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The Auction (Magnolia Grove Book 1) by J.B McGee Release Blitz & Review







“I don’t need to know about your package. I am pretty sure I have you figured out better than you have me defined.”

After an unexpected turn of events, Cammie Spencer starts to wonder if there is more to life than being high society arm candy and whether her fiancé, Oliver, is the man for her. There’s no denying Holden has always made her hot, but over the years, he’s become the most tempting form of forbidden love.

For Holden Masters, there are some things money can’t buy, but that isn’t the case at the annual Magnolia Grove Cancer Charity Auction. The only woman Holden Masters has ever wanted is up for bids in a ‘secret date’ auction. It’s not the first time he’s yearned for Cammie. He’s wanted her for as long as he can remember, but family drama, façades, and social rank have gotten in the way.

The biggest obstacle now is determining whether Holden knows her well enough to prove that he’s more than the cocky bad boy she’s always known.

Does Holden know enough about Cammie to win her date and her heart in The Auction?







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Beth's Review


4.5 stars


I recently picked up Heartfall written by this author and fell absolutely in love with her writing.   So I was more than happy check out The Auction by this author for review.  I was really interested in checking out her writing in a bit of a different type of story, one not so emotional as Heartfall.  I must say I was not disappointed.


Holden and Cammie have known each other for a long time and there has always been chemistry there but they never acted on it till now.  Cammie is engaged to be married to Oliver but she is nothing more than eye candy on his arm for him. He doesn’t adore her like she should be and Holden is determined to show her how much more she deserves.


This one was a very quick read but I must say it was a great intro to The Date, the second book in the Magnolia Grove series.  The Auction gives us a good introduction to both Cammie and Holden’s characters the explosive chemistry happening between these two. 


I really loved Camden’s character.  He comes off as arrogant and a womanizer to most and Cammie’s view of him is that he is nothing but an asshole.  But Holden is anything but.  The real Holden is sweet and caring and is determined to show Cammie how she truly deserves to be treated, adored and loved.  Holden may be a bit cocky but he is so in a hot sexy way and he is absolutely yummy.


I enjoyed Cammie’s character.  At times I wanted to give her a shake and say why can’t you see how Oliver treats you, how he looks at you and compare it to how Holden is but when we get to learn a little more of what growing up has been like with her mother, it really all she knows so I could sympathize with her but Holden is going to change that all for her.


This was a really enjoyable quick read that is a great introduction to The Date and I can’t wait to see more of these two.  This one was a great mix of fun and flirty with hot and sexy but also has a sweet side to it.  Really enjoyed getting to read a different style of writing for this author and can’t wait to see more.






The Date – Coming October 29, 2016

Two families. Two hearts. One forbidden love. One Date.

Timing is a funny thing. It can make or break any situation. Any relationship. The only thing worse than timing is miscommunication, especially when one person thinks the other isn’t interested.

When Cammie Spencer is left to sort out the mess that’s becoming her life, she reflects on what she thinks she knows versus what is reality. Has her perception of what’s expected of her high society life kept her from the one person she’s always wanted but resigned herself to never having?

After all, her fiancé is definitely not what she thought he was. And to make matters worse, or maybe better, Holden Masters has always been the most tempting form of forbidden love. She’s discovering he also may very well be the best medicine for her broken heart.

For Holden Masters, his haunted past collides with the present. His plans, which seemed so clear, become muddied. Will he finally drop his façade and back up his words of affection with actions or is he the player Cammie’s long pegged him to be?

Now that the auction is over, could it be that Holden Masters has already won the prize before he’s even had The Date?





*Will be available in KU



About J.B. McGee

jb-mcgeeJ.B. McGee is a mother, wife, and the Amazon Top 100 author of the best selling This Series. Amazon Crossing acquired the German rights to her debut novel, Broken. Heartfall, her coming of age novel about a bullied ballerina, is a #1 best seller in the Teen and Young Adult Performing Arts genre. Skipping Stones, a military romance about a young woman strongly influenced by her faith and her family all the while searching for her true love, is a #1 best seller in Women’s Christian Fiction.

When J.B.’s not writing, she enjoys reading as well as watching and live-chatting her favorite television shows with her friends.

Born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina, she attended Converse College and eventually earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from The University of South Carolina-Aiken in 2006. In college, she was told by her children’s literature professor she would be the one student from her class to be an author. McGee shook her head and laughed.

In 2011, it was discovered that not only do both of her children, but also she and her husband, have mitochondrial disease. Affecting 1 in 2500 people, it has no cure or treatments. Being a writer allows J.B. to care for her family’s unique needs while also providing a platform for raising awareness for this disease.

She is a hopeless romantic who loves to escape into fairy tales—some she reads and some she creates.






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