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Intercepting Love by L.P. Dover Blog Tour & Giveaway

Both have what she wants … but only one has what she needs.
Working with professional athletes and helping them recover from their injuries has always been Kate Townsend’s dream, but after an accident left her scarred and heartbroken years ago she refuses to let what happened in her past happen again. Staying focused is the key, as well as not letting her feelings interfere with her job … no matter the circumstances. All of that is easier said than done when not only one, but two men crave her healing touch, igniting every single desire she’s denied herself for so long.
Cooper Davis, NFL’s star quarterback and most eligible bachelor, packs up and leaves his home to move across the states to the East Coast after an injury results in the embarrassing trade to another team. Bitter from the pain, he deals with his problems through drugs and alcohol—almost ruining his football career—until he meets the one woman who makes him want to feel; the same woman who refuses to give up on him no matter how many times he screws up. He has to have her, and he’s not going to stop until he makes her his. Especially, now that someone else threatens to take her away.
Motocross champion and local bad boy Luke Collins never takes no for an answer. For the past four months he’s used his charms to get what he wants, and now he’s so close to getting the girl of his dreams … if she’ll give in just once. One time is all he needs, and he’s never been known to fail, but he’s also never had to fight for a woman’s affections. Only one man will win their way into Kate’s heart, but which one will intercept the other and take what they want? Which one will she choose?
Josie's review
4.5 stars

This series is amazing and really easy to follow and get hooked on.   In this installment in the series Intercepting Love, we get Kate and Cooper’s story. The book is written in dual POV’s which I really love. Kate is the Carolina Cougars team physician. Thanks to her brother Evan who is their wide receiver. She is happy, she loves the team and really loves her job. Cooper transferred to the Carolina Cougars as the Quarterback after suffering a shoulder injury.

The story opens up with a powerful prologue that will grip your heart and make you want to continue this story. I was completely sucked in and invested. Kate and Cooper both have a past and secrets they do not want to out in the open. Their relationships starts off slow. They become friends first and both are very attracted to one another, but are weary because of their past. When Kate first saw Cooper, she noticed how amazingly different he was and her stomach fluttered at the sight of him. Kate saw Cooper as arrogant and could not be bothered, but Cooper is very persistent and would not take no for an answer.


“I have to be careful what I do, because if I let something happen between us it could not only cause a hardship between us me and you, but also with the team. I don’t date the players, Cooper.”

“Things change, Kate. When you want something bad enough, it’s hard to just let it walk away. Over the past year, I gave up because I was too f**ked up to even try. Not anymore, though. When I want something I’m going to go for it, and when I see I see it I’m going to take it.”

“Cooper, we can’t”

“Yes we can, Kate, and I’m going to make sure we do.”

“If you want me to kiss you, I’m not going to do it until you place your soft lips on mine first. If you want me to touch you, I’m not going to unless you beg me for it. It’s all on you love.”

Kate and Cooper have a bond that is so strong, they both need each other to move forward. They are both there for each other, to offer support, love and unconditional understanding without judgment. When things go bad for one of them the other person is there to push and make sure they come out on top. Kate and Cooper are very protective of each other, and will take down anyone or anything that threatens the other. This love went both ways, and it was beautiful to read. There are some very deep topics that are touched on that I got emotional over several times.

The secondary characters in this story are amazing, loyal and funny. Kate’s brother Evan is very protective of his sister and he refuses to let anyone to hurt her ever again.


“You know you are wasting your time, right? She has strict rules about dating the guys on the team; she doesn’t do it. She’s broken many hearts by turning them down, and I know she’s not changing her ways for you. Sorry, dude, but you might want to consider another female if all you want is to score a touchdown under the sheets.”


Lara ( Kate’s best friend) is what I call a ride and die chick. She loves her friend and will push to make sure she gets what she deserves in life, and to her Cooper is the man for Kate.


“I want you to go into my house and wait. When you go inside, turn to the left and there will be a hallway. Go down to the second room on your right and wait in there. I’m going to lock the door from the outside so she can’t walk away.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I like you and all, but for once I don’t want to see Luke get the girl.”


Luke well Luke has known Kate a long time and always wanted more with her. But he also knew what she went through so he was patient.


“I’m so sorry, Luke. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”

“Are you absolutely sure this is what you want? You don’t even know this guy. You’ve known me for years.”

“It’s not always about that, sometimes things just happen.”

“I’ll be around if you ever need me.”



When they finally do get together get some dry panties because it’s smoking hot. Cooper is one dirty mouth Quarterback.


“Where to? If you don’t tell me where, I’m going to f**k you right here against the wall.”

“I want you to take me on my bed.”

“Kate, you feel so good. I can’t believe how wet you are for me. Lean back so I can taste your nipples. Seeing you in my shirt and in my bed makes me so f**king horny I can’t stand it.   I know you’re mine, but all I want to do is f**k you so hard that you won’t want to think about another man. I want to see my marks on that beautiful skin of yours, I want to flip you around and grab a handful of your hair while I f**k you from behind.”(Someone get me a fan!)


Kate’s past makes an appearance and things become dangerous, but with Cooper by her side, Kate no longer hides. Although Cooper is fighting his demons, he will not let any harm come to Kate, he will protect her.


“If they so much as contact you again you need to tell me, you understand? I’m not going to let them hurt you.”

“And you think you can stop them?”

“I don’t think love, I know.”

I got so involved in Cooper and Kate’s story that I felt like I really knew them. I loved the suspense that the author added into the story. I was so nervous. The issues are really detailed, fully explained so you know what is going on throughout the story but that does not make the story less interesting. This book had second chance at love, suspense, football and really hot sex. I am also happy to see that Evan’s book is next. I cannot wait to get my hands on that one.


*received a complimentary copy from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*
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Teaser 1: 
We pulled into the parking lot of the practice field and I shut off my car, the tension in the air crackling like fire. When I turned to look at her, it was like her stormy gray gaze could see right through me. There were a shit ton of things I wanted, but nothing as much as leaning forward to kiss those lips of hers.
With her breaths coming fast and low, she licked her dry lips and shook her head. “Cooper, we can’t.”
Bending over the center console, I glanced down at her lips and murmured low, “Yes we can, Kate, and I’m going to make sure we do.”
Teaser 2: 
Taking my elbow, Cooper guided me to his car and opened the door. “I’m not worried about your brother, Kate. I’m not going to do anything to you unless you ask me to.”
“Like what?” I asked coyly.
Shielded from view by the car door, Cooper leaned in and brought his lips closer to mine, opening them slightly. I couldn’t move, but then again … I didn’t want to. Instead of kissing me, he murmured across my lips, “I’m sure you’ll figure that out when the time comes. If you want me to kiss you, I’m not going to do it until you place your soft lips on mine first. If you want me to touch you, I’m not going to unless you beg me for it. It’s all on you now, love.”
Teaser 3: 
“In your eyes I see exactly what I want. You’re not here with me because of my money or because of what I do. You actually see the people you’re around and the goodness inside of them. That is what gives me hope.”
“Hope for what?” I asked breathlessly, mesmerized.
He brushed my hair away from my face and smoothed his thumb along my jaw. “Hope that one day you will see in my eyes what I see in yours. There’s a craving deep inside of you that I can see each time I touch you. It burns brighter every single time. I’ve never seen that with anyone, and that is how I know I have a chance.”
Teaser 4: 
“You don’t have to worry about him making the moves on me, Luke. He said he wouldn’t touch me unless I asked him to. I think we’re both safe.”
Placing his hands against the wall, Luke trapped me in and murmured in my ear, “Hmm … he’s better than I thought. You know he’s just playing games with you, right?”
“Everyone plays games in their own way, Luke. Even you do, but it’s not going to change anything,” I told him.
“Good,” he murmured huskily. “Although, I’d have to say that’s where me and him differ.” He trailed his finger down my cheek and past my neck to my collarbone. “I’d be afraid you would never ask me. That’s why I have to take what I want until you tell me no.”
Teaser 5: 
Finally, Cooper gazed up at me, his eyes red and pained. “Please tell me you forgive me for this, Kate. You know I never wanted to hurt you.”
“I know, and there’s nothing to forgive,” I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks. “I’m so proud of you for pushing through it. I know it wasn’t easy.”
Nodding quickly, he got to his feet and pulled me over to my bed, holding my hands gently in his. With his weary gaze on my wrists, he thumbed the bruises gently and murmured, “Do you want to know why I don’t ever want to hurt you? Why it kills me that it was my hands that did this to you?”
“Why?” I whispered, holding my breath.
Sighing heavily, he lifted his gaze and placed both hands on my cheeks, wiping away my tears. “It’s because I love you, Kate, and people aren’t supposed to hurt the ones they love. The last thing I want is for you to hate me for what I did.”






Intercepting Love Soundtrack


  1. Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton
  2. Story of My Life by One Direction
  3. Not a Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake
  4. Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum
  5. Chokehold by Adam Lambert
  6. I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding
  7. Pony by Ginuwine
  8. Together by Demi Lovato & Jason Derulo
  9. All of Me by John Legend
  10. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran



USA TODAY Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is the author of the Forever Fae series, as well as the Second Chances standalone series, and her NA romantic suspense standalone called Love, Lies, and Deception. She lives in the beautiful state of North Carolina with her husband, her two wild girls, and her rambunctious kitten Katrina.
Before she began her career in the literary world, L.P. Dover spent her years going to college and then graduated to cleaning teeth, which she loved doing. At least until the characters in her head called her away. She has never been the same since.



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