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After working her way up, Sinthia Michaels has finally hit it big in the glamorous fashion industry. Young and beautiful, she has it all—a celeb lifestyle, a gorgeous Manhattan townhouse, and a highly anticipated couture fashion line.
Core McKay, former kingpin of New York City’s organized crime, is now a wealthy and legitimate businessman. However, when Core sets his sights on a corrupt politician, his need for revenge leads him to Sin’s up-and-coming fashion empire.
Weaving together his twisted lies and dirty secrets, Core entangles Sin in his web of deceit. When the backstabbing fashion world, the vicious political arena, and the ruthless criminal underworld converge, Sin becomes trapped in the middle and struggles to fight her way out.
***WARNING: Twisted Lies is intended for mature audiences. Recommended Reading Age 18+***



Josie's review
4 stars


Twisted Lies by Sedona Venez, is the first book in a series of short novellas. Now do not let the word SERIES and short fool you. This author put a lot into this short read. The author gives us angst, drama, the thrill of danger, betrayal and two hot as sins characters. I normally do not like to read short series books because it is just that a bunch of short stories that happen over time, however, I will TELL YOU NOW – THIS WAS NOT THE CASE IN THE STORY. I loved it, right from the beginning of the prologue I was completely invested from the first page right up to the last.



The author starts the story off with a bang! It starts off in the present day and goes back to tell the story of how Sin and Core began. The prologue was just A-MAZE-BALLS. I love a man with a dirty mouth so I just know I’m going to get one hell of story. I mean I was like well – SHIT, I have got to read what the heck is going on. The author peeked my interest, she started this out strong and went on from there.


“Perfection is complete fantasyland bullsh*t. That’s out reality. Its raw, wicked, and wild – a connection on a level that very few will ever have or could even dream of. Show me how much you want this, how much you want me. Lick it like you want it, darling.”


Sinthia (Sin) Michaels has finally made it big in the fashion industry after years of struggling, and is finally standing up to her mother. Sin has it all she is young, beautiful, driven and lives in the life of the famous in NYC. She is about to launch her very couture fashion line and with her mentor’s suggestions seeks out investors, MK Partners. When Sin has to meet with them out in their NYC posh club “The McKay Club”, she sees this gorgeous man. Her body immediately reacts to this He’s hot, scary and well-built man.


“Calm yourself honey. Don’t run from what your mind and body know you need. I’ll see you again, darling.”

“”Don’t count on it.”


Core McKay is this mysterious, good looking, ruthless man. He is a former kingpin of New York City’s organized crime but has become a wealthy business man by becoming legitimate in the business world.   Core seeks revenge for a past that has left him bitter, traumatized and with the need for vengeance. His fight to seek revenge, leads him to Sin Michaels and her fashion company and it just the leverage he needs to start the ball rolling.


Core and Sin have an innocent connection. Even though Sin did not know who he was there is no denying that this man can bring her to her knees. Core’s words that he spoke to her several nights before ring in her ears when she meets the owner of MK Partners. Core is just sex on a stick yummy. He is arrogant, cold and hold no punches. Even though Sin brings something primitive out of him, she will not stand in his way of his ultimate goal. Without Sin knowing she becomes part of Core’s twisted lies and dirty secrets. She has no way out and will have to fight to keep her business and her soul from the devil.


“What else do you want, McKay?”

“Oh darling, I can’t begin to tell you all the things I want from you. They would send your gorgeous ass running from this room.”

“Fuck you! You don’t own me.”

“I might not own you now, but I will.”


My favorite part of the story is that the author gives readers the story in dual POV’s. I love being in both of their heads and being able to see their reactions to the circumstances that led up to why they are the way they are today. As I mentioned the author throws everything in the short story. This story is more than just about love and sex, we get a story about betrayal, lies and danger from an unknown. There is so much about this story, but I do not want to ruin it by saying more. My only issue (and it is minor) is that I have to wait for the next book in the series and believe me when I say this I will read it as soon as it comes out. I know some readers do not like short series but I have no doubt that you will love this one and will want to read more about Sin and Core.



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Jesus, I’m so fucked.

Our mouths were a breath away. The desire and tension were almost more than I could take. Abruptly, he removed his thumb from my mouth, cupping the back of my neck, pulling hard on my hair, before his lips settled across my mouth. My breath caught as my mind was undecided as to whether I should pull back or allow him to delve further.

Who am I kidding?

There was no allowing. I was Core’s possession, and the cocky bastard knew it.

Sensually, I moaned as his tongue curled around mine, demanding that it come out and play. He awakened a need that lay dormant in the pit of my stomach, a need that only he could satisfy.

His hand skated down and squeezed my hip while his eyes were fixed on me. “I want you. Now!” he growled.

My pulse raced, and my body trembled with want. He was crumbling my resolve. Diabolically, he stripped me emotionally bare, leaving me vulnerable and raw to the bone. He was revealing a piece of me that would be better left hidden. The message was clear. He knew what I needed, and he would give it to me if I took the leap of faith.




“Sinful.” He licked my bottom lip slowly. He pulled back with his eyes locked onto me with a power that left me breathless. “Are you mine?” he asked gruffly.

My heart raced with sickening excitement. I knew that he was evil, lust, and darkness personified. He should have terrified me, but he didn’t because I was just as fucked-up in the head as he was.

“Always,” I whispered.

“I’m never letting you go, Sin.” Tilting my head back, he kissed me hard. “What I claim, I keep.”

I was a spider trapped in his web.

“Now, get on your knees,” he ordered in a brusque tone.

This was it—the moment of truth that would seal my destiny. Self-preservation finally kicked in.

My mind screamed like a banshee, Run, Sin! Tuck your ass and run!

My body tightened, preparing to run away as if a horde of paparazzi were nipping at my stilettos.

Core’s cold gray eyes narrowed. “I’m a hardhearted, ruthless motherfucker who doesn’t know shit about love or relationships.” He pulled me forward, one hand taking a firm hold of my wrists, while his legs forced my knees apart. “And neither do you.” His free hand ripped off my panties. “Perfection is complete fantasyland bullshit.”







Sedona Venez is the New Adult romance author of the following series: Dirty Secrets, Credence Curse, and Valkyries: Soaring Raven. She’s a NYC girl (go Brooklyn!) with a slight obsession with her iPad, Pinterest, Pawn Stars, and Face Off. Her love of music, tattoos, rockers, and alpha men inspires her novels. She also writes as T.L. Clarke. You can find out more about Sedona and her novels by visiting


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