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Book: The Letter: Dear Michael

Author: Theresa Sederholt

Genre: Contemporary Romance






He thought his life was perfect. He was ready to take the next step: get married  and eventually start a family. Then, a “Dear John” letter and the unearthing of a deeply buried secret turn his dream into a nightmare.
A product of rape.
A family with hidden enemies.
A bank account with more zeros than can be deemed natural.
Michael’s hope of a life without limitations seems too far out of reach to ever be truly realized.  The pressure of family, safety, and secrets is overwhelming. Everyone turns to him, but who can he turn to?
“When you step outside the box, you never know who might want to dance with you.”
Dagen is a type A personality who doesn’t let her own insecurities allow others to pull the wool over her eyes. However, they have boxed her in, limiting her life experiences.
That is, until Michael comes along and tries to convince her to step out of her comfort zone. It’s then that he realizes they have that in common; he needs to step out too.
They both learn that when two hearts are searching for each other, nothing and no one can stand in the way. That is until Michael’s life hangs in the balance.
A face from Michael’s past might hold the key to his future.

But what kind of hoops have to be jumped through to get that key?



Josie's review


5 stars

I would strongly suggest that you read The Unravel Trilogy prior to reading this book since the characters in this story are introduced in that series.  It is not necessary but I do think that you will have a better understanding of Michael’s story. 


I love this author’s writing style and with this book she goes above and beyond.  I was not prepared for the very mixed emotions I experienced with this book.  You know when you get a story that you can’t put down? Even when you have things that need to get done, that is what happened to me.  I could not put this book down!  You are going to need some tissues, wine and get your girlfriend on speed dial because there are going to be times that you want back up and maybe even slap a beotch.


If you followed this series, you know the story behind Michael’s parents.  Michael has lived a very sheltered life.  After the nightmare that takes place in the Unravel trilogy the entire clan is now living in a secluded and fortified mansion in Scotland.  Michael has been protected and surrounded by the love of his family.  He and his cousins never knew of the nightmares their parents endured and just how cruel people can be.  That all changes the minute Michael receives a Dear Michael letter. Michael’s true past is thrown at him by the one person he trusted.


Michael grows so much in this book. As a result of this letter he feels the need to break away from his family to find peace and purpose on his own.  He is so confused and tormented by his reality.  I loved this character. Even though he is conflicted he remains the humble, loving and caring person his parents and family raised. It is hard for him to trust people again, but when he meets Dagan everything changes. This woman accepts him even with all his past demons and flaws.


Dagan is so different from Michael and his family. She is driven, down to earth, and is very insecure.   She is a riot! The stuff this character comes out with and does had me laughing out loud so many times.  What I loved the most about her was the fact that she did not let Michael’s past dictate how she treated him.  I loved that she was there for Michael and became a friend to him when he really needed one.


I loved that Dagan and Michael’s relationship felt so real and natural. Some might think it was dragged out but I really felt it was necessary for these two people that had trust issues.  I loved the easy going relationship and the openness between the two.  I loved how cautious Michael was when it came to his relationship with Dagan. He’s never felt this way before and knew how fragile Dagan was. I loved that he was willing to show her that she was more than a passing.  HOLY smokes Michael, was hot!  I mean I thought Jax and Michael Sr. were smoking hot but they got nothing on Michael!  We got some drama, shocks and some angsty moments but all in all this was a story about true love.  Theresa Sederholt really stole my heart with this book, and I can’t wait to see what else she comes out with




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Book 1: The Unraveling of Raven

Book 2:  Darkness into Dawn


Book 3: Shattered Lies


Author Bio

I was born in Brooklyn New York. I am old enough to know there is no luggage rack on the hearse. I am married to a Professional Chef.

I have a son who is a Research Chemist and a wine maker. Yep I’m covered from the food to the drinks. I have 2 dogs Vito and Godiva.

I live in the United States. I’ve had so many different jobs, even I can’t keep count.

I believe if you give a girl espresso and Nutella she can change the world!


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