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Ladies Man (Manwhore #3) by Katy Evans **Jodie’s Review**

Irreverent, cocky, playful and naughty.
He’s not the guy you date.
He’s the one night stand.
The one your mother warned you about.
The one your body craves.

You’d think the man who called me succulent would want to strip me down and spread me out on his bed—like he’s done with countless others.
But he passed on my offer….
Just like I’d once passed on his.
He’s wary, like I am.
He’s broken, like I am.
And everyone knows two broken parts can’t ever make a whole.
Tahoe and I are strictly friends.
So I distract myself with other men.
He doesn’t think my new man is good enough. This blond blue-eyed beast doesn’t think any man is—himself included.
But the more time we spend together, the more confused I feel.
I’m trying to open myself to love.
Yet I’m quickly realizing that the only man I want is Tahoe Roth.
The one man who will surely break my heart.










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Jodie's review

4.5 stars


“They grab you, own you, squeeze the life out of you, until you wake up sweating in the middle of the night, in tears, and you’re frantic to touch the ground beneath you because you still feel like you’re falling…and falling… a never-ending drop.  Until a painfully hard surface breaks your fall.”


And that is about what happens to me every time I open a book written by Katy Evans.  She consumes me with her men and their stories. She takes my emotions and manipulates them just like I am standing in a closet watching the story unfold in front of me.  This story started just as fast as it ended and…
“It’s madness inducing.”


Seriously, prepare to be so frustrated and so on edge you will want to scream at these characters, SCREAM.  I screamed, I laughed, I cried and I cursed them.  Your emotions start right away with this book and before I knew it I had lost a day and was completely invested.  You learn really quick that there is a reason for the title.  You also learn that there is definitely more to this story than just that beautiful face on the cover.  Oh Tahoe Roth, I love you right up there with all of the other Katy Evans men that have come before you.


“I cannot get on the Tahoe rollercoaster.”


Tahoe is Saints best friend and he is exactly what you get from the cover, GORGEOUS and…


“He’s funny and I  think of him often and he’s generous and protective and cocky.  And he makes me feel alive.”


Then enter Regina and the stage is set for these two. Gina turned Tahoe down in the past however since then he has invaded her every thought.  She feels she just needs to one night stand him out of her system.   And she does just that at his birthday party.  She offers herself to him as a present yet this time it is his turn to reject her. And just like that right from the beginning that is how Katy Evan’s hooked me into this story.  I was like WTF JUST HAPPENED!!!! FRIENDS ….


“No one is the way they seem.  We all hide little pieces, either because we don’t want to be judged, or because we don’t think we’ll be understood. or simply because we don’t want those pieces of us to belong to anyone but us.”


Friends who say amazing things to each other.  These two had me so crazy I just wanted to scream would you just realize you are soul mates and let’s get this show started!!


“Why the hell do I want to cry right now?”


Yup I said that to myself several times while I was reading.  I kept the whole JODIE GET YOURSELF TOGETHER speech going on in my head.  And because I don’t want to retell the story I will just tell you this was me watching this relationship.  OMG why are my cheeks wet!


“I won’t cry.  I won’t cry.  I won’t cry. I won’t cry.”


SHIT, I am crying.  I am a ball of nerves and I can’t take this back and forth.  I need things, I need to kick things.  Wait, I need a break, nope can’t function I have to read this till the end.  And there goes my life and where is the damn number for pizza.


And like always with Katy, the story is over but I still can feel everything.  I truly want to lock myself away and read it again.  It gave me everything and more than I was expecting and I can’t recommend enough that you let Tahoe stop your world for just a moment.  I do have to admit if you are a fan of Southern Charm prepare for some funny things that will trigger laughter.  Let me just leave you with this…


“I’ve learned with you .  Love should make you feel good about yourself and about the person you are when you’re with the one you love.  Love should make you feel accepted as you are.”






author bio


katy evansHey! I’m Katy Evans and I love family, books, life, and love. I’m married with two children and three dogs and spend my time baking, walking, writing, reading, and taking care of my family. Thank you for spending your time with me and picking up my story. I hope you had an amazing time with it, like I did. If you’d like to know more about books in progress, look me up on the Internet, I’d love to hear from you!


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