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Rough & Raw (Notorious Devils MC #2) by Hayley Faiman Review Tour


Title: Rough & Raw
Series: Notorious Devils MC #2
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 2016



Brentlee Johnson-Corbin has always followed her mother’s rules, even when it meant marrying a man she knew wasn’t her happily-ever-after.


Bates “Sniper” Lukin, a retired marine, now rides with the Notorious Devils—his street name earned in the deserts of hell.
When the most precious part of Brentlee’s world is threatened by the man who was meant to love them, she escapes to the only safe place she knows. But when she seeks the shelter of her sister, Kentlee, and her husband, Fury, her past steps in—and he’s determined to protect Brentlee and her daughter as his own.
Their story is one of love discarded, but Sniper won’t waste this opportunity to right the wrongs of his past.
Life has been cruel to them both, and Brentlee is certain that the love they lost is gone forever; but under his protective wing, she can’t deny that this rough and raw man might be just the hope she needs.

 “I LOVE your writing and book two is even better than the first.” – Rambling from Beneath the Sheets
“Rough and Raw, this is absolutely the perfect title for this book. It was filled with raw emotion from the prologue.” – Reader Review
“If you like your heroes rough, and your journey to an HEA raw, then this is definitely a book for you!” – Author R.C Martin






Josie's review


5 stars

I am in love with the men and women of Notorious Devils MC.   We met Brentlee and Sniper back in the first book and I will admit I was looking forward to their story.  Rough and Raw is filled with everything I love and look for in a story. It’s filled with angst, regret, drama and second chances.  Of course it is not a MC story if we do not have grit and a crazy delusion sweet butt.   Once I started reading this it was impossible for me to put it down. From the prologue to the epilogue the author had me completely hooked.


I love how this author brought us back to the beginning during the early days between Brentlee and Bates aka Sniper. After I read their prologue I could feel just how raw and deep their love for one another ran.  Sniper never denied his love and need for her. Even years later when he knew that in order to give her a better chance at life it would cost him the love of his life.  Watching Brentlee get move on with her tore him apart.  When Brentlee and her daughter flee her abusive husband and seek protection from the MC, Sniper sees this has his second chance with Brentlee.


Being abused physically, sexually and mentally by the hands of her husband has left her a broken woman and my heart broke for her.   The once feisty, fearless and adventurous girl is gone.  But if we are being honest, she lost herself years ago when Sniper severed all ties with her.   Brentlee is lost and has been hardened after living through what she’s gone through.


Sniper was nothing at all what imagined. This tough, rough and mean biker was immediately putty when Brentlee walks back into his life.  I loved him completely. Seeing this bad a$$ biker vulnerable, open and completely in love with Brentlee and her daughter stole my heart.  He was loyal, patient, caring and protective of the two women that owned him.  I loved how much he wanted them and wasn’t afraid to show how much they meant to him.


Brentlee and Sniper have a long road ahead of them. Both their pasts threaten to take away their second chance at happiness.  What I loved most about Brentlee and Sniper was how they both felt unworthy of each other. They were both damaged but together they were exactly what the other needed. I love how much Sniper stopped at nothing to keep Brentlee and her daughter Stella safe.  Even when he made mistakes, his passion and remorse won me over every time.  I loved seeing Brentlee’s growth through the story and I really admired her strength. Sniper always owned her heart, she just needed to be strong enough to learn to live again.  


Rough and Raw was just as the title suggests. It was rough, raw and beautifully tragic.  This author did an amazing job creating two characters that weaved their way into my heart.  The words and plot of their story were so well written that I felt like I experienced everything the characters did.   This is a series that I look forward to reading and I am glad we will get to see more of these characters in future books.  If you love a good, dirty, raw and panty melting MC read than this is your book.




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