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Prisoners of Love by Judith Katz ** Tara’s Reveiw**






Summary of Prisoners of Love, a debut novel by Judith Katz Meeting in the most unlikely of places-the waiting room of a penitentiary-a most unlikely friendship proves life-changing for three women. As they slowly learn to understand and trust each other, despite coming from very different worlds, the love and support they offer makes their separate struggles less burdensome and begins to heal their shattered self-esteem. This riveting modern tale of Cissy, Christina and Margaret, whose men are in prison for various offenses, could be ripped from the headlines. One woman is a wealthy pillar of society, another a suburban housewife, while the third was once at the top of the entertainment industry in a popular girl group before she began a rapid and tragic fall. All three have secret heartaches they could share with no one-until they found each other. However, all is not as it seems, as their lives take a sinister turn, and their close bonds and individual strength of character are tested to the extreme.

This book is a guilty pleasure you will not want to put down until you reach its riveting climax. And if ever a book begged for screen adaption, this is it!






Tara's review


4 stars

The story is of 3 completely different women who’s lives become intertwined in the waiting room of the prison where all of their husbands are currently serving time.  though the backgrounds of these women are very different, they find common ground and form a long lasting relationship while working through their husbands being gone.


This is a much different book then I would normally read, but I really enjoyed it and devoured it in one afternoon.

I loved the sisterhood these ladies formed and their back stories were very interesting and kept me reading to find out more. There are times when  their friendships are put in very hard situations and how things worked out melted my heart.

The dramatic conclusion had me holding my breath, but the ending was awesome.

Overall, I enjoyed spending my day watching the lives of Margaret, Cissy and Christina developed through all the twists and turns.



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