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Rough And Rich (Notorious Devils #6) by Hayley Faiman Review Tour




Title: Rough and Rich
Series: Notorious Devils #6
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: September 25, 2017






Imogen Caroline Stewart-Huntington hasn’t always been a rich bitch, her sunshine blotted out by her husband’s need to soar.

Sloane McKinley Huntington III hasn’t always been a Devil, but the brotherhood was his ride to the next best high—a vice he couldn’t shake, until he didn’t have a choice.

Now, three years sober, he sees with clear eyes. Free from the shackles of prison, all he wants is a second chance, his sights set on one woman—his wife.

Imogen knows that money can’t buy love—but when the rough man who stole her heart barges back into her life, she can’t help but question if perhaps forgiveness will.










I absolutely love this series.  Rough and Rich is book #6 in the Notorious Devils series and I’ve been anxiously awaiting Imogen and Soar’s story.  The author seriously makes me fall in love with these MC God’s after having been saying, “yeah so not going to happen what a prick”.  This book is filled with a hard dose of angst, an equal amount of grit and of course a dirty talking alpha male out to reclaim what he lost.


If you have followed this series than you too have followed the saga of Soar and Genny’s marriage.  Genny and Soar have been together since she was 15 years old and came from a world of money and privilege.  Genny has watched her husband cheat on her numerous times and always took him back. Well Genny has had enough of Soar, the Notorious Devils, the women and Soar’s drug use.


Soar was a total jackass, the things I witnessed in the previous books made want to punch him in the junk.  He took for granted all that Genny offered and after 3 years in prison and parole he finally sees clearly.  He’s determined to make his wrongs right and get his old lady back.


Genny isn’t the same weak women we met throughout the series.  She’s stronger and knows how toxic and painful her marriage to Soar was. There’s a lot of pain, mistrust and hostility.  Soar for the first time realizes getting what he wants isn’t going to be easy.  He’s used to fighting for his club and sweet talking his way back into Ginny’s good graces.  This time his not only fighting for his wife but also fighting to do right for them both.  It’s a long road one that is filled with painful reminders at every turn, but this time Soar knows what’s at stake if he doesn’t win this fight.


I can’t explain how utterly painful yet beautiful this read was.  I felt Ginny’s pain with every page but I also felt her strength as well.  I didn’t think Soar would redeem himself but he does even if I still have a bit of ill will left.  I’ve never been let down in this series and each book just solidifies my appreciation for this author.  I’m getting nervous thinking about which book will be the final book in this series.  Another great read and can’t wait to see what’s next.




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