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Title: Revive
Author: Mary A. Wasowski
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 18, 2017


My father always told me there were three sides to every story. I never really understood that, not even years after losing him tragically on 9/11. While all my hopes faded to black after his death, the only light I had was that of my best friend, Nick. We were two people whose friendship blossomed into more in the face of shared pain and grief. That’s why I know he never understood why I had to walk away, why I would break his heart and never look back.
– TheaMy father was undoubtedly one of the best men I would ever know, and I wanted to be just like him. He proudly served as Chief of the FDNY and died a hero on 9/11. Every day after that, I tried to become a man I knew he would be proud of. And I thrived having my best friend, Thea, by my side. But instead of staying with me and celebrating the happiest moment in my life, Thea walked away, splintering my heart in the process, never looking back to see if I would follow.
– Nick

Years after parting, these once lovers are reunited in the most heated manner and must face their past, come to terms with each of their unspoken truths, and just maybe revive their once-cherished friendship…and understand why there are three sides to every story.

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I am a new reader to this author so when I read the synopsis of Revive I must say it immediately caught my attention as I am a sucker for second chance romances.  Also add in the fact these two characters shared the fact they both lost their fathers on 9 / 11 and I just knew this would add so much to their love and their connection.


Thea and Nick started out as family friends but after both lost their fathers in 9/11, they shared a new bond.  As time passed the bond between them only grew even more into more of a romantic connection to the point that they were planning to eventually marry and spend the rest of time together.  But all that changed in an instant when Nick decided to announce his plan to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a firefighter and eventually become the Chief of Ladder #4.  Thea was unaware of this was was hearing it for the first time as he announced it to all their family and friends.  Hurt and knowing he would not leave his life there for her to follow her dreams, she decided to take off to the west coast and accept the position she was offered leaving Nick and what they once shared behind.  Fast Forward 10 years to the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and she is back at her mom’s request to share in the events of the day to remember all those who lost their lives.  It’s not long before Nick and Thea are back face to face and having to relive all the hurt feelings from so many years ago.  There is unfinished business between these two and now is the time for it to be resolved so they can finally move on.


I was really excited about this second chance romance but I also love finding new authors to read.  The moment I picked up Revive I was sucked in immediately to the story.  Also the moment Thea and Nick first came face to face after all those years, you could feel the passion and the love these two shared but also the hurt and I was so excited that this one was truly going to be packed with lots of emotion. 


Sadly though the further I got into the book, the more this one just didn’t work for me.  The storyline took a turn that I was not expecting at all based on the synopsis and I just couldn’t connect nor feel the emotion that was happening with the storyline and the back and forth that was going on with both Thea and Nick began to annoy me and really frustrate me. 


The writing was just okay for me.  The dialogue between the characters throughout the story was too proper and felt almost cold at times.  The way some of the characters talked just didn’t fit with the character themselves.  


This one was written in dual POV, which I love but several times in the story we would get a chapter in one character’s POV and it would end with both characters in the scene but when the next chapter started in the other character POV, it would then would back in time to overlap time just passed.  I personally found this rather annoying and really distracting each time this happened, it made the flow of the book very choppy. 


The scene changes that happened within a chapter were choppy, one paragraph would be one scene and without realizing the scene just ended and then when you started the next paragraph it was a completely different scene and sometimes an amount of time had passed and it made it feel extremely choppy.


I wish I could explain a bit better why this book didn’t work for me but at the same time I do not want to spoil it.  Overall, on top of my issues with the writing style, I think the fact that this book was the complete opposite of what I expected going into it, and the one thing that t I kept waiting for to happen just never happened,  I just couldn’t get enjoyment or any connection with the storyline or the characters.




Author Bio
Mary A. Wasowski is a Best Selling Author who writes adult
contemporary romance. Captivating and inspiring readers one book at a time.
Mary loves creating sexy alpha book boyfriends for you to
swoon over. When she is not writing her happily ever after stories, she is an
avid reader of all romance titles. A romantic at heart, she shares her zest for
life with her husband, Henry, and their three sons.
Proud to be an Indie Author, she lives in North Carolina and
works as a full-time writer.
Sparkle on loves… 
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