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The Proverbial Mr. Universe
Maria La Serra
Publication date: June 27th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Dear girl with the red scarf,
Love was never meant to be conquered;
you have to surrender to it.
Trust me. After all, I am Mr. Universe.

When the universe conveys a message, you listen.

Olivia Montiano just caught her fiancé cheating. Now she is forced to question what she wants out of life and love. Striving to live up to her father’s unrealistic standards for the past twenty-three years, every decision she has ever made was with her father’s wishes in mind—until she finds mysterious, handwritten letters tucked away in places only meant for her. That’s when she realizes she’s been on the wrong path all along and gives her heart to a guy her father thinks is entirely wrong.

Washed-up abstract artist Nick Montgomery has had quite a few setbacks in life. He’s become accustomed to never needing anyone, thinking he’s just fine—until he meets the girl with the red scarf. She’s not his type. But the universe has other ideas. Nick has a secret he’s keeping from her, afraid it will bring their new relationship to a sudden halt.

Will they figure out what the universe holds for them?

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Megan's review


4.5 stars

Dear girl with the red scarf,
People will come and go in our lives. Most of them we won’t give a second thought to, as soon as the door closes behind them. But I had always imagined that you would leave the deepest, everlasting mark.
Mr. Universe


There were many instantaneous things that made me really want to read this book. The cover, the title, the something I always hope when I choose a book. Let it be great, let it take hold and give good back. The moment I opened my kindle to start reading I was quickly awarded the first glimpse of a happy reading adventure. Quietly saying a prayer that this continue.


This is my favorite type of romance to read. When strangers meet by chance, by glance and there is just attraction and fascination. The need to know a person. No instant love or prompt marriage proposal. Just pure captivation. Nick and Olivia meet by coincidence and Nick seems to always be around the corner. Even when it isn’t planned…he’s there.


While I had hoped the mystery behind Mr. Universe wasn’t crazy I was rewarded every time a note appeared. Mr. Universe was much loved by me and every word he gave the girl with the red scarf. The quotes and pages I highlighted and tagged were just eye opening and real. How could you not love seeing significant sentiments and thoughts day to day. This was no fortune cookie universe here!


Dear girl with the red scarf,
Sometimes love is not what the heart expects. Sometimes it’s even better
Trust me, after all, I am Mr. Universe


The family dynamic worked. Period. It did. It wasn’t too much or too little. It was comforting and sweet and funny. Real. The issues both Nick and Olivia had were worked into the story properly. They were still the stars but in the shadows lurked key components to who Nick and Olivia are.  It was easy to pick up on that Nick had a hidden history and little by little I collected those tiny pieces, steadily falling for him and his want and yearning for in life.  Olivia, while having many attributes Nick missed, I liked how she opened up on paper and with Nick. I liked how her questioning life and what was it that made her happy.


Nick wasn’t the kind of guy who moved faster than she was prepared to.


I love the smooth slowness that Nick and Olivia found amongst themselves. It made me put another notch in the ‘falling for Nick’ tally.  He knew him well enough to know that his strong feelings wouldn’t match hers…yet. So he was there. Simply and happily.  Olivia couldn’t deny anything she felt for him, just at the moment she wasn’t sure about herself enough.  I understood her and her dilemma and even more so I understood Nick not wanting to push even dealing with his…things. It was easy to see their attachment and connection and that want for more. Even with the slowness of their relationship, which for me made it all the more special, you saw the spark. You felt it. That something!


“If you rush into relationships and I take things slow…how do you suppose we will ever find ourselves on the same page?”
“I guess I will have to realize that you are worth the wait, and you will have to realize that “m worth jumping in with your eyes closed. Somewhere in between is where we’ll find ourselves.”


Even though I absolutely completely loved the story I am not fulfilled with the ending.  Greed? YES. Nick and Olivia and the storyteller had me addicted. But I really felt after what they went through, after what the time they gave them and the time they gave up, after finally doing something for them to have that epic conclusion would have just topped their story off.


But no matter what I fell and fell happily!!






Author Bio:

Maria La Serra, a fashion designer, turned writer, lives in Montreal with her husband and two children. She will try everything at least once, except for skiing, hiking or camping-okay anything relating to activities done in the great outdoors. The Proverbial Mr. Universe is her first novel.

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