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Playlist: Part One (Westbrook #4) by Laura Clark **Debbie’s Review**

{Book Review} PLAYLIST by Laura Clark

Due to mature content, this book is intended for readers who are 16+. Playlist Part One is Book 4 of the Westbrook Series, but can be read without having read the previous books.


Avery Brookes seems to have it all. She’s popular, smart, and gorgeous. Everyone at Westbrook High wants to be her because she’s as close to perfect as it gets. Or so it seems. . . .

Avery is Ivy-league bound, but only if she lands the scholarship she has her eye on. Everything is on track until she gets her first bad grade. Without an A in this class, she can kiss that scholarship goodbye.

An unexpected extra credit opportunity might help her land the A she so desperately needs. That is, if she can keep her schoolgirl-crush fantasies in check. After all, she’ll be working with Westbrook’s hottest male teacher, Mr. Channing. With him barely out of college, and Avery on the way, it’s easy for her to dismiss their small age gap. Will she be able to keep their relationship strictly professional?

Kyle Patterson swears that his player ways are a thing of the past. He’s a sophomore in college now. He wants to be in a committed relationship with Avery Brookes, his sister’s best friend, but she isn’t convinced of his transformation. What does he need to do to prove that he’s serious? Will Kyle be able to capture Avery’s heart before someone else claims it?







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Debbie's review
3.5 stars
This is a spin off series but it can be read as a standalone.  I really loved the first series by Author Laura Clark and was excited that she did a spin off about Avery and Kyle who were secondary characters in the first series.


The book starts off really well and let me tell you I am not a happy camper with how the author ended the book. I hope the next book will be released soon because I need to know what happens.  I loved the chemistry between Avery and Kyle and the flirty texting they did. So we have a love triangle times two in this book. My only issue with this book is I felt some parts were a retell of the last series and focused too much on Sam and Laila. I also felt some parts were drawn out and the book was a little to slow paced at times for me.


Loved the plot twist that was tossed in at the end and I am really curious as to whom Avery is going to choose. I have a love/hate relationship with Kyle and there is something about Connor that rubs me the wrong way too. Lets not forget about Georgia. I am not a big fan of her and Avery by the end of the book had me so angry I would of loved to have gotten my hands on her and smacked some sense into her. Both of the main characters need to man up and stop running away and admit what they are feeling. Sometimes the miscommunication between them had me seeing red.  My mind is turning with all the possibilities as to what is going to happen next.  A good start to a series that I see will have me wanting to smash my kindle.




About Laura Clark



Laura Clark loves to read, design, and write. Convinced that she is really just a seventeen-year-old girl at heart, it’s no wonder that she is writing Young Adult fiction. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, daughter, and son. Her passion for writing fiction dates back to early childhood, when she first learned to put a pencil on paper. Being able to share her passion and imagination with readers brings her the greatest joy. The Westbrook Series began as a short story that morphed into a book. Before she knew what was happening, the characters took on a life of their own, and as a result, the series was born.


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