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Title: Tempting BAD

Author: M. Robinson

Release Date: March 24, 2015

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I’ve come from a privileged life and an even more privileged upbringing. My parents taught me right from wrong and everything in between… except I wanted the gray area. I wanted to live life on the edge with the possibility of falling over. I didn’t care about the consequences because I had no heart…

I left that on the floor of my parents’ bedroom door, shattered.

And never went back to pick up the pieces.


Family first.

I learned the meaning of the word hate.

I learned that life is a battlefield and I stood frontline.

I learned that praying doesn’t work and God doesn’t listen.

And I learned how to be a man…

All at the receiving end of my father’s fists, my mother’s tears, and my sisters screams.

You can’t run away from your past…

It will always find you, especially when you’re asleep.

Warning: Book contains adult situations.

Sex/language. Mature readers only.


Kim's Review

4 stars 

 NOTE: I know people are saying this can be read as a stand alone however I don’t recommend reading this unless you’ve read the VIP trilogy. If you haven’t stop reading now, as there may be a spoiler below…

“Everyone has a story to tell, and even though every story starts with “Once Upon A Time,” it’s the beginning, middle and ending that make every story different.”

After reading VIP/MVP I was definitely curious to read what went down with Brooke and Devon and we finally find out.

“I was the girl your parents warned you about.
The one they told you not to trust.
The one to stay away from.
The one that could break your heart, and go back for more.
Just because I could.”

Growing up Brooke had a wonder life. Her parents were happy in love and she had the wealth and popularity to back it up. However, one night completely ruins everything she thought she knew and life for her will never be the same. After that a new VIP is born…

“You’re not your father…one day you will realize that.”

Devon had a rough upbringing. His father was the “golden” cop. Every one wanted to be him, date him or more. However, no one saw what went on behind closed doors. Many years later Devon still can’t get over what his father put him and his mother through and then he meets Brooke…

“I was the illusion.
I was the dream.
It was a game.
A game I wanted to play…
With Devon.”

 Through Ysa, Devon knows all about the VIP lifestyle but thinks if he gets through to Brooke he can save her. Forgetting that when VIP is in the way sometimes there is no saving…

“Be careful, child, don’t play with fire unless you intend to get burned; that girl is nothing but flames.”

Can two damaged souls fix each other? Or are some things irreparable?

Was my meaning of the word love.”

I did enjoy being able to see what happened to Devon and Brooke to turn them into the people they are today. Brooke was so broken inside and it just escalated until she only knew how to live and breathe VIP. I definitely liked Devon more in this book especially after the way MVP ended. He had many demons due to his father that he struggled with inside. However, I still can’t get over the whole Devon/Ysa thing. Yes it seemed like they used each other but still…ugh.  I liked their storyline but I still felt like I needed more by the end. I wanted to see more of what the future held. Is there another book in store? Only M. Robinson knows.

“I wouldn’t come to understand until several years later…VIP. It wouldn’t just change her life. It would change mine as well.”

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I was there, but I wasn’t.

I danced around in a sea of emptiness and longing, it moved around me easily, carelessly, harshly.

It was all and it was nothing.

It made me full and it made me empty.

It pleased me and it dismayed me.

I didn’t care. I was there to do a job. To be a VIP. I played my part beautifully, just as I always did. Letting myself get taken away on empty promises of nothing, but somehow seemed like everything. 

M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! 

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