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The Opposite Of You by Rachel Higginson **Beth’s Review**





I’ve sworn off men.

All men.

Famous last words, right? You’re expecting some epic tale of reluctant love and my dramatic change of heart? Well, you’re not going to get it.

I’m stubborn. And headstrong. And I’ve just survived the worst three years of my life. After escaping an abusive boyfriend to live in hostels and cheap hotels while I worked my way across Europe, I’ve come to two conclusions.

The first? Now that I’m back home, I’m going to squander my expensive culinary degree on a food truck that caters to the late night drunk crowd.

The second? I’m going to prove to the bastard across the plaza that my street food is better than his fussy five course monstrosities.

Killian Quinn might be Food and Wine’s Chef to Watch Out For. He might have a Michelin Star. He might have every food critic in the city wrapped around his too-large fingers. But he’s also pretentious and unbearably arrogant and the very opposite of me.

So he can keep his unsolicited advice and his late night visits and his cocky smiles. I want none of it. Or him.

I want the opposite.






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The cover of The Opposite of You was definitely the first thing to catch my eye.  Then add in the title and I will say I was definitely intrigued to find out more about this book.  Although as soon as I saw that this one was written by Rachel Higginson, the decision was made, I was reading this one, even before I read the synopsis.  I first fell in love with this author’s writing upon reading The Five Stages of Falling in Love.  That book was so beautifully written and still today that book has a piece of my heart.  I have also read and loved Every Wrong Reason, which was another emotional beautifully written story.  So going into this one, I was very interested in seeing how well I would enjoy a more fun and flirty book written by the author.


Vera Delane is back home due to her father’s illness and starting over after spending a year in Europe.  She has already given up her dreams of one day being the Head chef of her very own kitchen in a very big name restaurant and instead has settled for being the head as well as the only chef in her very own Food truck, Foodie, serving gourmet comfort food.  Thanks to her brother she is able to set up Foodie in the parking lot of his bike store but it also puts her directly across the street from a very high end popular restaurant, Lilou, run by the well known chef, Killian Quinn.  Killian is not happy about her setting up right across from his restaurant and each weekend he proceeds to find a way to get an order of her food and then sends her his critique of it.  These two consider themselves to be complete opposites, but as they get to know each other they begin to see that are really not that different and might be exactly what the other needs.


The Opposite of You is completely written from Vera’s POV and I must say this is the first single 1st person POV book I have read in a long while.  I have to say it was a really nice change to get that.  I do really enjoy getting the dual POV but with Killian being the broody and a bit mysterious type, not letting many in to see the real Killian, I found by getting only Vera’s POV, it left that element of mystery to the story of never knowing what really was going on in Killian’s head, how he truly felt towards her and what he was planning next.


I really loved both of these characters.  Both Vera and Killian were very head strong and stubborn.  But both also had their insecurities and I loved that as the story progressed we got to see both sides of these characters.  I loved the dynamic the author built between Killan and Vera.  In the beginning, these two were complete enemies and seemed to be at war with each other.  But as time passed, we truly got some great banter happening.  There were so many times I found myself smiling and giddy, chuckling to myself over the face to face banter and even the back and forth notes banter happening between them.  I love how even early on, you could feel that sexual tension even when there as that bit of hatred between them.  And I loved the slow build between these two, watching both slowly let down their guard and walls with each other.   And although it wasn’t until later in the book that these two come together , the story never felt drawn out or fell flat.


I absolutely loved Killian’s character.  He did in the beginning come across a rough and gruff broody Asshole that was out to make Vera’s life miserable but as time passed, you could truly see that he wasn’t an asshole at all.   You could see the respect he had for Vera and her cooking and that even though he kept sending her his critique of her food, he was doing in only to help make her better.


The Opposite of You was such a fabulous fun and flirty Frienemies type of read that I couldn’t put down and thoroughly enjoyed.  It did have a bit of a serious side at times when it came to both Killian’s and Vera’s past but the author turned those moments into such tender moments between these characters and it really added to the story but at the same time didn’t take away from the fun and flirty read.    I loved that this book was more about the build-up of their relationship as well as the sexual attraction between these two and wasn’t filled with tons of sex.  Yes there is some pretty hot and sexy scenes but the thing I love about this author’s writing, is there is more story to her books  with just the right amount of sexy parts  to make it perfect.  This is the third book I have read by this author and the third book I have loved by her, she is definitely now being added to my automatic one click list.




About Rachel



Rachel Higginson is the best-selling author of The Five Stages of Falling in Love, Every Wrong Reason, Bet on Us and The Star-Crossed Series.

She was born and raised in Nebraska, and spent her college years traveling the world. She fell in love with Eastern Europe, Paris, Indian Food and the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, but came back home to marry her high school sweetheart. Now she spends her days writing stories and raising five amazing kids.


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