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Shattered Lies by Theresa Sederholt Release Blitz & Giveaway


Book: Shattered Lies

Author: Theresa Sederholt

Genre: Contemporary Romance




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Lies are shattered, leaving death and destruction in its path. To save a child, they must make a deal with the devil himself.
They had a plan: two days—get in, ask the questions, and get out. Seemed simple enough. But you know what they say about best laid plans. Life always seems to get in the way of living.
Revenge can be such a bitter pill to swallow, costing others to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Jax’s need for control slowly slips through his fingers as Raven’s past attempts to steal their future.
Will Maxwell be able to hang on to his happily ever after, or will it be cruelly snatched away, yet again?





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Josie's review

4.5 stars

Shattered Lies is a Trilogy and not standalones, you need to read The Unraveling of Raven and Darkness into Dawn before reading this review and book. 

Shattered Lies is the 3rd and final book in this series, I can’t believe this is it. I have fallen in love with this series, characters and this magnificent story. Theresa has kept the flow of the story line steady and it’s been intense. In this final book, Raven and Jaxson have shown so much growth and their love and faith is stronger. The author writes this story in several POV’s. Some might think this is too much but for me it worked. Every character plays a role in this story and getting their thoughts made things easier to follow and identify with them. However true to form the author keeps readers on the edge of their seats with so many secrets, twists and turns and unknown danger.


Shattered Lies start off where the 2nd ended. Jason, Maxwell and Bella are all stunned with Anwan’s revelations. Bella, Jaxson’s sister needs to know the truth. She is determined to go to the original source with or without Jaxson and Maxwell. Bella’s determination to seek out the truth means Jaxson will need to make sure security is tight not only for his wife Raven but also their newborn child and the rest of the family.


Jaxson is the best, he is protective, caring and loving. He has finally gotten what he never dreamed possible, something that he never knew he wanted – his own family a beautiful wife and a daughter. Jaxson is scared to leave Raven and Antonia behind because there is still a very credible threat against Raven. If he leaves without them he does not know how long he will be gone, which means he will lose time away from his newborn daughter.


Raven is as strong and fierce as ever. She knows Jaxson needs to seek out the answers his sister and family so desperately need. It kills Raven to see Jaxson going through all this chaos. Instead of being needy she is supportive and reassuring. Raven becomes Jaxson’s voice of reason, his strongest supporter. She will do and go wherever Jaxson needs her to go if it will bring the peace and knowledge they so desperately seek.


Maxwell and Jackie are the best friends of Jaxson and Raven. Jackie’s character for me was not as strong as I would have liked to be. She kept things bottled up and is wasn’t honest about her feelings with Maxwell. I loved Maxwell. His was loyal, fierce and a fighter who never backed down from a challenge.


Despite all their plans, forces that refuse to go away want revenge. They were willing to go to great lengths to make Raven suffer the way they did. Raven is no longer alone. She has her mother Rose and she is willing to sacrifice her life to make sure her daughter and granddaughter are safe. Rose and Raven have been fighting the devil for years that kept them apart and has killed people they love. Jaxson is focused on finding out the truths his mother has locked away for years that he falters while trying to protect Raven and this could cost him everything he holds dear.



What can I say that I have not already said about this series. It is filled with danger, threats, surprises and twists and turns. Just when I thought things were somewhat under control something else would pop up. This read for me was longer than the first 2 books. You can tell the author took her time to end this trilogy perfectly. All my questions were answered. When things start to finally fall into place, or shall I say the climax, I felt it in my bones. The author kept me engrossed in this marvelous story and I wanted more and more. Even when the SH*T was hitting the fan I just knew things would come together somehow. Someone will make a crucial sacrifice to end the devil’s need for revenge, who will it be? Loyalties are tested and new relationships are formed. Read this book and find out how it all ends for this family.


Author Bio

I was born in Brooklyn New York. I am old enough to know there is no luggage rack on the hearse. I am married to a Professional Chef.

I have a son who is a Research Chemist and a wine maker. Yep I’m covered from the food to the drinks. I have 2 dogs Vito and Godiva.

I live in the United States. I’ve had so many different jobs, even I can’t keep count.
I believe if you give a girl espresso and Nutella she can change the world!



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