose Lana in the process, but what also hurt was her betrayal.  Mack is just like his brother Slater.  He is an alpha male, tough, dominant and loving.  Over the years no other woman came close to owning his heart, like Lana did and still does.  We see him struggle to get over his anger and the sting of Lana’s betrayal. He doesn’t want anything to do with her, but he fails miserably.  He is controlling and caring and has to be in her presence somehow.


I loved the connection Lana and Mack had.  They were prefect for each other. Together they balanced each other out.  The couple and the Kings have a lot going on, besides trying to move past the betrayal, hurt and trust.


Ms. Harper writes a vivid and multifaceted story that adds fascinating characters to her story line that as a reader I could not help but connect with and fall in love with.  Fatal is not just about a romance and street life, it is also about these characters that will fascinate you.  These kinds of characters only help to make this story more enthralling and engaging.  Lana and Mack and the Kings have so much drama thrown at them in Fatal, but it was nice to see that the characters never once gave up on each other.    Oh my word, and leave it to Ms. Harper to reveal more secrets, more danger and another possible love story.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the next chapter of this series, because from where we left out, one story finally closed but there is another one front and center and I just need to have it.





Evie is an Australian author whose passion for reading lead her into writing. Evie spends her days writing heartbreaking, suspense filled love stories with happily ever afters. Evie’s characters are strong alphas with even stronger heroines who bring sexy sass to the relationship.




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