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Seduction (Devil’s Den #2) by Violetta Rand **Josie’s Review**



Title: Seduction

Series: Devil’s Den #2

Author: Violetta Rand

Publisher: Loveswept


Release Date: March 17, 2015





Perfect for readers of Abbi Glines, Seduction returns to the Devil’s Den, a Texas strip club where hearts can’t hide when the chemistry is right.

The night Marisela Gonzalez rides up to the Devil’s Den on her motorcycle, running from trouble and looking for her sister, she finds more than a place to hide out and work her red-hot body. She meets a guy brave enough to stand by a tough, terrified nineteen-year-old girl who’s been in the wrong place with the wrong jerk one too many times. And he’s ready to show Marisela how a real man treats the woman he desires.

An ex-cop taking over as the club’s head of security, Craig Hanson can handle anything—except the urgent need he suddenly feels to hold Marisela tight. Commitment has never been his thing, but all that changes when Craig finds something too real to deny between them. Sensual and vulnerable, Marisela’s got a scary past. And when it comes knocking, Craig goes all in to protect her—because seduction is the ultimate game changer.






Josie's review
 4 stars


Seduction is a not a novella but it is a short read that is filled with suspense, lies, drama, really hot sex, stubborn female characters and an alpha bad ass male. The author tells the story in alternate POV’s and holds no punches with the story line. This story deals with physical abuse, touches on rape, deals with survival and the need for self-forgiveness. We met Craig and Marisela in the first book. Craig is a bouncer at the Devils Den and Marisela is Robyn’s little sister. This is their story and let me tell you it is one heck of a ride.


Craig’s character was hard for me to really love. After reading the first book, I was not sure how the author could make me love him after knowing his character was a womanizer. I am pleased to say, the author did an amazing job redeeming his character. I totally fell in love with him. He is no Garrick but he came in at a close 2nd. Craig makes no excuses for the kind of man he is or the women he has in and out of his life. When he sees Marisela again, she gets under his skin. Craig can tell something is going on with Marisela. He can tell by her eyes and her actions that she is hiding and running from something. He agrees so keep an eye on Marisela when she gets a job at the Devil’s Den but he wasn’t prepared to fall in love with her. He wants more from her if only his past conquests would stay away.


Marisela’s characters at times was immature and thoughtless of others. She is running from a dangerous past and she is not honest when she shows up on her sister’s door step. She does not tell them the truth and keeps her real reasons a secret. She wants to work at Devil’s Den to make her own money. When she starts a Devils Den she sees Craig and despite the past he shared with her sister, she is attracted to him. What starts as something innocent soon turns into something more. Just when things are going well, her past comes knocking at her door. Marisela is not completely honest with Craig about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. When she begins to open to Craig, she finds out that he wants more from her than just sex. He does not see her as damaged but someone that is strong. He is willing to go to the ends of the earth to keep her with him and keep her safe.


Marisela’s ex is determined to get her back at all costs. He is dangerous, sneaky and fears nothing. Marisela and Craig try to find a way to make their relationship work while trying to keep her and those she loves safe. Marisela’s ex tries to break Craig and Marisela apart. Things go from steamy to dangerous quickly for the pair. This book was well written and the development and growth of both characters was really well done. We get see how Garrick, Robyn and crazy Macey are all doing. Secrets are revealed, trust and loyalties will be tested but will Craig and Marisela make it out alive? Will Craig finally keep the woman he loves by his side? Will Marisela trust Craig and her family enough to tell them the truth about her past? This is a beautiful journey you don’t want to miss out on.




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An environmental scientist by day, Violetta Rand has been in love with writing since childhood. Struck with an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, she wrote short stories illustrated by her best friend and sold them in her neighborhood. Rand enjoys outdoor activities, music, reading, and losing herself in the world she brings to life in the pages of her stories. The only thing she loves more than writing is her wonderful relationship with her husband.



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