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Twelve Truths And A Lie by Christina Lee **Beth’s Review**


Contemporary Romance






Aurora Jones has it all—a job she loves as a child and family therapist, supportive friends, and a decent place to live. What she doesn’t have is much luck when it comes to dating men. And not only are her choices terrible, she also hasn’t been boyfriend free since she was a teenager. So she places herself on a sabbatical of sorts. No dating for twelve months.


Cameron Miller has had a crappy year. His girlfriend fell for his best friend and to ease the pain, he drowns his troubles in more booze and women than he can count. When his buddies finally slap some sense into him and urge him to focus on his new position as a special education teacher in an urban school district, he decides to get his act together.


Away from the prying eyes of their mutual friends, Cameron and Aurora agree to hang out once a week in their newly dubbed Chastity Club. Number of members? Two. It’s a chance to find solace, companionship, and something neither anticipated – a burgeoning attraction. But when Cameron invites Aurora to be his fake date at the reunion his ex-girlfriend and best friend will be attending, their passion ignites. What happens in Chastity Club stays in Chastity Club, right? Until they discover that a year of self-truths might actually lead them to true love.






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Beth's Review


3.5 stars


Twelve Truths and one Lie was my first by this author.  I really do enjoy a friends to lovers story and when I read the synopsis for this one with the story being about them becoming friends but turning it into more, I knew I had to check this one out.


Aurora hasn’t had much luck when choosing men so upon her friends suggestion, she is taking a year off of dating.  Cameron is taking a break after being badly hurt by his longtime girlfriend cheating on him with his best friend.  Aurora and Cameron have gotten to know each other through mutual friends and decide one night that since they are taking a break from dating they should form a Chastity Club and so their friendship begins.  They begin by meeting every Friday night and slowly get to know each other and become really good friends but as the friendship grows so does the attraction between them.   They try to fight it, they don’t want to cross that line and damage their friendship but bit by bit the line gets blurred and feelings grow.


I really enjoyed both these characters.  Both were caring and giving people, helping the kids and families they helped with the struggles of their day to day lives.  And that caring carried over into their personal lives, sometimes that turned out to be a downfall but for these two, it’s what brought them closer together and helped their relationship grow into something so much more that what it started out as.  I enjoyed the dynamic the author built between these two and at times the banter they had.  For me it helped me feel the connection they shared.


Overall Twelve Truths and One Lie was enjoyable story.  It is told from alternating POV’s and I enjoyed getting to see the story from both sides and seeing their inner thoughts.   It was a sweet romance between two people that were brought together through mutual friends but ended up becoming really great friends that grew into so much more.  I enjoyed the slow build up between these two and liked that they also had a professional  connection, which for me helped build their personal connection  The one downside I found to this book was that the pace was really slow in spots and I felt that the story fell flat for me and in these parts it was hard at times to keep engaged in the story.    I hope this is not the end for these characters, would love to see a spinoff of Sydney and Maddie’s story and as well would love to see more of Cameron and Aurora and where they ended up based on how this one ended.  The one issue I found I had with this one is that even by the end, I never truly understood the title and for me, the thing I love he most is reading a book and getting that “AHA” moment that the pieces all come together and the title makes much more sense but that didn’t happen with this one.   This may have been my first book by this author but will definitely be checking out more of her work.








christina lee bioOnce upon a time, Christina Lee lived in New York City and was a wardrobe stylist. She spent her days getting in cabs, shopping for photo shoots, eating amazing food, and drinking coffee at her favorite hangouts.


Now she lives in the Midwest with her husband and son—her two favorite guys. She’s been a clinical social worker and a special education teacher. But it wasn’t until she wrote a weekly column for the local newspaper that she realized she could turn the fairytales inside her head into the reality of writing fiction. 


She’s addicted to lip balm and salted caramel everything. She believes in true love and kissing, so writing romance novels has become a dream job. 



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