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Release Date: June 30, 2016

Cover Design: Cassy Roop at Pink Ink Designs

Cover Models: Josh & Jean





From my past, my secrets, who I really am. But now, he’s caught up with me. Back to destroy me, once and for all, with his smug, smiling face. He’s going to ensure that I’m in pain, and I’m going to fight like Hell to stop him. I’m at my limit. I’ll do anything to protect Grayson.

Protect myself.

Protect us.

Even if it’s the last Fu*king thing I do.


She’s hiding something, someone from me. I won’t stop until I find out what it is. Something is pulling her away, keeping her from me. She’s completely different–changed. I swear, I refuse, absolutely refuse to sit back, and let something come between us–again.

I fought like Hell for Emmalin once, and I’ll certainly do it again.

Even if it’s the last Fu*king thing I do.






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Incapable Marie Skye Ecover


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Josie's review


4.5 stars

I recommend reading book #1 Incapable prior to reading this review, it may contain spoilers.


I couldn’t wait to see the conclusion to Emmalin and Grayson’s very emotional, kinky and drama filled story.  As soon Unjustly Destroyed landed on my Kindle, I went full on into reading mode.  This book was everything I imagined it would be. It was wonderful, filled with secrets, drama and suspense.  Will Emmalin and Grayson finally get their happily ever after?

The author picks up right where she left off in Incapable, Emmalin and Grayson are moving on and are happy and solid.  For a short read this baby packed a punch. Grayson has a connection to Emmalin that is so strong and intense that he knows when something is wrong with her or when she hiding something from him.  He tries to be the loving man that he is, but come on the man is a dominant, so he can only give Emmalin so much leeway before he has to take over himself. 


After the events and truth that come out in book 1, Emmalin is a stronger but she is still broken.  She is a true survivor and when her past comes back to try and destroy Grayson and those she loves, she will do anything to keep them safe.  Emmalin goes through so much in this book. Keeping things away from Grayson takes a toll on her and she becomes secretive and slowly starts to unravel.  Emmalin’s past causes a huge divide in their relationship, but it is Grayson who will fight for them.  Losing the woman he loves more than life itself is not an option.


My heart went out to Grayson. In this book he normally controlled everything, but we see him start to slip with the distance Emmalin puts up.  That was hard for me to handle. This strong and controlled man is nothing without Emmalin and it shows in spades in this book.   When the truth Emmalin is hiding is finally revealed, Grayson will stop at nothing to keep her safe and bound to him forever.  There are so many twists and turns in Unjustly Destroyed that it left me breathless at every turn.  I cried, screamed and honestly needed a cold shower from those kinky and hot scenes.  If you read the first book then you have got to read this heart stopping conclusion. If not hop-hop and get to clicking!!



About the Author


Hello! I’m your average career driven woman by day, and a hidden lover of all things dirty by night. Or as I like to say Professional by day. Book whore by night. I’ve always wanted to write, and decided one day ‘why not?’ We all have a story to tell.

Marie Skye is my alter ego, but she’s friendly.


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