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LIVE: Blue by D.P. Denman **Jen’s 4.5 Star Review**





Long before he was a successful songwriter and black-belt badass, Blue was a survivor. 
He escaped a program designed to cure him. One that left him near death with nothing to rely on but the kindness of a stranger. Hostile and headstrong, he needed a calmer influence to balance his fury. Someone to save him from himself. 

Brady’s life was quiet and orderly until fate sent him a blue-eyed hurricane. Bursts of temper and flashes of despair battered his efforts to quiet the storm in a man he doubted he could tame. One drowning in the wreckage of his past. 
With a head full of lies and a body full of scars, Blue worked to rebuild his life with the help of a man who showed him sometimes trust is worth the risk.

Blue features one of the most popular characters from the Saving Liam saga! Destined for greatness, he reveals the past that made him the scarred bad boy readers love.












Jen's review


4.5 stars


I don’t remember hearing about Blue in the Saving Liam series but then I haven’t had the chance to read all of them yet. Nor do I know if within that series if the timeline is before or after this one but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where he comes into play in that series. I love this author’s writing style. I loved how D.P Denman creates stories where one character is so broken but with the help of someone who is truly patient and caring they slowly start to rebuild their lives. True to Saving Liam Blue is no different.


PTSD is a serious issue and this author really shows us how deeply it ran with Blue. A traumatic turn of events really shook him to his core and changed everything in his life. I love that Blue’s torment and recovery weren’t romanticized. I felt his pain, anger, his discomfort and the challenges he faced after the ordeal he was put through.


“He feared touch. He couldn’t stand to be that close, to have hands on his body, the press of muscle against him,”


Brady, man what a breath of fresh air. This man is truly a hero. He’s one of the biggest reason why Blue survived and flourished though everything. This selfless man who only had Blue’s best interests at heart was so kind, caring and yes patient. He never pushed Blue do anything he couldn’t handle and was always conscious about not going too fast to soon. His only intentions were what Blue needed or would need and how he could help him. His love that grew from caring for this broken man was really something else. Takes a really big person to give everything and not expect anything in return as long as it gives that person room to heal with a sense of safety and self-worth. Ultimately hoping that someday that person may not feel so broken and have a happiness once again. Brady was truly just an inspiring man. If we had more people like that in our world it would be a better place.


“He was the wall of granite he’d promise to be, solid, sturdy, and patient.”


I won’t go into detail about the story because the emotional journey you take with Blue and Brady should be experienced without spoilers. This book was written beautifully and sometimes the issues at hand are hard to read through. This is a remarkable book about a lost, broken man finding happiness with the help of an amazing man and his equally amazing house keeper. I do have say that I really loved the secondary characters that Blue befriends on his way to rock stardom. Scubba was another man that I found a joy to meet. His own life experiences and his craft also helped to mold Blue into the man he is today.


If you are a fan of this author’s writing or are looking for a story with some real life depth to it where the journey back to happiness is slow and not sugar coated than this is definitely one you’ll want to pick up. I can’t wait to go back into the Saving Liam series now and pick up where I left off before.




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author bio


Award winning author DP Denman writes character-driven contemporary romance about gay men. Her stories are real and intense, but resolve in endings that make people want to read the book all over again. She lives among the moss and trees of the Pacific Northwest with a rambunctious pair of fur babies.
In her spare time, she is a dedicated LGBTQIA rights activist with a special focus on the thousands of rejected and abandoned kids who end up on the street every year. To support the cause, 25% of the royalties from every book go to LGBT charities.





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