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**Megan’s review of Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon**


Must Love Otters
by Eliza Gordon


*5 Stars*

I’m riding on a laughing and happy high after reading Must Love Otters.

This is definitely one of those books that you look at the title and go um..? ok? Sure I’ll give it a go!!!! This is also one of those reads that you give a try and at the end you kick yourself for judging it first before reading the first word or paragraph.

Speaking of the first- The first few words pulled me in INSTANTLY. I didn’t need a few chapters to get sucked in, I have no complaints that it was a little slow. It was brilliant comedy and brilliant writing that kept me completely entertained and only stopping because I had to go to work which put a wrench into my reading time. 

Hollie- loved this chick from the very first word. She is one spitfire hilarious girl even with her panty tarantula!! Yeah, you read me right!!! Pantry Tarantula!!!!

“I slide into the bathroom to shave so he doesn’t complain about my prickly legs again (if he doesn’t like the legs, he certainly won’t like my panty tarantula).” 

And there I go chuckling again!!!!

Hollie seems to keep getting run over by people and she can’t say no. During the course of her short journey which is full of twist and turns but not of the angst driven we are used to. These twist and turns are the crazy mishaps that happen to Hollie. Some are pure embarrassing to her but as a reader is pure enjoyment in a wonderful amusing way.

Hollie is dating a dork of a guy who has more love for his two yorkies then his two legged girlfriend. Keith is constant stethoscope wearing ambulance driver of a boyfriend and I wanted her to ditch him the instant I met him. But if she would have I wouldn’t have experienced a very comical night with them.

He tries to be a little romantic but this guy has zero romance in him if he thinks the opposite of a human sundae was a good idea. I won’t go into detail what I mean because I will not spoil it for you but I was dying laughing. 

“Here. Just try this.”
“Here comes the airplane.”
Instead of opening my mouth, I grab a handful of his culinary masterpiece and smear it all over his face. Ahhh, that feels better.

This event with a few other little tidbits with the buffoon boyfriend lead her to call in sick to work and use a gift from her father for an away weekend that steer her to Concierge Ryan (aka pilot Ryan- aka knight in rescuing armor- aka my new book boyfriend).

Hollie and Ryan have a little connection that I see from the start but they don’t fall into each other instantly. Another thing I love about this book. Hollie meets another baboon on the trip but after a few of her comical mishaps another bonehead bits the dust, Concierge Ryan (also ex hockey player) is still there and doesn’t shy away from Hollie and her hysterical accidents and is always there to rescue the lovely otter loving Hollie even if she needs something bigger than a hand towel. In return she’s there for him in the same way. And overpowering her fears because she has to.

As I drew near the ending I became a little antsy. I needed to get there so I knew how it would end but just like anything it’s the journey. This journey had me crying laughing but the journey and destination was radiant. Hollie’s short journey although included a few critters, big and small, scary and cute….ha well I say critters but it can mean a few humans too!!!!!

“Hollie Porter, as your concierge, I’ll do everything I can to make it unforgettable.”

This story is just what we need! A good laugh, a heartfelt charming story and I can’t wait for Eliza Gordon to give us more. Where’s the signup sheet because I’ll sign first!!!!!





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